SNL Korea Ep. 13 (Eng Subtitled) Because I'm a man. 남자기 때문에 by Jay Park 박재범

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Jay Park & Sulgi Kim
Mingyo Kim & Sanghoon Lee
Hyuksoo Kwon & Sangwoo Park [SNL Digital Short]
Please listen to me, please don't get me wrong.
Please don't look at me like that
This is the first time. I've never done this before.
I just wanted to see if he's alright.
If you look at it, it's like lifting dumbbells
or doing a grip strength training.
It's the proof that I am healthy. You should be glad.
I can even do it every hour. I'm "Hot Six".
Why didn't you knock?
I will have to buy "Mamma Caps" (
I will drag my parents' name in the mud
If you marry a royal family, they won't give you a shit. (I don't understand the original lyrics)
do you think what you did is right?
I didn't do anything wrong.
What did you pay for the porns with?
Your credit card.
Is that book a porn magazine?
That's Han's autobiography that you've been reading!
Eminem -- "Love the way you lie"
I wish I hadn't seen it.
I won't be able to forgive you.
I can't forgive you.
I can't forgive you.
Baby, it's not that I'm not satisfied with you. Please listen.
Guys need to do this regularly.
After you load a gun, you need to fire.
Ms. Gu (The most famous sex educator in Korea) said so.
Okay. To be honest, I wasn't satisfied.
We haven't done it for a while because of you.
Last week, you told me you were too tired.
The day before yesterday, you were having your period.
I sighed, and had no choice but to turn on my computer.
I opened the "New Folder" that I hid.
I'm so used to this FBI warning.
I'm holding three layers of Kleenex like a horn dog.
I may look pathetic to you.
Your boobs look pathetic to me.
If you keep yelling at me, I'll burn your luxury bags.
Eminem -- "Love the way you lie"
I wish I hadn't seen it.
We won't be able to get back together.
We can't get back together.
I love you.
I love you, too.