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Government helicopters are sending medicines.
Is there no other way? - No!
My legs are smeared with muck. This bridge is weak.
There is a danger of slipping.
So many people are sick. If he didn't go then..
I think.. Sitaram!
Do one thing. Tell some sensible villager to come here.
And if its some minor ailment, then we will send the medicine.
It will save the time.
We won't have to take this trouble.
Sister, hold my hand!
Aarti is really going.
Hey, what happened?
What I was afraid of has happened!
Please dim the light.
Is this fine?
Even if you want to get up, I won't let you.
Please open the window.
I had to go to see a patient! But..
I don't feel like going!
I just feel like sitting here with..
She is asleep. - How is she feeling?
You did a brave job. Well done!
What do you do? - Nothing! I am unemployed!
Who is it? - Deepak!
Come in!
Yes. But she is not fine. Don't stay for long.
You saved my life.
I was just a medium. The world needed you.
So you survived.
Still. Thanks.
Aarti! Why don't you come in my compartment?
We all are here.
It's empty.
''Neither a bee nor a flower.''
''I am your sole bird.''
''There is isolation.''
''My world is colourful.''
''There is sorrow and joy.''
''Tell me, dealer.''
''Shall I forget this world?''
''There is love here.''
''There is a river in the heart and thirst on the lips.''
''There is a river in the heart and thirst on the lips.''
''Whether there is gold or silver or not.''
''My heart is with me.''
''My world is lovelier.''
''There is isolation.''
''My beloved, come in my world.''
''Neither a bee nor a flower.''
''I am your sole bird.''
''My beloved, come in my world.''
''No, no, no!''
''Still they all are dear ones.''
''They together weave a dream.''
''My world is colourful.''
''There is sorrow and joy.''
''Tell me, dealer.''
''I am your sole bird.''
''There is isolation.''
Here! - Come! Come, ma'am!
Jeevan! Jeevan! - Hey!
What happened?
Let's go, Sarla! - I..
I have brought my car for you people!
No, no! We will go in a cab! - Jeevan!
Okay, Sarla! Let's go!
Sit on the front seat!
Hey! Hey! Stop!
Sit on the back seat!
I am sorry!
I am sorry!
What happened?
The car is not starting! Check the engine!
Sure! Sure!
What happened?
It's stolen! What will I do now?
We will go in a cab!
What kind of car is this? How did it start?
It's engine is in the trunk and not in the bonnet!
It's an Italian car!
He too has brains on the wrong side!
Such a fiance!
Sarla! Sarla!
Give it to me!
Father, what is this?
The ship tickets! Traveller's cheque!
Is he not capable enough?
His parents died when he was a kid.
He completed his education.
If he goes to Europe and becomes a brain specialist..
His.. and yours too!
Can I come in? - Come, Prakash!
I don't know how to repay the favour..
Your success will be its repayment!
What are you thinking?
You are leaving tomorrow by ship.
Yes. If your father had not helped me..
..then maybe I would have never been able to go!
Aarti! - What time is the ship departing?
You will go to the hostel today.
So, will you be able to come tomorrow?
I will leave now. I have loads of work to do.
Look, who has come in the operation room! - Who?
The man who had saved your life! - Deepak!
I am sorry! I can't greet you!
What happened?
Nothing! I fell down!
You talk to her. I will get a cab!
No! I will take the bus!
Whenever we have met.. there has been..
On which side am I? Death?
Deepak! The cab has come! - Oh!
Listen! Where do you live?
I will come to inquire about your wellbeing.
What's the need? I will get well in a day!
Still! - I will come to meet you after I get well.
To repay the favour. - Favour?
Yes! I couldn't greet you today. Bye.
Here is the syringe.
And the needle.
Here is a sweet for you.
Mr. Kumar, that remedy..
Insolent man! Don't you see that I am talking to the customer!
Yes! So, you have passed in which class, Sarla? First?
Oh! Second?
Then it must be third!
Passing in the third division is not called passing!
Who asked you?
Who told you?
This is my place! My shop!
Oh! How dare you! You come to my shop and talk like this!
Let us get married! Then I won't let you talk to her!
What did you say? - What did you say?
Shut up!
First, I kept quiet!
No! I did! And now, I will talk first!
Passing in the third division is not called passing!
She has failed! - Again you spoke!
I didn't speak! I am quiet! - So I too am quiet!
I have only failed in the practical.
I will begin my practical from today!
Listen, Sarla! Take the chocolate!
Now, I understood!
By giving syringes and needles to Sarla for free..
Pardon me! I am not a fool like you!
I have prayed to God.
Really? - Yes!
But she should marry me!
Look! - Yes!
Get potato cutlets! - Okay!
And patties too with the chutney. - Okay!
Patties is the speciality of this place! - Okay!
Get pastries! - Okay!
You seem tired today!
Since morning, I have been wandering around!
For others!
I am unemployed. I have to do something.
Otherwise how will I feel alive?
What do you do to feel alive?
I write poems..
And it's worth nothing for others.
Can't I read your poems? - Why not?
My poems are everybody's poems.
But maybe you won't like it.
A student of this medical college..
..will sing a talented poet's poem today.
He thinks like us. And he wants to progress in life like us.
His name is Deepak!
''Nobody is further or nearer.''
''Created by the same element.''
''Nobody is further or nearer.''
''The colour of blood is one.''
