Ислам против террора

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Islam against terror.

A number of Muslim organizations and other confessions recently held a
Islam against terror rally in Moscow

Leonid Roshal, World Health Organization expert
- Each of you had a choice whether to come here or not. I had this
choice as well and when I received an invitation to this meeting, I
gave a positive response. I was driven by the understanding that there
is nothing on this Earth that should make us fight against each other.
We are like one family. A father, mother, brothers and sisters are
members of one family. Some families are friendly, ready to help each
other and make enormous efforts to avoid all bad things that may
happen. But it happens sometimes that the family is inflamed with
wrath, the brothers and sisters hate each other and are ready to kill.
All the religions believe in one God and we, Christians, Muslims and
Jews, are his children. Sometimes we behave badly. But it is obvious
to everybody that it is much better to live in a friendly, loving
family then one covered in blood. It all depends on us.
Sheikh Muhammad Karachai, chairman of the Moscow Islamic center Darul-Arkam.
- Russian or the Caucasus citizen, Christian or Muslim, Moscow citizen
or guest of the Russian capital city, everybody should know that the
Caucasus is a stronghold of the Russian Federation and the Caucasus
peoples as well as being Muslims are also true patriots. As our wise
compatriot Rasul Gamzatov said: "The Caucasus did not join Russia of
its own free will and won't fall apart by its own free will". However
no one should doubt the fact that Islam is a religion of peace, the
religion of millions of people. We, the Muslims, address to you and
greet you with a Muslim Salam Aleikum, which means "peace for your
home, peace for your families". We have gathered here to offer you our
kind and innocent hearts, since we are all brothers and sisters and
our father is Adam. We appeal to you today. We need your helping hand
and understanding. And we hope that in our hearts, memories about our
ancestors fighting for this country will be secured forever. I'm
appealing to the Almighty Allah to give belief to all our peoples from
Dagestan to Murmansk, from Karelia to Chukotka, since a lack of belief
creates violence.