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Hear me, Satan.
Oh, God! No!
Take my soul, Satan. Hear me, please.
Oh, God!
"The Conversation. "
- Gene Hackman. - "Bonnie and Clyde. "
Regina, name another actor in "Bonnie and Clyde. "
I have no idea.
It is a good movie. Faye DunaWay.
- "Chinatown. " - Jack Nicholson.
- "Witches of Eastwick. " - Cher. There you go.
- What else has Cher been in? - "Beavis and Butthead?"
No fair, that is TV. It is the movie game.
No other Cher? Another Jack Nicholson.
- "The Shining. " - Scary movie. Redrum.
I'll be on the pier puking.
- Are we going back tomorrow? - Yes.
- Cool. - Why?
Linda has tickets to a neW rave, which are really hard to get.
- I am not keen on the rave scene. - What scene? It is just a concert.
Not from what I hear. Everybody there uses drugs. It is not cool.
- You are wrong. - What are they like?
- I am going. I am almost 16... - Regina! You are not going.
- You never let me do anything. - That is not true.
Forget it.
Honey, honey...
You must lighten up on her. She is almost an adult.
We do not Want to lose another kid. I can't do it.
I knoW.
We are going to beat this. Maybe not in this lifetime.
But We will.
Not that song again.
Maybe we should drive back tonight.
Hatch, look out!
Regina, are you all right?
Do not move.
Oh, God! It is so far down!
Open the door slowly. You guys get out first.
It is stuck.
- Regina, climb over me. - I cannot.
Give me your hand. I will not let you get hurt.
Be careful.
Get some help!
Hatch! Wake up!
DoWn there.
Still fixed and dilated. No change in pattern.
Is the crash cart ready? Good. We need vasodilators.
Get an IV.
- No change in pattern. - More dead than Elvis.
Let us bring him back. Give me some prep.
You Want to revive him after 120 minutes?
- Records are made to be broken. - Remember what happened last time?
Cardiac adrenaline.
- He is at 89 degrees. - Bring him up to 99.
Bringing him up sloWly.
Come on, Harrison. Help me out.
He is responding to the adrenaline.
Defib. Pads.
Charge to 200.
Come with me, Daddy. I love you, Daddy.
- Moving up to 130. - Charged.
Charge to 360.
- Charged. - Clear.
There he is.
Congratulations, doctor.
Good morning, Mrs. Harrison. My name is Dr. Nyebern.
We gave your daughter a sedative, but she will be fine.
- My husband is dead. - No, he is stable.
I saw him die.
I have a Resuscitative Medicine program. We have brought your husband back.
Mrs. Harrison, please.
- Where is he? - He is in ICU.
He may seem different to you.
Was I supposed to turn into the skid?
I do not knoW.
- Is there meat in that? - Never.
You do not have time to eat. In 7 minutes Linda will be here.
Pearl Jam? Tonight?
- Thank you, thank you! - Be home by one.
- Midnight. - I knoW.
I have to tell you a couple of things.
I wanted to talk about that.
- You know who I think I saw? - Who?
Samantha? What do you mean?
After the accident when I was out, I do not remember anything.
Maybe a few wires got crossed or I Was dreaming or hallucinating.
But I feel like I saw her.
She was trying to tell me something.
What did she say?
I do not knoW.
How was she doing?
She was happy. I wanted to go to her.
- Honey, do not. Please. - I am okay.
Hatch, what is wrong? Honey, Wake up.
Are you okay? What happened?
I killed her.
Come inside. Honey, let us go inside.
- Blood! I killed her. - No, it Was just a nightmare.
Who was she?
Let us wash this off.
You have cut yourself deep. You Will need some stitches.
What happened?
- I was making a sandWich. - What is going on?
- Daddy cut himself. - I am fine, honey. Go on up.
- Daddy, you are bleeding. - Please, Regina.
Let me get a towel.
Let me see.
It is not as deep as I thought.
- What was that? - I must go see Dr. Nyebern.
If there is anything wrong it is not physical.
So what was it?
- An acid flashback? - Trippy. Bad.
After what you have been through it is normal to have nightmares.
- He has never had dreams like this. - I was not asleep.
Has this happened to other people you have resuscitated?