''Created by a dream.''
''The same life and the same body.''
''By wearing silky clothes.''
''So what's strange in this?''
''The colour of blood is one.''
''Created by the same element.''
People are poor so that you can be rich.
There was one King and countless beggars!
''People are poor so that you can be rich.''
''There was one King and countless beggars!''
''It's the society's mistake.''
''The colour of blood is one.''
''Created by the same element.''
''..share the sorrow of the heart?''
''Share the thirst of the lips.''
''Share the pain of the soul.''
''Embrace everybody.''
''Embrace everybody.''
''What friends and what foes?''
''The colour of blood is one.''
''So there is no difference between the rich and the poor.''
''Created by the same element.''
Beautiful, Aarti! Beautiful!
But who wrote this poem?
The poet has written it beautifully!
It's really beautiful!
Somebody will give so much respect to my poems..
Now, I can fight troubles all my life!
Dr. Prakash!
Dr. Prakash!
Hello! Hello!
I had come to receive you! - Is that so?
You will stay at our place, won't you?
And you know Dr. Haze! - Yes!
Dr. Haze! Let me introduce you!
Glad to meet you.
Dr. Aarti!
Mr. Gupta.
Sir, car? - BLE 951 0!
I will drop him to the hotel! Come on, Dr. Haze!
No! But she will be back soon! She and sir too! Come!
Come! Sit!
What will you have?
She has passed her doctor's degree.
So everyday she goes out carrying her medicine bag with her.
Does she work somewhere?
You know him! With him only!
I got very late!
I would have come early. But I had to go to Versova!
Ailment has spread in the fishermen community.
I made arrangement of the things said in the municipality.
..for them putting your life into danger..
..is not a sensible thing to do!
Prakash is right. Go freshen up.
What is on Maharaja's head? - Turban!
Look, sir! If you want my upstairs flat for your practice..
But listen to me!
If you want to open your clinic upstairs..
..then Maharaja will himself buy the turban!
I mean he will buy the turban with..
..Rs.400 rent that you will pay.
Where will you buy the medicine from?
Mr. Kumar, a call for you! Sarla's call!
Look, sir! I have to go for an urgent work!
You take the decision and let me know within two days!
I am getting late!
25.. 1 0.. 1 5.
Yes! So what is the total cost of the clinic?
Including the equipment and furniture, it's 70,000!
Yes! It's good that I don't have to pay the advance!
Otherwise it would have come to 1 lakh!
Fine! I will sell this house! - You will sell the house!
I don't have anything besides this!
I read about you in the newspaper!
We are really lucky that we have got a brain specialist like you.
Congratulations! - Thanks!
Aarti too.. I mean Ms. Gupta too mentioned you many times.
No! Today, Madh island!
It's one and the same thing!
Aren't you ashamed to take Aarti to such dirty places?
But she is a doctor!
Fine! But she belongs to a decent family too.
You have played with your life!
Now, you want to play with other's lives?
That's why you saved Aarti! - Dr. Prakash!
I have forbidden her! Goodnight!
Deepak, wait! - Aarti! You won't go with him!
I have told him!
And father.. henceforth bear in mind that my guest..
..should not be humiliated like this.
I am tired! Let's sit for a while.
Won't you get late? - I have already got late.
I think our work here is over.
Now let me apologise to you!
Today, you were insulted because of me!
..and wrong for you.. doesn't he have the right that..
I understood! You are still angry with me.
I was running away from life!
For the first time I felt that I too am alive. - Deepak.
Why did you call me? Why did you remind me all this?
''You reminded me and I remembered.''
''You reminded me and I remembered.''
''That sorrow had shrouded my heart.''
''What kind of man am I?''
''Now pain has aroused.''
''After so many days of being injured.''
''I found you, my sympathiser, and I remembered.''
''That sorrow had shrouded my heart.''
''I didn't understand or try to assess.''
''I desired to keep my foot on the sky.''
''You reminded me.''
''I too have decided.''
''I will walk till far to appease you.''
''My heart made me realise and I remembered.''
''You reminded me and I remembered.''
''You reminded me and I remembered.''
Bye, Ramola! - Listen!
Is it necessary to go to Aarti's house today?
It's important! I have to decide many things!
About the clinic! About the marriage!
Then go!
What kind of cheque is this, Father?
Prakash wants to open a clinic! For that!
Where did you get so much money from?
I.. I am selling this house, dear.
Father.. mother had laid each brick of this house.
And you are selling this house!
For somebody else's clinic!
Not somebody else, dear! For you both!
Whatever you did for Prakash, is that any less?
Decency, shame, debt! Doesn't he feel it?
Whatever I am doing.. I am doing it for you!
Considering it as my duty!
I too have some duty, father!
So that my honour, respect.. - Father!
I have given my word to Prakash!
I don't break my promise!
I won't marry him! - Aarti!
My respect is dear to me, father!
But I won't ever be able to repay your debt!
Can I ask you what my fault is? - Don't you know?
Without any reason? - What was the reason?
You tried to quote my price!
Your price! - You make me feel that I am nothing!
My only worth is that money which belongs to father!
I.. I..
Maybe? - Aarti!
We will together practice. We will help each other.
We will become rich.
We will become renowned and famous.
Dr. Prakash, according to you this is the only goal of doctors?
Doctor's aim.. - Doctor's aim is to serve people.
So why should we marry?
