How To Chip a Golf Ball

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Hi I'm paul wilson the creator of swing machine and and the director of the
paul wilson golf school
at bear's best las vegas
and talk about different ratios that you need to learn in order to choose the
right golf club how to chip a golf ball
the proper chip shocked so
what is the ratio well
libya's it's the distance you're going to be flying to golf ball
how far the ball is going to be rolling
so what we need to do is we need to calculate out how
far it is to the front of the green about a yard onto the green because
we're gonna be flying our ball about a yard onto the dream
each of these different chip shot
once we understand that amount we then
look had our
uh... pin placement
and that will tell us
how many of those
humesha atler help
far that differences
compared to where we're getting our golf ball
so in this situation right here on the front of the green here
i and i know cases often a second so you see but if you look onto the very front
about your arm of the brain
that come out is about the same amount
i have
to roll the ball to that first hole
fill in the situation that would be a one
told one ratio
each of the different complacent have a different ratio to it
and it's very very important that you understand this very clearly because you
want to be able to choose the bright golf club
the appropriate chip shot ok so what i'm gonna do end up a soft these different
uh... yard to give
so that you understand exactly what club ticket in what situation and understand
the ratio so then you can use that into the future okay so casey's off aria
let's start with just with this language
so here we go again a sandwich here
you just pay for the after the primary green
and he'll get a feel for
uh... it is to get a sandwich so from here
four is the front of the green
five is where i'm going to be landing my golf ball
five cases
two right here
so that's what i'm trying to get my golf ball
from here
i mean the peace off to do the rest of the way to the whole
so one
thanks overhear which is pretty much of his first in placement
i've got a one
it's pretty simple
at a one to one ratio i want to hit the sand wedge if you're someone that has a
lot wage anyone ship with a lot of which
feel free to do that some people like using their lob wedge better than the
some people don't even care e sand wedge
i personally use the sand wedge so on a one-to-one ratio
that is the golf club i'm going to be using
now was take a look at the next
the next ten so the next one
i'm going to be using
okay non-union
right here how to chip a golf ball
open sorry here i've got a manner
soco its case this one off and you'll see what the ratio is to hear so
four is the front of the green
five is wearing them to be landing might awful case but
now i've got one
for the first whole which we just talked about
right here
this is where i'm going to get a pitching wedge missus halfway between
these two hole
that is the one to ratio so it was five for the from the drain
and this is penny art so this is
more role then how far i had to fly it so
one part fly equals to park role pitching wedge
to three
now met this flag here this is where i would hit and nine n
five yards in front of the grain and then it's
fifteen pages the here
later with a one
took three ratio
okay cell
hopefully you're starting to understand
how this works you're looking at the front of the green
trying to look at the different pin placements
you've tried to determine how far it is to fly it onto the very front of the
green about a yard on the green
you look to see how much role you need
and then you choose the bright cord
so from right here we're going to go
simon all the way
to that can weigh down there
that he's going to be a one five ratio
which you'll see in a second
so here i am one
four is the front edge of the green
five is wearing a land my ball
okay so
that's one part fly now we've got one
that one
as the one to two
okay this is the one three ratio
that's the one two four ratio
this is where i wouldn't be that it's halfway between them for them at all
so now we got one
and now i'm i don't want the five ratio
this is where i'm going to hit five seven
fly a seven iron bodyguard onto the front of the green
all the way there
to that camp
begets high noah sent at seven iron roles five times as much
as i fly
so its principal
again looking at the front of a dream
we're trying to determine
club to hit in what situation
some emanates indifferent chip shots with the different clubs so you can see
how each of these clubs hits the front of a green and then roll so the
different in placements soap we'll start with our sand wedge first
relief from the dream
go to this first complacent we know that's a one to one ratio so this club
should hit this ball
so that
okay so that was very good right there week
within a couple feet with our sand wedge now radio to a nine and and you'll see
that this club
justin changing clubs i'm not going to do anything different with my with my
ready at this club to go to the middle pin placement 'cause that's a one
two-three ratio
okay so here we go
so they know that ended up about a foot away from the whole within that time
although seven iron out for you
where to go all the way back
are all the way down there to that last emplacement so again if i hit the front
of a drain ball's gonna roll all way to the back
because i've got a seven and and that's a one to five ratio so here we go
i think so
if you take a look at that that ended up a couple feet from the whole down there
so just keep in mind
what we want to try and do you
changing the golf club
four the difference in placements based upon the correct ratio
we measure this distance from here to the front of the green where we're gonna
land of the ball
and we measure that distant towards the whole
we've got a one to one ratio which is the first the first hole here
we've got a one to two which will be halfway between the first hole in the
second hold that's going to be a pitching wedge
we've got a one two three which is the middleton placement one before is
halfway between the middle and the and emplacement and then a one two five at
the very end
also keep in mind
if the iffy at
or the green sorry is appeal or downhill you're going to add or subtract a club
to make up four the slope so if it's uphill you at a club
instead of a one two three ratio maybe it's a one two four ratio so that you
don't get in line and he hit me back
if it's downhill you take a club off
subtract one from your ratio so instead of a wonderfully ratio
it's a wonder to so instead of a nightmare you could've pitching wedge
it i would think the best thing to do is make a chart so that you understand
those different ratios i mean you can take them to the course with you
and you'll be able to tally and the correct at club
for the right distance okay you future trips and i show you the stroke
how to chip a golf ball now you get the ratios
you understand how it all fits together
symmetry ask your questions post your comments below i'll try to get to as
many as I can