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MIA: Hey, guys.
It's Mia.
And I'm going to be doing your Glee Project recap.
This is Michael.
And he's going to do it with me.
MICHAEL: It was my first time watching it.
And I really liked it.
MIA: He's my partner in crime.
MICHAEL: I think I'm addicted now.
But they aren't.
So there are five contenders this week, which means that
we're one episode away from the season finale.
MIA: Yes.
And the theme this week was Actability.
So the homework assignment was "Addicted to
Love," by Robert Palmer.
MICHAEL: I don't know.
MIA: No one knows that song.
MICHAEL: Michael was the only one who knew the song.
He was stoked.
MIA: He was pretty high on life.
He was like, I know this song.
Everyone else was like, yeah.
So the guest judge this week.
Not gonna freak out.
Who was it?
MICHAEL: It was Dianna Argon.
MIA: No.
It's Agron.
MIA: You fail.
So for the homework assignment.
There was this random drawer that no one knew opened.
Pulls out these huge cards.
And they all have emotions on them.
And since the theme is Actability, they have to act
the emotion out.
Which, it seems easy.
But honestly, I really think it's harder than it looks.
Some of them didn't do that great.
They were just like.
Ali was excited.
MICHAEL: She was so excited.
MIA: She was really excited.
Ali's my favorite, but she's really creepy sometimes.
This is her.
Let's reenact it.
You're Dianna.
MICHAEL: And then the winner ended up being Michael.
So they announced the music video would be
"Perfect," by Pink.
You know how each week it's usually just a music video.
Pretty chill.
Always good.
This week it was a movie trailer.
And it was fantastic.
OK, so there's no choreography this week.
Choreography's always jacked up.
They do something to it every single week.
Last week Zach wasn't there.
Week before that, they were like, no choreography, because
they were jumping over sticks and stuff.
That one was good.
You missed that episode.
They did "Eye of the Tiger." It's two separate stories.
MICHAEL: Ali was injured, because Lily was driving a
car, and they got in an accident.
MIA: Lily was so good.
Aylin is Muslim.
And they're trying to play off that.
You're going to be secretly going behind your parents'
back, because they're very conservative.
And you're going to be dating the star football player,
quarterback type guy, which is Blake.
And you end up getting pregnant.
And your parents are pissed.
They're going to ship you off.
And the secret behind all that is that Michael is actually
Blake's best friend.
And he's in love with you.
And it's a big triangle.
And that was crazy.
So they were all playing around Aylin on that one.
MICHAEL: Was scary.
MIA: Blake was so good.
He was so good it was--
literally, he was so good it was scary.
Michael really did surprise me.
He did very good.
So it's final elimination.
This is the last time before they choose a winner.
Nikki and Zach were getting teary-eyed.
And this made me--
I just hate when people get all emotional.
It makes me want to cry.
MICHAEL: So you can't handle it.
MIA: I can't handle that.
I ain't ready for all that.
MICHAEL: You ain't about that.
MIA: I ain't about that.
A twist this week?
That never happens.
They all performed instead of having a bottom three.
The scary part of that was all the writers of The Glee
Project were there.
And I thought there was, like, three, you guys.
There's like seven of them.
So it was like a board of people watching them.
At this point in the competition, they're looking
for characters and who they're inspired to write for.
So Michael went first, and he did "Girls Just Want to Have
Fun" but, like, the slower version that, like, Finn did
on the show.
How many times did I just say like?
And it sounded good.
It was a bit boring.
Lily did "Son of a Preacher's Son."
MICHAEL: "Son of a Preacher Man."
MIA: Oh yeah.
That one.
And it was so good.
Like Lily--
You guys know I don't really like her.
But she has--
I don't like Lily.
Because she has a huge attitude problem.
She is a fantastic performer.
She was working the stage.
Going around, leaning against walls.
She was killing it.
MIA: Ali did "Here's to Us," by Halestorm.
And it was so cute.
She just has such a great personality.
Blake did "I'm Still Standing," by Elton John.
MICHAEL: He had a lot of dance moves.
MIA: He did.
He had so much energy.
You know who he reminded me of?
He reminded me of Zac Efron in High School Musical.
And I like him.
But I hope he's not another Shanna.
That he's just so good and well-rounded that there's no
real flesh and interest to him.
Last was Aylin.
And she did "Fighter," by Christina Aguilera.
Love that song.
That's a really hard song.
No one can top Christina.
You know, that's Christina.
For real.
But Aylin is always good.
Aylin's good.
And she has the most potential for a character.
In the end, it was Lily and Michael who went home.
And it was sad.
But I think it was the best choice.
And I'm really confident in the top three.
Or should I say the final three.
MICHAEL: It's going to be such a good finale.
MIA: Are you going to watch it?
MICHAEL: Probably.
MIA: I'll make him watch it.
We'll see you guys--
well, I'll see you guys next week.
He won't.
MIA: But he'll be watching.
And you guys should be too.
So that's it.