[Eng sub] Big Bang Concert: Big Show 2010 - Last farewell [18/19]

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Ah, it's fun.
We are so excited to see you
jump together.
Wow, 2nd, 3rd floor really knows how to play.
Since it's the last day, your actions are really cool.
- Right? -Yes.
But what should we do? lt's our last stage.
lt's time to go back. What should we do?
-What should we do, Tae Yang? -What should we do?
The five of us Big Bang are together now.
And it feels so great to be on an official stage
with the ones
l really love, and to be at a place l like.
This Big Show is really making me feel good.
And we couldn't meet you often because we
were active individually,
and even when we've met in a year,
it feels as if we've met everyday.
- That's nice. - lt's nice.
-What is nice? - l like it too.
- l have a question. -Yes.
What is nice?
l was saying that we will show you
many sides of us to you, and what is nice?
Our fans must mean
that you are quite cool.
- l'm cool? - l suppose so.
Anyway, through this Big Show,
we've felt that the VlP really loves us
very sincerely, and we've really felt it,
so l am really thankful.
l thank you so much.
What about Dae Sung?
- Dae Sung. - My pants keep going down.
since we know Dae Sung has a nice body,
- Top should show us. -Yes, you should show us.
- l'm sorry. - Come on.
ln 2010, we will be active all together
So please, expect much from us.
The Big Bang has existed for 5 years,
and after all those time, we want our fans to be happy
because of us, instead of asking you to like us.
We want you to be happy by listening to our
music and by looking at us.
ln order to do that, you must stick with us.
Yes, really.
We couldn't hold a concert in Korea for a long time.
This concert was held after quite a time,
and we thank that a lot of you have come to even our last concert.
We will hold many concerts like this from now on,
so please don't forget us, and thank you.
- l'm done now. - No, come on.
lt's the last day, and you should do what you want.
lt's not nice to keep saying this but
this is my concert after the accident.
When l was in the hospital,
l couldn't raise my voice well,
and so l was worried whether l can stand on stage again,
but since so many of you were concerned about me,
l kept thinking that you have made me become better fast,
and helped me stand on stage again.
l thank you all the time,
l will see you again with better music and stage,
and now l will show you my butt.
Then, Dae Sung.
l've done it once, so it's no longer fun.
Now, now, now. We are done now.
Now, now. Keep quiet.
We will sing our last song,
- so enjoy. - Let me make my last word.
- Alright, then. - Hurry up, Top.
Yes, l will make it fast and simple.
As we've said before, l hope the 2010 Big Show
will continue until 2020, 2030, 2050 Big Show,
and become a Big Show
that never ever ends, as the coolest stage.
-Yes. - Thank you.
The last song of 2010 Big Show.
Will the 2nd, and 3rd floor be seated at the last song?
Louder, louder, shout.
All together.
One more time.
- l can't hear you. - Once more.
- Bye. - Take care.
- Bye, bye. - Take care.
- Bye - Take care.