Once In A Summer (Full With English Subtitles) (Press Captions)

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Narration in.
See if the guest's are teary.
LEE Byung-hun Su-Ae
LEE Byung-hun Su-Ae If so, go to the camera.
Camera 1, standby.
Producer PARK Moo-seung Camera 2, standby.
Producer PARK Moo-seung No, he's not teary yet.
Zoom in. Oh, Good.
A little closer.
Turn the music up.
Are you okay? I'm still hung over.
I have bad athlete's foot.
What's good for it?
I tried everything, but it keeps getting worse.
Damn, the script is too short.
Directed by JOH Gun-sik Where's the rest?
Directed by JOH Gun-sik
Directed by JOH Gun-sik And it doesn't go with the picture.
Directed by JOH Gun-sik
Stop it!
Why waste my time?
Who wrote this script? It's Su-jin, isn't it?
Where's she?
How about Prof. YOON Suk-young?
Yeah, he will do.
Old, handsome, and single.
It'll be great.
But I hear he's a wacko.
You think he'll do the show?
He even quit teaching.
He did?
Yes, due to health issues.
You know him?
Sort of.
I was his student.
That's great. Book him for the show.
No, he won't remember me.
- Give it a shot. - No way.
LEE Su-jin!
You get paid on time, right?
I was planning...
Listen to me!
Do your job right!
You messed up again.
Is this a joke?
Give her a break.
She booked a special guest.
Prof. YOON Suk-young.
That renowned professor?
Right, Su-jin?
Like I said over the phone...
If you want to find someone...
we can find that person.
We're pretty good at it.
Can you sing a song for me?
You want me to sing?
Should I begin?
The sky is said to be the highest
But I know something as high as the sky
That's the love of my teacher leading me on the right path
Don't sing again.
Why don't you leave? I'm busy.
Isn't there anyone?
Anyone that you'd like to see before you die?
Let them hear our voices.
No more dictatorship!
No more! No more!
Protect democracy and win our freedom!
Protect democracy!
No more dictatorship!
No more! No more!
You're coming with us to the country to give help.
What about a blind date?
It was a disaster last time.
- What about it? - She was a dog.
You're coming with us, okay? No excuse this time.
No more!
We'll have fun.
Once they seize power,
they never wanna let it go.
Because power is evil.
We have to stop him from serving another term.
I can't believe he's doing that.
Can you?
My favorite poet is KIM Su-young.
"Poet, start spitting. "
How disgusting!
They can't shut down schools.
If so, students will rise.
That's right.
I won't tolerate it. Will you?
You're not talking much.
Not interested in politics?
I am very much so.
Interested in me?
Keep going straight.
It's bad.
Go straight.
What a nice car.
Get in.
I will walk.
You come home drunk right before the curfew?
You're pathetic.
Stop wasting your time because schooI is closed.
Come work for me.
Let's go.
I wanted a ride.
I can't believe you actually came.
Are you on the right train?
You know what?
Here's a soda.
I hate showing off about doing charity work.
You don't know me.
What is it?
Did you see the chick in the back?
- I did. - What'd you do?
I ate it to strengthen myself.
That's great. That's great.
That's what love is for.
That's enough.
Stand strong
Stand strong
Like a tree by the water
Stand strong
Stand strong
Stand strong
Like a tree by the water
Stand strong
Wake up, Suk-young.
You sleep like a log.
We're here.
It's hot.
Su Nae Station
My father killed yours.
What'd she say?
Her father killed his.
I knew it. I never liked her.
It doesn't matter. I love you.
What'd he say?
He says he loves her, Bok-ja.
Get your ears cleaned.
Call me Elena, not Bok-ja.
It doesn't make you any better.
You don't know that.
Shut up!
Students are here!
I said shut up!
Don't put me down! I've caught a North Korean spy!
There they come.
- They're here? - That's a lot of them.
- Welcome! - Hi!
Sorry I didn't recognize you.
Get the professor's bag.
How are you?
- We've come to help you. - Thank you.
And he's not a professor. He's my junior.
You're in charge?
- Shall we? - Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
The Man Who Picked Her Flower
'The Man Who Picked Her Flower'?
What else did he say?
He lived a life of a scholar and picked a girI's flower?
There must be a story to it.
What story? How he picked her flower?
Get the map from my bag.
Come on, hurry.
- Move your legs. - Damn.
Cover your belly button.
Why do you always mess up? You're so clumsy.