I cannot compare Hatch to my other patients.
Only one other was down as long as he Was.
Was there anything like this? I should talk to the other patient.
- That is not possible. - Why not?
He is dead.
- That is encouraging. - From having been dead?
- No, of course not. - You shocked my wife.
God has given you a second chance at life. Try to enjoy it.
I will prescribe you something to help you sleep.
If anything else happens, call me. We Will run some more tests.
Thank you, doctor.
It is good news.
Nothing is wrong With me.
- Bye, honey. You look good. - Bye, mom.
Bye, dad.
Manhunt launched for missing teenager
What is up?
That is her.
The girl I saw in that...
Monday night.
- You probably saw her on TV. - I did not watch TV.
Maybe on the radio or a milk carton. It is a missing girl, honey.
This girl is not missing. She is dead.
Sweetie, the other night... How long was I out on the lawn?
I do not know. Why?
Do not spook yourself so much.
Good morning, Marion.
Honey, could you please go through these?
- Is he okay? - Yes, he is fine.
He is teething.
There you go.
You made the papers.
Nice picture of you. But I thought Satan looked better.
- Anything else, Marion? - NoW that you mention it...
I wondered What it was like to be on the other side?
What you saw there.
Just chemical brain...
- It is really scientific. - I think there is more to it.
- What is this, Marion? - A friend of mine.
She is a special person. She sees things.
She can help you remember if you want to.
You know I am not into that kind of stuff.
Maybe it is time you reconsidered, Hatch.
Honour student and Girl Scout leader and now target of a police search.
18-year old Wendy Stowe, described as a model citizen, -
- is still missing after 72 hours.
- Bye, mom. - Bye, sweetie.
Bye, dad.
- Where are you going? - I am going out With Linda.
- Where? - I will not get raped, okay?
Goodbye. Have fun.
She will be okay.
Let us rent a movie tonight.
I will go. You stay here. I will be right back.
I thought we Were going downtown.
Lagoon Drive.
This is 911.
Does anybody have a light?
- Excuse me. I called in the report. - Really? What is your name?
What is going on?
The next time you have a gut feeling I suggest you try Alka-Seltzer.
Let us wrap this up.
- You did not find the girl? - There is no girl out there.
This is all in your imagination, is it not, Mr. Harrison?
At least I hope so.
What is happening, Hatch? This is scaring the shit out of me.
I am scared.
I am in it.
It feels like I am doing it.
But like it is not me.
When I see light it hurts my eyes and I feel all this rage.
We had another daughter who was killed in a hit and run a year ago.
When I Was dead I saW her.
Maybe I really went some place.
I feel she is trying to warn me or help me save people's lives.
It is the hardest thing to lose a child.
I would like to schedule another PET scan.
- Could my situation be... - More spiritual in nature?
I do not knoW. It is not my field.
I really want to go but I do not think it is a good idea.
He is really on edge. Dying and all, you know.
Okay, pick me up in 30 minutes.
Kind of cute.
- What? - He is kind of cute.
- I have seen you. - I do not think so.
I have seen you. It Was like a flash-forward in time.
You are beautiful. Perfect. My name is Vassago.
That is different.
- I am Regina. - I knoW.
Yes, Regina. You do not seem to belong here.
- Maybe you are right. - Not maybe. I am right.
I am so right that I knoW where you do belong.
Let me take you somewhere.
Make you feel.
Make us both feel.
We are waiting for some people.
- Why not let Regina decide? - Why not piss off?
I will see you again.
- What is up? You said he was cute. - He was a creep. Get some sense.
Let us go.
No luck?
Not always.
I am Zoe.
You have beautiful eyes.
Nothing. I Was just imagining the two of us together.
I made it myself.
I like it.
- I use bones in my Work. - You are an artist too?
Of sorts. I am making a sculpture. Would you like to see it?
Where is this piece of art?
- At my hideaway. - What are you hiding?
You bastard.
I must get out of here.
Where are you going, Zoe? You have not seen my sculpture yet.
It is my monument to hell.
There is only one way out.
Honey, Wake up.
Oh my God...
Wake up. What is wrong?
You sick fuck!
Keep your head very still.
It was scary. I could not Wake him up.