I want to give you life.
If you get a life partner who thinks like you..
Like? - Like Deepak!
Aarti, if you don't change your way of thinking..
..life can be so difficult and tough.
Yes! It can be very tough!
I understood it late. But good that I understood!
That's why I was saying.. - Greetings!
'Your attention please! Your attention please!'
'Passengers leaving for Delhi by flight 201 ..'
'..are requested to proceed to the aircraft.'
I.. I am going to Delhi, Ramola! I have got a job there!
But you were going to open a clinic here!
That is true but..
What's the use? I will leave!
I won't let you go without telling me!
In just a night so soon! How did all this happen?
'Dr. Prakash is requested to proceed to the aircraft.'
Ramola, leave me. I will miss my plane!
Let it be! Please, Prakash!
Yes, Ramola! Aarti had.. - Prakash!
Dr. Prakash married Ramola!
Will you listen to me?
You never showed me your house.
Do you want to see.. how I live?
You may assume so! - Aarti!
I take you there where there is only sorrow.
I can never even think of this.
Today, I won't listen to your excuses!
Come on!
Sit downstairs and eat! You are spoiling grandpa's bed!
Where will I go? - Go to hell.
Malti! Mohan!
Why did you pull my hair?
Leave my hair! Otherwise I will beat you!
What is going on?
Look, father! He beat me and he pulled my nose too!
You are a liar!
You! You! You!
You! You! You! - Hey!
What have you got, father?
Clothes for you both! Go! Wear it now and show me!
My dress!
Dear, take this.
Brother! - Yes!
Brother! Will anybody snatch my vermilion?
This is what you always say!
You are an unlucky girl!
No! You are so fortunate!
..your father-in-law died!
Your mother-in-law banished you from home!
And you came to live here! - No!
Here you became mad!
Already, I have not got any joy that now I will feel sad!
If nothing else then you should have brought a stone for your wife!
So that I could have banged my head and died!
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Why didn't you wear the clothes?
Even beggars don't wear such clothes!
If you will shatter their dreams in childhood..
..then how will they face life in the future, son?
What will he say? I will tell you!
If you don't know how to take care of them..
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Look, it's dusk! Don't sweep now!
Otherwise we will lose money.
When did we receive any money, father?
Whatever you do, it's less in this house!
I cook! I wash clothes! I wash the vessels!
If one day I got late in sweeping..
Both the father and son can sweep!
It's good if you break the other one too!
Where death laughs at life!
But when? How?
I don't know.
Come. Take me home. - Come.
''Someday you will find it.''
''Somewhere you will find it.''
''The destination of spring, oh, traveller.''
''Somewhere you will find it.''
''The destination of spring, oh, traveller.''
''So what if the path of pain is long?''
''Walk with the passion of the heart.''
''Drink this storm of the eyes.''
''Hold the clouds of sighs.''
''It's far. But it's not so far away.''
''The destination of sceneries, oh, traveller.''
''The destination of spring, oh, traveller.''
''The moonlight of the sight should not get dusty.''
''Wearing the blanket of the night.''
''Wearing the blanket of the night.''
You have taken your decision.
Why do you need my permission?
Sit, dear!
Malti, go call your mother! - Okay!
Mother! Mother! Grandpa is calling! Come quickly!
Somebody has come to meet uncle! - Who?
A girl. She is very beautiful. Her name is Aarti!
Eat calmly! The food will get stuck in your throat!
And everybody is eager to meet her.
Father and son, both are ready to pounce on her!
Oh! I told the truth and you felt bad!
Don't eat! What do I care?
Deepak! Is there any vacancy?
She won't leave!
Greetings, sister! Why did you take the trouble?
What else could I have done?
Seeing the rich man's daughter, right from the..
Fine! Give!
It's good if you drink it!
If it grew cold then I will be in trouble!
If you will come in this house.. within two days..
..you will find out the price of lentils and flour!
Now, you are worth in millions! And I am worthless!
There is magic in your hands!
And there is broom in my hand!
Wafer? - No! Today chocolate!
Chocolate! Fine! Here!
Come here!
The girl is good, son. She is really good.
But won't it be our selfishness to bring her in this house?
I explained a lot to her, father. But..
I will send her. You..
What do you think, Niranjan?
They do want to marry!
But Deepak should think what her stature is!
Aarti will do her practice and feed him.
..has come in this house of paupers!
Oh, God! I.. depend on daughter-in-law's..
Niranjan, let me tell you! I won't ever accept..
So.. you will work. - Yes! But I won't do my practice!
I have received this knowledge not to earn money.
But to serve people. - You are right!
It's fine! But I won't bless you!
I won't commit a sin by dragging you in this poverty!
Why don't you understand? I too am a father.
And that she should always be happy.
Father, I have got a job!
She is like Laxmi (Goddess of wealth!
She entered this house and Deepak got a job!
Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
God bless you! God bless you, dear!
Women is a Goddess!
Listen! Do you have that in your shop? Hearing aid!
The one which deaf people use for hearing? - Yes!
Assistant! Get one hearing aid!
Do you hear less nowadays? - What?
Take this! Hearing aid! Without the battery!
You can buy the battery from the battery shop! - What?
What did you say? - Money! Money!
Don't worry! You will get it. After this is tested!
She'll hear you and Sarla talking.
She'll hold you by your ears and throw you out of the house.
Sir.. - What is it!