What's this?
A letter paper I got from someone when I was out shooting.
It smells nice.
Can I have it? I love writing letters.
Sure, you can have it.
Hi there. How are you doing?
Let me ask you something.
We were told there was a library here.
Do you know where?
- A library? - Right.
Not in this boondocks.
We heard there was one.
Hey, wake up.
Was there a library here?
- A library? - Yes.
It was back there.
We were so proud to have it.
You have no idea.
You remember SEO Jung-in who was a librarian there?
SEO Jung-in?
Who are you?
We're doing a story on her.
Do you know where she lives?
How should I know?
She ran off with a guy.
She ran off?
What'd I say?
Was that man a student from SeouI?
I don't know. Stop asking.
We're doing a story.
It won't take long.
- You feeI like drinking? - A bad move!
You must be good.
I gotta go.
You can't go now.
What the...
Hey, Suk-young.
You're already up?
Hop on. Let's go back to SeouI.
Which way is to SeouI?
And here.
I couldn't sleep a wink.
Don't be a sissy. It's just a few mosquito bites.
Giving blood is good. Off the bike.
I gotta go to the town hall.
The town hall?
- Yes. - Walk.
Come on.
Hey, Suk-young!
He's so...
Okay, go check it out.
See if the wall is good.
Get back in time.
He's so nice.
Oh, good morning.
Aren't you going to the town hall?
I sent Suk-young.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two, three, four.
The other way. One, two, three, four.
One, two, three. four.
You scared me. Don't get me wrong.
I'm sorry if I...
Why were you watching me?
You think I was looking at your thighs?
Not very pretty.
You did look!
What'd you sneak in here for?
I didn't...
Damn, it's all wet.
You live here?
So it's not even your place.
What were you doing here, humming like a ghost?
It was spooky.
I know.
Don't sing again.
Sorry. I have to go.
Hey, you got me wet. Aren't you sorry?
The sun is good. Dry your clothes there.
And nobody lives here.
Don't come back.
God, I'm wet.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't be late.
What'd I tell you?
Being the librarian takes commitment.
Give her a break. She isn't always late.
Stay out, Bok-ja.
Call me Elena, please!
Any word from a power company?
Those bastards!
Why can't they put electricity here?
What's Young-bok doing?
He works for that damn power company.
I haven't heard from him for a while.
- Jung-in. - Yes?
No letter from my son?
- He sent a letter? - Yes.
How could you forget?
Read it for me.
What does it say?
Hurry, will you?
He's fine. Very busy these days.
He's trying hard to put electricity in our town.
Is that right?
- That's it? - Yes.
Give it here.
Those bastards!
Jung-in, don't miss the drill.
You should never miss it. Understood?
Why'd you lie to him? He hasn't written in a while.
I felt sorry for him.
Why doesn't he write?
Hey, cutie.
You're so sweaty.
Take a break.
He's handsome and a good worker.
Do it right, or we have to redo it.
Why can't you be like your friend?
- I'll do it. - It's okay.
Lunch break!
Give me a break this time.
Sing! Sing!
I'm not interrupting, am I?
Thanks for coming this late.
- I came to give... - Before that, sing for us!
No, I can't sing.
Doesn't matter. Sing! Sing!
Sing for us before you go.
Sing! Sing!
Here's the mike.
Everybody, a big hand!
Don't be nervous. Give her a big hand!
The forsythia...
The hill of the forsythia
Walking up with tears
Oh, I miss those days I had a good time with you
When I had you I can't bear the pain
Somewhere up the hill
Oh, my darling I miss the good old days
Why do I keep hearing it?
I told you not to sing.
Not there. Higher.
It's still there.
I can't believe you're trying to score here.
It's his line. Don't fall for that.
On your cheek.
I'll move these books, okay?
- Give it here. - This is cooI.
What is it?
The drawings are very reaI.
Give it back. It's not mine.
Nothing's wrong with a girI looking at a naked girI.
Check it out. "The Man Who Picked Her Flower. "
It's not what you think.
Give it here.
I read it for the elders. They have bad eyesight.
I'm looking at drawings.
It's not mine.
It's for the elders.
Read us that book.
Continue from where we were.
Why do you keep asking her?
It's very exciting.
The couple met, right?
Continue from there.
