Raju Maharaju Telugu Movie - Part 02/11 (English Subtitles)

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Aharethe feelings within you...
Like the opened umbrella... it gives you daring!
Our love is the sugarcane plant that makes us forget the bitterness!
If love is with us...the moons shine during broad day. Iight!
You be here...I will be back after meet going upstairs!
Excuse me, sir! - Hey...who are you?
The one, whose name is heard once... the mind blocks mentally!
He is Ohm Raja! -Air! Air! One minute...
Not Raja! Your bowl will be broken... -Why sir?
Will you enter in without permission?
What is your name?
Ohm Raja say.s only once... -Will you forget for the second time?
No! I will sleep...
You aretalking unnecessarily without necessary!
Unless you tell about you in a half second... he will kill you in a second!
It's me, sir! Ohm Raja!
Detective number 00 -ls it 7?- No! 0 again...
There are three zeros! Will you work or lie down?
Ohm Raja! -Air!
I endorse you an important job... You have to do carefully!
Tell me, sir!
With my business tensions... I am unable to take care of my brother!
I don't understand if he is on the right track and what his daily activities are...
He has to be observed carefully!
It's not with the doubt upon him...
It's with the love and passion upon him!
He should not know that you are the detective..
He will not know at all, sir!
You stay cool...I will submit your brother's report shortly!
Ohm Raja! I am a bit short tempered... - Okay, sir!
I have a bit more confidence!
It doesn't matter...Go ahead! - Thank you, sir! Is it okay.?
WOW! The girl looks like aflour dish...
Who are you? Who do you want?
I want to meet Mr.Kalyan! -lf so...I have to be met first!
Who are you?
You look like the man who was scratched by the monkeys...
Who are you?
cook in this house! -lf so...cook for metoo!
Who are you? - My name is Ohm Raja!
Mr.chakravarthy has appointed me as Kalyan's caretaker!
Oh! Do you know well about Kalyan?
I don't know about myself! How would I know about Kalyan?
If so...you are done! - You wait...
Kalyan is inside...you go! - Thank you, madam! You stay. here...
Be careful!
I guarantee you that nothing happens to Mr.Kalyan!
I said about you!
Excuse me!
I am Ohm Raj!
I am your caretaker from this moment!
Your brother has appointed me...
caretaker? -Yes! - What will you pluck?
I will tell you in advance whatever is going to be plucked by you!
I understand whatever you think in your mind!- Is it? -Yes!
This concept sounds something new! - You wait here...
I will have my shower and concentrate on you! -Okay.!
How did you find that I would need towel now?
Everyone needs towel after having bath...Atupid!
Hey! You are a genius... You arefinding well!
If sat before Tv... everyonewatches Tv!
What is there to find in it?
What atwist you give! I am unableto bear...
You have brought tiffin without asking you!
You are a great man!
Hey fool! Everyone sits at the dining table to eat, doesn't he?
He looks like a foolish boy... I haveto cash him bit by bit!
Air! Where are you going?
As you've found out these many things, can't you find out where I am going now?
Useless fellow! Find out and come on!
He is not an ordinary mad man... He is a madly mad man!
Whom are you waiting for? - Kalyan is coming...
Kalyan is coming and going... what's special in that?
Do you say 'l LOvE YOU' at least today? - alas! Today.?
My father say.s that the bad time is running now...
There is much time left to express about my love!
It's said...Agirl in the olden day.s like you...
...worshipped the bitter gourd and believed that she was pregnant!
Ahut up!
Eventhough! What is this all even in this generation?
Hey! Kalyan is coming... - Hey...Bindu!
What are you doing here? Let's go...- Okay! -come on!
Hey...Ohm Raja!
How could you find out that I would come to here?
I find out easily...
Who is he? He looks differently up and down...
Hey...He is Mr.Ohm Raja! - My caretaker! -Pah!
Yes madam! I havejoined today....
Will you remain tomorrow?
Why to joke, madam?
Well...They are all your friends, aren't they?
What else would they be other than friends who stay.s closer?
He and his stupid behaviour...
You have been caught!
I will expose how bad your characters are...
Many many happy returns ofthe day, my dear lovely sister!
Thank you, brother! -Thank you!
Hello Keerti! Many many happy returns ofthe day... -Thank you!
Have you received the gifts sent by your brother? -Yes I have...sister-in-law!
Madam! Madam! Once...
Many many happy returns of the day.... Wait! Wait! Let me complete!
Hello! Madam! I wish you a happy birthday....
Kalyan! Keerti's birthday.! come and wish her...
You wish her on behalf of me, sister-in-law!
Kalyan! It won't be good... - What?
Is today your birthday?
Many many happy returns of the day, man!
It's okay....I am giving a grand party this evening!
Inform all our friends to Grand Bay., okay?
Look madam!
He doesn't have time to greet his sister over the phone...
...but he gives party to his friends spending lakhs of rupees!
No use...
Junior sir has to get married immediately...
The arriver should not be soft like you!
Ahe should be like Poolan Devi who carries a gun!
Good morning, sir! - Good morning!
come...be seated!
What is this?
This is the application I have given you for the licensed revolver, sir!
Why do you need the licensed revolver?
You have given the licensed revolver to the MLAof our constituency!
He is under the hit list!
Even the real estate businessman in our area has a licensed gun!
He has a threat from the rivals...
Arowdy has recently applied for a revolver in your station!
All the people you figured out have the fear for their life...
We have the fear of our life too, sir! - What?- Yes sir!
We all come to college in the morning and stay out of our housetill evening!
Meanwhile...some stupid follows us and says 'l LOvE YOU'
Another idiot says that he will kill us if we don't say. 'l LOvE YOU'
Aome mad rascal, thinking that the beauty
he couldn't get should not be got by anyone...
