Om Namah Shivaya Part 9

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Om Namah Shivaya!
"Get up, my son. Enough of your devotion. Now let's go home"
"Please listen to me, mother. Don't obstruct my devotion."
Let's go. -This is a sin. Lord Shiv will get angry with you
"No, I'll not listen to you anymore. Let's go home"
"Please forgive my mother, Lord. She doesn't know about you yet"
That is why she is behaving like this. Please forgive her
You think you have all the knowledge that your mother...
...doesn't have. Now will you follow me without objection -No.
Then take this.
"Bholenath, please forgive my mother's crime"
Won't you come with me? -No
I will not go back without pleasing Lord Shiv again
When Srikar's mother was surprised to see the Shivling...
"...being automatically set up, she had to admit that..."
...strength lies in devotion only. Srikar prayed to Lord Shiv for...
...the defeat of King Ripudaman & King Singhaditya and welfare...
"...of King Chandrasen, who was a good king & a good person..."
...who used to be always engaged in Shiv devotion.
Hail King Chandrasen!
"King, our kingdom has been surrounded by the army of..."
...King Ripudaman and King Singhaditya
Our General is fighting against them with our soldiers.
Everything is per Bholenath's wishes
"What is your order for us, father?"
I am also thinking what you should do in this situation
Our kingdom has been surrounded by the enemy. They will make...
...our King their captive and will begin their reign over us.
We will not allow this to happen.
We will fight against them
"Though we are brahmins, we'll go to war to protect our state"
We will have to fight the war
"Sons, I am pleased with your faithfulness towards the King..."
...and the state. I am proud of you all. But this is not the time..
" act with sentiment. We are priests, and we are totally..."
...inexperienced with the skills of warfare.
We don't know how to use the weapons.
"ln this state, going to war is like committing suicide."
Then what should we do?
"Whatever is there to be done, should be done by our King..."
...but he is still engaged in Shiv devotion in a situation like this.
"ls it unfair to be engaged in Shiv devotion, son?"
Our State is being surrounded by the enemy soldiers and...
...and an attack is expected anytime. It is surprising to...
"...see that our Lord, King Chandrasen is still in worship."
"Brother, when the warriors are engaged in devotion..."
...devotees must take up arms to protect the state
Haven't you heard our father's words? We are priests.
How will we go to war when we don't know the skills of warfare
What a strange situation! The warrior King knows how to...
"...worship, but we devotees don't know the skills of warfare"
"Every being is associated with Lord Shiv, whether he is..."
...a religious scholar or an warrior.
"Therefore, King Chandrasen is a devotee besides being an warrior"
"Father, this is also true that all beings are associated with..."
"...their motherland and birth place. After getting birth, God..." father and Earth as mother brings up every being
So it is very much essential to be associated with one's...
"...motherland, as is essential to be associated with God"
King should get ready for the war instead of being in worship.. protect the Kingdom and it's subjects.
"lnstead of arguing over other's duties, we should perform our..."
"...own, but take it for granted, Lord Shiv himself will protect..."
"...King Chandrasen, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiv"
Then what is the need for us to argue and being worried in vain?
"Don't try to go away from performing your duties, son"
"What duty is left for us, father?"
It's now King's turn to perform duty
"By considering yourself as knowledgeable, you start to..."
...argue and forget that your father knows more than you.
And you have also forgotten that violation of the limit and rules...
"...will not take you up, instead it will result in your downfall."
"Wherefrom, it's not only hard, but also impossible to come up"
"We haven't said any unfair words like this, father"
Today you are trying to teach our King about his duties...
"...tomorrow you will try to teach me too. -No, lt'll never happen"
We four brothers are obedient to you and will remain so
"Only while referring to duty, l mentioned about King Chandrasen"
I never wanted to cross the limit & status. Please forgive me.
Please guide us what we will have to do now.
"You will have to support the King. In this difficult time, "
...we will have to worship Shiv in supporting our King
This is the only way to secure His grace.
"Our enemy is not one but two, and they are quite strong."
It is impossible to defeat them in the war.
Their defeat may be caused only by Shiv's grace
Now the security of Ujjain state rests in Lord Shiv's hands
Should we all start worshipping Lord Shiv now?
We will have to do that.
We all will go to the river bank and worship Lord Shiv there
Om Namah Shivay!
Child Srikar is in selfless devotion & also 4 brothers
...with their father are praying Shiv for protection of State
"On the other hand, demon Dushan is trying to please Brahmadev..."
...out of his selfishness Om Brahmadevaya Namah!
Om Namah Shiva!
What will happen to my son! When'll Lord appear before him?
Dushan! Open your eyes.
"l am very much pleased with your meditation, Dushan"
"l was meditating only to please you, Brahmadev"
Now should I ask for the boon? -Of course!
"Will you give me whatever boon sl ask for, Lord?-Yes"
Then please grant me the boon of being all powerful
Only Tridevs are all powerful. How can you become that?
I don't know that. I have been promised to grant desired boon
"Now whatever I ask for, you will have to grant me that"
OK. But you should also know that your powers will be useless front of Shiv and His devotees. If you try to win...
"...against Shiv or His devotees, you will face untimely death"
That I will see later. First grant me your boon to be all powerful
I will surely grant you the boon as I have already promised...
"...but I am warning you again, don't put the boon for evil use."
Good and evil uses are the language of the learned ones
"For those who lead materialistic life, the word ""use"" is sufficient."
"No, Dushan, it is not like that. It is called utilisation, when..."
"...used for constructive benefit of beings, and when used with..."
...a destructive motive it is known as misutilisation.
Life becomes successful after doing works of welfare...
...and life becomes painful after doing evil works
I have come here to secure boon & you have come here to grant it
I have not come here to listen to your lecture.
You Devgans are there to think about the constructive works
What is there to do for you except constructive works?
Please give me your boon by freeing yourself from...
...the worries of destruction and troubles.
You are already full of pride even before getting the boon
Then what will be your condition after getting the boon?
Are you not going to grant me your boon?
"l have come here after being pleased, and given my promise..."
...also. So I will definitely give you the boon.
Then please grant me the boon to become all powerful
As you wish!
"After becoming all powerful, how will Shiv & His devotees will..." able to stand in front of me?
"Being a mother, I can tell you that had Lord Shiv been pleased.."
"...with your devotion, He would have definitely appear before you."
He hasn't appeared because He is not pleased with your worship
He will be surely pleased and then he will appear too.
As I am just one among His numerous devotees.
He appears in front of them only after being pleased. It takes time
So you are trying to teach your mother!
"No, I'm just talking about Shiv's being pleased & His appearance"
You will not understand like this. I will remove this.
Now Lord Shiv will be pleased even earlier after seeing that..
"...alongwith the son, his mother is also bowing to Him"
This child too! All of them are engaged in Shiv devotion
They want to acquire power after pleasing Him
Brahma had told me that Shiv's devotion may result in my death
Then I should destroy them before such a thing happens
"What kind of illusion is this, father?"
This is not illusion. He is a fraudulant.
"He seems to me like, some tactics by the enemy Kings"
Can the enemy Kings even roam around in the sky?
"No, it is clear that he is some fradulant demon"
Are you going to receive power by worshipping Shiv?
But what will you do even if you get that power?
We are only chanting Shiv's name to protect our King & kingdom
"lf you tell all these lies, I will destroy everything"
"We, the Shiv devotees have no need to tell lies"
You will have to pay the price if you take Shiv's name again
"We were all praying to Shiv to protect us & Kingdom, but...."
Your devotion is so weak that it could not stand a demon's words
Let's all five of us call for Lord Shiv
"Lord Shiv, please protect your devotees and rescue them"
Take him to our King
Hail King Ripudaman! Hail King Singhaditya!
"King, as per your order, we have brought King Chandra. as captive"
See our enemy King Chandrasen is made a captive
Bholenath our King is your ardent devotee. Please protect him.
Kill our enemy Chandrasen.
"No. Don't kill our King. If you want to kill, kill me first."
Kill them both.
"Rudra incarnate Hanuman, Maruti and Vajrangbali, appear!"
