Epic Fail, Dumbest blonde - Beauty And The Geek Australia

Uploaded by Zoneouted on 11.11.2010

Please join me in welcoming to the stage - Tamika
Hey, girls. I would like to introduce you to Thomas
Thomas is pretty dreamy, certainly after this makeover we've had.
He looks absolutely sexy.
[Audience Laughter] Come on, Thomas.
Thomas: I feel, in a way, the same as I did
When I first presented myself to the Beauties
because I'm being paraded out there again.
But it's not me this time - it's a different me, a better me.
OK. We'll start the bidding at $50.
$100! $100 in the front.
Does anyone want to double that to $105?
My brain was in its own little world
It tends to do that a lot.