Mikael Granlund - "Pihapeleistä Tähtiin" (2/2) [Eng sub]

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and all sorts of medias
and they all wanted a piece of Mikael Granlund
So at some point we decided to leave it all out
There were all sorts of headlines and things
but it has never bothered me
Propably for parents it was tough
because they weren't used to that
but I'm just too tired
to think what do they write about me
or what people think about me
I keep it fun
and enjoy my work
Still they write so
I guess they get some sort of compensation out of it
School has been easy
I haven't had to study too much, yet I'm getting good grades
I think I have about average 9 of my grades
in my middle school diploma
Mikael has always been
good in school
Just about since beginning of school
Of course hockey
has changed his studying
Surely it is challenging
to study at home, alone
I went school the other day...
and I got some schoolwork to do
It requires discipline
to actually work with books at home
Sometimes I don't put much effort into schoolwork
but I have to find the motivation to that as well
It's good counterbalance to hockey
I think he could be
a teacher
or a coach as well
It's who Mikael is as a character;
he likes kids, he's always liked
and he gets along great with them
I'd see his future working with youth and sports
Classy suit and stuff...
Could get a little chilly in this suit
when there's like -30 celsius outside
Our team needs to be one
and experience together
We will have tough moments within this less than a month
but hopefully we'll have happy ones too and get to move forward
We gain from the pain and we can achieve something
We have pontential for that but it demands a lot from us
We have a mission here
to take Finnish hockey forwards
It means everyone's got to give their everything
Don't be taking, be giving
(u20 WCJ coach)
For sure he's got a big role in the team
He's in our first PP line and in our first line overall
He's got a great grip to SM-liiga
It all justifies why he's in such a big role
The leg isn't yet healed
it acts irregularly
so we'll see what to do about it
I haven't played in a while...
for about a month...
It gets to me
seeing everyone else play
WCJ went weakly for me
Of course the injury slowed me down a little
but no use for excuses
I played bad hockey
At first I was lost a few times when I travelled by trams
but I learned little by little
And now I know well how...
And when I get a car I can check out all the places
- How much is the speedlimit here?
- 100 km/h? - No there isn't...
- There isn't? - No
- It changed a while ago
- Could've had a fine for that
- That is true
But to whom it would've gone to?
- Yeah... - To me!
I've heard I'm getting a Smart
A tiny little car
We'll see what's it like when I get it
But I guess you can drive
pretty normally with it
It's exiting to see what color is it
Is it pink or what...
Well we'll see...
- Alrighty then
Until next time - Yeah
Alright, alright
- We'll see next week
Call me then - Yeah
- Let's look up a good time for you - That's right
- Ok, bye bye -Bye
I think it's part of the game
to tackle since little
In Canada you can tackle
since little
Even though you can't hit hard
but it's a big part of ice-hockey
You'll go with full throttle
You may fall sometimes but so what
You get up and throttle even more
to the next situation
I don't think Mikael has ever
thought himself
as small
It hasn't slowed down his going
at any point
He has to play wisely
He has to take the realities into account
If a 264 lbs guy
heads towards you...
You're to play slightly differently
but he is going to do well
I'm sure of it
Tackling demands the timing
not power
And I think
Mikael has shown it
for so many times now
Skating and physique are my weakest strengths
After them shooting and other stuff...
Those things are easy to develope
Like physique; you'll just go to gym
and it's all up to you
On the other hand you have things like reading the game
and game vision etc.
At this age you can't do
much about those things anymore
It's something that comes naturally
as you play troughout your youth
That's where it all starts
In the early January's and February's games...
We've had guests from NHL in every one of those games
In addition to that, are there several team's scouts present at our every game
So he is observed all the time
I've been negotiating
with four or fiwe teams now
There's the draft coming up in the summer
There are all the teams
so we'll be negotiating with them
I haven't had a favorite team in the NHL, so...
If I make it there it doesn't matter that much
where I end up
It's a crazy thing just to even get there
The truth is...
sooner or later he's off to North-America
What I've heard that it's
not that specially great to live there
It's rough business there
so it only gets harder from here
Everything's new and strange there
so I'm not sure when he'd be ready to go
Not right away...
He's still so young
So I hope Mikael stays home for a long time