I am sorry. What is it, Burgolax?
What? You give me an injection!
Mother, this is your medicine! Vitamin D!
Otherwise I will again fail! - Play!
This big injection Is a game for you?
''Your arrow has struck my heart.''
''Your talks are magical like somebody's eyes.''
''Your talks are magical like somebody's eyes.''
''I fell in love with you at first sight, beloved.''
''You are in my heart.''
''I swear on the style which never stops.''
''I swear on the style which never stops.''
''I swear on the style.''
''Your talks are magical like somebody's eyes.''
''I admit that love has become more intense.''
''But lips are sealed and heart is guarded.''
''Fervent people don't stop.''
''Fervent people don't stop.''
''They don't stop.''
''Now love is testing beauty.''
''Days and nights are nothing in front of your eyes.''
''Flowers on one side and beloved's hand on the other.''
''But nobody like you.''
''But nobody like you.''
''Your honour and respect is different from the rest.''
''Your talks are magical like somebody's eyes.''
''Days and nights are nothing in front of your eyes.''
''Flowers on one side and beloved's hand on the other.''
''But nobody like you.''
''But nobody like you.''
''But nobody like you.''
''Your honour and respect is different from the rest.''
He even sings, mummy!
''Your talks are magical like somebody's eyes.''
''Your arrow has struck my heart.''
''Your arrow has struck my heart.''
''Your arrow has struck my heart.''
''Your arrow has struck my heart.''
When did you come?
You want to marry me and you sing with this loafer!
Loafer! - Yes!
What?! Do you want me to beat you?
No! I want to lose my heart!
Sarla, did you hear that?
Nothing! Nothing! The trumpet! The trumpet!
The trumpet!
Kumar! You have come after so many days! - Aunt!
God bless you, dear! God bless you! What has brought you here?
Mummy, ask him why he has come here!
Why did you come? - I have come to give tuition to Sarla!
Oh! Dear, at last you have found somebody..
Dear, come everyday! Come everyday!
Mummy! Will he come daily?
What? Do you want to go home?
Did you forget what aunt had said?
Niranjan! Daughter-in-law should be like Aarti!
She has changed the atmosphere of this house!
Yes, father!
Even the children have reformed!
Only Jaswanti is left!
What happened? - Father, I will go and change!
I too will.. go and freshen up.
Father, it's done!
Did you learn your lesson?
Recite it!
Look at the mad girl's comforts!
Sister, it's mine.
You didn't keep buttermilk for Rama? - No!
There was no milk to set it!
Sister, you should have told me before.
And she wants curd, milk, sweets!
This is not your rich father's house!
Here you will have to eat whatever is cooked!
Eat it!
At times do take time and eat your food!
I don't have so much time!
Why do you work so much?
I have to repay Mr. Gupta's debt!
So repay it!
With my own earning!
No matter what Aarti has done..
.. I just want to remind you that I am your wife.
You have some right on me too!
Dr. Prakash! She is my sister-in-law!
Greetings! - Have a seat!
When did he fall sick? - I don't remember!
For the past four years!
What treatment has been given?
He was operated at KEM hospital. But after that..
He was not looked after properly.
Buy callipers to bandage his leg!
And gradually make him walk.
But it is still not available in the market.
I will send you the sample when I get it.
You don't worry. He will get well.
This is what every doctor says!
But nobody can treat him!
Sister, he is a famous doctor!
He must be!
Deepak! You and here!
Yes! Aarti needed 12 injections!
Did you buy it?
But I had to pay for 1 2.
I work for Dr. Prakash!
Why are you so late?
Injections are so expensive!
I have brought the medicine!
Sister Aarti wanted the injections!
Aarti? What do you mean?
Yes! He wanted 12 injections!
But it has got so expensive..
..that the poor guy could buy only three!
I explained to him that Kumar is a thief.. - Fine! Leave!
Tell Deepak that he can take medicine, injection..
From you? - Not from me, idiot! From the chemist! I will tell Kumar!
Thank you, doctor!
But maybe he won't prefer to take credit!
So then?
You tell Deepak that Kumar is your friend!
What? Kumar and my friend! He is my enemy!
What do you mean? - He..
What? - I will tell Deepak!
Give me Mr. Kumar pharmacy!
Did you wash the vessels?
Not yet!
Vessels are not toys that you can play with it!
Brother! Today younger sister-in-law took me to the doctor!
Is that so? - She gave me vermilion.
Yes, yes! He will come to take you!
His family has got ruined without you!
Take, brother-in-law!
Why did you take the trouble, sister-in-law?
The whole day she was outside!
Only show off!
She is a wanderer!
Yes, brother-in-law! The whole day she wanders around!
She had gone walking! And she returned in a car!
Doctor? - Yes! He has a nice name! What was his name?
Oh! Dr. Prakash!
I see! So he is Aarti's relative!
He was her fiance!
Oh, my God! She married you!
And she roams around with her fiance!
So what, sister-in-law?
Dr. Prakash too has got married!
Still! - Still!
Sister-in-law, let me finish the tea!
Can't say anything about the water!
Not a room but a temple is being built in this house!
''Now what example do I give of your beauty?''
''As if a moonbeam has turned into a human being.''
''A branch of flower.''
''Now what example do I give of your beauty?''
''Now what example do I give..''
''Once the sky bends and touches you, it will never rise again.''
