Wong Fu Weekends Episode 36- Hawaii Fashion Race!(closed caption)

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Its the end of the week!
A Wong Fu week!
Its Wong Fu Weekeeeends!
Hey Everyone!
Welcome back to another season of Wong Fu Weekends!
Season 3!
You miss us? Did you...miss..us..?
This is our first time saying hello...since 2011 started...
I guess that's a belated happy new year
Oh. Happy New Year Western...and uh
Eastern now
No no. Western and Lunar
and Lunar
So the people of the West and the people of the Moon. Happy New Year.
We closed of 2010 with a very successful auction
that brought us to a total of over $7000 that we donated to various charities
So thank you guys, cuz without you we wouldn't have been able to do any of those donations and
alot of it came from the store too. Um. From our store, areyouaniceguy.com
Ok. So for this very first episode of Wong Fu Weekends Season 3...
we're not just going to sit here
We're going to share a little bit of what we did for the last three months
One of the highlights is that I went to uhh...I went to Hawaii
and I hung out with some..some buddies out there
I went race car driving I guess
I took my car out onto the race track.
Its something I wanted to do for a really long time and I actually did it.
Now he's cooked...
Now I have a helmet
I went to a fashion show...with you guys.
You guys were there
Oh thats right!
Thats kind of grab-back of stuff. You wanna share a little bit?
Let's go check this out!!
* Hawaiian music plays*
Wong Fu Weekends...Hawaii edition!(Ryan) Wong Fu Weekends!!
Wait what's the name of this island? Its not called Big Island right?
It is.The...
What's the name of the island?
Technical name is Hawaii
So if you want to get technical, its complex...
(Phil) Its Hawaii?? So if you want to get technical, its complex...
Everyone here talks like him
Anyways..we're going to..we're getting fireworks now
This is really weird..you're just getting whatever.
You don't even know what you're getting right now
That looks nice! Golden Fan..
Im just grabbing it
What are you doing? I want the Silver Fan!
*Chester See's " God Damn You're Beautiful"* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!
You guys made it!
Oh Whoa! *Chester mouths lyrics*
Yeah Hawaii!!
The first thing I did when I called him I said "Aloha"
and he said " Shut up.."
and I said, " I'v been waiting...I've been waiting 9 hours to say that to u"
It was worth it!
This is Chester and Kev's first time to Hawaii
I've never been!
Look. Look at the nice pavements!
Look at this!
Look at the pineapples. There's..These are pineapples!
There's pineapples and volcanoes everywhere
Chester: That could be Hawaii! Phil:and then and then there's...There are Macadamia nuts on the road!
Phil: It's lying with Macadamias! Chester: You're lying!
Stop lying to your fans!
*Hawaiian music plays* I've never...lit a firework..
Phil go!
Ready?! Are you guys ready?
Kevin: Yes we're ready Chester: We've been ready!!We're waiting for you!
Phil: You ready? Ryan: Ready.
*Fireworks spark*
Jump through it!
Oh my gosh!!
Wa wait!(whispers) Don't you move!
Kevin.. Kev, It's going to explode right now! Wa wait no! Don't don't don't don't don't!
and we're driving around E-low... in the back of a pick-up truck.
Uh...we're uh...
Who's car are we in?!
This could be dangerous actually...
This is very dangerous ...I'm not really sure...
Alright..We're going to a private BEACH!!
Um...and Ryan..Ryan and Ryan are taking us to the...
Cuz to get there you have to go off roading....
Yeah.And its uh really bumpy...
Phil: Very bumpy Chester: Its not that bumpy!
It's not that bumpy!
This is not exaggerating...
Phil:...at all! Chester:He's just moving the camera back and forth!
This not exaggerating at all!
He's just moving the camera!
Oh! Oh! Oh my God!!
Dont' bang your head on my head!!
Oh my...gosh!! *Excessive Laughing*
Um..I mean..It's the only thing..that since we're doing something so manly....like awkwarding that we listen to..
MANDY MOORE *Mandy Moore's "Only hope" plays*
We always listen to Mandy Moore!
*The guys Singing "Only Hope" ...my head baaack!
and so we're going down lava rock
This is lava rock
(nervously laughing)Holy crap!
Can you still film me?
(still laughing nervously) Im trying...look at the necklace on the...!
Oh! Oh foshiz!
I..I gotta hold onto something...
Dude..I can't believe they're just right here...
Heeeey Sea Turtle!
*People chattering*
Where are we?
We're at a fashion show
Look at..who the designers are
Whaat the heck?
Mr. designer, explain where we are
I think...they mixed us up
We're at the 2011 Los Angeles Miss Chinatown...Fashion Show.
They have crowns...called tiaras!
So this year's court is going to be modeling our T-shirts
And...it..they're just T-shirts
So there's...wait. There's actual...There's actual uh designers though..like fashion designers...
There's actually like...established designers...that went to school
learned the stuff..actually how to style...
but we're..we're...they're wearing our T-shirts.
So we're once again misplaced!
This ought to be interesting...
Hey if ur like um like..supposed to be..supposed to be like the designer, why aren't u back stage?
You know like going crazy working with the models and..
No! You should be like..you know pinning stuff, and going crazy..and flustered and...
Have like hairpins in my bag?
Yeah like..why aren't u..if ur like a REAL designer...*laughs*
I should do that
You should go back there right now...start poking them
I'll say "that doesnt look good, take it off"
*Fashion show music plays*
This feel a little wrong...
Wait..wait I feel more wrong cuz Im videotaping...
* sorry guys i cant hear or understand what he's saying. i'll put it in when i know what he said*
Woow very nice Wes..
*Fashion music plays* Putting it away..I feel really creepy...
*laughs* Wes: did you see the shirt?
no not really...
Soo..What..What do you think?
I..I think they did very well.They did very well.
So what can we..So what can we be expecting for the next season of..
no just pay for next season..
Phil: O wow..wow amazing Wes: its gonna be...
*camera shutters click*
Phil: Do you want to try it on? Girl: Yes you do!
Wes: He's the one holding flowers Ted: Heeey!
Awwww ur such a pretty princess!
Here you go Wes!
Oh! You win! You win!
You won! Wes: Yesss
*laughs* Girl: Oh this is such a funny...
No nooo! Wes: No nope..Its done...its over..
* car engine runs*
*cars screech and motors run*
Im at a race track! Almost spun out....
Im wearing this dorky helmet...
*Mario Kart Theme*
That's a little bit of what we've been up to since the last time we saw you
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Next..week..Wow that's weird we havent done that in a while...
See you next week.