KARA - STEP dance tutorial by ChunActive [11.10.01] (part2/3)[#25]

Uploaded by ChunActive on 01.10.2011

Hi everyone! I'm Chun and you're watching ChunActive Studio
The Tutorial today is Kara - Step! ^ ^
Now next part of the Choreography is very hard
so please pay more attention!
Last time we ended up here
and you can hear Kara sing "yeah" 4 times, like
So at the 4th "yeah" we're gonna do like this
Kick knee, show hands, turn hip and push!
Next move is hand move but you have to use your shoulder
lift it up and down, like this
Now we're gonna do it correctly
cross your hands and do like this!
Next move your hands and the wave are down
your body is up
Next part is very easy, you just need to do like this
But you have to follow the rhythm
Now let's do it with the count