''The flame shimmers countless times.''
''The flame of the sun.''
''Now what example do I give..''
''This body is the lamp of my house.''
''You are the picture of my heaven.''
''Of my dream of heaven.''
''Now what example do I give of your beauty?''
''Now what example do I give..''
What's the time?
You don't want to tell me, fine!
But won't you ask me where I was?
And why I have returned so late in the night?
What's the need?
Did you ever think how many times I have waited for you?
I never felt angry at you!
I am still waiting for you!
It's 1 1 .30! Go to sleep!
..though I am your wife still why couldn't I ever belong to you?
And you.. - And I? What?
The whole night you will wait for that woman..
At least now forget Aarti!
I can't! Till the time I don't take revenge from her!
No! For ever coming in my life!
Paths can meet too!
It's hot!
What tea!
Add sugar! One and half for me. Two for the girl.
So you want to make tea for me with your delicate hands. Oh!
What an aroma of Brooke Bond tea!
The aroma itself is so satisfying!
I am adding the milk!
Very good! A bit of cream!
That's really bad!
''1 , 2 Cha, Cha, Cha! 1 , 2 Cha, Cha, Cha! 1 , 2 Cha, Cha, Cha!''
Now remove your coat!
Give me the tea!
Fold the sleeves!
But I will drink the tea with my mouth!
I told you! - Okay!
''1 , 2 Cha, Cha, Cha! 1 , 2 Cha, Cha, Cha!
1 , 2 Cha, Cha, Cha!''
Sarla! Sarla, I told you!
Bring tea in the cup!
''1 , 2 Cha, Cha, Cha!'' - This is not tea! It's injection!
Why is this an injection?
But Sarla..
I am feeling cold! - It will make you feel warm!
I am feeling hot too! - Then it will make you feel cold!
Cold! Warm! I don't want to die!
I don't want to die now! - Kumar!
Oh, God!
Where are you running away, Mr. Kumar?
Yes! Your fiancé wants to kill me by giving me this injection!
You only do it, Johnny! - What Johnny?
Johnny! Johnny!
You are lying! - I don't lie!
Yes! Move! - Hold him!
What are you doing?
Sarla, shall I bring the big injection? - No!
Keep this!
Why are you nervous?
Your friend will help you!
Yes! Sarla, please hurry up! - Keep your sleeve up!
No! Inject me on the sleeve!
How did it get swollen already?
Why do you laugh? - Because it will reduce the pain!
I will remove this pain! - No, Jeevan!
What happened? - Kumar! Kumar!
Sarla! What have you done? - Murder!
Not murder, mummy! Tune!
And I was humming the tune for him!
Mr. Kumar!
What has happened to you?
Slowly! Fine!
Very good!
Aunt! - Yes! Try! Try!
Ravi! Snake! - Snake! Snake!
What happened? What happened? Tell me!
What happened?
Leave me!
Nice doctor's practice!
When medicine didn't yield effect..
..you used the snake to kill my child!
You.. - Did you see, father-in-law?
This is how your daughter-in-law treats the patient!
And behind the back this black snake!
What are you saying, daughter-in-law?
Aarti is a doctor!
She will become a doctor by devouring children!
Tell your daughter-in-law!
I don't mind if my son remains crippled.
But if she ever touched him again..
..then nobody will be worst than me! Yes!
Grandpa! Aunt taught me how to walk!
I pity you!
You work day and night.
So what?
Her parents passed away when she was a child.
She couldn't study. She didn't receive anybody's love.
She got married. Instead of bangles..
..she was given broom.
She is upset with the whole world and not just us!
Aarti! You can forgive everybody.
Am I right?
But not you! - What's my mistake?
Because of this!
How many patients?
One! - What's your name?
Kumarchand Dholakiya CP Khalwa Suresh Bhatt!
What is this?
What? Don't you know that today we have to go out?
Oh! - Let's go!
I am coming! - Oh, my! Keep this! Oh, my! Oh, my!
There was darkness all along.
Countless times the world changed.
I set as the sun. I rose as the sun.
You don't like the poet in the form of a man?
That man is my love. The poet is my hope.
Forgetting the poet for sometime..
..will you go out with the man?
Surely! Where?
There is a program! Get ready quickly!
We have to reach there by 7 o'clock! - Okay!
Are you ready? - Yes!
But I don't like this sari! I will wear another one!
After marriage this is the first time that I am going out with you.
Aarti! You don't want to come?
Coming! Wait for a few moments!
What has brought you here? Have a seat!
Is Aarti at home? - What?
I have some work with her.
How is that boy? - He has started walking!
But his legs are still weak!
Oh! Here is the sample about which I had told you!
Greetings, doctor! - Greetings!
Won't you even have a cup of tea!
I don't have time! Greetings!
Come! I made you wait for long!
When you are waiting for something..
Waiting? - Yes! Dr. Prakash!
You should have told me before!
Brother-in-law, are you going alone?
I will have my dinner and come!
Deepak! If you remain angry with me..
..then what will be left for me!
Come! - Where?
I couldn't make you mine!
Did you forget why I had married you?
You took pity on me!
Yes! Because you are very innocent!
You don't understand anything!
How did you think that I was waiting for Dr. Prakash?
Whom were you waiting for then?
Rama! She had gone to meet her husband!
You are angry with Sushil! That's why I didn't tell you!
But Sushil.. - I only had called him!
