Cassey Ho & Ashley Borden: Amazing Thigh Workout

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 03.10.2012

Hey guys! I'm here with my friend Ashley Borden from Perfect Form. How are you? Hi, Cassey.
Oh my goodness, I've only been tweeting her while tweet stalking her -- we finally got
to meet because I invited her to my residence. What do you think? I love your house. It's
gorgeous. Did you ride the elevator? That went down to the pool? With the porthole?
Mmm hmm. Okay, so -- not really my house. But anyway, we are gonna workout here together,
and we're gonna work your inner and outer thighs. And then what are we gonna do? We're
gonna be rolling out. So I'm gonna be showing you guys how to use the foam roller and how
that is a perfect compliment to all of your workouts because it opens up your muscle belly.
So we roll out, it opens it up, you get more blood flow through your muscle, which means
that your metabolism is higher during the day, yep, and you burn more calories. It also
helps with your flexibility. So it works on your flexibility, it works on your muscle
contractions, so then when you train, and you're like squeezing that muscle, you could
get an even deeper muscle contraction, which means you get a little bit more cut. And you
should be really excited, too, because we're doing two giveaways, two prizes at the end
for a Blogilates tank top and a foam roller from Ashley. Yep. So wait till the end to
see how you can win one of those. But until then, we are gonna workout. I'm excited. I'm
also a little bit scared because I'm not a Pilates girl, I'm more of like a strength-conditioning
girl. So I watch all your videos, and you're such a stud, so I'm excited to try. I watch
all your videos, you will be just fine. I like that we watch each others videos. I know,
and now you're here in real life. Yay! Okay, so let's get down and let's do this. Okay.
Let's do it. Alright. So… Because people always say, "Oh, Pilates, it's so easy." And
I'm like, "Oh, really? Wait till you do one of these things." And you make it look so
easy -- and calm and smiling. Yeah, you know, because it takes a lot of control to make
it look graceful like that. Yes, that's so. So, you know, some people get tricked by it,
especially guys. They think that Pilates is really easy because it looks like you're just
flowing, but that's because we have a lot of muscle control. Yes. Yeah. Yes, we do.
So, anyway. Alright, so show me. So, hands forward, chin in, and slowly roll down vertebrae
by vertebrae, with control. Good. Alright, so now, bring the legs in hip width apart,
and you wanna just come up into a bridge, just like that. And now scootch your heels
together so they're touching, and then reach one leg out. It doesn't really matter which
one. And if you can keep your leg parallel to the floor -- perfect, that's good. You
wanna flex the foot. So we're just gonna bring it out and in. So here, you're really gonna
attack that inner thigh, and you're gonna feel your transverse abdominals as well trying
to hold you in place with your hips square to the ceiling. Oh yeah. Or the sky, if, you
know, you're working out outside like us. And I feel my glute of my leg that's holding
my body up. Uh huh. Yeah, it's like a triple whammy move. Yes, and your core. Uh huh, totally.
And then, the farther out you bring it, the more you can feel it. Oh yeah, you can feel
the hip. Yeah. You feel your inner thigh. Let's do like three more -- 3, 2 and last
one -- 1. Cool. So stay up, don't bring your booty down. Okay. Oh. Don't. Oh, oh. Caught
you! Okay, bring the other leg out, and we're going out and in. Good job. And it's normal
that one side's stronger then the other, right? Totally normal, totally normal. Because our
bodies aren't 100 percent symmetrical. This is true. So do you like this move, Ashely?
I do like this move -- I'm trying to actually look like it's super easy. Deep down inside
I'm a little shaking, and I'm sweating. I think you're lying? No, I'm not! I swear!
Okay. I'm actually doing my nails right now, but that's okay. Okay, a few more. Let's go
ahead and do 3 and 2, last one -- 1 and in. Whew, okay! Great job. So now, we're gonna
actually work your lower abs and you're inner and outer thighs and tone up that whole area.
