Improving healthcare in Alabama with Kidcheck

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>> 20% of Americans live in rural communities
Yet only 10% of doctors practice there Distance,
lack of insurance...means too many go
without basic Healthcare.
Those most impacted are children.
Now Alabama, with help from the Verizon Foundation,
is filling this gap with KidCheck.
>> There are kids whose asthma was undetected, there are kids
who had muscular skeletal deficiencies
that were undetected.
There are kids now who can see
because of glasses they've received through KidCheck.
That's very rewarding to see.
>> Verizon also helped bring innovative technology
to KidCheck.
Wireless workstations; digitized health records
and a centralized database.
>> The technology is pretty simple.
It replaces paper.
In years past, every KidCheck event produced
about 500 pieces of paper.
Today it produces none.
>> The follow up before KidCheck was the real issue.
It would take the school nurse many days,
sometimes weeks before she would have the opportunity to go
through all those forms, sort out the referrals
and contact the parents.
>> The gap between the paper form and the follow
up providers has vanished 100%.
>> KidCheck is making a difference 30,000 screenings
each year 6,000 referrals
>> For a lot of kids in rural Alabama KidCheck may be the only
health assessment that these kids get.
>> The KidCheck program is making such a difference
in the lives of so many children.
It's a lifeline.