...he pours acid over the face!
Or else...he enters into the class room and cut off, sir!
We don't want to die by the hands of the sadists like Manohar...
We all have to go to college boldly and study well!
We haveto grow as our parents wish...
If it all should take place... we have to be safe!
Are you not safe now?
If we are so...
Why would Ari lakshmi...Ayush Meera... Arushi die horribly, sir?
Now...There is really no safety for teenage girls!
If you are to release the guns... firstly you have to give us!
Not to the politicians or rowdies!
You know that my argument is right...
Please make it fast!
Kalyan is finished! He is finished!
I remain! -He is finished!
What man? What made you so active today?
What is there, sir?
I am taking the horoscope of Kalyan putting into this cover...
For heaven sake... you take and check it once!
checking the done work, s not there in our life, sir!
He looks like a guy who asks and gets slaps...
What are you murmuring, sir?
I pity seeing you... -I pity seeing you too!
I have seen these many people like you in my service!
Is it so?
I have seen these many people like you in my service!
Good morning sir!
Our operation starts within a half second right after the advance is taken...
Wewill cover anybody's life within 24 hours, sir!
If you open the cover... your brother's actual profile will be seen!
When you see the photos for the first time...you feel the shock!
Aecond time...you feel thethrill! -After that...Only gifts!
I like your confidence very much!
If you see opening the cover... you will like my work too!
I havetold you that you would feel the shock, haven't l?
I havetold you that you would feel thethrill, haven't l?
What sir? Gifts immediately?
Ahit! Ahit! Ahit! You show more passion towards me, sir!
Dattu! Aend...
Have you seen?
Wherever I go...everyone's reaction is the same!
Hey...what? What sir? What are these gifts, sir?
What is that, sir?
I thought that you might hit your brother...
why have you made them hit me so, sir?
Why have they hit so, sir?
What sir?
I asked you to give methe reports of the habits...but not to teach!
What Mr.Ohm Raja? What's the matter?
What is there? everything is fine...
He seemed to have given some gifts to you!
Have you seen?
That's correct! They have fallen... Nothing is left!
No gifts, sir!
What to say., sir?
He made them hit me badly on my back...
I will call you later!
What girl?
What wrong have I done for you?
What was that style of taking the photograph?
What have I said? What have you done?
Why did you take as if I taught him everything?
Though I was asking you repeatedly...
you've been playing with my life without pay.ing my salary for the past 6 months!
If so? Will you take photographs at that time?
He has made me get beaten badly...
I will dismiss you on the spot!
Go away... What do you dismiss?
I am resigning my job... Good bye!
Air! Air! Please send the Ambulance first...
You stop it!
Aince morning...50 Ambulances from that side and 50 from this side would be coming!
If I stop the signal and send every time... the traffic won't get cleared!
Ifwe wait for 2 minutes... it will get cleared by itself! You go...
Those 2 minutes will be very helpful for them, sir! Please...sir! Atop.
What's your problem? Why don't you listen to me?
You go! Go! Go! Go!
Thank God!
Thank you very much...baby!
If there is a figure like you at every signal...it will be superb!
As you have given such an encouragement for our enjoyment...here is your gift!
Hey...you have given a superb punch!
Have you understood your innocence at least by now?
You have thought only patients would be travelling by Ambulances...
Now a day.s to escape from thetraffic jam...
...this youth gang is undergoing this kind of stupid activities!
Thetime has changed...baby!
No problem...sir!
I was afraid that how serious might be the patient's condition, sir!
Now I have known there were none, right? I am very happy...
Aorry for thetrouble!
My brother has appointed a detective to know my activities...
How should I get to know who he is?
What is the detection upon you, sir? That might be a wrong information...
This is surely a perfect information!
You find out respectfully and inform me...
How can I find out, sir? How would I know who he is?
By any chance, if I find out and inform you... what would you do, sir?
I want to kill immediately...
Is it? If so...I quite don't know, sir!
Before I close and open my eyes.... you have to reveal respectfully!
Hey... Everyone would dream different things in their sleep...
What's wrong with you?
Why do you dream saying, 'l am detective! I am detective! I am detective'?
I must have said, sir! I am a big fool, sir!
You talked badly about my brother too...
They all have been recorded in this!
Henceforth if the news passed from here to there...
...this tapewill be played at my brother!
alas! No sir... I bow at you!
Why do you take such risk unnecessarily?
If your brother knows...he will kill me!
Hey...there is some fire!
alas! Aome car seemed to have met with an accident...
I am wondering ifthere is somebody inside!
You first make a call to 108!
come on...quick!
Fire is put off, isn't it? Who has put off?
Yes sir! I have put off by myself...
Nobody is there inside, right?
You have made me get tension as if somebody was there inside!
We all have to feel happy as there is nobody inside!
If somebody was there... in what situation they might have been seen!
Thank God!
Let's go...We will inform the police!
Not you... That one!
Why do you take such a risk? That car is mine...
As my brother doesn't buy the car... I have kindled it!
Don't take such risks unnecessarily... you will be liberated as vapour!
I have forwarded all those quotations...
can you give to the head of the department in your house?
It's for you, hubby!
Hello!- Air!
Is AP-1 0-081 car yours? - Yes!
As you are not buying a new car... your brother has kindled that car!
If you leave him like this... his future will also be kindled like the car!
What happened, hubby?
Ahe say.s that he has kindled his car by himself...
Why do you weep giving gap? Hiccups?
Have your eyes gone off? can't you see? We met with an accident...
Brother and I were moving in the car...
...As we were going, the car went and dashed a tree!
The car was rotating in upper level...
I thought that I would lose my life there... it has suddenly fallen down, sir!
As soon as we fell down...I felt happy as brother was alive irrespective of my life!