HetaHazard 16 [ENG subs]

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Hong Kong, get me that book on the top.
... Okay...
Here you go, master.
Hong Kong? Is something the matter?
Um, was Mr. Romano's injury really bad?
... Yeah, it was pretty serious...
But once I treated it, he started getting much better. What worries me is that I don't know his condition now...
I... see...
I'd be lying if I said there's nothing to worry about, but it'll do you no good to worry too much about it.
You just have to be more careful. Don't do anything that dangerous ever again. Promise me.
Yes, master.
Sorry to keep you waiting. We are ready. What about you?
We've got everything ready, too. Shall we leave now?
I still wonder if those three will be all right in their search. I'm a little worried.
Yeah, who knows if those three can really get any searching done on their own?
They're definitely strong enough to do it... The problem is whether they can work together...
Then why don't we join them in their search as soon as we are done making the vaccines?
Right. That would be more productive than just waiting for them and worrying.
Let's hurry up, then.
Yes, let's go.
(They don't trust them at all, do they?)
This is the biological experiments lab...
I can't say it looks very pleasant...
More like, it totally sucks?
There was nothing when I came this way, but according to Měiguó, there's some kind of creature here.
Then we must move swiftly. Where is that device located?
Well, according to the map...
... the device is in this place marked in blue.
This one?
It must be that room over there. Quickly, let's go in and make those vaccines.
Roger that.
It's about handling the experiments. The successful ones go to the experiment storage room. The failed ones go to the breeding room.
The breeding room is where America, England, and France are doing their search... I hope they're all right...
The experiment storage room is next to this one... We must be careful.
I think we should take these papers with us. Hong Kong, you carry them.
Roger that.
Some papers that look like clinical records and read "experimental data" are inside the box.
I suppose these are the medical files of the experiments?
I don't know what's real and what's fake anymore.
I was definitely showing symptoms that indicated an infection, but ever since I woke up, nothing has happened.
Assuming it's because my brother gave me a shot of the vaccine, the virus infection must be true.
If we assume it's a lie, we'll become lax. If this is intentional, I am sure we will eventually see the truth.
Let's proceed with caution and patience.
(Virus infection? They never did explain that to me, did they? Well, I guess it's not really that important.)
We should make the vaccines first.
It is locked.
We have to make the vaccines first.
H-here we go. Are you guys ready?
Let's go...
China, please calm down!
What awful decor...
It's not decor! What could possibly make you think it is?!
*gasp* I was so shocked that I screamed without thinking.
There isn't any creature here, so you best make those vaccines now, master.
That thing in the back must be the device we're looking for. Let's get this over with while we still can.
Um, let's see, it says "water tank for the experimental subjects". If it's broken, does that mean the subjects got out?
Is it the one America told us about?
Right now, the vaccines are our priority.
Since these are in good condition, this must be very recent.
Man... Mr. Japan is so freaking cool.
Well? Do you think it works?
The power is on. I don't think there'll be any problems.
That's great.
Master, I'll leave these papers here.
Okay, thanks. Um, let's see, open the lid, select the medicine...
Is there anything I can do to help?
Hmm, not really. I just need to follow these instructions, anyway.
How long until the vaccines are done?
It should take half an hour or so. Until it's done, I'll have to operate the machine and won't be able to take my eyes off it.
That'll take longer than I--
We've got company!
Damn it! I did expect something to show up, but not so many...
We cannot let them interfere. China, you keep making the vaccines.
Are you guys going to be all right?! I can fight--
Didn't you just say you can't take your eyes off the machine? The three of us will take care of this. You focus on the vaccines.
Take your time, master. We won't let them get close to you.
All right. But don't do anything stupid!
Here they come!
T-Experiment has appeared!
We will not allow you to interfere with the making of the vaccines!
More overexcited bugs? Man, gimme a break.
Overexcited? You call that overexcited?
I would have phrased that differently, as well, but to each his own, I suppose...
How Regrettable
Double Attack
Double Attack
Rapid Fire
How Regrettable
Secret Kuchen Recipe
How Regrettable
Body Slam
Rapid Fire
How Regrettable
Double Attack
Double Attack
Double Attack
Japanese Scones
How Regrettable
Double Attack
Body Slam
Japanese Scones
Double Attack
Japanese Scones
Secret Kuchen Recipe
Body Slam
How Regrettable
Secret Kuchen Recipe
Double Attack
How Regrettable
How Regrettable
Double Attack
Body Slam
Secret Kuchen Recipe
Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire
Japan's party wins! Gained 400 EXP!
