Introducing Web Platform Docs

Uploaded by WebPlatformDocs on 08.10.2012

When I first started web development there was pretty much just Netscape. All I ever
had to do was open up one browser and make sure that it worked there. These days it’s
not unusual for me to have about five different browser windows open at the same time.
A good portion of my front-end development time is spent trying to figure out how I can
best build a feature and a good portion of that is spent finding the right website where
I can find out the information I need.
Right now, there’s a lot of great information out there but it’s spread across a bunch
of different sites.
Often times the difference between getting that information quickly and right and getting
it wrong can be the difference between something taking an hour and all day.
As the web moves forward we have different operating systems, different browsers, different
devices and not just that – the standards we use for the web keep changing rapidly,
day in and day out.
And it’s hard to find the documentation for what works across all of them. This is
something we all need to solve together, as a community, for the web to be the best it
can be.
The founding members of Web Platform Docs have contributed quite a bit of content to
create the foundation for Web Platforms Docs. It’s a new community-driven site that aims
to become a comprehensive source for web developer documentation. But it’s also an open community,
which means you can contribute by sharing your knowledge and your experience.
What we need now is a larger community to get in there and deepen the content with their
own expertise.
Join in the conversation, make this web site the best.
Just go to and sign up.
Share your expertise.
Make it exactly just what you and I need for building a web page.
Join the community, and start learning and sharing today.