Opportunity Knocks (10/10) Movie CLIP - George Bush Impression (1990) HD

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[Milt] Son of a bitch.
He told me he had a sales meeting.
Oh, he does. He just doesn't know it yet.
[Man On P.A., Indistinct]
Over there.
[Crowd Applauding]
[Lou] Gentlemen, your attention. Nobody move, please.
Secret Service.
I'm going to ask for your cooperation in remaining exactly where you are.
All right, Mr. President. We're all clear.
[Toilet Flushes]
[Zipper Zips]
Well, thank you, Tom.
You know, that's quite an exciting ball game we're seeing.
Oh, yes, sir. It is. Yes, sir.
- [Man] All righty. - Paper towel, Mr. President?
[Imitating President Bush] Not gonna do it. Not gonna do it.
Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture.
You know, what do you say we try that blower thing over there?
[Lou] It's right over here, Mr. President.
You know, Bar and I love these things.
Love... love doing that blower thing.
Good for the hands. Good for the economy.
You know, make a note, Tom. We'll get one up there in the White House.
Get one up in Kennebunkport.
Maybe a gift set for Gorby.
You know, seems to me, blowers good,
paper towels bad.
Well, I'm ready to move along now.
We're moving out. Mr. President.
Uh, gentlemen, thank you for your cooperation, and, uh,
just go back about your business.
Thank you. [All Chattering]
I can't believe it! I'm using the exact same dryer the president just used!
[All Chattering]
[Eddie] Oh, yeah. [Chattering Continues]
No paper towels. Take a hit off that, my friend.
[Eddie] Is that nice? Whoo! [Man] Oh, yeah.
Take some of that, my friend.
If it's good enough for the president, it's good enough for me.
That's right! Blowers are where it's at.
[Man] Blowers are great. Towels suck. That's right.
Thank you, gentlemen. [All Cheering]
Hey, get some money. Get your money, money, money.