I know that we should keep some moments..
..of our life for ourselves too!
..happier than us..
Like the moon! It shines to provide moonlight to others.
So that people who hear it start dancing!
''The tinkling of my anklet.''
''What do I explain to you repeatedly?''
''The tinkling of my anklet.''
''What do I explain to you repeatedly?''
''What do I explain to you repeatedly?''
''I don't like it without you, beloved.''
''The moon covertly gives signs for countless times.'' - ''What?''
''Beloved, why did you suddenly stop while walking?''
''Beloved, why did you suddenly stop while walking?''
''While locking eyes why did you bow down?''
''Bowed eyes..''
''Bowed eyes tell you.'' - ''What?''
''I don't like it without you, beloved.''
''Come, beloved.''
''The moon gradually rose over the lake.''
''The moon gradually rose over the lake.''
''I will tell you something.''
''I will take you across the lake.''
''I don't like it without you, beloved.''
''We should always meet like this.''
''We should always walk beneath the shade of the stars.''
''Taking your name it sings.''
''Taking your name each chord of my heart sings.''
''I don't like it without you, beloved.''
''What do I explain to you again and again?''
''The tinkling of my anklet.''
''I don't like it without you, beloved.''
''Come, beloved.''
''I will take you across the lake.''
She has spent half her life here.
Sarla! Sarla darling!
Come, let's go to a circus!
You go to the circus. I have to give injection.
Injection? - Yes! Practical!
Kumar has made arrangement here!
How is that possible? I want to become a doctor!
Not a compounder like you! Got it?
Compounder! - Let's go!
Yes! Hang this photo on the wall!
If you like to celebrate anniversary then you should have..
..celebrated my wedding anniversary too!
Why didn't you do that?
She has changed the atmosphere of this house!
But you have lost your mind!
Go! Bring some gift too for her!
This is the only useful thing that you have said all your life!
Listen! Will you be able to come early today?
Why? - We will go out!
If I ask for something today then? - A new song?
No! A garland!
I will surely bring it! I will leave now!
Mrs. Aarti lives here? - Yes!
Dr. Prakash has sent me.
Water! - Yes!
Registered letter.
Doctor.. I want a leave of half an hour. - Okay!
Thank you, doctor!
Ms. Tandala! - Yes, doctor!
..instead of tomorrow?
Dr. Prakash!
Yes! Dr. Prakash! On his saying, I had lied!
That Kumar is my friend! - I understood!
I will right away resign from his job! - No, Jeevan!
The thing is that they are orthodox people.
They are right too! - Yes! That's why..
Otherwise I wouldn't have troubled you!
But the operation was fixed all of a sudden.
And no lady doctor is free.
I think it's wedding anniversary. - Yes!
Fine. I will come with you. - Thanks a lot.
You can earn thousands of rupees by publishing my poems!
I can lose my money too.
As advance. - Okay!
Don't worry, Aarti! I will explain to brother-in-law!
Tell him that she is with me! Come! - Okay!
Did you prepare it properly? Is this some new ruse?
Why are you getting angry at me, sir?
He said to send the notice.
And Mr. Kumar sent you the notice.
What has brought you here, Deepak?
Bill of the medicines.
Yes! The medicines for which you gave me the credit by deceit.
And the bill which you sent to humiliate me.
I thought you..
Let it be. So, you have paid the bill!
Would I have begged in front of you?
You did the right thing! This is called decency!
But whatever you did.. what you are doing.. what is that?
Sympathy. Humanity.
But there is no humanity in you.
Love is not weak, doctor!
That anybody can separate lovers easily!
Are you sure about this?
Don't forget, doctor.
Once upon a time Aarti had rejected you..
..and she had married me.
This is what I can't forget.
In a big car!
I understood! Must have gone to see a patient.
She will be back soon.
Why won't she come?
Beware, Jaswanti! If you said anything in front of Deepak!
My foot!
How can you shut the mouth of the people in the locality!
When people start discussing this..
Today, I will..
Yes! Kill me! This is the only thing left to do!
What happened, sister-in-law?
Where is Aarti?
Why don't you tell me?
I have been forbidden to tell you.
Tell me the truth! What happened to Aarti?
She has gone out! - She went out?
Aarti, I think I should drop you home!
Drink it, brother-in-law! Otherwise this too will grow cold!
Keep it!
What's the use of troubling yourself?
People won't stop talking!
Different people will talk different things!
I can't shut my ears. People say that.. - Sister-in-law!
Look! The car is here!
She has come!
Dr. Prakash had come!
A woman's serious operation had to be performed.
No other lady doctor was free. So.. - He took you.
Did you forget what I had told you to bring in the morning?
You only put it!
What else did you feel?
I came late! And these poor flowers were punished!
You know who has sent it, don't you?
Dr. Prakash! - Deepak!
What are you looking at?
I am not as foolish as you think I am!
I know why Dr. Prakash comes here again and again!
You have forgotten that I am not just your wife..
Others too have a right on me!
Not just one man! Me! Your husband!
Deepak! Deepak! Listen to me!
I made you angry. You can punish me.
But you are my husband.
By saying these things.. don't lose my respect for you.
I can endure everything.
But I can't tolerate false accusation.
Because of you, today, I can't face people!
Principled talks! And such a small heart!
I thought that my Deepak is not like other men!
But today, I came to know that all men are the same! All of them!