"Hail Shiv Shankar! What is your order for me, my Lord?"
"Before following my orders, know about your form"
"l am your another form only, my Lord"
This is the truth. You are my incarnate. You have taken birth... mother Anjana & father Kesari to serve Vishnu incarnate..
"...Shri Ram. -My life will be successful, my Lord"
I am waiting for Shree Ram's appearance
You will have to perform some other work before that.
"Please order me, Bholenath!"
You will have to protect my devotees from cruel Kings...
"...Ripudaman and Singhaditya, who are worshipping me..." the banks of river Shipra in Ujjain
"How can I tolerate torture to your devotees, my Lord?"
Please be assured. I'll surely punish them.
Punish them and give the devotees their fruit of devotion.
Your wish will be fulfilled by this Rudra incarnate of yours
So you will only be worshipping Shiv to increase your strength
You will create troubles for me. I'll not allow this to happen.
I'll destroy everything.
Who has stopped me? Who is my obstructor?
Your death is your obstructor.
You have invited your death by troubling the Shiv devotees
I am all powerful and there is no death for one like me.
"Fool, an all powerful never tortures innocent beings"
Nor he proclaims his own great strength and has a brain.
"He doesn't have any death, but you have all these 3 faults"
"Brahma has given His boon to me. I am fearless, undefeated"
And that is why I am all powerful.
You are only a blockhead. Had you been really fearless... would not ask for a boon to be all powerful.
Neither you would disturb Shiv devotees here
Brahmaji had warned you while giving you the boon not to...
"...disturb Shiv devotees, otherwise you will be destroyed"
Now that very moment of your destruction has come
Dushan is not going to be afraid by these words of yours
"l warn you, if you want your own good, go away from here"
"Please forgive us, King"
I didn't know that you are Shiv's devotee
Nor did I know that He will himself come to protect you
"We have done a terrible mistake, King"
"Until you forgive us, Hanuman's weapon will keep beating us"
"Please forgive King Ripudaman & King Singhaditya, Lord Hanuman"
"Please have your grace on us by appearing before us, Hanuman"
And please forgive these forgivance seekers
This must be clear to you by now that whoever troubles...
"...Shiv devotees, he himself suffers."
You are getting forgivance on the request of Shiv devotees
You will have to return King Chandrasen's Kingdom to him
Of course my Lord! -He'll only have his right on his kingdom
We will never do such mistakes in future-
There will not be any mistake if you are aware of consequences.
Look at these two Shiv devotees
Lord Shiv Himself is bothered about protecting them
This is only the grace of Lord Shiv
His grace is only because of your devotion
"lf you worship Shiv, He will always take care of you"
Your name will always be immortal as Shiv devotee
And the greatness of Jyotirlin gwill add your fame.
Please forgive me too as you have forgiven both of them
I also had created trouble in my son's Shiv worship
Your mistakes have vanished due to your son's devotion
"You'll take birth as Nandagopal in this world in your 8th birth,"
And you will be the father of Lord Vishnu incarnate Krishna
"Lord Hanuman, you have rescued us from trouble by appearing..." front of us. But I have worshipped Lord Shiv devotedly
That is why I am desirous of Shiv's appearance
Please fulfil it and have your grace on me
Devotee's wish is always fulfilled
"We are blessed to secure your appearance, Lord"
You listened to our prayers and protected us.
Please rescue our King and Kingdom the same way
I am always bound by the chanting of my devotees
King Chandrasen always worships me. So his protection is...
...always in my mind. -Then please give permanent protection
Evil is always there in this place to disturb devotees in Shiv's...
...worship. I pray to you be always there to protect the...
"...King, the Kingdom and its subjects for ever."
As you wish.
This Jyotirling will be known as Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling...
"...whoever worships this with Shiv-ashes, he will be freed..."
...from the fear of death. He will even be free from all diseases.
Hail Jyotirmay Mahakaleshwar Lord Shiv!
Whenever Shiv's devotees called for Him in distress
Then immortal & unconquerable Shiv always came in Shivling
Immortal & unconquerable Shiv Shankar
There used to live a priest in Abanti
He used to worship Shiv by in front of fire at his home
Once a demon named Dushan attcked the state with his army
At that moment ShivShankar appeared in front of him
And decimated him immediately.
There is the temple of Jyotirling Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain
"Whoever visits this temple, he receives Shiv's grace"
Hail Mahakal Shiv!
Om Brahmadevaya Namah!
"Brahmadev, after securing boon from you, those three Tarak's..."
...sons will also begin the play of destruction like their father
They will disturb the peace of human and Devatas
Please don't give boons to them. -That will be for our welfare
"Why are you silent, Parampita?"
"Bitter truth is more beneficial than sweet truth, please tell that"
"Devgan, it's not my nature to give boons, but my obligation"
I never ask either human nor demons to meditate on me...
"...and secure my boon. But whoever meditates, I am..."
...bound to give rewards for that. -But what will happen to us?
That will be told only in future. But I'm surprised at Ur condition
"Demons are always trying to secure boons, ability & success..."
" meditating, but Devgans are losing their self-strength..." being worried over the demons who secure boons.
The present is telling the future for both you and the demons
"Tarakaksh, Kamalaksh and Vidyurmali, open your eyes"
"We are blessed to secure your appearance, Brahmadev"
Our worship and meditation has been fulfilled
Your meditation is complete. Ask whatever boon you want
"Please give us the boon to be immortal like our father, Tarak"
So that no one can kill us -And we become immortal
It is not as per law to grant such a boon
Ask for any other boon except being immortal
"Brother, please ask for some other boon immediately, -Yes"
Please give us the boon of three impenetrable cities...
"...which will be built with gold, silver and iron"
And all the three should be situated vertically in the sky
And should be invisible to the Devgans' eyes
Our death should only be in the hands of Lord Shiv
And it should be only when all the three cities get connected.
As you wish!
I will complete the construction of all three cities soon... Asura architect Mayasur
"Our wish is fulfilled, Brother"
We have secured the desired boon.
"We have secured three cities,"
"Swarnpur(city of gold), Rajatpur (city of silver) & Lohpur(of iron)"
"Nandi, where is Bholenath?"
"Mother, when you don't have the knowledge, how will I know"
Didn't He tell you anything before leaving?
Does He ever tell His mind to anybody?
I think He has rushed to some devotee in response to his call
Hail Vishnupriya Mother Lakhsmi!
"How come you are here, Devi?"
What is there to be surprised? Can't I come here?
"You can surely come, and that is why you are here. Please come "
How did you come to Kailash today?
I was having the desire to visit Lord Shiv & Devi Parvati for...
...some days. So I came here.
And how is Shri Hari Vishnu?
He is lost in His meditating sleep most of the times...
...He doesn't even have the time to talk to me
Where is Shiv Shankar? His seat is also vacant.
I don't know where has He gone without telling me. Please come
Devi Saraswati!
Hail Veena player Mother Saraswati!
"You are welcome here, Devi Saraswati"
"What a co-incidence. I came to meet one, now I met both"
"Yes, Devi Lakhsmi is here to visit me and Shiv Shankar"
Now please tell me what attraction made you come here
"Not attraction, but repulsion"
You might be knowing that Brahmadev has given the...
...opportunity to the demons to increase powers with his...
...boon of three cities to the three Tarak sons.
What is there to be worried of? Brahmadev is always graceful... the Demons. -But Demons have always taken advantage...
...of His grace
Now also they will not refrain from attacking the three worlds...
...and spreading the darkness of cruelity & irreligion everywhere
This is my worry and so I have come to Lord Shiv
So that He will show some way
"So you have come to Lord Shiv for some way, & not to meet me"
Don't you ever feel like meeting us?
I always feel so. The shoutings of the Demons and...
...cryings of Devgans always fill the atmosphere of Brahmalok
"Alongwith Brahmadev, I also have to listen to them & bear it"
"l always feel like coming out of that atmosphere, but I'm helpless"
Why are you helpless? -Does Brahma holds you with Him?
My responsibility of spreading knowledge and wisdom...
...holds me. And today when He was lost in meditation...
...I came here.
