OSIsoft: Use the Details docking window to export data to a file v3.2

Uploaded by OSIsoftLearning on 09.05.2011

Customers have been asking for years for the ability to export what's in this ProcessBook
display into a spreadsheet. So now with the details window that docking window we will
be able to do that. If you select this and decide to show the details you notice there's
an option right here, there we go, called Save to File. This save to file option gives
you a couple of choices. You can either save it as a text file or you can save it as a
CSV file and as a CSV file that's something that you're going to be able to import into
Excel. So let me just call this "exported PI data and it's simply going to go into My
Cocuments--we can put it anywhere you want--and now the big finish to this would be to go
out and open this up into into Excel. So I'll just go ahead and choose Open, let's choose
All Files and you can see here's our CSV file. Because it is in this CSV file with the commas
in the right place, we are bringing this into Excel properly so we're seeing the timestamps
and the values and also the attributes. The attributes "A" in this case, indicate that
this has been annotated. If you recall this is the value that I annotated with my comment.
Now of course the next logical question is how do you actually see the comment? You can
do that from within DataLink. We'll discuss that we present DataLink--but there is the
ability within DataLink to see the same comments, the same kind of comments are you seeing right
here, these annotations.