Telstra BigPond email in Outlook 2007 - How to setup

Uploaded by TelstraKnowHow on 27.07.2010

When you sign up with BigPond, you get your own BigPond email address.
This could be or depending on when you signed up.
If you self installed your BigPond service with one of our Self Install Kits,
the installation CD should have configured Outlook automatically.
If you can find Outlook, try opening it and sending a message to yourself to see if it works.
Otherwise, continue on and follow the instructions to configure Outlook to send and receive your BigPond emails.
Step 1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007.
Step 2. Select the tools menu and select the account settings option.
Step 3. Select New.
Step 4. Tick the box to manually configure server settings or additional server types, and then select next.
Note: BigPond doesn’t use Auto Account Setup, so don’t complete any other details here.
Step 5. Make sure internet email is selected and then select next.
Step 6. At the Internet email settings screen, enter your name as you’d like it to appear on outgoing mail,
and your BigPond email address.
Select POP3 as the account type,
and as both incoming mail service and outgoing mail service.
Enter your full BigPond email address as your username, and your BigPond account password.
It’s recommended you don’t tick the box require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).
Step 7. Select ‘Test Account Settings’ to ensure you've entered everything correctly.
If everything has tested ok, you’ll see ticks.
If you want to change some default settings, select more settings, otherwise, select close.
Step 8. Select next, and then select finish.
And there you have it. When you first log into your email,
you’ll see a test message confirming your test account setting was successful
and you should now be able to send and receive your BigPond emails from your Outlook.