Norway At War 3/6 Mission Afghanistan (Norge i Krig - Oppdrag Afghanistan)

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Defense minister will herself follow the caskets with the slain soldiers home from Afghanistan.
Four local communities in Norway in deep sorrow over the loss of their own.
We have received a gruesome reminder that military commitment also entails suffering and loss.
It is as if you -
It's like ...
You come close to each other here.
It makes you strong, but also vulnerable when events like this occur.
And as Nordahl Grieg wrote in his poem "17th May, 1940":
We are so few in this country; every fallen a brother or friend.
We have the dead with us the day we come again.
And I want to thank each one of you for your efforts.
Many parents, siblings, and even spouses, children ...
That have lost the dearest thing in life.
And you realize it was not only a loss for us, but also a very, very big loss for ...
... for those home as well.
Trond André Bolle, Christian Lian, Simen Tokle and Andreas Eldjarn -
- died so that the rest of us would get safety and security.
They will never be forgotten.
It was probably the heaviest military day in my life.
Pause ...
I think that's some of the worst I have ever experienced in my life.
Simen was my very best friend.
I was looking forward to growing old with him.
It's a heavy burden I have to carry with me every day.
Whether Norwegian troops should have been withdrawn from Afghanistan ages ago I have no opinion about.
I know what task we have and right now that task makes sense to me.
Task Unit prepares to participate in an operation against Taliban.
The goal is to make it safe for the villagers to vote in a few weeks.
Kwatja Kinti is a large village with mountains on all sides.
And there is plenty of terrain for the enemy to work in.
Mission goal is to kill or drive the enemy on the run.
But we are so many people, I think it should go smoothly.
For our part. It's worse for the enemy.
We will not drive on IED's and we will not shoot civilians.
We will have aggressiveness in the form of winning contacts and beating the enemy.
Kristian has just entered as new leader for MEK4.
But I don't think he has experienced the real MEK4 culture as it should be.
To Valhalla!
I think it's reassuring to have the Americans along with us.
They are good people with a lot of equipment.
So ... I look forward to it.
I think it's very fun to have this gang with me.
Of course there rests a very big responsibility on my shoulders.
-What are we on now? -15 Seconds preparedness.
We are on 15 seconds preparedness.
We relate to having to take life and to risk our own lives.
And it is a world where you can't take into account -
- what other people think or what is politically correct.
There may happen something dramatic any moment now.
Yes, CV is on, CV is on.
I saw he was killed.
"I saw he was killed" ...
We have a little joking cowboy attitude. That gives you a cynical relationship to it.
-One killed. -Received.
-Espen, I need some overview in the binoculars. -Wait just going to watch the repeat fire.
You have already seen one get killed. Go and enjoy that, I need to get an overview.
Repeat fire on right part of compound. Observation on two pax. Over.
Two that are running! There, yes!
-You saw one get killed? -Most likely ... he no longer lives.
The situation in Faryab is currently unstable.
The big challenge right now is creating security -
- so that we may hold an election here.
His brothers are doctors that help people.
They have not done anything terrible. Therefore they are liked.
What is the biggest problem for people of Faryab? Unemployment.
Democracy? Men do not like it, but women like it.
Most men are not interested in democracy or human rights.
If we say bad things about women, we end up in prison. Therefore we do not like democracy.
The situation is not good.
We are concerned about security. Everyone is worried.
During the election "POMLT" will guide the police force in Faryab.
18th September elections will be held in Faryab.
They have no plan in advance for ensuring security.
Very reactive thinking on that.
PRT's mission: The purpose of this operation -
- is to increase ANPs' ability and willingness to provide security on election day.
It is a fact that we have a very difficult security situation in Faryab.
At the last election -
- we had two Afghan battalions.
We also have had no increase in police officers -
- for the last four years.
Fortunately we hear helicopters in the air.
We are pleased they help us.
Especially on election day.
The expectations the Afghan security forces have to PRT are enormous.
I see my mission in Afghanistan right now as very challenging.
Our responsibility is to ensure that these forces will get better.
Because ANA is totally helpless unless we stand behind and help with various capacities.
One of the main tasks is to guide the Afghan Army (ANA) trough joint operations.
The guidance force is called OMLT
OMLT. In that our mission is to "coach, teach and mentor".
Help them with everything from operational planning to implementation.
Covers a very wide range.
The plan is we leave along the ring road towards Ghowrmach.
This time it is allegations of IED's in culverts.
So the ANA company commander has received orders to head out with the police.
When they travel, we travel. So we'll see.
One humvee first, then my ranger then your car.
When we arrive I send soldiers out to look for IED's.
No, first I send soldiers around to secure. Then we drive to the area.
That's the plan, we drive out there secure the heights and check it out.
You can see they show interest for the culvert when the company commander walks on top of it.
He of course takes his own approach to checking it seems.