- He remembers nothing? - No.
It was probably the sleeping pills.
- You cannot find it? - Sorry. Once more.
- Regina! - What?
- You Were at a club last night. - I was not.
You are lying. Goddamn it!
Do you have any idea what he wanted to do to you?
Do you knoW that he butchers these girls?
Slaughters them.
Do you hear me?
Are you all right?
I got it. NoW, Wait a minute here.
It is not me. He is doing it. Am I seeing through him?
He was with Regina. We are connected somehow.
I knoW him. I know what he looks like. I should call the police.
No, I should call the police and have them lock you up.
Or maybe I should call an exorcist.
- I knoW it sounds crazy. - It is crazy.
You need help. Nyebern said you might have a brain tumour.
You Will not see a psychiatrist and you scared our daughter.
- She has to know. - So tell me what to do.
Believe me.
I will go see hoW Regina is.
I am Vassago.
I do not knoW her last name. Zoe something.
No missing person report. Thank you. Bye.
I have got it. Hello?
- Lindsey? - Hi, Jenny. How are you?
Hang on a second. Where are you going?
- I will be back. - When?
Is this a bad time?
No. I did not Want Hatch to knoW it Was you.
He will not do more tests. He is completely paranoid.
He believes he is psychically connected to somebody.
He must come in.
If it is an organic brain anomaly his condition could deteriorate.
Dr. Nyebern...
Is it at all possible that what he is saying is real?
- Is that what you think? - I do not knoW What to think.
If it is psychological, then Dr. Martin could help him.
Is there anything specific I could tell him about this connection?
Here's something.
It probably means nothing. Call me if there is anything else.
Redlow, it is Jonas Nyebern. Yes, I know.
I may have a lead.
There are no bullets in them, but you assume Weapons are loaded.
I am putting it here. The shotgun we hide downstairs.
- We Will get you tWo lessons. - How could you buy these?
- I feel we need protection. - I will not have guns here.
I will not!
- Mr. Harrison? - Yes, that is my name.
Marion told me you might come Please, come in.
Give me your hand.
Why have you lost your trust?
I see a child's bicycle.
Some souls choose to only live for a short time.
Hold these. Think of two questions. Tell me only one of them.
Why am I having these visions?
You are tied to them by a coincidence of fate.
You crossed over. You brought something back.
Something very powerful.
The one from your visions...
- He knoWs you Watch him. - He does?
Now for the second question.
Someone close to you is in danger. Do you have another daughter?
This is Regina.
But there is purity Within you. You must surrender to it.
Your weakness would bring about her death.
What does that mean? My weakness? Never!
Never Regina.
You tell me to surrender and that my daughter may die.
- There is another energy around you. - That's irresponsible bullshit!
He is here.
No. Just go.
Larson Place.
Okay, fuckhead, here I come.
What are you doing?
Let me in. What are you doing?
Hatch, what are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
- Directory assistance. - In Sinclair, Skies Motel.
No listing, sir.
- S-K-I-E-S. - No listing.
Pain. I can induce the visions.
I have got you, motherfucker.
I came for a reading.
- It is late. I take appointments. - I knoW, I am very sorry.
I really need your advice.
- No, please. - Okay.
Who recommended me to you?
Come now.
Tell me about Regina.
You do not have to do this anymore.
You can stop.
I cannot.
This is 911.
There has been a murder at 576 Larson Place.
I need your mobile number and your...
Blue Skies.
Morton Redlow.
Hatch, what are you doing?
He killed somebody again. This time because of me.
He sees through me.
Oh, Jesus.
Come in. It is not locked.
- Put that on the table. - Sorry.
- Do you have a permit for that? - Yes. What can I do for you?
Somebody phoned in a murder report, so I checked it out.
There was evidence of foul play but no body. So I thought of you.
- Maybe he took the body with him. - Another gut feeling?
Look, Detective. You Will think this is crazy -
- but I knoW Who is killing these girls.
He is young, dark hair. He alWays wears sunglasses.
His name is Vassago. He stays at the Blue Skies Motel.
- And where were you tonight? - He has been here With me.
Maybe you are a clairvoyant that sees crimes and bodies.
Just do not leave town, Mr. Harrison.
