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PUNTO FINAL with Nicolás Lúcar
Gastón Gaviola and Orlando Canepa and the crew of PUNTO FINAL
were with a amazing group of people,
They are fans , more of them women but there are men too
of a musical phenomenon THE KOREAN POP simply are thousands
let's watch this.
Days before, searching on Internet, I found this News that caught me my attention
Who were these Koreans that in only half of hour to starting the selling the ticket in Lima sold out the Super vip tickets
without promoting their arriving
Thus began this report
We live sometimes behind to reality like this fans that they are there ready to let them hear
Peruvians say "Si se puede" but Koreans say "Fighting"
with lot "fighting" is how they will wait for JYJ,
the korean boyband that will be hiting our country this march 11th
Whoes ticket´s sales here in Lima would turn pale of envy many super western artists such Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brother
But we should go step by step
they dont show up on radio nor TVs
How did they practically sould out all their ticket´s concert in just 24 hours
fans of kpop or "Kpoper" as they call themselves
Children of 21 century who practically were born logged to internet and with an smarphone on their hands
Some people still dont go for korean music because they think there arent fans here
and thats the reason why this it not so public or tv or radio
But since we are always logged to twietter or Facebook in internet, we talk and re-search about them
So that was the answer
All this young girl live connected to foros on the internet and every social network
Without even knowing each other they are capable of setting up big events in less than 24 hours
Fans are so line up that when they just found out about our report
they made this Facabook group to coordinate anything about it
Contacted by facebook, obviously,
JYJ fans put together this web page that before midday it already had more than 400 followers
All of them called to attend the recording
Mariscal Castilla Park, 4 pm
The results were undiniable
If let us speechless, dumpfounded...
ideas that came originally from south korea
kpop, nowadays, is a big industry that involves of million of dollars per year
And, of course, the growing peruvian market welcome with open arms everything from this just arrived asian Idols
Always well organized, thr fans of JYJ or Cassiopeias as are they called
showed us some of their treasures
Toys, posters, charts, banners made by theirselves
It was a world of girl gathered to sing and dance for JYJ
Wait!, wait!!!... can you go back to that, please
-My girlfriend dumped me because of him! -You girlfriend dumped you because you listen to this group?
Because, she was very jealous that loved Yoochun
Do you love Yoochun?
I mean... I lov... I admire him, He is my role-model ...because of who He is and what he has done!
Axel is one of many open-minded fanboys of JYJ
Who doesnt care about standing out his love for Yoochun
-I'm going to kidnap Yoochun -Are you going to kidnap, to make that
To play nintendo, Soccer let's play football
And then introduce him some girls friends
´Cause Yoochun is a man too
And hi isnt alone!
Regularly, there are more guys but just came a few ´cause we usually get togheter on saturday, and since i was free, i came!
-You have the same hairstyle -Because I admire him very much
The Kpop issue, as I discovered along with Patricia, isnt a tempory summer fieber!
-Are you from any fanclub? -Yes, since 5 and a half years
"TVQXPeru" and "Jaejoong´s Addiction" fanclub of Jaejoong
How did you get know this group
Since a very young age, my sister and i like to listen to korean music and korean dramas
´cause TVXQ 5 made lots of OSTs from there, I began to research about them and to like them too
JYJ comes from the acronym of the names of its 3 members
Jaejoong Hero, Yoochun Park and Junsu Kim
Together they conform the most successful pop band from South Korea
With performances that blow up stages, where the electronic fireworks displays and large effects are the common denominator
And as a direct request of their fanclub, here are some personal details about them
Jaejoong has 26 years, 9 sisters, and hates cocarachs and washing the dishes
He claims he wants to marry one of his fans,
Yoochun is also 26, being, he moved in to usa
Where he got the nickname of micky, though the doesnt want get marry, he wants a child
Finally, Junsu Kim of 24, son of an Ex-Miss Universe Korea and every day they send text messages with his mother
And his whis is to be a girl in his next life
-How old are you? -17
-Since when do you listen to this group? -Since i was 13 years old
-Who do you like the most? -Yoochun
- Why? -Because he´s handsome
-On avarage, how much costed you this huge-poster -Between $7 to $9... $8 I think so
-Who is -He is Micky Yoochun
I love him, that´s why i had this ear-headband, cause he's Micky Yoochun and I am mini
I would say that is a fan... but that called it? This is an UCHIBA its sold in very concert
As a "godie" Posters, bags, etc this one i bought it in their Japan live tour recently
With this legion of fans, it´s no wonder kpoppers made long lines days before and that the tickets were sold out before tickets go on sale
-Did you camp -you have no idea, it was insane
We had to ask permission, ended up sick suffered but it was worth it cause we got the tickets, but we did it!
i want camping one day before, rised early cause of them they´re my life, am a fan sice many years ago and always will be
JYJ PERU!!!...
It was programmed to sell 600 tickets but because of the demand 300 more were added so in 32 minutes 900 tickets were solud out
The Shopping Center Arenales is general barrack th move Otaku Japanese little by little begins to give somespace for Kpopper
With shops specializing in korean like Aldo Peralta
This album from here how much it costs?
Well, this one costs $50 disk are average $40, sometime $30,
Sometime we make pre-orders where before the CDs are put on sale they are sold cheaper, massive oredera
You know, we try to support them (fans and artists)
Here i get another surprise, Aldo is a veterinarian of 34 years old and not only handles "KASSO"
Also is know as the father of Kpop of Perú... and it is not difficult to realize,
Posters, Books, Disc, everything that comes out of the Kpop bands whether they be men or women...
He already have everything
With Sonia thougth that we are the only from all Peru that listen Kpop
It is believed eccentric
Yeah, we went to a forum that was dedicated to Doramas, Korean Dramas
And as we are little inculcate that was more or less in 2004
Unintentionally througth the Korean Dramas that passed in nationally TV, he got into movement Kpop
Firts With the group Fin.K.L, the first girl band of corea
Besides the korean market who already in the forefront of technology in the world
Requires that his products be ever more innovative
The pictures are bigger, no, of betther quality and this one its the CD
The Disc come inside of the picture, on, the CD come in a separate box
Of course the picture its a plus
As for the lenguage the fans use an argument very simple,
He Idols Pop that come from foreign almost all sing in english, despite this, have the same fame with fans
All you will see, not all handle the language to perfection,
So it will be impossible try to the understand directly,
That´s why there are an international Famdom,
They are girls that are translate information and all the material that they do
From Korean to Japanese, Chinese, to english and from english the others countries, they translate into their lenguage
For Camilo Caldas, spokesman for the producer that brings JYJ, the reaction of public has been a success
The response was amazing, so much so that we are a week after the of launch tickets
And sold out when missing almost two months for the event
In Asia is the level Pop that would have Britney Spears, Justin Beaber our Lady Gaga but here in south America no,
We have seen a big respond inmediate both, inputs towant to advertise the event, displays of affection to the artist,
The fans are so close to the artist
noteworthy that will not sell alcohol in the concert march 11,
Because most of the fans that will go to the concert are under-age
And here... They send a message...
This is the greeting fans from Perú to Korea
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