Enough! Enough! Stop this game!
Game! Is this a game?
It created barriers of poverty in love!
The game of serving people!
Using it you slandered this family!
For God's sake, let me live now!
It has made our life miserable!
Uncle left! - I will call grandpa!
''So what if the path of pain is long?''
''Walk with the passion of the heart.''
''Drink this storm of the eyes.''
''Hold the clouds of sighs.''
''It's far. But it's not so far away.''
''Somewhere you will find it.''
''The destination of spring, oh, traveller.''
''The moonlight is lost.''
''The moonlight of the sight should not get dusty.''
''Wearing the blanket of the night.''
''The destination of the stars, oh, traveller.''
''The destination of spring, oh, traveller.''
Aunt! - Aunt's sycophant!
Come inside!
Daughter-in-law! You are going?
You are doing the right thing! Who will live in our house?
It's hell!
You were the one who had made it heaven.
Ramesh! Malti! Go home!
Where will you go, dear? To your father's house?
How will I face him?
Come on!
Aunt! Aunt!
Have a seat!
I have brought daughter-in-law!
You are not well. I thought she will look after you.
How are you, father?
After so many days you remembered your father?
I am sorry, Mr. Gupta! It's your fault!
She heard about your health, so she agreed.
Now I will leave.
I will come again, dear. I will come to take you.
Sarla! Sarla! It's terrible!
People are coming to beat you!
10, 20, 50, 100! - Who?
You go to inject people in Kumar's pharmacy.
You must have made a blunder.
Open the door!
Rope! Remove!
If you all had broken it then there would..
..have been a huge loss!
Why have you all come here?
To beat Sarla?
Yes! Yes!
As long as I am there nobody can beat Sarla!
We will find her! We will teach her a lesson!
Yes! Yes!
Why is it moving? - It's not moving!
What is in this then? - Potato!
This is illegal good!
Sarla is in this! - No!
Shall I beat and show you? - Yes! Yes! Beat! Beat!
Go! Leave! Go!
Yes! Yes!
Got scared?
I scared everybody!
I am seeing that! - Right!
Oh, my God! - Move!
Look, Kumar! They all had come to beat me!
Sir, we didn't do anything! We are hired men!
Sir, Mr. Jeevan gave one rupee to each one of us!
Leave! Get lost!
Wait, Mr. Jeevan! Where are you going?
Now, mummy will come! - From where?
Now! Have a seat! Sit!
What's the matter, Kumar?
Aunt! Aunt! Aunt! Come and see for yourself what is going on!
Jeevan, is this true? Why don't you say anything?
Speak up! Is this true or not? Speak up!
How dare you!
If you ever raised your hands again..
Sarla won't marry you! There is no force!
Yes! There is no compulsion! - Who is forcing you?
You! - Yes! You!
You know everything, don't you?
Johnny knows everything! Johnny will tell everything!
The one who is carrying the stick! - Yes!
Why did you throw it? Pick it up! The truth has been exposed!
Mummy, do you know why he did all this?
I don't want to hear anything!
Till the time you don't get married..
Marriage! Oh, God!
What! - This! This!
..then he won't let you enter the house!
Great! You won't let me enter my house!
You are lying! - What?!
I will break your leg! I won't spare you!
Ma'am! - Aunt!
What are you doing here?
Here! Go quickly!
Aunt! Aunt! - Mummy!
Ma'am, hang on!
Bless them and then die!
Kumar! - Aunt!
Where is Jeevan?
Jeevan! Jeevan left, ma'am!
Leaving you in this state! - Very bad! Very bad!
Kumar! - Yes, aunt!
Aunt, today, I came to know that you are like my mother!
Won't you have breakfast?
No! I will get late! I have some work!
Yes! To repay the last installment of the loan!
Why don't you send Jeevan?
I have to thank him.
Why don't you say that you want to meet Aarti?
If she is there, then I will meet her.
You have ruined my life. You have ruined your life.
You couldn't belong to anybody.
And you couldn't make anybody yours.
Yes! I will have to think!
I made a mistake.
I will leave now.
Let it be!
But Aarti.. are those days really over?
I don't understand. - Lie! You won't want to understand!
The thing which lies in our hearts.
And about which we can't speak.
What do you mean?
I mean..
Aarti, we were happy once upon a time.
But now God knows what has happened!
I got everything! Wealth, fame, money.
No need to think about me. I am a married woman.
Love! What kind of love is this? It couldn't even endure a blow!
Because of me he banished you from home.
No matter what! I still love him!
Again you are lying! This is not love!
This is your obstinacy!
Your obstinacy has snatched you from me!
I went to your house! I send flowers!
I got a loan for your husband!
And on your wedding anniversary too..
.. I took you out with me.
Deliberately! - Yes! Deliberately!
Aarti, I still love you! Aarti! I..
No! You love only yourself!
If this is your love, then it's selfish, Dr. Prakash!
Love is not selfish! It's blind!
And Aarti, if I am selfish, then it's just to have you!
And you will have to accept the truth!
You love me, not Deepak, Aarti!
Mr. Deepak!
Do you have some money? - Yes!
I won't drink it! I won't drink it!
Till the time aunt doesn't come, I won't drink it!
Will you drink it or not? - Mohan!
Mohan! Mohan has fainted!
Everybody will die in this house!
Nobody will survive!
The house from where the Goddess was banished..