If Rose Orwetto does not turn up I will have to ask you some questions.
I will let myself out.
Be careful with that thing.
- How do you know these things? - I am inside this evil fuck.
Why you?
I do not knoW, but he is coming after Regina next.
- That is not true. - Trust me.
- No one wants to kill Regina. - I must stop this guy.
- Do you not see what you are doing? - I am trying to save our daughter.
Our daughter Samantha, not Regina. Remember Sam?
It is not your fault. You did not kill her. Fate killed her.
The goddamn car killed her. Do you not get it?
You make this up so you can be a hero and save our daughter.
Just listen! Believe it or not this is what Will happen.
Tonight I am on guard.
Regina is safe in the day, but tomorrow night -
- you and she must go someWhere without telling me and stay there.
- Is that clear? Can you do that? - Yes, I can leave.
I cannot help you with this anymore.
I love you.
- Good afternoon, Hatch. - I will be right back.
The most interesting aspect of this case is his vision.
Closer on his face.
The muscles that cause the pupils to dilate are destroyed.
Slight amounts of light can cause discomfort and pain.
- We use lenses to filter light. - That is you.
He is then able to withstand low levels of tungsten.
Anything to add?
His psychosis has increased. He is in a delusional world...
What is wrong?
- What are you doing... - Who is Jeremy?
Would you like some tea?
- I must find him. Who is he? - Where did you get that tape?
You tell me.
Tell me what is going on.
- May I help you? - I wondered if anyone was here.
- Are the Harrisons in? - No.
Where can I find them? They are old friends of mine.
- I know all their friends. - How privileged they must feel.
My wife and I are having a party.
And We have misplaced their number. Could you jot it down for me -
- so I can send them an invite? It is more personal to get it at home.
I will put it on the back of a card and then your wife can read it to you.
Yes, my wife.
Thank you. I will see myself to the door.
I have one more favor to ask.
Do you have a bathroom?
- What are you hiding? - Patient information is confidential.
- This is the kid I have been seeing. - I cannot divulge information!
All right. Jeremy Was my patient.
Thank you.
Why were you not nice to me? I only wanted some information.
Must I call 411?
All I care about is the protection of your family.
This fucking Jeremy is stalking my teenage daughter! Who is he?!
Calm down.
Tell me who he is!
Too late to resuscitate this one, Dad
Jeremy is your son?
Three years ago he killed his mother.
And he killed his sister and then he killed himself.
You brought him back.
Like me.
Even as a child Jeremy was psychotic but he Was my son.
You Would have done the same.
Regina, are you packed? Hurry up.
I am not Wearing that.
Call Waiting sucks. I am not getting that.
Please have left already.
I will give you the number when I know where We will be.
We are not supposed to tell anybody.
Goddamn it!
Hatch, he has Regina!
You drive.
- Where am I going? - Just keep going.
- I am so sorry. - We Will get her back.
She is still alive.
What are you doing?
They are on the highway going east. The other way!
He has taken her to that old amusement park.
Oh, you.
What is this?
- You killed Jeremy. - No, I brought you back.
Back to life.
I came here to help you. I want to help you.
Do you not get it? I do not want to be saved.
I want to be damned.
Through this door.
I asked you here to shoW you my Work.
I have changed my mind.
This Way.
He knoWs we are here.
Through here.
I am here!
Forgive me.
Did you come to watch? Good.
My father did not see his wife and daughter die, but you will.
Regina is the virgin croWn to my art. I knew it when I first saw her.
I am not afraid of you. I have the power.
You are nothing. Just a link betWeen me and Regina.
Come on up. I will wait.
You skinny little fuck!
Here I come.
Regina, I am coming.
You are invisible and I am invincible.
On your knees!
We are Vassago.
Darkness has no power in the light.
Regina, he is dead.
We can save him.
Charge 200.
Charge to 360.
Charging 360.
We have a breath.
We have him.
- What? - It was a just dream.
You scared me.
- This is like the movie "Carrie. " - Sissy Spacek.
- "Badlands. " - Martin Sheen.
- "The Subject Was Roses. " - Patricia Neal.
- "Hud. " - Paul Newman.
- They say he washes in ice water. - Shut up and kiss me.
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