'His sweaty hand held hers. '
'She was shy but did not want to push him away. '
'He whispered to her ears that he wanted her. '
'Her heart started racing. '
'And he led her inside the villa. ' 'He grabbed her breasts. '
'The villa was as warm as her heart. '
'Suddenly, he grabbed her... '
'He grabbed her hands, not her breast. '
'And they sat together in front of a fireplace. '
'The rays of sun slipped in next morning. '
'And she woke up, stretching. '
It's over.
That's it?
But the drawings are different.
It's over. Let's go back to work.
Go back to the library.
Go on.
Why didn't he do her?
See you later.
Why waste time in front of a fireplace?
You can't do that.
You lied to those poor guys.
When'd I lie to them?
'He grabbed her breasts. '
id he read it?
- Where do you want it? - Here.
Let go.
Thank you.
Look, I'm confused here. What's this for?
Oh, that's...
Not just a rubber. It's more like a balloon.
Put it on your husband and...
Put this on my husband?
- This? - Yes.
Where on him?
What's vagina? It says to put it in there.
I'm not quite sure.
You're late, Jung-in!
Didn't I tell you?
Grab one and get in line!
Without practice, you'll all die in war!
Go straight.
Turn to the left.
Turn to the left.
Get up and run!
Get down and shoot.
Come on, move!
You need to be disciplined.
Say Mind at one and Focus at two.
- One. - Mind.
- Two. - Focus.
Louder! One.
- Two. - Focus.
A commie is the most enthusiastic about a drill to naiI commies.
She's not. Her father was.
I feeI so sorry for her.
Save it!
My son had so much trouble because of her father.
I just feeI sorry for her.
- Two. - Focus.
- One. - Mind.
- Two. - Focus.
- One. - Mind.
- Two. - Focus.
Aren't you here to work?
Why keep following me?
I'm not.
I should go around the field to go where I'm going?
Where are you going?
Why ask? You'll follow me?
Walk away from me.
- Why? - What's wrong with you?
- We can't walk together? - What?
People are watching.
So what?
Stay put and start walking after I take 100 steps.
That's stupid. What am I doing meanwhile?
Sing or dance for all I care.
- I might. - Whatever.
- The hill of the forsythia - You're nuts!
What are you doing?
They're watching. Stop it.
- I forgot the words. - Cut it out.
I did everything.
You told me to stop. I did. You told me to sing, I did.
You told me to dance. I did.
I listen well.
Anything else you want me to do?
You know what 'Man Eu Sa' is?
I bet you don't.
Oh, that's...
A publishing firm?
It's a temple.
There are these fish-turned rocks.
Fish-turned rocks?
Did you actually see them?
Of course!
When I was 4.
My dad and mom...
When the son of The Sea God went up to Heavens...
all the fish that followed him turned to rocks.
So when it rains, those rocks cry hard.
It rained when I was there.
And those rocks did cry. Dong, dong, dong... Like that.
You're good at faking a story?
It's true! Why don't you believe me?
Oh, you were only 4.
I'm sure you heard it then.
Oh, there.
What are you doing?
Check it out.
It was originally fish.
It's said to cry when it rains.
Can you hear it?
It's really crying. Can you hear it?
Listen to it.
It's a melon from the Sea God.
You hear it, don't you?
We lost track of her after she moved to SeouI.
Do you have any idea?
I didn't expect you to find her.
You made a trip for nothing.
Drink it.
It wasn't for nothing.
The hills of the forsythia
Walking up with tears
Oh, I miss those days...
Look at you. You're so free.
What, you're missing home?
Going somewhere?
To the hardware shop.
I'll go. I bet you're tired.
Thanks, but I don't want to...
Rest some.
Hold on. Suk-young? Suk-young?
Do you know what to buy?
You know the way, right?
To the town.
- I can't hear you. - Don't you know the way?
I can't hear you.
Never mind.
I was working on the field.
And you passed by.
You asked me to come with you.
If you knew the way, why did you ask me?
It's so noisy here. I missed the last part.
Don't you know the way to the town?
The way to the town!
Stop it, guys. No fighting on the bus.
What are you doing?
You know what?
Oh no!
We missed the last bus.
We'll walk then.
We will?
It's nothing.
Our legs are strong enough.
You can't?
Should I carry you?
Come on, let's go.
I can't walk anymore.
Let's take a break.
Wait, Jungin.
What's wrong?
Let's take a break.
For just a little bit. Jung-in?
We're not even halfway home.
I don't care. I should rest some.
They need wire and nails, right?
