ProfitClicking Review - ProfitClicking Member Area Explained

Uploaded by InfoProvide on 12.10.2012

Hi everyone! My name is Branko and in this ProfitClicking review video I will show you
ProfitClicking member area features. Here in this video I will not talk about how this
program works. I created another video explaining how ProfitClicking works. You can watch it
by clicking on the link you can find in this description of this video.
Although, I will make a brief intro about ProfitClicking, in this video too. ProfitClicking
is a site where you can buy traffic ad packs to get traffic to your sites or site and in
the same time you will make profit based on your ad packs daily commissions. For every
ad pack you buy you will get 2% daily commission from Monday to Friday, and 1% from weekends
until your each ad pack gets you $15. This is the last update.
It is also important to say that you really don’t need to have any site in order to
make profit here. It is optional. You only need to watch 3 ads per day to get your daily
commissions. Again, for more info about how this program works watch my first video from
my ProfitClicking video series, by clicking on the link you can find in the description
of this video. After this intro, I will talk about ProfitClicking
member area features. In the upper left corner of this screen capture
you can see links to sections: buy traffic only, buy ad packages, and buy PC panels.
You need to focus on buying ad packages, because if you do that you will make profit and in
the same time you will get traffic to your site or sites, and also you will get free
PC panel whenever your last 4 ad packs expire. If I click on buy ad packages link, then on
this page I can set a number of traffic ad packs that I willing to buy, based on my funds
or from my ProfitClicking commissions. If I click on my wallet section, on this page
I can connect my payment processors with ProfitClicking. There are also withdraw limits for each processor,
withdraw fees and processing time. This is a dynamic category meaning that in future
withdraw limits can be higher, and processing time can be faster. On the next page, on the
next section of my ProfitClicking dashboard I can see my referrals details. Then on my
ad packages section I can check all of my ad packs and see paid amount of dollars for
each ad pack to this moment and of course total amount expected. Task section is usually
a reminder of your obligation to view at least 3 ads to get your daily profit for that day.
In build my business section you can get access to banners that you can promote online with
your affiliate link. Training center is a collection of basic knowledge or info about
different marketing strategies which you can use for promoting ProfitClicking online and
offline. In events section you can check dates for live events in web conference room or
marketing room, which I believe will be added in the near future. Support center… You
can submit a ticket if you have some issues about this program. Store section is not yet
active in time when this video is recorded. I assume it is an idea to have one more additional
profit stream, just for program to be more sustainable. It is also additional marketing
funnel. In the central part of my dashboard or member
area there are important announcements which you can check and read. In slightly lower
level you can see the number of my purchased, placed, active and expired ad packs. There
is also my current sales profit per day. On PC panel section, I can say only that this feature is not yet
fully active and I hope it will be active in the near future.
If I scroll down to traffic exchange, here I can add my site or sites to be able to participate in ProfitClicking
traffic exchange and to use my credits that I got from my ad packs, or traffic views that I got from my ad packs. Once again, your
daily obligation is to view at least 3 ads per day as is right now, or you can watch
more ads and reserve these views for another day or days, if you for example can’t be
on the internet that day, or if you’re busy with something else.
On the bottom of this page you can also check sections ‘how it works’ and ‘FAQ’
just to get more info about this program. Because in some moment you will come to the
point where you want to promote this business and you need to know everything about this
program and to be more knowledgeable about it.
And the best part is Web Conference Room, which is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I can say based on my experience that 99% of sites similar to ProfitClicking don’t
have this feature. This is stand out part for ProfitClicking. If I click on the Conference
room link, then I only need to enter my name and click ok, and I’m in. Just wait for
the moment. As you can see there is always one moderator speaking, and other mods post
responses on questions from PC members. And, if I have some questions I would type my question
and press enter in this field. So once again, if you are not ProfitClicking
member I encourage you to click on the link you can find in the description of this video.
And on this page you need to click join now. Once more beside grab your free $10 and 1000
visitors now click here. On this page enter your first name, your last name, email, confirm
email, password, confirm password and your account security code. And you can check I
agree button and click on submit. There are also links to my first ProfitClicking
review video, and video about payment proof from ProfitClicking in the description of
this video. You can watch these videos too. If you like this video you can click on youtube
like button, or you can share this video or post a comment if you have something to say.
And as a conclusion, this program is designed for everyone including 98% of people who fail
to make money online. So you should definitely sign up with ProfitClicking. And if you do
that through the link you can find in the description, I will give you free consultation
with me on skype, because it is in my interest that you understand this business and be successful
with it. So, check your emails or skype for finding my request to add me to skype.
That’s it from me in this video! Thanks for watching and best wishes!