Even Bholenath is always lost in meditation. I always have to...
...wait for Him to have a talk. -My plight is also the same.
"Once Shri Hari Vishnu is lost in meditating sleep, He doesn't..."
...wake up soon.
It means all three of our husbands are strange & unique
Even their strangeness is special.
"lf you ask any question to solve it, they skip the topic"
"Yes, He skips by smiling"
"And tells that it is not time yet, Devi, & you will have to wait."
And at that moment Narad appears with his chanting
"And says to Lord, Your plays are spread all over"
Every dust of the universe is chanting your name only
Your play is never ending
"You have not shown your skills, Devi Saraswati"
I would have surely done it if l did not have the responsibility...
...of spreading knowledge and wisdom.
Now Brahmadev has put me in worries by giving boon to...
...Tarak's sons. What will happen to the Devgans?
You haven't understood the mystery of that boon...
...despite being the Goddess of Knowledge and wisdom
Don't be worried about Devgans. They are protected & will be so.
What is this? Why are you leaving just after seeing Shiv?
"As per Brahmadev's boon, Tarakasur's three sons have..."
...received their desired boon. Demon architect Mayasur...
...has built three impenatrable forts for them
"Swarnpur, Rajatpur and Lohpur"
All the three forts were standing one above the other in the sky
And these were invisible for Devgans
Mayasur led the Tarak sons for a view of the three cities
"Demon Kings Tarakaksh, Kamalaksh & Vidyutmali..."
...I have built for you three Swarnpur- Ah! Wondwerful!...
"...Rajatpur -Unique, and strong!"
...and Lohpur -Beautiful & protected too
I have built all the three cities for you three
These wonderful forts will be known as Tripur
"Yes Mayasur, they are wonderful"
"And as per Brahma's boon, nobody can attack them"
We will be always protected inside the forts
But Brahmadev had predicted our death in Shiv's hands...
...then how can we be protected?
As an act of intelligence we should start worshipping Shiv
Why should we worship Shiv?
"lf we worship Shiv, He will not have any feelings of enemity..."
...with us. -What if He has the enemity with us?
"Anyway, we are protected inside the fort"
No enemy can come here -Have you both gone mad?
You were just saying that Brahmadev has predicted...
...our death in Lord Shiv's hands Then how are we protected?
You are negating your own words itself
"Whatever be it, I am not going to worship Lord Shiv -Yes"
"l am elder than you both, so l know about good & evil better"
You will have to do whatever I ask you to do
"As your elder brother, I order you to worship Shiv with me."
We cannot violate the orders of our elder brother
"Yes, we will worship Lord Shiv"
"Before worshipping Shiv, have a look at your cities"
"Tarakaksh, please come, I will guide you to your Swarnapur"
We will have to go to Brahmadev now
"Yes, there is no other way. -Let's go"
Hail King of Tripur Tarakaksh
He is your Prime Minister and he is your General
These are your ministers. And they are your servants
This Tripur(three cities) is unique & strange in entire universe
All the arrangements of your luxury & comfort are here.
Now you enjoy.
Even your artichitectural skill are extra-ordinary and unique
You have made our names immortal by building these...
...three cities. You are a great architect Mayasur.
"Kamalaksh, come I will take you to Rajatpur"
Hail Rajatpur King Kamalaksh!
"Your Prime Minister,"
Your General
Your ministers and servants
All the arrangements are done for your luxury & comfort
Your architecture is really extra ordinary
Now you should spend your life in enjoying the luxury
Vidyurmali -How grand is my fort?
See its granduer by going inside -Of course!
Beautiful! Hail Lohpur King Vidyunmali
These are your ministers
And they are your servants for your service
"This entire Lohpur is yours, Vidyutmali"
Now rest here peacefully and enjoy the comfort & luxory
Hail King Vidyunmali! -This victory is incomplete
I want to reign over Heaven by defeating my father's enemy...
...Devgans. But I am bounded by my elder brother's order
So I will have to worship Shiv and wait for the right time
"Lord, you are the god of demons & remover of fear"
Nama Shiv Shankar
You are benevolent
You are omnipresent
You are the only truth and represent the time
...and also Lord of destiny
You are the creator of the Universe
And also the God of Knowledge and wisdom
You have many forms and are all powerful
You are the protector of everything
"You are the embodiment of religion, spirituality & ascetism"
"You are eternal, remove sorrows and completely pure."
You are the friend and light of the world
"Lord, you are the god of demons & remover of fear"
"Oh! three-eyed Lord, you rule the world & give us salvation"
You have no enemies and are the basis of prayer
You are very sacred
"Devi, I know that your worries are not completely removed..."
...even after coming from Kailash. But I also don't feel it right... discuss about my boon without any neccessity.
I think it will be better if you watch future events neutrally
Be always happy. Always enjoy Heavenly comfort & luxory
"Brahmadev, if you turn this good wish to your boon..."
...then we will always be enjoying the Heavenly comfort... forgetting all our anxieties and sorrows
"Even I also have obligations, Devraj. It is not possible..."
"...for me to violate the rules of Nature, still I think about your..."
...welfare as far as I can. But what is your worry at this time?
Your boons to Tarak's sons is the cause of our worry
Now they are secure & will create trouble for us
Why do you associate your troubles with their security?
"Why do forget that happiness, sadness are dependant on one's..."
...feelings of pride & humbleness and the result of one's deeds
"Brahmadev, it is neither right nor possible to claim back your boon"
...given to Tarak's sons. But it is possible to tell the ways of... at least to the devgans.
How long will I give you ways of your protection?
Why have you become so powerless that you can't...
...even protect yourself.
"Forgive me, Brahmadev. But the truth, we have not become..."
"...powerless, but our enemy Demons are made powerful"
But who is preventing you from being powerful?
Demons get their fruits of meditation in the form of boons
"And whenever they secure any boon, your powers and..."
...moral strength become weaker. Then you come running to me...
...Shri Hari or to Shiv. Why?
"Please answer to my question, Devraj"
"lt is natural to be afraid of the devilish powers, Brahmadev.-Why"
Because being empowered with the strength of boons...
...these demons become cruel and wicked.
Don't you make your fears more prominent by fearing...
...the cruel and wicked ones?
Why should you be afraid of those who have only the power...
...of boons left with them as their powers of morality...
...virtue and character are finished.
Instead you are in a position to terrify them
You have never ending source of powers within you
But the clouds of fear have covered them
Remove this cover of fear and let the powers within appear
Go and unite your self-strengths
"Devraj, why are all your faces pale and sorrowful?"
Is everything alright?
"Devarshi, had everything been alright then the face would..."
...have appeared bright and delighted. But there seems... be no end of our problems and misery...
...whereas Brahmadev says that we are sources of great power
Actually Brahmadev is source of all the boons
And Demons are only eligible to secure the boons
The powers arising out of the boons are all with the Demons
So how far will our powers be able to fetch them?
There is no doubt that Brahmadev doesn't hesitate at all give boons to the Demons But it is really a serious matter..
...that all the time you approach Him without caring for your...
...self-respect. -Then where should we go?
We also don't feel good to approach Brahmadev time & again
" request for ways of our safety and protection, still we..."
...have to go to Him. If He stops giving boons to the Asuras...
...we will only go to Him to secure His appearance.
Only His boons makes us go to Him again & again
"l can understand your pain. I am Brahmadev's son, so I will not..."
...make you weak by taking His side. Still I am not feeling any...
...hesitation to say that I pity your intelligence.
Do you want to say that our intelligence have been spoilt?
"Not spoilt, Devraj, destroyed!"
This whole time you are only discussing about Brahma's boon
And still you are not finished with that topic. Isn't it?
"The source of all these troubles are these boons only, Devraj"
"Only for you, not for the Demons"
You should give some way for the intelligence to flow
The boon is already given. Now there is no use wasting time... discussing on that
Then please tell us the way which will be beneficial to us
"That is quite clear, Devgan"
It has also been told in the boon that Tarak son's death will...
... take place in the hands of Lord Shiv
"Yes, we have heard it too -As you have already heard..." should now concentrate your minds on Lord Shiv
Brahmaji can't do anything on this. He has already given the...