Yes. There was nothing here today.
Let's hope next time the ANA leader checks in a different way and don't bring the whole gang.
9-8 Sit up.
We are approaching the election. And as you can see there are election posters on almost every tree.
And it's not only in Meymaneh. You see it in almost all villages out in the districts.
I view the election as one of the most important events in Afghanistan during my deployment.
If the elections fail I would consider it a disaster for Afghanistan.
Faryab is a patchwork of ethnic groups. Rune Solberg's task is to keep Taliban away so that everyone gets to vote during the election. 150 polling stations are open but only one is located in the Pashtun belt.
Pashtuns are a minority that have not been given part in the development -
- that has happened in many other parts of Faryab.
Then it is much easier for Taliban when they come. They just take over the government's role.
Solberg's soldiers will escort the ballot box that is going to the Pashtun polling station.
You see the Pashtuns ...
They do not wash.
They wear dirty and worn clothing.
That's the Pashtun people.
If you give a Pashtun one million dollars, you cannot get him to change.
When I discuss with political leaders, military and police -
- there is no willingness to establish security in the Pashtun areas.
And if we are not here to push them out. They would never go out there on their own.
Ergo there is a security vacuum.
Election Day
Getting a bit retirement and nursing home feeling.
Just sit where you are, great-grandfather. Put on your blanket.
POMLT will be standing on the hill while Afghan police transports the ballot box to the Pashtun village.
Now we are waiting for Baran who stands down there, supposed to come up approx 5.30.
They are bringing the ballot box and will be providing security at the polling station.
In a valley located further to the west.
My task is to guide them while they do their job.
It's important that I'm not the one doing the job. It has to be the Afghans doing it themselves.
That's that.
Here they come the shortcut.
What a bunch! They are absolutely crazy.
But what astonishes me is that things always seem to come as a surprise.
-"Oh shit! It's Election Day!" -Yeah "Fuck that's today, yes!"
Oi oi oi!
They are not much involved. Don't care much.
Right now I know about 5-6 villages in Faryab that have not received election material.
It's starting to look dark because it's 0800 in the morning.
And all polling stations close at 1600, so ...
There are probably a few polling stations that will not be open today.
On a mountain top I see a person going up and down in position.
-I think he is 6 km away. -That he doesn't stop popping up and down! Incredible.
We need to wait with the fighting. I need to find my snus.
They achieve a lot with the little they do. A little shooting over there.
Makes the entire election committee stop here.
They are not getting on to the village they were going to.
So ... It's pretty good effect.
We have tried to get the police to be present out in the villages.
They have not wanted to.
Then I will send ANA and ANP in advance.
While we will endeavor to keep higher terrain.
We have no coms with either ANA or ANP.
We will be standing in Badkak. Over.
-I will have to try to get them ... -Try to motivate them.
Explain to them it is best for them to have Alfa-1 and possibly us as well up in the hills.
PRT must be with us. They need to follow us.
They are saying that if you join they will go, if not they do not care about the election and will go back.
Yes ... We need to ... Damn, we need to follow them in.
The purpose now is to get them to move out from here and in there.
The way to do it is by driving with them out.
It irritates me; that up in Mengderach.
Heading to the Pashtun village
Driving started 8.45. We will use circa 15 minutes. Over.
800 meters from election station
-Rune. Steinar. -Responding.
Now they mean we are heading in the completely wrong direction.
They believe that ... They point to the south.
They say that is where Mengderach is located and that Mullah Malek is waiting at the other end.
We go back and report the ballot box did not get there.
It is very difficult to get there in an hour.
It is better to turn.
We are withdrawing to "Bad Cock" and link up with the Americans again.
Oi oi oi.
What they are afraid of is losing their lives.
Worse is if they do not want the Pashtuns to vote.
But they must be able to understand it adds to bring the elections credibility into question.
When many reports are coming in that Pashtun polling stations have been closed.
-What do we think? -It's fucking pathetic.
It's so bad. It needs to be told.
Otherwise they will think we are on the same level.
You can say hello from me and say that I am very disappointed today.
You have to not get frustrated. It is easy to think: "Oh my god, is it possible?"
"Do not turn around now. There are 800 meters left. Can't we just drive in and do the job?"
You just have to think, "Fine, it's like that."
But you do get a little frustrated.
It's sad for those who did not get to vote.
Everything went well and as planned.
We had no civilian casualties. No polling stations were attacked.
Fortunately, with God's will, the Taliban have not benefited from this election.
100% successful. Many polling stations ran out of ballots -
- this shows it has been successful.
According to them the election in Faryab exceeded all expectations.
That's because the provincial government have not supported the Pashtun belt at all.
So the challenge lies in getting the Afghans to understand -
- there must be done more, before the locals will have confidence in their own government.
The enemy is there.
Shots have been fired in there.
You see them?
Fire from heights!
What height!?
To Valhalla!