It doesn't matter. Let's break for a little bit.
You stay there.
If you don't stop untiI I count to three...
I'll follow you.
Jung-in, wait up.
You never listen, do you?
You said you needed a break.
Come on, I was kidding.
Aren't you glad that I'm with you?
I am, when I'm with you.
- Keep walking. - Okay.
What's this?
Don't tell me you're crossing this.
You are.
Wait, Jung-in.
Let's go. We don't need a boat.
The water is dark.
It means it's deep.
She's not scared of anything.
Wait up. I'm coming.
She should've told me there was a stream.
It must be very slippery.
And dangerous.
Anything could happen.
I can't do this.
I could drown here.
Oh God...
It's not funny.
I know where you're hiding.
Stop fooling around.
Are you upset?
I just...
Do you have any idea how worried I was?
I was worried sick.
It's not that way.
- You pinched me. - Hide! We gotta hurry.
A mosquito.
What's that?
So pretty.
I know.
I found it on the road. It looks like a fish.
There are rocks like that at Man Eu Temple, right?
None of them can beat this.
You remember the story?
I don't know how it caught my eyes.
I wasn't really looking.
Do me a favor.
Stay with me a littler longer.
When I was here before?
I followed this smell here.
What's this smell?
Of trees?
See that forest of cypress?
It's from the leaves.
Warm yourself. Aren't you cold?
This is a deserted house. Why don't you live here?
You parents don't allow you?
I've seen almost everyone from town but your parents.
They're gone.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
In fact, this was our house.
- Really? - Really.
How nice.
This is a cooI place.
So it's okay.
My parents are always here.
Those leaves have power to attract people.
- Attract people? - The smell brought me here.
I like that.
The leaves of cypress have power to attract people.
The leaves of cypress have power to attract people!
Power to attract people!
I didn't think you'd copy me!
He's snoring like hell.
Like you did all the work.
Yeah, let's go.
Damn, you scared me.
You know what?
I don't wanna go back to SeouI.
- Sit here. - I'm okay.
It's not flat. Pull it at this end.
You invited everybody, right?
Suk-young, what's the occasion?
You know I like to help.
Take down the laundry. We have people coming.
Leave the blanket. I'll do it.
Leave it.
Take down underwear there.
All right.
- See you later. - Okay.
You know how to operate it?
Like this.
And I point it to the screen.
What's the name of the movie?
I don't know, but I'm not gonna miss it.
It's been ages since I saw a movie.
So it's like a theater?
What are you doing?
- How did you... - I came to give you that.
You dropped it last time.
So you kept it.
You didn't need my picture when you could see me in person.
You must've missed me.
Should I find time for you?
It's not that.
I'm just kidding.
You got time for me?
Is this it?
It's too dark to see anything.
I'll go.
We're just a few steps away.
Come here.
What are we doing here? It's too dark.
You like watching movies?
It's a crane's egg.
I have nothing to give you.
You do.
Your lips.
You do. Your lips.
Be quiet.
What the hell is this? So gaudy!
I couldn't stop loving him.
Forgive me.
It wasn't just a fling.
We truly loved each other.
Love like the sun.
Love like the sun.
Love like the sea.
Love like the sea.
Look, they're reunited.
Good night.
Good night.
I'm sorry.
I saw it, too.
Where were you?
I couldn't find you.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
It's over?
Yeah, you didn't watch it?
No, I was too tired.
They're from a power company.
- A power company? - Yes!
We're from a power company.
Young-bok's father?
That's me. You work with my son, huh?
What brought you here?
A present? You didn't have to.
It's an urn of Young-bok.
He'd been in a coma after getting electrocuted.
He didn't make it.
What's he talking about? It can't be true.
What'd he say?
It doesn't make any sense.
I got a letter from him the other day.
Right here.
Is Jung-in here?
Jung-in, come here.
What's he talking about?
You talk to him.
Talk to him!
Come on, talk to him!
She didn't mean to lie to you.
Your father ruined our town.
Now you're doing it?
You freaking commie!
Calm down!
Your family ruined us.
Your family killed my son!
- Stop him! - Fucking family!
You cursed us!
I'll destroy your place!
Fire! The library is on fire!
Keep the kids out!
It's dangerous. Get over there.
Pull yourself together!
It's me.
Don't come out. Just listen.
When your father built the library here...
I cried so much.
My son...
My grandkids...
They wouldn't be put down because they were illiterate.