"...boon, now he can't claim it back."
But Lord Shiv is free from all these obligations
He has the way for removing your worries.
Go to Him and inspire Him to kill the asuras
We didn't really think on this matter.
"When you give way by removing your worries, then only you..."
"...can have fresh thoughts, Devraj This worry is dangerous disease"
"lt puts thoughts on hold -You are true, Devarshi"
Do you remember any instance when I have told a lie?
"Not at all. Then we will proceed towards Kailash, Devarshi -Sure!"
Maha Rudra!
"My Lord, where these chanting of your name is coming from"
"These are our Demon devotees, who are engaged in worship"
The voice of their chanting is echoing in all the three worlds
This voice has more strength & devotion than Devas & human
"Plese take this drink, King -Go off"
Our King is engrossed in Shiv devotion. What should we do?
"We should do something -Yes, come ahead"
Devarshi has shown us the right path. -He always does that.
"Are you listening to this echoing of Shiv name's chanting, Devraj?"
Yes. Tarak sons' Shiv devotion is only increasing
Will it be proper for us to go to Kailash at this situation?
What is wrong in that?
Lord Shiv must be impressed by Demons chanting His name
"So if we complain about His devotees, willn't He be angry?"
Tarak's sons are worshipping Shiv only out of selfishness...
...not devotion. There is no other way for us than to go Lord Shiv per Devarshi's advice. Let's go
"What brought you here, Devraj?"
"Lord, Tarak's sons are trying to be more powerful after..."
...securing boon from Brahmadev -So?
"As per the concluding part of the boon, their death will..."
...take place in your hands only. -So what?
We just came to request you that if you make some way to....
"...bring their death as soon, -Devraj, it is a diffrent matter..." & when their death will take place. At present all three...
...of them are my devotees. And l don't like to hear anything....
...against my devotees. It has just become your habit to... afraid of Demons and think about ways to kill them
"But Lord, these are not without reason too"
How can one's wickedness become the cause of...
...another's being wicked? How can one's sin make...
...others sinners? This world is ever changing. And it is even...
"...accepted by PanchwaTatwa(five theories) along with mind, soul..."
...& intelligence to become virtuous by seeing a virtuous one.
But it is not even accepted by one's land under his feet to...
...become an evil by seeing an evil. Then how can you accept it
But this is also true that Demon misuse the power after getting it
Even this is true that whenever any being misuses power...
"...Nature destroys it all. Devraj, can you give me an example..."
"...when one is ever spared after he misused power or,..."
...when someone has utilised the power and his praise is not...
...echoed in every corner of all the three worlds
"No, Lord, there is no such example"
"Neither there is any example, nor there will be any in future"
One may have to tolerate the evil of the wicked one's out of...
"...helplessness, or result of his deeds, but Nature never tolerates"
"...the evil of the wicked one. When it is time, It puts a..."
"...complete halt into his existence. Therefore, wait for right time."
Demons are walking in a virtuous path being devoted
"ln this situation, no law of Nature can come in their way"
And don't come to Kailash with these kinds of request...
...which goes against Nature ever in future.
Why hasn't Devraj come back yet? -He has gone to Brahmalok
"Don't be worried, Devi. Devraj will arrive with Devgans shortly"
There is reason to be worried as Brahmadev has made Tarak's...
...sons more powerful by giving them a boon.
But He had also given them the boon to be killed by Shiv only
"Before this, Brahmadev had given a boon to their father Taraka..." be killed in the hands of Shiv's son.
And then he had occupied Heaven.
May be Devraj is trying to remove the fear of this
"But Devi, it should not happen that,"
"What happened, my Lord?"
"Nothing has happened, Devi. Nor anything will happen"
Go away you all from here.
"From today, no music & songs will be played..." Heaven. Go.
"Devi, I become lost in meditating sleep, where do you vanish?"
I don't know where you keep travelling.
Then should I keep sitting here alone
Shouldn't I even go to meet my friends?
You should definitely go. Have I ever stopped you?
If you want you can go now also
Why? Do you want to send me away from you?
Don't you like to have a talk with me or don't you have time?
I have time as well as l am eager too.
Tell me what do you want to speak?
Have I come in an improper time?
I am asking this because you both seemed to be arguing...
...with each other. -How did you know that?
I judged it by the expression at Mother Lakhsni's face.
Then you should also know that the expression of husband & wife
"...should be known to themselves only, not to others."
"l am not other, I am your devotee, my Lord"
But you are other in front of the togetherness of husband & wife
Now tell us what news you have brought.
"Mother, the news is not good. -What is not good?"
"After securing boon from Brahmadev, all three sons..."
...of Tarak are trying to be more powerful. And they are trying... please Lord Shiv by worshipping Him
"Because of this, Devraj and others are afraid & anxious"
You should immediately halt the increasing strength of Demons... you are well wisher of Devgans.
"No Devi, nothing can be done against them now -Why"
They are earning virtue by worshipping Lord Shiv
And walking on the path of religion.
Even Tridevs can't dare to do anything against the virtuous one
It's very strange!
The Heaven which always had a delightful mood being in the...
"...presence of soothing music, is now enveloped in silence & gloom"
"No, this silence does not suit Heaven"
"Devraj, if you continue to sit with this gloomy face..."
...then the future happiness will always remain at bay
You will have to find some way to face this trouble
"How many ways will we find, Devarshi?"
"Brahmadev rebuked us, and when we approached Lord Shiv..."
"...following your advice, He also became angry"
"ln the mean time, Demons' side is growing in strength"
My mind has stopped working. You can only advice what to do
You should go to Lord Vishnu. -What will happen even after
...going there? He will also behave the same way as others
That's why I keep telling you that you get swept away by...
...emotions instead of being practical.
That is why you have to face all the troubles -How
"lf you analyse all the situation, you will find that Asurs secure..."
...the grace & blessings of Shiv & Brahma by worshipping them
But it is not easy for them to please Vishnu so easily...
...because they consider Him to be their enemy
Because whenever there is the increase in Demo powers in.e..
"... the world, He is always been there to destroy it."
So it will be proper if you apprach Lord Vishnu & ask for...
...ways to remove this problem I have given you the main...
...chanting. Now it is upto you to do the rest as you wish.
"Devraj, every word of Devarshi is true."
He has discovered a great truth in front of us that Demons...
...can't impress Lord Vishnu so easily. And they consider Him... be their enemy. Now we should go to Him witout delay... that Tarak's sons influence can be minimised.
We will definitely go to Sri Hari Vishnu.
"Devraj, how did you all come this way today?"
"Sri Hari, we were inspired by Narad to come to you"
Is there any special reason?
"We have come here with a special need,"
"Please tell us your need, Devraj"
Tarak's sons terror has disturbed the peace.
They are getting stronger day by day. After securing boons...
"...from Brahma, they are now worshipping Lord Shiva"
"After Brahmadev, they are now dear to Lord Shiv also"
So you are scared that they may become my dear too
We are really scared and the situation is also not favourable
"Make the situation favorable, all your fears will go away"
How will that happen? -By minimising the strength of Asurs
"But how will it happen, Lord?"
By destroying their religion & making them lose interest in...
...their Shiv worship. This is the only way to minimise their...
...strength and bringing their death closer.
Lord Vishnu has given us the solution that by destroying their...
"...religion and diverting them from their path of Shiv worship,..."
...Tarak's sons death can be brought near. But He didn't tell how we will do this.
You should have asked Him about this there itself
How could we ask as Lord Vishnu had already closed...
...His eyes after giving us the solution
"Had Devarshi been here, this problem would not be there."
"l am always with you, Devraj. But what problem you are..."
"...talking about? -Devarshi, although Lord Vishnu gave us..."
"...a way to bring the death of Tarak's sons closer, He did not..."
...tell us how we will do it.
"Devraj, have you made worries your lover?-What are you saying"
I am saying the truth because all the time you are enveloped... worries. I will advise you to leave these worries
"l haven't embraced it, Devarshi. It has made a place in my head..."
...after the situation has gone against my favour.
"Please tell us the solution as to how will we, -Solution!"