Obtained Recovery Capsule! Obtained Disinfectant Spray! Obtained Disinfectant Spray! Obtained Recovery Capsule!
Japan is now Level 5!
Germany is now Level 5!
Hong Kong is now Level 5!
Hah... we... beat them...
Are you guys all right?
I'm super tired. That was way too exciting.
China, are you done with the vaccines?
Yep, they just got ready!
Good timing.
That's great... I can rest at ease for now.
Let's go back, then. There could be more of those things.
Yeah. Hong Kong, help me carry these.
Roger that.
Shall we go, then?
So, the manor is in such a secluded place that usually you can only get there by helicopter?
America's Boss: "I'm sorry, but if we used a helicopter, we'd probably get noticed."
Well, yeah. But if there's any way to get there by ground, it's no problem.
America's Boss: "Oh, yes, there's a cave here that hasn't been used for a long time. If we go through it, we can reach the manor."
America's Boss: "Oh, no!"
What, the entrance is blocked?
Come on... Move!
Man, it didn't even budge. It'd take superhuman strength to move it.
America's Boss: "Oh, no... This was the only way to get there by ground..."
We can't give up. We'll just have to think of some other way, or take the helicopter after all.
America's Boss: "You mustn't do anything that will attract attention! Or else my wife and my daughter will be..."
Calm down... There must be a way...
America's Boss: "Going through this cave was the only way... What are we going to do now?"
I'm really at a loss here...
Huh? Spain?
Huh? Did you hear a voice just now?
America's Boss: "No, I didn't hear anything..."
Spaaain! Over here!
Oh, it's...
Good afternoon, Spain.
America's Boss: "Finland..."
Good afternoon to you, too, America's Boss.
What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that? It's not Christmas yet.
I'm going around to check the addresses for the delivery of Christmas presents.
You're getting things ready this soon? You're really such a hard worker.
Well, I do this every year, so I'm used to it.
Anyway, what are you doing, Spain? Is America with you?
Um... how am I going to explain this?
We have to go through this cave to find America and the others, but...
As you can see, these rocks are blocking the entrance, so we have no idea what to do.
I see. I'll do it, then.
Uh, do what?
I'll get those rocks out of the way.
No way, they're too heavy! I tried to move them, but they didn't even budge.
It's okay. I believe I'm strong enough to do this.
Even if you say so, I still think it'd be very difficult to move such huge rocks...
Here we go.
There you go.
I had heard you were strong, but that's just amazing...
America's Boss: "Now we can go to that manor. Thank God..."
If the entrance was blocked, then you have no idea what it's like inside, right?
America's Boss: "Exactly. After all, it hasn't been used in ages..."
There could be more rocks blocking the way, so do you mind if I come along until we get through the cave?
Would you do that?! Thank you so much!
You don't mind, do you?
America's Boss: "N-no, I don't mind..."
Thanks, Finland. Let's go.
I'm just glad to help!
Finland joined the party.
[Tomatoes] Popular products from "Boss Spain's Unsinkable Tomato Shop". Restores 300 HP.
[Uutejuoma] Traditional Finnish beverage made of pine extract. Tastes extremely bad.
[Continuous Attack] Continuously deals damage to a single enemy.
[Farm Work] Skill improved with farm work shines through.
[Mobile Phone Throwing] A cell phone replica for practice. If thrown, it will come back.
[Present Bag] A bag full of Christmas presents.
[Beret] The hat he usually wears.
[Coat] A Santa Claus coat. Something like a uniform.
[Address Book] A list of addresses to deliver presents to. It's quite thick.
Well, let's go.
America's Boss: "......... Tsk."
I haven't fully learned how to talk like him yet. The way he talks is so unique.
But he was all right, wasn't he? I knew he was wearing protective gear under his clothes.
If they do something unexpected, there isn't much I can do about it. So, who should I meet next?
What should I do when I meet those two?
Roger that. I'll go as soon as the IV is over. I'll let you know.
"Itachen" and "Russia"...