Meeting the DotA 2 Champs - Part 1

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 23, 2011

We are heading to the airport to meet our DotA world champions team Na`Vi.
Right now they are on their way from Cologne where
they owned Chinese team in the grand final.
Yeah, owned!
We’ve decided to make a surprise for our guys
as the team won million dolloars…
… and we decided to make a new training base for them,
their new office. And right now we’re going to show it for you.
Actually from now on the team will live here, practice, sleep.
Here we will set up PCs for practice. What about cleaning…
I think they will have to go outside to visit toiled, not much of a honor…
… yeah, as you can see there is a perfect forest outside!
Actually stay tuned for new content as we are going to meet the team
in just few minutes. You’ll be able to see their emotions…
… they will tell about themselves.
So see you!
Alight, so here we are to meet our champions.
Omg, these are DotA world champions! Hooray!