"The solution will be given by Mother Saraswati, please come"
"No, we will not go to Brahmalok, Devarshi..."
...because we are not going to get anything except deception
Again that worry! -But there is a reason too
"But I am also there with you, Devraj"
"lf one takes the son to his father, there is a chance of..."
...fulfilling one's motive. But you are Brahma's son.
"lf we go alongwith you to Brahmalok, there is a possibility"
...that alongwith you all of us will be subjected to deception
"Therefore, we will not go to Brahmalok"
"Devraj, you want your work to be done as well as you feel..."
...hesitant. But how can both these be done. It can't happen
"lf you guide us, we can fulfill three works, not just two"
"You are speaking in a clever note today, Devarshi"
"But the benefit of you all, I will do this work myself alone"
"We will be grateful to you. -Not now, but after finishing it"
For the time being at least give up all your worries
"Come Narad, I was expecting you -Why, Mother?"
To give you some advice. -lt means you were aware that...
...I will come to you for this work
"Why not, as I am the Goddess of knowledge & wisdom"
Even you have also come to me thinking that the advice of...
"...Vishnu, which has become a puzzle for Devraj..."
...will get a solution in my hands.
"Surprising, but it is delighting also. As you already know..."
"...everything, my responsibility is almost finished. "
"No, it has instead increased even more -How is it so?"
"Narad, not only it is a sin to destroy one's religion,..." is anti-religious even to think of that.
Means Lord Vishnu has shown us the path of sin & anti-religion
"No, I can never dare to speak like this, as He is my idol too"
"But you were only telling me about sin & anti-religion,"
I was just telling you a simple truth that it is irreligious... try to divert one from his path of religion without reason
Means it is not sinful or irreligious to push... who has already gone against religion.
"Why are you speaking the language of Asurs, Narad?"
This is the result of my friendship as I have to...
...keep coming and going to the Demons
Even Lord vishnu's indication was also towards devilish kind of...
...behaviour. Demon maintain their religion just to cover their...
...anti-religious behaviours. They are worshipping Shiv not for...
"...religion, but out of their selfishness. But they can't..."
"...give up their devilish nature, however much they are devoted"
"That's fine, but please tell me how will they give up..."
...their religious behaviour?
"No, Narad. It will not be in anybody's favour to..."
...discuss about their diversion into anti-religious behaviour
"So arrange your question properly, and ask how will..."
...Demons give up their religious behaviour
"Even I also wanted to mean that, as I can't even imagine to..."
...obstruct the ways of a religious person
"Narad, as you move around in all three worlds, you must know..."
...this truth and may have seen that one who is engaged in...
"...Iuxury & comfort and zealous feelings, his religion gets..."
...destroyed. These kinds of persons get involved in...
...violence and cruelty being influenced by lust & anger
I have understood your hint. Now please permit me to leave
What will happen by being worried? Devarshi is our...
...well-wisher. He will come with a solution any time.
"Yes, Devraj, we already have Sri Hari's grace, so there is no.."
...reason to be worried.
"You are right, Devguru. There is no reason to be worried"
Mother Saraswati has cleared our way from all worries
"l had the knowledge, but I didn't give attention to this"
"Please come to the matter, Devarshi -Have patience, Devraj"
I went with the same purpose & came with the same
Demons should be made attracted towards luxury & comfort... order to destroy their religion & to divert them from...
...worshipping Shiv. One who is materialistic & loves comfort...
...becomes irreligious also. These two evils are enough to...
...destroy the religion of the Demons
Means as Apsaras were sent to disturb the meditation of sages...
...they will have to be sent again to disturb the Demons too?
This is the only way to divert them from Shiv worship
"Shouldn't we send our Apsaras there, Devarshi?"
If it is the only way then they must be sent
"Menaka, Rambha!"
"Please order, Lord Why did you call us, King?"
Both of you will have to attain the aim with the help of...
...your dance and music. -Dance & music!
"But you have banned dance & music, Devraj"
"Yes, the situation was such at that time. But it has now..."
...changed. Both of you will have to go and present erotic dances..
" front of Tarakakhs, Kamalaksh & Vidyunmali"
In front of those Demons?
Then it will not be possible for us to come back alive
We will definitely go if we are to disturb the meditation of sage
As at the most they give a curse. But Demons take lives
There is no need to be worried so much.
You both have to go there to fulfil a special need
All three of them are engaged in Shiv devotion. You will have to...
...divert them from their devotion.
But will they be disinterested against religion after getting...
...engrossed in devotion?
"Rambha, this devotion is not of the honest but of cruel Demons"
How long will they be able to refrain themselves from their...
...vindictive nature? Your beauty will be helpful in...
...diverting them from their devotion.
And Devraj will not involve you in such job where your life...
...may be is at risk. -There is no need to be afraid.
Go there fearlessly and come back to Heaven after the job
"As you wish, Lord"
Soldiers! Throw away these conspiring Apsaras of Heaven...
"...out of Swarnpur -As you order, King"
They seem to be Apsaras -Yes they are Menaka & Rambha
"Be calm, Rambha & Menaka!"
Let's go back to Heaven
"Devraj, see what has happened"
I had told you earlier that we will not go there. But we had... take our life through a risk in following your order
"lf Agnidev & Barundev were not there, we don't know what..."
...would have happened to us. He has come to know that... had sent us to him. -Now his anger will shower over you.
Go and take rest.
"What should we do now, Gurudev?"
We don't have any other alternative but to go...
...approch Sri Hari again.
"What is the matter, as you are looking quite restless & anxious?"
You will anyway get the answer But please tell me what kind...
"...of life I have got, as I keep burning my hands in other's fire"
Means you have brought the news of failure
"Lord, as per your indication, Devraj sent Menaka & Rambha..."
" disturb the devotion of the Asurs, but they were thrown out"
And Devraj lndra is again sad. Please do something for Devraj
"He himself has to to do something, I can only guide him"
"Although you had indicated, Devraj couldn't understand it..."
...properly and the result was opposite.
"l asked him to minimise the strength of Asurs, but he didn't..."
...understand. Then I hinted at diverting them from religion
"Although, we Tridevs are protector of religion."
It's not our job to inspire someone to destroy religion
"Devraj was told about this clearly, but he couldn't get any..."
...benefit from this. -So please tell him a simple way... that he can be benifitted.
We were just remembering you and you all arrived here
"Lord, won't we ever be free from worries & fears?"
"Devraj, the cause of this fear & worry is not me."
I just wanted to request you to give us a solution.
"Devraj, there can be some solution if the Asurs..."
...devilish spirit is awakened.
This will have to be done by Devgans only...
...or their well-wisher Narad can do it
How can I awaken the devilish spirit of the Demons
"No my Lord, if they are awakened, I'll have to sleep"
There is one more way.
"Sri Hari has a devotee named Brahmadutt, who has secured..."
...power of going to all the three worlds as a fruit of his devotion
"...and the boon of speaking beautiful words, isn't it my Lord"
"How will it be, if he is asked to help the Devgans in this case?"
You are showing the effect of your friendship with Saraswati
You are effected by Her knowledge and wisdom... Devgans will also receive the effect.
Who is this devotee Brahmadutt?
He is the one to whom you will have to go now
Me? What will I do by going there?
You will help the Devgans. Go to him and tell him clearly...
...about the situation. And tell him your motive also.
"With your inspiration, he will be able to mislead Tarak's sons"
"Don't delay anymore, Narad"
"l have come to your feet to sing your praise, Lord Vishnu"
Please have your grace on me always.
Brahmadutt! -Lord!
Lord's grace is just the result of a devotee's devotion
This devotee has his mind always filled with devotion.
You need not have to transform it into language which is...
...already known to your idol.
Then please grace me with such a boon which I still don't have
For this you will have to come out of your hermitage and...
...enter the illusory world outside
I will do that. Just order me where & how to enter there
"You will have to apply the rules of Sage Charbak, as per the... "
...direction of my ardent devotee Narad and by diverting the...
"...Tarak's sons from Shiv worship, you will have to..."
...awaken the devilish spirit in them. You will have to fulfil...