Oh my gosh, they weren't already worked enough before? No, I don't thinks so. The true wimp
in me comes out, okay. Whatever, you're just playing. I know you're just playing. Bring
your hands together in a triangle, just like this. And you want to place it right underneath
your tailbone, giving it a nice little cushion. Okay. Pressing your low back into the mat.
Now you're gonna raise your legs up into the air. And we're gonna do like mini-spiral circles
slash like double-leg lifts. So, you're gonna spiral down like this, tiny ones, and come
lower and lower, keeping your head down. And then you're gonna circle it up. Ooh. Oh, sorry.
Foot touch. A little friendly here. And, as you can see, this totally works your lower
abs and it tones that whole leg. Oh yeah. Yeah. And the most important thing here is
that you keep your lower back squeezed to the mat -- you don't want any hollowness going
on here. And what if somebody is, like, not strong enough to go all the way down? Oh yeah,
if you're not strong enough to go all the way down, you don't have to. You can just
go halfway down or a quarter of the way down. And you can also bend your knees. Ah. And
that'll make it a lot easier. And, plus, if your hip joints are feeling a little bit weak,
you're definitely gonna wanna do that. Okay. Yep. So let's do, like, one more, but let's
actually hold it down here for a second -- I wanna challenge you. Ah! Give me some circles,
Ashely. I'm circling, I'm circling. Okay. I'm circling. Okay, give me 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,
3, 2, and then we have to spiral up and then we're done, okay? Okay. All the way up, up,
up, up -- legs together and bend down. Okay, hands all the way behind you, legs long, inhale
through your nose, exhale, peel your back off the mat. And give your friend a high five.
Whew! Nice! Good job! And, you know, what I love about the Pilates workouts and like
these little snippets is that you can add them to any of your workouts that you're already
doing. So even you're doing like a strength training day or your going on a cycle, cycling
ride or something, you can add this in. Absolutely. And it's a little pop to your workout. Mmm
hmm, for sure. Yeah. Okay, so I wanna show you how to roll-out, and what we're gonna
target is outer thigh and inner thigh, okay. Lovely. I love it. So this is something that
you normally would do before you workout because it helps to kinda prep the body and the muscles.
You can obviously do it afterward if you've had like a super hard workout or you have
a lot of lactic acid build-up. It helps to kinda diminish that. We have two different
color rollers. Yay, rollers! But the difference is the density. So when you pick a roller
-- I like most people to start with the black one. But it goes: White is the least dense.
And then blue and then black. So the density is how much you can take as far as the massage.
And I do wanna warn you and everyone ahead of time, there is a little bit of discomfort
when you're first starting. So I don't want you to freak out and be like, "This isn't
right! This can't be right!" You do have a little bit of discomfort, especially if you're
not used to having body work done. But I promise you it gets better, and it makes a huge difference
in your body. Yeah. Huge difference. And it feels really good, actually. Yes, it does.
Afterwards. It's like it your masseuse that's with you all the time. Yeah. Alright, so we're
gonna start with the IT Band, which is the outside of the leg. Otherwise known as the
saddlebag reducers, is what I like to call this one. Yep, you love reducing that saddlebag.
Yes, yes. So you're gonna start with the roller right in the center of your quad. Okay. And
I wanna warn you, it might be a little uncomfortable when you first start. Ooh. Yes. Yeah. Okay,
you're gonna base yourself with your forearm and your elbow on the ground, and you're gonna
roll top of the knee, all the way into the top of the hip. Ooh, I feel it, Ashely. Yes.
It hurts. Yes, so if you go a little faster, it won't be quite so excruciating. And if
you don't feel it enough and you need to take it to the next level, you double stack, double
stack the legs. I don't know if… No, you wanna start where you're starting. I'm not
gonna do that. Start where you're starting. It's really tight. Yes, it's very tight. So,
when you feel something painful like you're saying, hold on that spot where you feel the
pain. Really? And then you're gonna bend and extend the leg, yes. Oh my goodness. Yes.
