Secondary Parents Talking - Clip 1

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My daughter changed her school in October
and what made me decide that this was the right school
was seeing her coming home from school every day
and happy and she actually wanted to come back the following day.
So when your child is happy to go out of the door in the morning
and she's happy to go to school and she comes back happy,
then you must have chosen a good school
and the teachers must be doing something right
so I think the child reaction before and after school is the key.
I believe what the teachers are doing to make Francesca happy
and will make her want to come back
is the fact that they have passed her status
so she's statemented with global learning difficulties.
And the label is not on Francesca.
So I think what the teachers have done,
they've looked at Francesca as a pupil
with, yes, maybe different needs or a different approach to learning,
but they make her feel like part of the class
and at the same time she's an individual.
So that's what they've been able to do
and that's why it's important for teachers.
Since Rebecca came to this school, things have improved.
When she was in primary school
there was a lot of child psychologist reports
and stuff like that
where everybody suspected she has problems,
everybody said she has problems and very little was done about it.
We had a few appointments with different people but
when Rebecca came here in September last year
people started getting things moving very quickly
and she got her statement of SEN very quickly
and now she's just recently been diagnosed with Aspergers
which explains a lot of the difficulties she's had before.
I've had a hell of a lot of support from teachers
and other stuff in the school.
It's really been a positive experience for Rebecca.
We have updates, parents' evenings.
What works well is that the school normally contact me by telephone
or by sending letters out explaining what's happening
in the school, activities, after-school clubs
and things like that.
And I find it helpful and sometimes I ask Chantelle
if she would like to come to after-school clubs -
sometimes yes, sometimes no.
But she's happy at school anyway. She likes it here.