I was so gratefuI that I bowed to your house.
I'm still gratefuI.
I miss your father, too.
It's the times we live in.
What can we do about that?
Forgive me for hitting you.
I'm sorry to your father.
Jung-in, the library...
It hurts me, too.
But we have to get over it.
The dead is dead.
And the living has to live.
- The world looks different. - It's like daytime.
The moon?
How long have we been here?
About 10 days.
I've lost track of time here.
Right! The moon!
Guys! The moon!
- Let's go. - That's right!
I'm sorry.
My eyes!
My eyes!
You saw that?
Did you see me on TV?
I'm on TV!
Come here.
The moon thing is on.
What? We're watching TV.
Put up the antenna.
- And plug in the TV. - Okay.
- You know about the TV? - They're going to the moon.
Does he know what he's doing?
The power?
What's he doing?
It's done.
The moon?
It's that moon?
So this is...
That moon?
They're on the moon?
America owns the moon now?
Hi, Jung-in.
Don't feeI like talking?
Why are you here alone? It's an historicaI night.
Why is that?
Because men landed on that moon.
Everybody watched it on TV.
I wish you'd been there.
It wasn't that exciting, though.
How was it? I'm so curious.
I told you it wasn't exciting.
I'm so curious. Tell me.
You really wanna know?
Okay then.
NeiI Armstrong walked funny.
Waddling like this.
They said it's due to zero gravity.
But who knows?
Maybe it's the way he walks.
I mean I've never seen him walk on earth.
Funny, huh?
Being with me is better than being alone, right?
Why is it here?
Why'd you put it in the water?
Fish live in the water.
You talked.
I found it for you. Keep it with you.
Don't try to hold it in.
If it hurts, say so. If it's hard, say so.
To whom?
To me!
From now on...
You can tell me.
When my dad built the library,
everybody was so happy.
I was 8 back then.
I remember carrying bricks.
I wanted people to remember those days.
For those that my dad hurt...
I wanted them to see they'd misunderstood my dad.
But it didn't work.
I'd wanted to see it lit.
Most guys in SeouI are hiding.
Aren't you too sensitive?
Things are pretty bad.
We'll go back to SeouI ASAP.
And we need backup plans.
Let's pack up.
What's going on here?
We're leaving.
Get yourself ready.
Why suddenly?
If they find out about you and Jung-in...
she'll be kicked out of here.
Suk-young, be reasonable.
I can take care of myself.
Can you?
One, two, three.
It works.
So pretty.
Yeah, and so bright.
I send a letter like this to my parents in heaven.
No words, just the leaf.
"I'm fine. Don't worry. I'm happy. "
It's our password.
I heard you're leaving tomorrow.
I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.
Come with me.
- Jung-in, come with me. - Please...
I'll only be a burden.
I wanna shake hands with you,
but my hands are dirty.
- Stop crying. - I'm sad they're leaving.
Everybody, gather around. Let's take a picture.
Squeeze in a bit.
Can we wait? Not everybody here.
No, everybody's here.
Don't smile! We're taking a picture here.
One, two...
I was gonna go.
Like you...
Like you asked me to.
Back to SeouI...
Why do I always get wet when I'm with you?
Why'd you come back?
It took me so much to let you go.
You should've told me not to leave.
I know I shouldn't...
Maybe you came back because I waited.
Come with me to SeouI.
Come with me.
We'll go together.
Don't be nervous.
- Hi, Suk-young. - How are you?
They're friends.
Suk-young, I'll wait here.
Go ahead.
Okay then.
- I'll be right back. - Okay.
Here. Catch this.
Don't lose it. I'll be back soon.
Come to the square when you're done.
- Hey. - What's up?
- I'm going to... - Hurry. We gotta go.
Wait up.
What are you doing here? It's dangerous.
- Go home. - Gyun-su, wait.
How's Jung-in?
Go home now!
Comrades, stand together!
We have to bring down the dictator...
and save our nation!
No more dictatorship!
No more! No more!
No more! No more!
Shout out for democracy
Like a tree by the water
Stand strong
Shout out for freedom
Shout out for freedom
Like a tree by the water
Stand strong
YOON Suk-young!
You don't know a girI named SEO Jung-in, okay?
What do you mean?
How do you know her?
Is she in here?
If you go down, she goes down, too.
Is Jung-in in here?
It's not just for your sake,
but for your friends' as well.
This isn't about a demonstration.
Father, what are you talking about?
