Apple iPad 3 - Which? first look review

Uploaded by WhichWebsite on 16.03.2012

Today is Apple iPad launch day. This is the third generation model we've got one here
and had a chance to have a quick look at it before we sent it to the labs. On that side,
it's pretty similar to the iPad 2, but there's some key differences inside. The main one
is the screen which is a resolution 2,048 by 1,536 pixels.
It's also got a new dual core processor inside and a quad core graphics card, and this should
mean better performance, smoother running games, quicker loading webpages. On the front
there's a low resolution camera for video calling and on the back there's an upgraded
5 megapixel camera for stills pictures.
That can also take full HD video at 1080p resolution, and it's a key improvement over
the old model. Now, the new iPad looks good, and it feels strong, solid. It's a high quality
product. But it's actually a little bit heavier than the old one. This one weighs 650 grams
and is 9.4 millimeters thick, whereas the old one is A touch thinner at 601 grams and
only 8.8mm thick.
In reality though when you're asked about it, you're not really going to notice the
extra weights. I means there's not really that much between them. The old one, however,
the very old one, which is the iPad 1 which was launched a couple of years ago, this one's
13.4 millimeters thick and this one does feel much bulkier than the new ones.
For me the main difference between this new iPad and the old ones is the screen. You can
really see the detail the screen offers. For example, on this contacts icon here you can
see that the fine small letters A B C D E F, just much clearer than you can the old
one. So we're going to whisk this up to our labs now for full testing.
We're going to have results on our website very soon. But in the meantime,
check our website, for lots of reviews and my advice on tablets.