...this difficult job for the welfare of Devgans
"Difficult? How can it be difficult, my Lord? How can the job..." difficult which has the strength of your order
I will definitely fulfil the job
How can it be possible for me to refuse following your order
And this is not my job to judge who is going to be benefitted... the work. I am just a servant at your feet
I will do this job as per your order.
The job of awakening the devilish spirit in Demons
"But as per the law, it results in welfare if Demons are awakened.."
...towards virtuous behaviour. But Lord your play has no boundaries
You want me to fulfil the job of diverting the Demons from their...
...Shiv devotion. I'll do this job
Where do I go if I don't perform this job. I'll do it surely
"Welcome, Shri Hari's devotee Narad"
Shri Hari has ordered me to act as per your direction
Please tell me how will l forward this Narad's play
Play? What play? -The play of swallowing
"This is not play, but a job"
The job of swallowing the devotion of the Demons
"So that Demons become more devilish, so that the containers..."
...of their devilishness gets filled up.
"lsn't this the job for me, Brother Narad? -Brother?"
If not brother than are you my mother?
"King Narad, both of us are devotees of Shri Hari Vishnu"
Then aren't we both devotee brothers?
"Yes, almost. -Now why almost? Of course, it can be..." you are an ardent devotee & I am just a simple devotee
Therefore you are elder and I am younger
"You are not only brother, but elder brother, isn't it?"
"Have I said anything unfair, elder brother?"
We devotees never speak anything unfair
"Yes as today's trend is to do some unfair job, instead of..."
...speaking unfair things. -Meaning?
Meaning it takes double to first speak unfair & then do it
That is why there is no need of speaking & hearing but...
...just to do the job and run away.
I don't think you need my direction for the grand job
"Atually the truth is that, what is needed that doesn't happen..."
...and what happens is not needed. Does somebody have the..
..feeling after having a look at Sri Hari that He will have the...
...need for diverting the devotees from Shiv devotion?
Does it feel after having a look at you that you are the director..
...of that need? And does it feel after having a look at me that...
...I am the main actor in this play? No!
"Then this distance of thoughts & reality ia finished, Brother"
Listen to me Priest Brother -Call me younger brother
"How can I call you younger,as your behaviour is not like one"
"You are instead a father, not even that you are grand-father"
Otherwise does Narad gives so much time to speak to anyone
But your word play didn't give me any chance to speak
Now listen to me -I am listening fully
Divert all the three Tarak's sons from Shiv devotion with the... your word play and intelligence and awaken...
...devilish spirit in their minds. Apply Four way principles...
...and exite the feeling of lust with your cleverness
"And if needed, then kill the deceit with deceit"
That I will anyway do. But if you want me to awaken any...
"...spirit in yourself, then please order."
You will be definitely successful in your venture.
One who can put a stop to the flow of Narad's words...
...he can surely mislead the Demons.
"They will be surely misled, but not in this appearance."
Alchohol & beautiful ladies
"Forgive me King, actually l haven't come to make you angry.."
...but to tell you some truth
What truth & who are you to enter in my Swarnpur like this?
Your well wisher
"King, should you let your youth, and this young body go waste..." meditation? It should never be.
"Lord of Demons, this youth is not anyway meant for wasting in..."
"...devotion, instead it is for getting engaged in enjoyment"
"You are leader of Demons, who had enjoyed Heaven's comfort,,,"
" defeating the Devgans, where all the beautiful Apsaras..."
"...Iive, and the right of enjoying all the luxury & comfort..."
"...along with the angels belong to you, not the Devgans"
"Then why are you wasting your youth, which never comes back..."
"...once it comes of age, in remembering these trivial Devs?"
Alchohol and beautiful ladies!
What kind of well wisher are you? I am worshipping...
...Lord Shiv here and you are refering to Gods as trivial?
Shiv! Isn't this same Shiv whose son killed your father Tarak?
You are worshipping the father of your father's killer
You are great King!
His son was your father's enemy
Then can He ever be graceful to you?
"Think well, King and tell me that when these trivial Devtaas..."
...were in favour of the Demons?
"Think yourself & tell me, when these Devtaas didn't play..."
...their tricks on the Demons?
"Even if I start from churning of the ocean part, it'll take me..."
...ages to describe the injustice and tricks of the Devtaas
It seems you are speaking the truth.
"Why should I tell a lie, King? There should be some reason..."
" tell a lie. Had I been your enemy, I would have told you lie"
"And I am not your enemy, but your well wisher"
That is why I will only speak the truth
Is it false that Brahmadev gives incomplete boons to Demons?
Then their death is caused in the hands of Shiv.
Is it also false that Vishnu is against the Demons?
"When all these three are your enemies, then how is..."
...Shiv's worship going to help you?
Your arguments really proves that you are my well wisher
"And everybody listens to the advice of well wishers, King"
Listen to me & shed off this illusion of becoming a religious...
"...person. This religiousness only suits cowards, not strong Demons"
Go and earn wealth & luxury with your strength & manliness
And enjoy all the luxury and comfort.
You Demons have taken birth only to reign over the three worlds...
...and to enjoy all sorts of luxury and comfort.
Even I also used to think like this at first.
"You used to think before, now do it. Life becomes sad..."
"...if the thoughts are not turned into action. That is why, put..."
...into action whatever you have thought & think whatever... haven't till now and put them into action.
But how can I think whatever I haven't thought
"lf you are having problem in thinking, then stop doing that..."
...and do everything without giving a thought.
But what should I do how?
Three of you go and spread terror in three worlds
Snatch Heaven from the Devtaas and reign over the universe.
Your forefathers also did this. And now if you don't do it...
...won't their souls be in pain -Of course they will
Now we three brothers will do what they had done
This Shiv devotion will not result in our favour.
Alchohol & beautiful ladies
What are you waiting for? Go and arrange for...
...alcholhol and beautiful ladies for your King
Fill the atmosphere of Swarnpuri with the fragrance of singing...
...and dancing so that your King gets satisfied and shower gifts...
...on you all. -Sure!
Hail alchohol and beautiful ladies!
Where this sound of melodious music is coming from?
"See, the meditation of Maha Rudra has stopped"
This melodious sound of music is coming from your brothers place
He has drawned himself in alcohol & beautiful woman... giving up Shiv devotion
Who are you? -Your friend and well wisher
I have come here to tell you that it doesn't suit the powerful...
...Demons like you to remain engaged in Shiv devotion...
...Iike cowards. It never suits you.
"You are worshipping Him whose son killed your father, friend"
Why are you wasting your life and youth in getting engaged in...
"...devotion instead of enjoying the gifts of youth & luxory, friend"
"Friend? -Yes, friend, who has come to warn you against enemy"
Your brother Tarkaksh also started enjoying life by listening... me and by embracing beautiful woman & alchohol
"Then why are you delaying, my friend?"
"lt seems good to hear, but hard to believe that about my brother"
Then listen to the melody which is coming from Swarnpur
"Not by listening, but I will go and see. And what you are..."
"...telling me is true, I will also follow my brother's ways."
"Brother! -Kamalaksh, alchohol & beautiful ladies are the only..."
"...aim of Demon's life, not Shiv meditation."
Alcohol & beautiful woman!
"You are not a friend, but deceitful. You are trying to..."
...cheat me. -Please be calm
Anger enters one's head only when intelligence comes out
Let intelligence automatically...
... go inside the head. Then you will realise that...
...whatever I have told you are all true.
It's my religion to speak the truth.
Do you have any proof with you? -Proof?
You will get the proof if you come with me to have a look... to how both of your elders have drawned themselves... alcohol & beautiful ladies by giving up Shiv devotion... enjoy the real happiness of life.
You will also get to see how they have embraced good ideas... giving up the wicked ones. They are quite happy and...
...want their youngest brother also to be happy like this.
"Come Vidyurmali, and walk the way for your happiness"
See how much happiness is there in the company of beautiful...
"...woman and alchohol, Kamalaksh"
"Yes, we were uselessly wasting our time in Shiv devotion"
"Come Vidyurmali, so you have also met this saint"
He has brought us to Heaven from Hell
There is one greater Heaven where you three should attack
"We will surely attack, but you have some alcohol first"
Have a seat Vidyurmali and have a drink
"You also have some, friend"
Why are you feeling shy?
