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Hi, I'm Colleen Ballinger and you're watching my recap of
America's Got Talent.
All right, so tonight we watched the second half of the
semi-finals, and first up was the clogging group, All That.
I love this group of men.
They are so talented, their choreography is always
amazing, and tonight they set their shoes on fire, and then
danced on water.
It sounds like I'm making it up, but I'm not.
I promise.
Their feet were literally on fire.
That was crazy.
Next up was Sebastian, the adorable 10-year-old singer.
He did an amazing job as usual.
I am very obsessed with him.
He sang a Spanish opera song and sounded lovely.
After him was Magic of Puck.
This magician took a woman and made her
levitate off the ground.
And then she disappeared out of thin air and ended up in a
box on the other side of the stage.
All the while, she has a signed handkerchief tied
around her wrist.
I don't--
I don't--
I don't know.
It was crazy.
Next up was Clint Carvalho and his parrot named Kittie.
He had Kittie mail a letter and then fly through hoops
held by audience members, and then grab a soda can from
Sharon and bring it on-stage.
By the way the "random" audience member holding the
hoop was wearing a microphone and had a line.
And it was definitely my favorite part of the show.
Are you serious?
I don't even care that I thought the bird act was
stupid, the horrible acting from this "random" audience
member was so hilarious that I want them to win.
Then we had the comedian Jacob Williams.
Yeah, he wasn't funny.
Shanice and Maurice came on the stage next.
I think it's adorable that they are a father and a
daughter and they sing together.
But she sings her face off and totally kicks his butt and
makes you not even care about him.
She is phenomenal.
That girl can sing.
After them was All Wheel Sports.
And do not let the name fool you, because
it's not all wheels.
They have gymnastics, people repelling off the wall,
cheerleaders, dancers, trampolines,
scooters and bikes.
So it is not all wheels.
That being said, you can tell everyone involved in the group
is super talented, but there's just too much to watch.
The whole time I felt like I was like this.
And then one of the bikers fell.
Tim Hockenberry came on stage and sang his own rendition of
the song "Imagine." he has a very edgy, raspy,
cool tone to his voice.
Imagine all the people.

Next up were the Untouchables, which is a phenomenal group of
child dancers that I am obsessed with.
Tonight, they did an amazing salsa routine.
Their choreography was spot-on, they had so much
energy, the performance was perfect, and they
have so much sass.
I adore them.
And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they
did this insane quick change and it blew my mind.
Next up was Olate Dogs.
These dogs were jump-roping, acting like humans, riding
scooters, doing back flips, and creating Conga lines.
The only thing I didn't like about them was the fact that I
felt completely worthless as a human being watching, because
there are dogs in this world that are more
talented than me.
That's really embarrassing.
And then came Lightwire Theater.
I've loved them from their original audition.
It's such a cool concept.
They turn off all the lights and they have these bizarre
light-up costume puppet things.
Tonight they made a huge tiger have a light saber fight with
some dinosaurs.
It was pretty epic.
Needless to say, everybody loved it.
David Garibaldi and his CMYK's were the
final act of the evening.
They combine art, dance and music to create this really
unique, cool act.
Tonight, they very dramatically put paint on
these huge canvases and then had them all line up, and it
was, ah, the Statue of Liberty.
It's a very bizarre act to watch, but it's still very
And I thoroughly enjoyed them.
OK, that's my recap of America's Got Talent.
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thought of the episode.
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And I will see you guys next week for another re-cap.