Stone Cold Steve Austin in Hall of Fame 2009

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after all
and to introduce you to
the southwest SOB and that history
thank you very much
thank you very much
I want to say something good about this too
nobody even knows me
does that I don't like to get dressed up very many times a year
I just don't see how many Los angeles California
I tend to a warehouse in Baghdad always says you don't like the way you look I didn't see
I like the way I looked down at her lap of the day and back in
I'm really an adult then I got fifty thousand people I got a couple million around the globe
watching this
and I got about followed by judge ito
you know it's very easy for me to go
considering that kind of trouble and try to sell tickets
his were not allowed to do
there's a feeling that I get from that show
it's hard to explain
religion a body I feel about the business 'cause it's affected me
and situated such a big part of my life
well what should they do
probably fifteen cents
the road to talk about the word
to show you people
i'll words you wouldn't live up to my expectations are
my standards in your expectations
and if I don't succeed it up I want you to tell away from the night
no one from stone tools be abolished
I want to tell each and every person here he's never first a bit of a lot so close to
call some of the world wrestling entertainment
thank you
thank you so much for always take it with me
yes I was I got as high as I got in this company
and set records in
so it does is to the level that I take it up to
sometimes when I
I would go down the neck injury and I did not
it's our job and that gilani will only out on demand divorce or all my money out
our diplomats were going to get another divorce
one time I took my ball and went home is unvetted and he was so fond of saying
and I was done for years and every time I came back from something like that you people
always took me back and I have always appreciated that
to make my living
that's where it's our goal twenty feet by twenty feet
there's not too many things
you know in his life and do that
and it's just a
but of the things I'm good at
you know I've got a bunch of friends that ended up
been football coaches
my friends of done its job searches are
all new construction and
contractors and
my dad was an insurance man and my mom interior decorator
I always wondered what I would be you know there's a big fan of professional wrestling
still trying to put all this
ever mentioned the other my head and
I remember when I was in high school that had the taxes one hundred miles an hour US
the demand
I took my little high school aptitude test not something that a little dots and
all the stuff that you get in a couple weeks bennett later the information came back in
try to guide you in truth we're what you should do with your life
when I got my little test backing said of make a real swell park ranger
park rangers feel like I'm in this bill for granted but he says was in the workers don't
go Steve oster
it's not about last run up and down the road
and %uh in this wonderful business is not good enough
yes or no
greatest the world but I've ever met in this business
and by the same token I met some bad ones do
and %uh
I've got no complaints and I've got nothing that driver complain about that
I've got to be tough but got my share stitches in state polls and broken bones and services
like the rest of these men and women have been
and I got a big smile on my face and I I mean is I thank you for all of it
our you're not listening career
but I don't want to close the door and you I want to say thank you and as a move away
from professional wrestling
and moving to that
movie industry are that line of work
I just want you to be able to continue to support and all that
i'll do whatever I can
to try and get you
the best I can and it isn't enough a wonderful pleasure
tonight is Senator John breaux of them our and I mean you know
hiroshima is tomorrow if you have a role to play in the NBA
the stress is saying about like the idea of
the young men superstars and it is to get a good night's rest they're going to start
on a cold rain before they go to work tomorrow night
houston Texas
I thank you again
I love you from the bottom of my heart