"l am shy, so I am feeling so. I don't want all these"
Then what do you want?
I want to see you sitting in the throne of Heaven
"l, Tarak's son with my brohers declare war on Heaven"
We will definitely oblige your declaration.
We will start the preparation from now itself
And will attack Heaven as soon as we get the opportunity
We haven't got any information till now. I am worried
"What can we do even if we are worried, Devi Sachi?"
The messenger whom Lord Vishnu sent to Tarak's sons in disguise.. Charbak should have been back by now
It seems Charbak has been caught in the web of...
...Tarak's son's illusion.
Why do you all entertain such negative thoughts in your minds
The present situation & insecure future give rise to such thoughts
You are right. Situations have become ultimate truths for us.
"Lord, Agnidev's doubts are not fully baseless"
Tarak's sons are clever. They must have the knowledge of...
...Charbak's reality by now. Will they leave him alive then?
"Devi, you are making me worried instead of removing it"
"Why do you think like that, my Lord?"
We can't turn our back to the truth and practicality
"Until Charbak gives us the good news, we will be worried"
"Welcome Devarshi. Whenever you come, the darkness of depression"
...go away and light come in.
"How come you are speaking in ornamental language today, Devi?"
So that you give us a good news with your sweet language.
"Please tell me, Devarshi. What information have you brought?"
"The information is in your favour, Devraj"
"Devraj, Charbak was successful in his job"
All three sons of Tarak are engaged in the company of...
...alcohol & beautiful women by giving up their Shiv devotion
"That's very great, Devarshi. -Really a matter of delight."
"But Devraj, the learned ones say that one should be..."
...careful regarding the subject of delight. And you should be...
...careful because Tarak's sons are planning to attack Heaven...
...under the influence of devilish spirits.
Why should you be so much worried when Lord Vishnu...
" your protector. Have faith in Him, it will lead to your welfare"
He will never allow the plans of Tarak's son to be successful
But Brahmadev has given them boon to be killed only in the...
...hands of Lord Shiv. Then how can Lord Vishnu help us in this?
"Your queries create a doubt about your knowledge, Devraj"
Don't you know even this much that the universe is run with...
...the combined force of these Tridevs.
Three of their wishes meet one point after coming from...
...three different ways. If you are inexperienced with these simple...
"...truths, then it'll be a waste for me to say anything more"
Forgive us. Devraj's intention was never meant to hurt you
He just asks these questions to calm his worries that arise from
...future worries and thoughts.
"Please don't be angry, Devarshi. We can't even imagine what will.."
...happen to us if a guide like you become angry with us
"Please try to understand the truth, Devraj. Then you..."
...will be able to take some decisions in the future.
Don't think that Demons are planning to attack on Heaven just getting attracted to the wealth & properties of Heaven
"lt is never like that, because they have Swarnpur, Rajatpur..."
"...and Lohpur with them, which are more beautiful and grand..."
"...than Heaven.-Then why do they want to attack Heaven, Devarshi"
Just to take revenge on the murder of their father
"But there is nothing to worry, Devraj. You should all go to Shiv"
...and request Him that as Tarak's sons have destroyed...
"...their religion, He should bring their end as soon. But,"
"What is that, Devarshi"
I have a wish in my mind which will never be fulfilled -What?
If Lord Shiv finishes Tarak's sons before their attack on...
"...Heaven, the hope of seeing the Swarnpur, Rajatpur and Lohpur..."
...will die in the mind itself.
Are those three cities so wonderful?
"Yes, Devi. It is said that demon architect Mayasur has given..."
...the three cities a super natural shape with his skills
I had actually come here with the hope that if Devraj...
"...accompanies me, we will request Mayasur to show us..."
...his great architecture of these cities.
Demons' citites? Means you want to go to the residence of enemy?
"But have you thought about the consequences, Devarshi?"
Narad always thinks before action. Don't you 've faith on me
"When my intelligence is doubted here, why do I come here..."
...always to give my advice? I'll never come in future.
"lf you get angry in slightest things, then how will the..."
"...future jobs takes place, Devarshi?"
"Devi, you will go there and enter only after securing full assurance"
"...from Demon architect Mayasur, otherwise not."
"Yes, my Lord. Security is always needed in front of enemies"
"l would have been assured if Agnidev, Barundev and other..."
...Devgans accompany you.
"Sure, we also want to see the creation of Mayasur"
Let's all go to Mayasur
"How so beautiful, extraordinary and grand the architecture is"
Really Devarshi. We haven't seen these kind of creation in Heaven
Wonderful! And who isn't going to salute such wonderful creation
"Mayasur, we don't have words to describe your talent"
There is no end to the height of your skill in architecture
You have left Deva architect Vishwakarma far behind.
You have made me delighful by coming here with Devgans...
"...and prasing my architecture, Devarshi"
"But I am worried, terrified and surprised to see you all here,"
"That is the relation, Mayasur The relation between Deva and"
...Demons have become sour without reason.
"Besides that we were yearning to see Swarnpur, Rajatpur and..."
...Lohpur after hearing the praise. That is why we are here today
We have ignored all the evil consequences just to see it
Then will we be able to see the three cities with your help?
Your becoming thoughtful will make us worried
There is a way. We have come to appreciate your art.
"lt means we have good feelings in us, not evil thoughts"
So we are like your guests. And if you show the three cities...
" your guests, why should Tarak's sons object to this?"
They will not behave against us.
You are right. You have come here to appreciate my creation.
Your appreciation means my honour. And what objection...
...can Tarak's sons have to those who show respect to me
I have done a great favour to them by building such cities
They will never behave badly with my guests
"ln reply to your respect for me, I will also have to show you..."
...respect. Please come with me.
"This is the first city among Tripurs, Swarnapur."
Devtaa's King lndra and Devarshi Narad!
They must have come here to get some clue. Let's inform our King
"You were right, Devarshi. Heaven stands nowhere in front of this."
Rajatpur & Lohpur are even more beautiful than this.
We have come here to see the beauty only
"l will take you all there to show the grandeur, come to Rajatpur."
What information have you brought?
"King, Deva King lndra and Devarshi & other Devgans are..."
...seeing our Tripur with Mayasur -With Mayasur!
Devataas in Tripur! -Without informing us!
They have now proceeded towards Rajatpur
It may be possible that they have come to get some...
"...clues about Tripur, King -No"
Rajatpur is even more grand than Swarnpur
This is a great combination of art & skill
All our words were finished in praising Swarnpur
Now I don't have any word to praise Rajatpur
Please proceed towards Lohpur now
How beautiful it is. Rajatpur is more beautiful than Swarnpur...
...and Lohpur is even more beautiful than Rajatpur
All the three cities seem to represent the best architecture
Actually it is hard to determine which is the most beautiful
This is the magic of artist Mayasur's artistry
We have seen all the three cities and we are very much delighted
Now we should leave.
"We are very grateful to your good feelings, Mayasur..."
...for the trouble you have taken in showing the best of art
I am grateful instead as you came here and showed...
...respect to me and my artistry.
You are great Mayasur as you are feeling grateful after...
...getting respect from Devtaas. And we are grateful to you...
"...for your betrayal -What betrayal, King?"
Does betrayal has any colour or form?
To put finger after sitting in lap is called betrayal
Didn't you feel ashamed to reveal the secrets to our enemy?
"lf he has any shame, he wouldn't have done such a thing..."
...which make the friend sad and foes delighted
I haven't done anything like that. Devarshi & Devgans came to...
...see the beauty of Tripur after hearing the praise about them
They have just come here with the feeling of appreciating art...
"...barring all the feelings of politics, warfare and diplomacy"
Your mask is revealed now. You have joined the enemy's side
"They are not our enemy, but guests, King"
The guests of our betrayer are like our enemy itself
And we Demons even kill our friends to protect our selfishness
Then how can we leave the enemies alive?
"No, I can't let this happen. And if it happens, it will be like..."
