[Eng sub] INFINITE L/Myungsoo crying while reading his mom's letter

Uploaded by Tesslovelove on 14.01.2012

Don't you have any photos of L? I have some from kindergarten
You must have been ugly
*meant as a joke since she doesn't have any newer photos*
I know who he is right away *in the photo*
He's different! No, even as young he looked the same as now
I heard that L's mom wrote something?
About that, I...
that's very cute~ Pretending not to know about it
Like, wrote something? wrote what?
Starting from when he was young, we usually write alot of short letters to each other
WH: Me and my mother use to write those alot too
And in those letters i would put in some pocket money for him and then give him the letter
However, he dislikes that
No way, he likes it
After reading the letter and then seeing the pocket money below, he's going to like it
Then he'd write back: Mom, thank you for the letter and about the money, you take it
However Myungsoo he'd take the money and leave the letter behind
If i read it, even though it's nothing special, i feel like everyone will cry, so our Myungsoo, you read it instead
My son, are you doing well? Your really suprised, right? mom: there's a dot dot dot there! L: dot dot dot (...)
My Myungsoo, Ever since you were young you didn't get into trouble or do anything bad you're a good kid, who does things well
Mom still isn't used to the fact that you're a celebrity It feels like i'm talking about someone else
Someone who's shy and abit old-fashioned, aren't you sometimes wearing clothes that don't fit *it's an expression*
Instead of always being proud, i worry because my heart is stuck on some words you once said
L: seriously, what is this
That handwriting, looks like mom's handwriting, right? L: no~
Strength...ah..wait a second!
Also to the 7 friends who will go into the working life...
Oh my world, what do i do Myungsoo, what to do
I would like you not be like members who only trust and depend on eachother, but become like real brothers
I have alot to say, but i feel like i shouldn't make it any longer
Although day by day it may be tiring, but for the sake of recieving more love, i ask you all to cheer together
From the mom who lovers her 7 sons
For me too, i feel really touched i'm also like that, but my world, my myungsoo
This letter isn't anything, if i had wroten a deeper one, we'd be in trouble~
I think you really expressed the feelings of all the 7 mothers
Honestly, it's tiring and hard~ there are times when you can't sleep
Personally, also in the future, further along and during my work now i recieve alot of different stress
And like my mom said, i'm not really good at expressing myself with words
After i saw that, I felt even more touched
Even though her just coming here personally is really touching, i didn't think she'd write a letter
Just the fact that she wrote a letter was touching
I was just grateful for it, i was thankful for the fact that she came