American Triumph: The Gold Rush

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Hope for the Pacific Coast, Hope for Yosemite
Hope for the old mines, Hope
for the new mines, Hope
Hope for the gold rush, Fear of the Indians, Mexicans, Canadians.
Cash for the pickaxe,
pan and denim jeans, Cash for the water and the canvas and the shovel
Look,where'dayago? Whyayagoin Where'dayago? Whyayagoin? Whyayagoin?
Whatdayaaskin? Whyayagoin? Ya can mine, ya can pick, ya can barter ya can hope, ya can
barter, badger, batter, bicker, bether, bezzle, billow, biggen, ya can baulk, ya can talk &
ya can pick all ya want! But it's different than the east.
No it ain't, no it ain't, but ya gotta keep your mind Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh Why it's the ol' steel train made the trouble
made the farmers wanna go, wanna get, wanna get up & go: ten, twenty, fourty, sixty,
hundred & one-two-three-four, a thousand or more miles far from the east Yes sir, yes sir
Who's gonna tend our own large fields when the winter's gonna yield? So whyayagoin?
Whyayagoin? Where'dya go? Gone, gone!
Gone with the sleepy towns & small homesteads.
Gone with the simpletons, quiet folk & lazy men! Gone with the farms & the fathers & the fierce!
Ever meet a fellow by the name of Sutter?
Custard? Muster? Fluster? Hutter? Butter? Nutter? Dullard? NO! The name's SUTTER!
Never heard of any man name Sutter! Shh shh shh shh
Shh shh shh Now he lives in the West. He lives in the West?!?
Where's the fellow's mind? He never worries 'bout his mind. Never worries 'bout his mind?!? ... or a doggone thing.
He's just a a bang-beat, bell-ringin', big haul, great go, neck or nothin, rip roarin,
every time a bullseye Swissman.
Thats Mister John Sutter, John Sutter Where's the fellow's mind? Where's his mind? He's a fake, & he lives in the West!

Look, why'dhego, whyheagoin, why'dhego, why'dhego? He's a
Swiss pioneer. He's a what? He's a what?! He's a Swiss pioneer & he built a sawmill
to take out the forests with the big ol' oaks & the sweet smellin' pines, big maples,
big maples,
& the elms! The elms with leaves, too with shiny gold gleams near the base roots
& a small stream runnin . . .
Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh
Well, I don't know much about trees but I do know you can't make a living simply making logs, no sir!

The ol' oaks, perhaps & here & there, maybe elm trees...
No! The fellow found nuggets, GOLD nuggets. I don't know how he did it but he lives like
a king & he dallies & he gathers & he smiles & he shines & when the man opened, certainly
boys, what else? The farmers left for him! Yes sir!
Yes sir!
Yes sir! Yes sir!
When the man opened,
certainly boys, what else? The farmers left for him!
Yessssir! Yessssir!
But they must be out of their minds!