Vidéotest Turok ( N64 )

Uploaded by Karkaradon on 14.06.2009

Hi everybody,
Today, we meet ourselves once again for a very old game
You are in the habit the now,
With me, that will be often old games
It is "Turok : Dinosaurs Hunter"
One of the games of the launching of the N64 in Europe.
Well, "Turok : Dinosaurs Hunter" was a FPS new generation
At that time, in 1997,
It was available in France too, in the begin '97,
In February I think,
And the N64 was available in Europe in March '97,
But in France, and it's usual I like to say,
France is the horsedrawn's last wheel
It was available in September '97,
So the game was available during five months,
But we couldn't buy the machine, it was funny
Well, just a little disgression, we'll start
And I shall begin
So Turok, it was really a FPS new generation because,
It was either on PC or on the old machines
It was never seen at the visuel level,
It was pretty staggerling
What do we remark immediately ?
It isn't the visuels,
but it's the clipping of course !
A sort of clipping as you can see,
And we can't see beyond 10 or 15 meters of the character
The disfraying distance is absolutely shameful !
The developers can say what they want, it's shameful !
There isn't others things to say, it's absolutely shameful !
I don't understand how we can dare launch a game
With so much clipping !
I think you see that we can't see beyond 15 meters
For the developers, it's just a fog for more immersion
Obviously, nobody believed that
We know absolutely what is it,
They didn't manage to operate the machine's capacities
And this, we can see it when we play others N64's games,
Like Turok 2, Goldeneye or Perfect Dark...
We can see there is no clipping at all
And it's more beautiful than Turok
But why I introduce to you this game ?
Because for me, weapons are absolutely staggerling !
And before begin, I'll zoom out to show you
The handling which was crazy at that time
So you can see that I play on the N64
And you can see, with the joystick
We couldn't move, we only could turn the head
To move forward, we have to press the four little buttons
Move forward, right, left, move backward
We have to have a thumb on the joystick
And a thumb on the buttons to straff
It was problematic for change the weapons
A time of adaptation is necessary
For me, ten minutes have been necessary,
I haven't played for many year
Ten minutes, it's not very long
But I think it's because I've played so much time
On this game, I've kept some reflexes
It's like the bike, it can't be forgotten
I did play it to a friend
Which played only on FPS on the PS2
He told me : "What's this handling ?! It's very strange !"
But the problem is for changing weapons
When we are straffing to the right for exemple
We have the two thumbs busy
We have to stop moving to change the weapons
And at the same time, ennemies can kill me
It was a huge handling default !
When we are straffing to the left, it's OK,
We can change weapons with the green button
To the otherside, we can't, and it's a pity...
Other thing,
The first Turok was one of the only games
With requiring a memory card
There wasn't any chip of saving in the cartridge
With 99% of the games at that time on the N64,
We saved in the cartridge
But not Turok, the developers or the editors
Decided to not integrate into the cartridge a chip og saving
Probably for more expense
So we have to buy a memory card
That we puted into the pad to save
I'll zoom a little, if I can !
So I'll show you the weapons, it's the main significance
The knife that we have since the begginning
Because nowadays, they're always so amazing
Thanks to a cheat code, we go directly to the level 6
There are 8 levels in this game
I don't talk about the story because it's not very interesting
We are a sort of "super" Native American
You can see that for changing my gun,
I have to stop moving
So we are a sort of super Native American,
Too bad for the doe,
And we have to get back the 8 pieces
Of the last weapon of the game
Which are spread out in the game's eight levels
But I stop here for the story,
because it's completely uninteresting
And I let you see the splendid ennemie's artificial intelligence
So you can see for exemple in front of me
They're throwing grenades
But they can't adjust the distance of their grenades
all the grenades go behind me and they always miss me
I can look at them, aim at they don't touch me,
It's wonderful !
So at the IA level, it's near the level 0 of the FPS
Really near of the level 0, I've really seen a such IA,
And I think Doom's ennemies was more crafty !
Even if I am against him, he doesn't hit me
It's staggerling !
Look at this, I've never seen a thing like that !
How I kill him ?
With the quad rocket launcher !
Wow, awesome !
You can see that he has been kick out in the ravine
So the weapons, they're far fetched !
