CGRundertow MICRON for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 15.06.2012

I like to think my opinion matters. So when I tell you Micron is a game every iPhone owner
should check out immediately, I like to think some of them will say, “You know, perhaps
I should check that out immediately.” But you know what? Don’t listen to me. Take
it from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the visionary creator of REZ. This thing started as a project entered
in a contest he was judging.
And the dude loved it.
I like to think my opinion matters, but that matters a little more.
And you know, it makes sense that Mizuguchi would dig this thing. Micron is like something
out of his own mind. A new release to the App Store, it’s kind of like an eccentric
hybrid of puzzler and rhythm game and even music creator. Micron is a strange mixture
of all these different things, but it just comes together to create something really
So simply put, the concept is you have to get these pellets to the exit. And the catch,
obviously, is everything in between. Each pellet is essentially a musical note,
and when they hit something, they contribute to the game’s soundtrack. So you’re figuring
out puzzles, but at the same time, you’re kind of making music.
Fans of the BIT.TRIP games, in particular, are going to love Micron. It represents this
unique synergy between game and music, where the soundtrack is actually a functioning and
interactive part of the gameplay. And it feels like you could mess with the puzzles a thousand
different ways just to experiment with the music. So there’s actually a sense of creativity
in what is really a puzzle game.
In fact, if I had to muster any criticisms of this brilliantly designed game, it’s
minor oversights. For example, an undo button would’ve been a nice touch for when you
accidentally place a piece in the wrong square, and I couldn’t find one. Otherwise, Micron
was an absolute joy to play and is as rewarding as a puzzler gets. When the music suddenly
starts making sense, you know you’re on the right track.
And that’s pretty ingenious.
There are 51 puzzles in Micron, which is a nice value for its 99-cent price tag. More
importantly, though, it really is in that REZ and BIT.TRIP vein...which is to say, Micron
is more of an interactive audio/visual experience than a simple puzzle game. And if you’re
at all into retro-styled games and music, this is a puzzler you just can’t miss.