..nobody in that house has the right to live!
Nobody has the right to live!
Mohan! Mohan! Look who has come!
Aunt! Aunt!
Mohan, I have heard that you don't take your medicine.
It's really bad.
Is this his medicine?
Here! Drink it!
So what?
I told you that I am not hungry! Leave!
No! - Why?
Now, he is well!
Yes! But..
You won't come from tomorrow?
Since the time you have gone..
..children don't feel like studying.
Everyday, their teacher beat them!
Brother-in-law comes home late.
The food gets cold.
Look! It had broken! Ramesh has mended it!
Aarti! I will take you home!
Father! If Aarti.. - No! Aarti won't live in this house!
Even if she wants to live, I won't let her live here!
Sister-in-law! Why did Aarti come here?
No! - You called her?
Tell her not to come again!
Show it! Show it!
We will hang it on the wall!
Uncle, it's really nice! Get lost!
Aren't you ashamed to raise your..
..hand on the kids, brother-in-law?
They have become very naughty! - What did they do?
Whatever! It won't be hanged in this house!
It will! It will surely!
No matter how much you scream!
No matter how much you beat the children!
This photo will surely be hanged!
It will remind everybody that I am the bad one in this house.
Not Aarti! - It's a lie! It's a lie!
That today even if I speak the truth..
..it will seem like a lie!
Whether you consider it as truth or lie!
I had started the fire in this house.
I provoked my brother-in-law!
And Aarti is innocent!
I will break this photo into pieces!
No! - Move!
No, brother-in-law!
Shameless! Fool!
Now you have started raising your hand too!
Leave this house! - Father!
You have no right!
I don't even want to see your face! Leave!
''Someday you will find it.''
''The destination of spring, oh, traveller.''
Hello! Hello, Dr. Prakash! Aarti here!
Listen! Doctor! Dr. Prakash!
Jeevan! You yourself go there! Say that I have sent you!
Doctor! Doctor! - What happened?
Sister Aarti has sent me!
To operate on Deepak? - Yes! Yes!
Jeevan! - Yes!
The man who loses the golden opportunity..
..what is he called?
A fool!
To prove that you are so intelligent!
A blank cheque!
Sister Aarti's helplessness!
She said tell Prakash that only he can save my husband!
Aarti's husband!
Tell her that if this piece of paper can save her husband..
..then try to save him!
I won't perform this operation!
This.. this is not a piece of paper.
It's pieces of thermometer. It's pieces of syringe.
Its medicine bottle's pieces.
This is the pieces of the temple of humanity..
..whose priest you are!
But it does prove that the doctor who gives life to others..
..when he decides to take revenge..
Only one doctor can treat him! God!
You did the right thing by refusing to operate him!
This is the only way to take revenge from Aarti!
Deepak's death will be your victory!
You what to kill the relationship..
Strangulating me is futile.
It will only flame it more.
Dr. Prakash! I told you that I won't take this case!
Didn't Jeevan tell you that I won't perform the operation?
Yes. - Why have you come here then? Leave!
Don't you remember? You had humiliated me!
You had raised your hands on me!
Where to go? Dr. Verma has gone out!
Only you can save Deepak. I trust you.
And if.. I couldn't save him then?
It will be my bad luck.
Why from the patient?
What are you thinking? You are a doctor!
You can't refuse to perform the operation!
It's my duty. But..
Deepak is alive now. His beat his beating.
My operation can stop his heartbeat.
My hands can tremble. I can make a mistake.
He can't take the guarantee of the patient's life!
And if I can't save him then I shouldn't be accused.
Fine! I will perform the operation!
But you can't be with me during the operation!
I accept it!
The operation will be performed in my clinic..
..and the way I want it!
I accept this too!
Wait! Decide the fees!
You tell me!
Whatever I want!
This is a case of brain haemorrhage.
He can die anytime.
What have you decided?
If this is the price of Deepak's life..
..then I accept this too.
Don't be mistaken!
Listen! Has the operation started?
If something happened..
I will stop this operation! - No, Ramola!
This is not just a wife's trial! This is a doctor's test too!
He is neither a friend nor an enemy. He is just a doctor.
A messiah. - Aarti. You have not signed!
What is this?
Aarti is responsible for the operation.
No! No!
You will kill me! You will kill me!
You will kill me! You will kill me! You will kill me!
You will kill me!
Operation, was a success?
The operation was a success. But..
It's not enough for the operation to be a success.
Hello! Yes, doctor!
Doctor's call. He has called you.
Deepak's life is out of danger.
Your bill!
Ask what it is!
What is it?
No. Tell me what is your fee?
In this clinic..
In front of all the silent witnesses of a doctor's study..
All your life, you will be reminded..
..that a doctor saved a patient's life..
So why did you promise me?
I wanted to marry you. To live with you.
And when the time for revenge arrived..
Of duty humanity. I could have killed your husband.
I could have ruined you. But I didn't do it.
But now..
Now, I don't want to lose you.
And now what I will do.. that too is for love.
But this defeat is my victory. Victory of my love.
Be happy, Aarti. I don't want anything else!
Yes, Aarti. I am saying it truly.
I will always be indebted to you.
Be happy!
''The dawn of joy is going to arrive.''
''On your footsteps.''
''The lamps of flowers are lit.''
''Look behind. It's with you.''
''The destination of spring, oh, traveller.''