Whoah. Honestly, is it that painful? That's a… yeah… Really? I should probably be
rolling a little bit more. You probably need to roll-out a little bit more. Yeah. So that's
how I know when my clients are lying to me. Because I'll have them roll-out, and I'm like,
okay, if it's this painful, you're not doing it consistently. But consistency is the key
with this. Yep. And what she's doing is perfect -- how she's kind of stopping and finding
the tender point. I'm kind of going back and forth because I wanna really warm it up. Both
are correct. That is crazy. Nice. That's amazing. Yeah. So you wanna definitely do both sides.
And I have a full PDF that you can follow with this, free on my website or on my Facebook: It'll take you step by step with the guide. Wow. So you can download that
from my site. You should go there. Okay, so next thing we're gonna do is for inner thigh.
Mmm hmm. And this move is a very technical name, it's called: Boyfriend Roll. Sounds
like a sushi roll. Yes. Kind of. The Boyfriend Roll, that's a great name for a sushi roll.
Okay, so it's important how you get in the position so you can get it correct. You're
gonna start with your boyfriend or your girlfriend down kind of at chest level, okay. And then
you're gonna go "get away from my face." Get away from my face. "But go ahead and throw
a leg over." Oh yeah. Yep, throw the leg over. So you wanna be on your forearms. So I'm based
on my forearms so I have the pressure on the inner thigh. Okay. And then I'm gonna roll
from the top, kind of like at my top inner thigh, to the knee. Ooh. Yes. That feels really
good. Forward and back. Yep. Ooh. Okay, so you're -- I'm keeping myself based with my
back foot. Yep, so are you. Good, good, good. And you wanna make sure that you're keeping
your core tight. Yeah. So you feel like you're… It feels like an ab workout a little bit,
too. Yep, because you kinda have to maintain kinda like a plank position. Uh huh. And,
again, this might be super sensitive for some people, but this is great. And another kind
of variation on this, so you can get closer to the knee fat area, would be if you're gonna
stop, you're gonna bring your arm down, you're gonna lie down on your arm, you're gonna push
out your roller just a little bit so it's kinda a little bit closer to your knee -- sorry
guys, I'm in the way of her knee -- and then you're gonna roll, just gently roll from the
knee and up. So just a little movement. Yeah. Yep. Because you don't need a lot of the pressure.
Yeah. It's also a lot more painful closer to any of your joints. So some people say
like, "I feel it. It's a lot more painful. Is this bad?" Yeah. You don't wanna roll over
your joint, ever. But this is absolutely fine -- then you're gonna go there. And then as
you get like a little bit more advanced, then you can go like full roll like that. You can
go all the way to the back to the front. But, again, you're going to do both sides of the
leg. Okay, for sure. And I would suggest that you do this guy before you start your Pilates
sessions or your training. To really loosen it up. Yes. And it really maximizes the moves
through the workout. Yep, you're right. I totally see that. You're absolutely right.
And you know what? I swear, you know that I do this with my girlfriends like this: I
roll out with my girlfriends to catch up, as opposed to like just eating all the time.
That's what I say! Yes! You should take your girlfriends on a crunch date. Yes. You know.
Yes, exactly. So, this is the rolling out. Okay. I'm so glad I was able to show it to
you and your viewers. Oh, exciting. Yes. And I'm so glad that we got to meet. We're totally
gonna go, like, have dinner after this. I wanna talk to you more. Yes, we gotta hang
out more. Ashley is my new friend. We are BFF. Forever! Okay, so remember how we talked
about the giveaway? Yep. So what is the question that we're gonna ask them for to win… We
want you guys to post what you love the most about your body. Yes, tell us what you love
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You have to do all three of those things to win a Blogilates shirt and a foam roller.
And you're own foam roller. Yeah, so yeah, leave a comment below, and we'll see you next
time. Okay, bye guys. Bye guys.