Micropolix & Google Apps: Spanish language

Uploaded by GoogleApps on 23.03.2012

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José María Losantos: Well, Micropolix is ​​a city,
an educational center.
It is very focused on children's education,
mainly from 4 to 14 years old.
And in this city, the children,
well, it recreates a real city life,
and children come to have fun,
which is very important.
And in this process of having fun,
we try to give them an education in values.

Jennifer Collado: All values ​​ that Micropolix inspires fun,
values ​​such as teamwork,
respect for other people who share the space with us,
are absolutely vital to our work.

Pau Soler: We have made available to all Micropolix workers
a set of systems,
in this case, Google Apps,
facilitating communication among them.
We have Google Talk,
which all users have in their e-mail,
and an entire optimized calendar system
for resource reservation
and video conferencing which is necessary,
now that we are expanding internationally,
to communicate with each other when we are so far apart.

José María Losantos: What we want is to make Micropolix
the most technologically advanced city in the world.
And we want to do it in a short time.
And we want to be a platform where technology companies
are able to investigate
and implement this technology,
with the best and largest market, which is the children.

Pau Soler: To be able to collect information,
from both parents and visitors that we have every day,
and from employees of Micropolix,
what we use is the form tool that Google Docs has.
We have enabled some satisfaction surveys that periodically
we conduct among all our visitors,
suppliers and workers,
in which we collect all the information that we then process
and we use it as a CRM tool.
I think it's very powerful,
because we really have the experience of the user,
and of the worker.
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José María Losantos: For children it is a place
where they can actually be themselves.
In Micropolix, children are citizens and we are tourists.
And that is what Micropolix is.
To give them a tool where they are heard
and that fosters their self-esteem,
their independence.
That sparks the magic they have and their inocence.
This is the essence of Micropolix.
Children: Goodbye!
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