Now, you can see the quad rocket launcher, totally crazy
And this gun is for transforming ennemies
In stone, or in ice, I don't know
Well... It's OK ! And he's going to explose. Hop !
You can see that light effects are beautiful !
This, it's a sort of nuclear gun.
Fucking heavy !
"Rambo can go hiding himself !"
And this, it's the last weapon,
That we get whan we have the 8 pieces
Oh, it's splendid !
Fucking amazing !
Well, the shootgun, classic. The auto shootgun,
He's not going to last,
A sort of submachine gun which fire 3 bullets simultaneously
The plasma gun, a classic of the FPS
Aaaah ! This one, I love it ! I love it sound !
I'm going to increase the TV sound
For you listening this sound that I'm crazy about !
I adore !!
I turn down a little but I like this sound very much
It reminds me a man in "Predator", the first movie,
He had a sort of submachine gun like this one,
And we can think we are him, it's pretty good
The grenade launcher, pretty good too,
Which rebound against walls, little interaction
This, it's a sort of weapon of the future,
It fire and explose
And we have finished the weapons
Other thing which is excellent in this game,
It's the boss,
There are 4 here, and I'm going to show you the T Rex,
That I've already show you in Tomb Raider
This game was available only some months after Tomb Raider 1,
And we could seen the difference between the N64 and the PS1
When we saw that, we understood immediately,
that we are on Next Gen machine,
that the PS1 never could offer this
The T Rex was quietly easy to beat,
We just have to hang around it and it will never touch me
It's a pity but the T Rex have a very good modeling, really !
Well, I'll kill it,
Because he has a lot of stamina if my memories are good
Oh fuck ! What I do now ?!?
I'll use the nuclear gun
Oh, pretty good ! Just another one !
He's not going to last,
I'll kill him with the last weapon.
I've missed it !
Well, we'll finish quickly
You can see that the light effets
Were splendid at that time, honestly
In '97, he was available in January, they were SPLENDID !
The light effects, graphic effets, the weapons,
It was enought for having fun with this game
Because the game itself, it's monotonous, linear,
And nearly boring !
Me, I've bought it, I've felt it boring
I've felt it difficult, particularly platformer phases
This, it's for taking again some life, 25 points every time
I've felt it very difficult, we do always the same thing,
The levels look alike even if there is many jungles,
even if some times we are in caves, things like this...
I've felt it very average, average, average
There was the bestiary, many dinosaurs,
The game is called "Turok : Dinosaurs Hunter"
You can see that the dinosaurs,
And the human's animation are pretty good,
Even if their modeling is average, their animation are axcellent
An ennemy again you can see that is doesn't move for a while
Before that he try to kill me
I'll show you the water
Because our "Native American friend" can swim, it's pretty good,
There is a good effect,
Whith the music which change directly when we go in the water
I think that they try to shoot me, and I'm going to die
Ah, it's you motherfucker !
Aaaah ! I can't kill him here
Ah, fuck !
You die or not ?!?
Ah, it's OK !
He's dying in atrocous sufferings
The waterfall, it isn't PS1,
We feel that we are on N64, the water is very good too
So the game is very good at the visuel level, but it's boring !
Excellent weapons, very fun, very brutal,
"Rambo can go dressing again himself !"
Levels which look alike,
A little too many platformer phases in this game,
A little too hard because if we fall from a platform,
We fall in a ravine without fund, so we die inevitably,
And we have to do again the level in its entirety,
Even if there are some checkpoints
It's pretty unpleasant
Well, I'll show yoy a last level, I don't really know which one
Euuuuh, why not the last boss ?
It's a little spoil but he isn't very impressive
But if my memories are good, he's pretty strong
But I think that I'll kill him because I've used a cheat code
So I've all weapons, more life,...
But when we fight him normally, it's hard !
Where is this asshole ?!?
Fuck, he's always jumping !
Well ! I'll take a better gun,
Not the grenade launcher
You can see again that the light effects, it's really something !
It's simple, for the N64, it was "goodbye the pixelation"
Well, I'll see that it only remains 10 seconds
So, I hope you have enjoye this video
And I tell you see you for a next "retro" video
Bye !