427 How to tap the Faster EFT style

Uploaded by HealingMagic on 31.05.2011

Hello, this is Robert Smith. I'm here in Kent and the town of Dover,
the Dover Castle and behind me is the English Channel.
I'd like to help... people ask me "How do you tap, Robert? How do you do the FasterEFT style?"
The FasterEFT style is very simple.
What you do is just notice inside you that something bothers you. I mean you can feel it.
You may have a memory of it. You may...
have a picture in your mind, or you can remember what happened.
And then what you do is tap. Now, the deal with the tapping
is aiming. Now, the tapping is the easiest part.
So, pay attention to what it is inside you that bothers you. That's the subtlest part.
Looking at your memories, looking and noticing your body.
Now, like if you have the feeling inside your body, like "I'm angry" and you feel a tightness in your chest,
or you feel it in your stomach, you just notice it.
And then, what you do is you tap. Now, the tapping points are very very simple.
Between the eyes - beside your eye - under the eye -
the collarbone, which is about where the necklace would hang... I usually do it like this -
and then grab your wrist. You grab it both sides, and then you take a deep breath.
And peace.
Now, what you can do with this "peace" is also find a peaceful memory as well.
Something that makes you feel good.
And then take a deep breath, then you close your eyes and go back there. Notice and pretend like you're there.
Feel the feelings of peace and then grab your wrist.
Peace. That way, you create emotional association to it.
You can use any other word. I usually use "peace" because it creates peace, but you can use any word.
I mean, if you have a memory that has...
harmony... or may have... show time or anything that makes you feel good.
Now, you can use that one as well. And so... what you do is you aim at what bothers you.
Your feeling in your body again... a memory of what happened, you think about the person,
you may look at what they did, you may notice how you respond, you may hear what they said,
and just aim at that. So noticing it.
Notice what it is and all you do is tap.
And what you do when you're tapping is you say "I release and let it go".
I release and let it go. I release and let it go. I release and let it go. It's safe to let it go.
Take a deep breath... blow it out... and peace.
And then you go back and you check and make sure it's gone.
If it isn't gone, then you do it again.
So, you notice what's left...
If you notice anything left: now, often times, it'll start shifting and changing,
just keep tapping until the sensation has completely changed or dissolved out of nothing.
If it... and often times, you do it enough, it's gonna change to a positive.
Now, if it isn't positive, you keep tapping on it until you make it positive.
A good example would be like... for example, your boss said something that hurt your feelings.
Or your mother said something. And so, you keep tapping at what she said -
the words and the feelings and the emotions -,
and then you get to the point where you can't hear the same, you can't feel the same,
and you can change the memory. Change it where she said something positive.
That way, you'll feel good about it.
You may send her love and peace and make her feel better about it.
So, first of all, you feel it, you tap it until it's gone.
And then you double-check, make sure it's all gone.
So... so then you keep tapping - for some people,
what's gonna happen is you're gonna stamp on this memory or this experience over and over again until it's gone.
It may take you 10 minutes. It may take you 15 minutes.
It may take you an hour or it may take you two weeks.
The deal is, look at what it is that bothers you -
look at the person, notice the memory, notice the experience - and keep tapping.
Now, for some people, you'll have a flood of memories coming in.
Well, when you have a flood of memories coming in, just... you know, just keep tapping,
close your eyes and keep tapping until it's gone.
Take a deep breath, blow it out, and say peace... and then go back to the peaceful feeling.
Now, while you're tapping, what I want you to notice is, when you're tapping,
I want you to notice your fingertips touching your face.
Feel your fingertips. Let it go... let it go... feel your fingertips. Let it go... let it go...
Just feel your fingertips, that's right. And grab your wrist...
[INHALING] blow it out... [EXHALING]
Peace... go to your peaceful memory and feel good.
Then, what you can do is, as you practise this, then you can practise it and... practise and tap in every ways.
So then, what you do is think about something that bothers you, you notice that it bothers you,
and... I always say close your eyes and just notice it.
And then feel your fingers, tap between your eyes, feel the fingers -
now, memorise what this feels like.
And then in your mind, stop tapping, but pretend like you're still tapping, and feel your fingers. Let it go.
Then, you do the same here. Feel your fingers... stop tapping... feel your fingers... you can tap again.
That means you're memorising the feeling of tapping - let it go.
All the way, just continue tapping, continue tapping, deep breath... blow it out, and peace.
And then what you can do is you go back and notice what's left,
notice your emotions and feelings, and then you mentally tap.
So, in your mind, pretend like you feel your fingers tapping.
That's right... let it go... let it go... keep tapping, let it go... let it go...
grab your wrist in your mind... [DEEP BREATH] and peace.
Then you can do it with your eyes open in your mind - let it go... let it go...
let it go... [DEEP BREATH] peace.
Now, that's really nice that you can do this mentally, because you could be in a meeting.
And here it is, that person could be irritating you...
And so, you could be just smiling and looking at them.
And then you just think of your listening, but actually you're healing yourself.
So, mentally tap. Physically tap. And if you don't like it...
to do either one, you could covertly tap.
Now, I created this tapping technique after a friend of mine. His name was Tom.
Tom Tarr. Now, who is Tom Tarr? Well, Tom is a friend of mine, who is married to Sue... Tarr.
So, what he would is something like this.
Grabbing your wrist... covertly. It's called the slight Tom Tarr technique.
So, you just come like this. Something as simple as this.
So, again: you can tap many ways, and the most important part about the tapping is not the tapping!
It's aming at inside you! Noticing what it is inside you that bothers you.
And the most powerful part about your healing is your ability to be persistent.
So, I always say "Tap until it's gone...
or until you pass out" - whichever comes first.
And... make sure you don't pass out while you're driving... tap and be smart with your tapping.
Because the most important thing about you is learning to like you and be nice to you.
My often... often the favourite places to tap... usually my favourite place is while I drive.
Because, you know, you can drive and tap.
People drink their coffee and tap. You know, they do a lot of things and tap.
If you're on a business meeting and someone's irritating you, you can mentally tap.
You can covertly tap.
You could say "One second, I got to go to the loo.
I got to go to the bulk. I got to go to the dunny.
I got to go to the water closet. I got to go to the toilet.
(WHISPERING) I'll be right back."
And while you're in there, "let it go... let it go... let it go... let it go."
And you keep tapping until you get full emotional control.
So, tap until it's gone, or until you pass out.
And I guarantee you, either way, you'll come out a winner. You'll come out on top.
So, how do you tap? It's very simple. Aiming is the most important part.
Tapping is the deal and just be persistent, keep working on it, keep tapping until it's gone.
And when you do this, everything will be better.
This is Robert Smith. I hope this makes it easy for you.
Because the easier it is, the more you're likely you'll use it. And I guarantee it works.
These points that I use I have been using for 8 or 10 years.
It's one of the fastest and easiest and the cleanest and the least craziest looking way.
So, keep tapping on yourself, take complete honourship.
Love yourself and be nice to yourself.
Clean up everything inside. Tap in the heat of the moment!
And your whole life will begin to change.
I'll talk to you later. This is Robert, here, in Dover. And behind me the English Channel.
And I'm sitting under a nice beautiful tree... on the bridge... talking to you.
Talk to you later. Bye!