Howto: Install 3D Gallery Pinch/Zoom on the Motorola Droid

Uploaded by wimervision on 04.02.2010

This is Steven Wimer with Wimervision and today I'm going to show you how to install
the 3D Gallery with Pinch/Zoom from the Nexus One onto the Motorola Droid. This install
is easier than some of the other installs we've done. This one does not require root
access unless you wish to remove the other Gallery which is located in /system/app. We're
going to assume this is being installed on a non rooted Droid and that we're ok with
having two Gallery programs installed. For this to install we will need the following.
A Droid running Android version 2.0.1 and Astro File Manager.
First you will need to download the installation file which can be found at
or by clicking the link in the video description. Once we have the file downloaded, we will
open up Astro. Inside Astro, press home, then press download, then press Gallery3D.apk,
then press open app manager. If you have a previous version 2.1 Gallery installed, it
will give you the option to uninstall it here, if not then just press the install button,
then press install again, then press open. That is all there is to it. You will notice
two Galleries in the application menu, the first should be the old Gallery and the last
should be the new one.
If you wish to remove the old gallery, you will need root access and will need to rename
the /system/app/Gallery.apk file to something else.
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with Wimervision, I thank you for watching this video and I hope it helps.