Summer Deer Management : The Huntin' Grounds : Spraying Food Plots

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This week's episode is the first of our summer
management series and you will not want to miss it.
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And now time for the DigIn' 365 Management Moment
Welcome back. This week's episode of The Huntin' Grounds launches our summer management series.
We hope to keep you guys up to date with all of our management techniques that we
use throughout the summer. This series will show you a lot more how-to's and we will show you a different side
of The Huntin' Grounds as we not only take you on the Management moments, but we take you on
different activities that The Huntin' Grounds is a part of. Let's waste no time and let's
get to this week's video.
We're back out here on the "Twin Creeks 60" and as you guys know a few weeks ago we came out
and we planted Eagle Seed soybeans and we're back out to spray today. Because as you guys know
when we started this food plot
we had a difficult time eliminating all of the competition for this food plot.
We even came in with a plow
and tried to pull up as many roots as we could so we wouldn't have to come up here and spray too many times.
But we've got a lot of raspberry bushes and a lot of invasive species coming in and we're going to
hit them with Round-up today and see if we can eliminate that competition and express the full
potential of these Eagle Seed soybeans.
Now, we are kind of experimenting with this food plot too, because we came in and we planted
Eagle Seed soybeans
at the same time we planted regular field corn on top of it of it.
Now, this field corn isn't a huge nutritional value to the deer, but the reason we planted it
is it give structure to this food plot. It's something that the soybeans can grow up on
and it gives it a little bit more cover in this larger food plot.
So, we are out here spraying Round-up today and these soybeans are resilient to the Round-up
but this field corn isn't, so we're being really specific, going around with a hand spray bottle
and we're hitting all of these raspberry bushes and all of these invasive species and trying not to
hit that corn because it will kill it
and we want the corn to express the full potential to see if that really helps and aids
those soybeans in growing to their full height.
One thing The Huntin' Grounds does is consult land owners on wildlife habitat improvement
and on this week, we take you along as Steve checks out some new property
for pro-staff member, Jacob Blakely
[Steve] ...a lot of butterflies, everywhere.
[Steve]This would be a good spot to clear out and drop down in here.
[Jacob] Right up here is a big wide opening... but it's not near as secluded.
[Jacob] ...grand central kind of, you know? [Steve] Junction point huh?
[Jacob] Yeah, there you see, the grass is...
[Steve] Is that a pond? [Jacob] Yeah... the grass is tall enough that you couldn't see
them super clear, you know? [Steve] Mhmm
[Jacob]...but you could see them coming off the hill and going that way, and going back up this way.
[Steve] I kind of like this just because when we came through here, this is like the most mature
hardwoods I have seen. You've got a lot of mature White Oaks and Red Oaks in there.
Then you've got this great travel corridor right here, definitely.
Then you've got the water source, it might be the spot to put up a food plot.
[Jacob] Right here? [Steve] Mhmm
I could see deer bedding all the way back in that holler,
you might have to find a way in here
where you can drop in here
without walking all the way up in there.
But yeah you've got...these are all producers, all these oak trees, they're old enough that
they're all going to produce.
I guarantee the deer are in there early season.
You can make it where they're right in this spot all year
with all of these oak trees and planting a food plot right here.
[Jacob] Is this honeysuckle? [Steve] This is all honeysuckle, all this up in those trees.
They'll browse on that all year round.
...I'd almost make one coming out of here.
Now, each week we're going to keep you guys up to date on the progress this summer of our food plots.
Now, this piece of property we're on today is one of our smaller pieces of property. If you guys have been keeping up
with our video series, you know that we planted this piece of property a lot earlier
than a lot of our other food plots.
You know I don't look at a specific date on the calendar and decide to plant.
I look at weather conditions, soil temperatures, and the rainfall during that time of year
to let me know if I need to plant my food plot. And this food plot is benefiting greatly from that.
Now, if you take a look at the utilization cage you would see that our food plot would
normally be about fourteen inches tall
throughout the entire food plot.
But we're already, during this time of the year, we already have 2 inches of browse
off of this food plot.
And that's something we would never have known if we didn't have the utilization cages
in place on this food plot.
Now, so far we have encountered one problem in this food plot
on the south side here we noticed some really heavy browse in a generalized area,
came in, looked
and they're clean, snipped off. A lot of times, deer, when they're eating, they have to pull and break it
so it's not a clean cut.
So, we set up the trail cam
and let's see who the culprit is.
Now, you can see a lot of increased activity from the rabbits on this food plot.
You can bet when rabbit season comes around, we're going to take a few of those out and take the pressure off this food plot.
Well that's it for this week's video. Hope you guys enjoyed our first management
video of our summer series.
Guys, don't forget to check out all of our videos at
and until next time, go out of your way to get a youth or a new hunter involved in the outdoors
and as always, have a better than average day.
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