I GOT THIS! Episode 4 - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

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-Yeah, right.
ANDREWGARCIA: I'm about to tear this up.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: I want to make sure that I still got it.
Got this.
I got this.
I got this.
JOEY FATONE: I'm just looking for excitement, passion in
their eyes.
RYAN HIGA: I want to see someone that can showcase
their personality.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: I really want to see that person that,
OK, you might not think this is serious.
But it is.
JOEY FATONE: They got a chance to win $100,000.
They better be serious and pretty much
bring their A game.
Jesse, nice to meet you.
I met all the other contestants.
They were practicing in here with me.
I totally blocked them out.
I wouldn't even look at them.
We're 30 minutes out.
I'm scrambling to try and memorize the routine.
I'm super nervous now.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: All I need for Jesse to do
is look up and perform.
And I think that we've got this.
You need to make a sign that says look up and stand there.

ANZE SKRUBE: Exoticjess is really hot.
Personally, it makes me go even harder.
EXOTICJESS: Actually is easier for me to dance with somebody
who's attractive.
He also doesn't smell.
I'm always afraid when you're around people who are dancing.
He sweats European cologne.
I've never worked so hard in my life.
I went home and I was almost in tears.
And I'm so proud of myself.
ANZE SKRUBE: Were you sore?
EXOTICJESS: I was really sore, but it was worth it.
Everybody's doing really amazing.
Kind of freaking me out.
For the most part I'm just really trying not to look at
anybody else.
Because I can see them.
Except for Brittani when she covered
herself up with the mirror.
So I can't, you know, size her up.
BRITTANI LOUISE TAYLOR: My butt is black and blue.
When I work my butt off--
I literally have marks on my assets.
MIKE SONG: Her character is really good.
She's an actress.
She has no choreography experience.
So we just got to make sure she can remember the choreo.
Be aware of not rushing on this part.
BRITTANI LOUISE TAYLOR: I'm getting better though.
I was trusting my partner.
BRINN NICOLE: Hi, in, da, ga, ha.
CHIMNEYSWIFT11: I feel as the gamer in this round, I
definitely have a lot more to prove.
I'm the tall, white kid.
Typically those people can't dance that well.
BRINN NICOLE: Ha, ha, ha, ha.
He wasn't grabbing me tight enough.
And I have to jump.
When it comes to the final performance, if I don't feel
that tight grip around my stomach, I won't jump.

LAUREN FRODERMAN: Sorry you guys.
Have you seen our basketball?
I don't know where it is.
You guys did hide my basketball, didn't you?
You guys did.
Oh my--
So we pranked him.
It's in there.

-Don't die.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: A prank went horribly wrong, played by Mike
and Brittani.
I almost just died.
And if it wasn't for Mike, who probably just felt guilty and
changed his mind for a second, saved me from immediate doom.
Thank you.
Thank you.
-Are you OK?
LAUREN FRODERMAN: You guys are really taking
this competition seriously.
so that she'll die.
MEGHANROSETTE: We did the same arm and the same leg.
So we were disagreeing on the dougy move, and
I knew I was right.
He was convinced that it was opposite arm, opposite leg.
He refused to admit that it was same arm, same leg
that he taught me.
And I caught him.
And I knew I was right.
Because he messed up.
STILABABE09: Mike is great.
When I don't get it, he keeps encouraging me.
MIKE SONG: Yeah, let's do that.
I think Meredith is handling the pressure of today pretty
well actually.
We were rehearsing the other day.
Meredith was kind of stressing out, getting mad at herself.
STILABABE09: Ugh, I did the foot wrong.
So I just have to wait.
So we go--
MIKE SONG: Now, I think she's feeling pretty good.
ALPHACAT: I feel good.
I felt kind of antsy just because, you know, I want to
get into it and just go.
I've got to go into it like I'm the weakest link.
Because who knows, I could be.
We're like the tasty treat of the bunch.
Everyone's like, hmm, what do you got?
ONLYUSEMEBLADE: Hi, are you doing OK in second place?
I'm doing better than I thought I would as far as the
physical strain of it all.
Part of the success is the chemistry between the dancer
and the YouTuber.
And I think that Alphacat and his dancer have
a really good chemistry.
Me and Brinn have an amazing chemistry.
And the other two, I don't think they click very well.
So I see myself going on to the second round.
I'm ready to stop doing this interview and going out there
and kill it.

