How to Make a Soothing Bath Soak : Soothing Bath Soak: Layer Salts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Step five. Now you're going to take you Ziploc bag that's full of Epsom salt, sea salt and
our wonderful childhood memory, vanilla oil. Make sure it's really well blended. And shake
all the salt to one corner. And the corner that's empty, clip that off. Creating another
homemade funnel. And we're going to layer a white layer of Epsom and sea salt. Scented
in vanilla over our rose scented layer. And again, you want it to be about the same. About
half an inch to an inch of salt. Right there in your drawer. And take your clothes pin,
clip your baggie. This way, you won't get Epsom salt and sea salt, all over the place.
And simply tap the jar. So that you can level, the vanilla layer. You're going to repeat
these steps, until your jar is full.