Video by Steven Hoag: Wilson NC Tornado AS IT HITS WALGREENS

Uploaded by ncmacasl on 17.04.2011

(talking to someone on a cell phone) Yep, right now. I can take pictures of it, too.
And I happen to be recording it, that's even better, isn't it. Oh -- half a mile. Yep,
I mean it's -- I'd say it's coming straight towards me. Yeah, but. Yep, but it's not one
of those, I would say, you know, like: "Devastation: Terrible" -- I mean it's picking up leaves
-- I see stuff in it but it's not -- it's just twisting. And oops, there goes a flash
-- it's blowing up some power lines now. And now, I'm stopped, I'm in a parking lot right
now. Do you hear the rain now? It's gonna pass right over me. and now that's rain and
debris. Leaves and trees. The nearest tree from me is probably ... probably down the
road from your house to the corner. Yep there goes a roof off a house. And ... yep. Hang
on, I love you. I'm okay right now. Yeah, I'm okay. I'm still good. I'm still good,
just -- now I've got a problem with what I'm driving. It's damaged. No, I think roofing
blew off a building and got me. No, I'm okay, don't worry for me.