Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Magnagate & The Infinity Labyrinth Animated Special 1 (English Subbed)

Uploaded by ZephyrSonic on 02.11.2012

Pikachu: Help!
Pikachu: Help!
Oshawott: I've become an Oshawott!!
Narrator: This is a tale of a world where only Pokémon live.
Oshawott: Woaaah!
Oshawott: Hellllp!
Narrator: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth.
Pikachu: A-Are you alright...?
Pikachu: Hey, Hang in there...
Pikachu: Hey, hey, are you alive?
Pikachu: Ah thank goodness..
Oshawott: WAAH!
Oshawott: A Pokémon...SPOKE!?
Pikachu: From today this place shall be my paradise!
Pikachu: From here we'll have all kinds of adventures..
Pikachu: gather friends...
Pikachu: and work together to live here and have fun!
Pikachu: We can live a life of excitement!
Pikachu: There will be times of uncertainty...
Pikachu: But I still want to create this wonderful, paradise of a place!
Pikachu: That is my dream.
Pikachu: What do you think Oshawott?
Pikachu: Will you help me in creating a Pokémon paradise?
Oshawott: Sure!
Pikachu: Really!?
Oshawott: Of course!!
Pikachu: Yay! Thanks!