The First Lady Receives the 2012 White House Christmas Tree

Uploaded by whitehouse on 23.11.2012

[horses trotting]
♪♪ (instrumental 0 Christmas Tree playing) ♪♪
The First Lady: Wow!
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!
Hi. How are you?
Good to see you, as always.
Malia Obama: Hi. How are you?
Good to see you.
Happy Thanksgiving.
The First Lady: Oh, it's big.
So tell us about the tree.
Coachman: Fraser Fer.
Make everything smell nice inside.
Good and fresh.
Malia Obama: That's really nice.
You always make sure it had a really nice little
point at the top.
That's what I always like.
The First Lady: You like the point?
Malia Obama: Yep.
The First Lady: You look for a good point?
Malia Obama: Has a very good long point.
It's a very good point.
The First Lady: All right. Okay.
Well, I think we'll take it.
Do you agree?
Malia Obama: I agree.
The First Lady: Yeah? It's a go! We're good.
We can have Christmas now.
Coachman: Put lots of presents under it.
The First Lady: Oh, thanks so much. All right.
It's beautiful. Okay, girls.
Thanks so much.
Coachman: Thank you.
Reporter: How does it look?
The First Lady: It's gorgeous. It is perfect.
It's exactly what we need.
Malia said it's got the right point at the top.
So we're going to take it.
I think we're good.
You all, take care.