LAUREN FRODERMAN: I'm a little worried today.
Because I know that Andrew has the confidence and the ability
to really sell this routine.
Or he can get the musicality of it.
But sometimes he kind of fumbles
with the actual movement.
ANDREWGARCIA: There's $100,000 at stake in this competition.
And that's my motivation.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Where's your partner?
ANZE SKRUBE: I don't know.
She's supposed to be here.
I'm the only one without a partner.
And I'm just hoping she gets here soon.
MIKE SONG: ScreenTeam already knows how to perform.
It's just a matter of remembering the choreography.
-I'm feeling so nervous.
-I'm actually just stoked.
I'm ready to hit that stage and just destroy it.
CHESTERSEE: Brinn is very good at getting me to do the dance
moves the way that she wants.
I don't know if I'm actually getting at
the level she needs.
But I'm at least doing the moves.
BRINN NICOLE: The only issue is just the
commitment to the storyline.
Because the storyline truly drives our whole performance.
ANZE SKRUBE: I'm just stressing out a little bit.
Because I know everybody else is getting ready.
So I'm a little worried.
HannahJinx shows up.
Supposed to be HannahMinx twin.
ANZE SKRUBE: Yeah, are you ready?
MISSHANNAHJINX: Where's MissHannahMinx?

I need to show her some jinxy tips for today.
ANZE SKRUBE: At this point I just want to rehearse.
By the dawn's early light.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: I don't think right now is a great
time to be screwing around.
Proudly we hailed.
-We're spending that rehearsal time dancing.
If other people want to sing, that's cool.
CHESTERSEE: Andrewgarcia and I are lovers.
So I know him sexually.
ANZE SKRUBE: Finally the real HannahMinx shows up and we
actually start rehearsing.
MISSHANNAHMINX: I think Anze was a
little scared of HannaJinx.
But who doesn't like HannahJinx?
ANZE SKRUBE: It was a little confusing.
To be honest, I didn't think it was that funny.
MISSHANNAHMINX: I think hair and makeup and wardrobe will
just really help so much to get into character.

-Makeup and hair will definitely help us get into
the characters.

MEGHANROSETTE: Literally, every time I look back at you,
you're fixing your hair.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: OK, so here's the deal.
The first time I met Jesse for rehearsals, he came in on
crutches and pretended that he was injured.
Are you serious?
We can always play--
I'm joking.
I'm joking.
I'm too gullible.
And I can't let him get me like that
without getting him back.
So I had to ask the person who knows him best, Jeana.
JEANA: I have this juice because I was
supposed to be sick.
And I'm going to pour it all over Jesse's wardrobe because
he selected wardrobe himself since he did not like what
they had for him.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: But what he doesn't know is that we
already bought an identical outfit that he can perform in.
But all the options that he's going to see are going to be
super ugly.
JEANA: He's going to be so pissed.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: He's going to be pissed.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: It's going to be awesome.
BOTH: Wish us luck.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Every time, better and better and better.
So it's just that performance aspect.
Honestly, once we're done with all this, I would love to like
kind of keep going over-- not like--
Oh, my God.
-I'll go get some paper towels.
I'll go get some paper towels.
This is for real?
JEANA: I didn't mean it.
PRANKVSPRANK: Well, how was it under your drink?
I don't get that.
JEANA: I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Is this real?
JEANA: I didn't mean it.
I'm so sorry.
PRANKVSPRANK: It's all right.
It's all right.
It's fine.
It's fine.
JEANA: It's not that bad.
If I--
-That tank top isn't that bad.
JEANA: When it dries.
-It looks like a basketball jersey.
I got it.
I mean, I don't have a choice.
It's fine.
It's fine.

I mean--
-There's this here.
PRANKVSPRANK: I mean, I don't have a--
please tell me this is a joke somehow.
There's no way I'm trying that.
Look me dead in my eye.
I'm going after you.
PRANKVSPRANK: Damn, this is real.

JEANA: I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
PRANKVSPRANK: Oh, hey, it's all right.
These are girl shorts.
That will--
the wrong movement, it will be--
LAUREN FRODERMAN: I don't really know what
to do at this point.
I mean--
LAUREN FRODERMAN: But luckily, uh, we got you.
PRANKVSPRANK: You guys are assholes.
So mean, all of you.
I hate all of you.
I hate all of you.

RYAN HIGA: He just killed it for me.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: So it was a little
painful for me to watch.
ONLYUSEMEBLADE: I want this so bad that it will be a letdown
if I don't get to the finals.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: This might be my favorite routine.
EXOTICJESS: The judge's comments kind of--
I'm like hurt in my heart a little.