CONNECT Video 1.5: Routine in a program-enjoying mealtime

Uploaded by FPGUNC on 21.08.2009

This video clip shows a little girl with multiple disabilities
during meal time at an early head start center.
Watch how practitioners provide her with some additional support
to help enjoy mealtime alongside her peers.
(Teacher) Your bib. You have to put on your bib. Good morning. Hello.
(Carralee) Ann has been working with Jalisa and would come over once or twice a week and work with her.
They would give us tips and let us know what they were working on. For instance, they wanted to start using utensils,
so then they talked with us and as a team we all started putting, you know, a spoon in Jalisa's hand and have,
I remember we used applesauce. It would be upside-down and all over but that's the next step, right?
(Carralee) You're using your spoon! Miss Carrie helped, huh?
(Shanika) Her vision. She sees better on the sides. To put her food, you know, on either side, she sees it a lot better.
From what I understand, she wasn't feeding herself. Well she was doing some finger food type things,
but she eats completely by herself here. I personally think that the other kids have a big part in that.
She sees, you know, them playing or doing something and she imitates a lot better. It's good.