"...betraying the Devtaas I haven't done anything, still..."
...I am blamed from your side. And if I don't do anything now...
"...I will be blamed for betrayal from their side. No, King..." will not do such an evil thing. And have faith in me...
...I don't have anything evil in my mind against you
"Brother, Mayasur is the builder of our Tripurs. And if we kill..."
"...his guests, he can even destroy them out of his anguish"
"Therefore, please act as per law."
We have accepted your words that you haven't betrayed us
Now you also accept our words that if we allow our enemies...
" go back, our life will be at risk. So I'll not kill them..."
...but I will make them our captive. Because if we let them...
...go they will reveal our secrets to all our enemies
"Then they will all attack us, and destroy all of us."
Nothing of us and grand Tripur will remain
"So in the interest of everyone's safety, it will be proper to..."
...keep them as captive. Then both our secret & we'll be safe
Please try to understand my helplessness. If it is true that...
" have come here to know our secrets, then neither you..."
"...are my guests, nor I am a betrayer"
"No, this is not true, Mayasur"
"Make these deceitful Devtaas captive, & lock them in prison"
"From today, there will be no food and water for them"
Take them all.
"What's the matter, lndrani? Where are you going in such..."
...anxiousness & confusion?
"Anxiousness is never without reason, Parampita"
Devraj is not in Heaven for a long time
"They went to see the Tripurs, & have not come back till today"
I don't know anything about them. Please tell me where they are
"What is the situation, Parampita?"
The situation is pitiable
"Then after being anxious, should I now become worried?"
"Yes, both for you and me"
Your husband lndra and my son Narad are now in prison in...
"...Lohpur, alongwith the other Devgans."
"ln prison? What will happen now, Parampita?"
What is the way for their release?
Who else can show us the way other than Lord Shiv?
He will rescue all of them. -Then let's go to Kailash
Strange! Brahmadev & lndrani have come to Kailash number of..
...times earlier. But lndrani was always accompanied by lndra &...
...Brahma was accompanied by Devgans. This is the first time...
...that they have come here together. Is everything alright?
"No Lord, nothing is alright. I am in my separation from my..."
...husband and Brahmadev is suffering from separation from...
...His son. -Separation! Means both of you want union now
"lt is quite natural, Bholenath. That wicked Demons have kept..."
"...Narad, lndra and all other Devgans as captive in prison"
But what was the need for them to go to Lohpur?
"Why did they go there? -Out of eagerness, Devi"
They went to see the beauty of Tripur after hearing about it
"When Devarshi is there, he has not gone there just to see beauty"
He must have gone there to spread his play
It is not in Narad's hands to spread the play
His play is also a part of Bholenath's wish & plays
"Lord, please get all of them released from the prison "
Something must be done to get them released
"As per my boon, the time of their death in your hands have..."
...come near. Please depart to finish those anti religious ones
"Yes, Brahmadev, union, separation and co-operation,..."
...all of them are running simultaneously.
"lt is essential to break their movement, direction & condition"
Please arrange for a vehicle constituting all Gods soon
"Definitely, Lord. I'll soon approach Vishwakarma for that"
I don't know in what condition Devraj will be!
Shachi's fears came true. We have been imprisoned by enemy
"Now if Lord Shiv decimates the Tripur, we will be decimated"
"Please do something, Devarshi"
"Devaraj, troubles become heavy without patience"
Then how does it become small?
The troubles gets decreased after having balance & faith...
And having faith in Lord Shiv. If we call for Him devotedly...
...He will surely rescue us from this situation
"Even I also feel that, Devarshi. If we submit ourselves to..."
"...Lord Shiv, He will surely save our respect."
Om Shri Tripundadhari! ((bearer of three lines in forehead)
Please come and protect our respect.
"What kind of illusion is this of yours, Lord"
That Shiv devotees are covered with trouble
"You are the protector of the Universe, heroes & beings..."
...Demons have become our eaters
They removed their attention from knowledge and religion
Shiv devotees are covered with trouble
The demons terrified us and we are suffering from their fear
Being hesitated our mind was misled
Shiv devotees are covered with trouble
"Please listen to our prayers and rescue us, Lord"
Our bodies are burning in the fire of pains
Plase come and protect our respect
"Vishwakarma, as per Lord Shiv's order, you will have to arrange..."
...for an all Dev vehicle -As His wish!
"Brahmadev, your all Dev vehicle is ready"
"Lord Shiv, as per your order vehicle of all Gods is ready"
It is almost time to leave for Tripur. Please appear here.
Please leave.
Lord Bholenath has listened to our calls
General! -Demon army -Attack immediately
See there Lord. Three of them are calling for their army...
...from their three cities. Please don't give them time to adjust.
And finish them with your attack.
There are many ways of Lord Shiv's grace. If sometimes...
"...His attacks rescue, sometimes His attacks cause destruction."
As He did with the three Tarak's sons & Tripurs
Sometimes He takes test of devotees's devotion in every step
And inspires the world by expressing the greatness....
...of His devotion. One of His such devotee was Sage...
...Byaghrapad's son Upamanyu. He took birth amidst tests itself
What happened my son? Why are you so depressed?
"Mother, I'll never go for begging any more -Why son?"
"The villagers laugh at me, insult me. -Laugh at you?"
Yes. They say that this son of great Sage Byaghrapad knows...
...neither how to chant nor how to perform any religious function.
And when I don't have any knowledge of religion and...
" not know any work, they should not offer me anything"
It's all matter of time my son. There was a time when your...
"...father received so much respect from villagers, that as token..."
...of respect they used to offer so many things that we need not
...have to beg at all. And now this is the time that we don't...
...get even a tiniest offering in begging
"Then what is the use of staying in such a village, Mother..."
"...where we are laughed at, insulted & go to bed hungrily"
You are right my son. We will go to your maternel uncle's... in the other village. He will give us shelter.
And we will never have to beg anymore
"When will we go to uncle's place, Mother? -Now itself"
"Lord, please forgive us. We mother & son were always sad..."
...after your demise. Therefore we are leaving this forefather's... out of our helplessness Please forgive us.
"Mother, there are many cows there. We will surely get milk. "
"Yes, but first let's meet your uncle."
I am repenting as I married a poor like you.
You have never given me any happiness
I have waited even for smallest of things
"What are you speaking, Tara"
I am just telling you the truth. And truth is bitter
Had my priest father married me off to an great Sage...
...I would have enjoyed the comfort like a queen today
"Mother, my uncle is not speaking anything in reply to..."
...aunty's loud words
How will I get happiness if l have something wrong in my fate
"So you came here, beggars Go away from here"
What are U looking at my face? Why are you not leaving?
"l am Devika, your sister-in-law You are my brother's wife"
How can I be a beggar's sister-in-law?
"No, I am not a beggar. I am your husband Susharma's sister"
And this is your nephew Upamanyu
I have come to meet my brother with him
So this is your brother -Yes
I know that all the relatives of poor are poor
The sister will also have the same condition as her brother
"Please be calm, my sister. I am very sorry that..."
...I couldn't share your sorrows. I couldn't come to wipe your...
...tears even after getting the news of brother-in-law's death
As we couldn't get any shelter in this big world...
...we have come to your shelter. Will you give us a shelter? -Yes
Your brother is not a rich man. He can't look after me and my...
...only child. Then how will he feed you?
Both you brother & sister wipe each other's tears by standing...
...outside only. Go back to your place wherefrom you have come
"Don't speak like this, please. Devika is my sister & she is sad"
Even we are also not happy. We have not given our word to...
...remove other's sadness. -Who is the other here?
She is your sister-in-law
I don't want to enjoy the status by being sad
Sharat Poornima(the coming full of moon) takes birth from...
...the effort to remove other's sadness in darkness
Don't make me listen to this language of sages
"l am just speaking the language of behaviour, Tara"
"lf you want, take a test"
I am asking you to stop and you are continuing with all Ur words
"Now as both brother & sister have met, ask her to leave"
"No, they both will live here with us."
If you are stubborn then get their acceptance -For what?
That they will live here as servants
"lf you obey me, then only I'll follow your words, otherwise not"
I accept the condition.