You wanna be charged as a North Korean spy?
Father, I don't...
I'll pull strings and get you out.
Be smart.
You don't know her, okay?
You hear me?
Did you eat?
Let's make this quick.
What you did in the country...
Witnesses told us everything.
I think you got it all wrong.
Save it, asshole!
Tell us one thing.
Boys from that club...
Where are they?
You're mistaken.
This was in your bag.
Declaration of Student Association.
This big fish had your bag.
A librarian girI from the Town of Su Nae.
SEO Jung-in! Her father defected to NK!
You know that, right?
I already told you.
We did none of those things.
Ask Suk-young. He'll tell you everything.
Don't talk back, bitch!
We know you've been contacting her.
- No... - Stop denying it!
We know everything!
If you keep denying...
Jung-in will suffer more.
You fucked her?
You piece of shit! Worse than a worm!
You picked up a girI there?
You want democracy? Justice?
Put your act together first!
Start talking now!
You know who we are?
You want to die?
Should we kill you?
You're worse than commies, fucking bastard!
You piece of shit.
If I lay my hands on you again,
you're fucking dead!
- Come on. - Walk!
You don't know her?
Sit down.
Sit, asshole.
Should we leave so you can have a quickie?
Suk-young, you don't know her?
Answer me! You know her, or not?
I don't know her.
You don't?
Are you sure? Are you sure?
Take a look. You don't know her?
Look right at her. You don't know her?
Let me ask you again.
Do you know her, or not?
Look at her! You know her, don't you?
Stop denying it, asshole.
Do you know her, or not?
I saw her a few times in the town.
What a fucking coward.
Look at her.
You don't care what happens to her?
Should we send her to Secret Service?
If we do, her life is over.
You'll regret for the rest of your life?
Stop denying and talk. Look at her again.
You know this bitch!
Do you know her, or not?
Start talking, asshole!
He's right. I don't know him.
I just...
I just saw him in town.
You kidding me?
You're digging your grave, bitch.
What a show.
Get him out of here.
Stupid bitch!
Get up, asshole.
Come on!
Are you crazy!
Come on! Asshole!
Jung-in, I'll be by your side.
I'll be by your side.
Please, help her.
Get her out of there.
She's in there because of me.
That's right. She's in there because of you.
And it's me, not you, who can get her out.
Please, get her out. Please.
I'm begging you.
The hill of the forsythia
Walking up with tears
Oh, I miss those days
When I had you
When you get out, think about what's good for him.
It's chilly.
You face...
I'm hungry.
Let's go.
I'll be by your side untiI the last moment of my life.
- Here. - Something on it?
- No, here. - Here?
You're fooling me.
This is fun.
Where are we going now?
Where do you wanna go?
What's wrong?
- I... - Yes.
What is it?
Are you sick?
Yeah, I have a headache.
Why didn't you tell me?
Come here.
Are you okay?
How bad?
Should I get you medicine?
It must be pretty bad. Stay here.
Board the train!
I'll be right back. Wait here.
Nothing. Hurry back.
I will. It's leaving soon.
When we meet again...
We won't let our hands part.
I love you.
I love you.
I didn't know where I could find her.
I looked everywhere for her.
When I said I didn't know her back then...
I didn't do it for her sake,
but for my own.
I had so much to say.
What I want to tell you is...
Get well soon.
So you can be reunited with her.
Oh, this is the leaf of cypress.
I took it from a producer. It smells nice.
Professor, be well.
LEE Su-jin, please.
Are you okay?
It worries me the most.
What if she's been alone all these years?
I never thought anybody would come for her.
She was so cheerfuI from the day she came.
One day, she said she wanted to plant a tree.
She looked after it with such care.
She said it was to get its leaves.
To let someone know.
If I keep giving out the leaves...
I'm sure one of them will land in his hands someday.
Then he'll know.
It's our password.
"I'm fine. Don't worry. I'm happy. "
How are you?
How come you look so sad?
You look good when you smile.
She wanted to be cremated.
We threw her ashes into the sea.
But we believe her spirit is over that tree.
There are fish-turned rocks.
Did you actually see them?
Of course, when I was 4.
The legend says...
Son of the Sea God went up to Heaven.
And fish that followed him turned to rocks.
That's why they cry when it rains.
Oh, you were 4. I'm sure you head it then.
When life is harsh, I remember being with you.
Let's not cry.
Remember those precious moments that we shared.
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