Miles Johnston Interview (Pt 1)

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My husband, the late Montague Keen, and I, spent many hours with the late Professor John Mack, and his research into Alien Abductions.
We used to meet him in America and in England and I became very interested in the whole subject.
I am absolutely delighted to have with me, today, Miles Johnston, who is doing amazing work in the same field . . .
and one or two other fields as well.
Hello Miles
Hello Veronica [humorously]
I have to say, it was wonderful, meeting John Mack. I was with him in a crop circle only about six weeks before he passed,
and it was a wonderful, wonderful experience to meet him, not when he's speaking or lecturing, but just mucking about in crop cirlces,
which I think is one of the most wonderful things about crop cirlces – no matter who makes them – and some of them can actually be real . . .
Oh . . . they are !
and it was interesting because I had what we call, more correctly, a film camera . . .
as opposed to a digital camera . . . and it took some snaps. A lady there, was with him, called Barbara Lamb,
who provided . . . I believe she provided some of the cases for him to do his research,
and another lady there, called Valerie Roseman . . . and I took a wide shot of them all together in a crop circle . . .
and there was a lovely little orb, a little white sphere, just moving.
So you could see the sphere, which was a slight blur, but you could see a sort of a smear, and you could see it move . . .
which is on film, which I think is important because a lot of people think orbs are some kind of interference with the electronics of the camera
it can also be dust on the lens and stuff like that, but, this was definitely a real phenomenon . . .
Veronica: Yes. Miles: and I had my High-8 video camera with me,
and I said, look, am I going to interview. I could just get some words with the great, wonderful John Mack . . .
and I just says, No. He's on holiday. Forget it. Leave it alone. Veronica: Yes.
And that, I think, if I'd only just done that, maybe. Because I felt a kinship with John Mack, and it was a strange feeling of a deep friendship.
Yet we were virtual strangers. I mean . . . I'd seen him before, I think, at one of the other presentations, some years before.
And, anyway, he then turned up, this was just before the Glastonbury Symposium,
and he gave the Sunday evening lecture there, at the end of July, and . . .
he had his book and I asked him, "Would you sign, would you sign your book?" And he says, "Wow . . . an author signing one of his books. Oh, I've never heard that one before!"
And that was, that was wonderful, and it was, it was a really wonderful occasion. Veronica: Such a special man, wasn't he.
And for this reason, as one of the organisers of the AMMACH Conference,
I felt (I told Joanne Summerscales) that . . . we've got to have some meaningful, established type of important lecture.
So let's see about having The John Mack Lecture . . .
and that would be reserved for . . . people of integrity and . . . (not that everybody doesn't have integrity, but) . . .
people of some panache and style . . . and we are so honoured to have you presenting at that . . . I think that's absolutely wonderful.
Well, I hope John inspires me. I'm sure he will.
Miles: I'm sure he will. So I'm very honoured. Veronica: The last time he came through in seance, he gave me 10 out of 10 . . .
Miles: Well, that's very good. Veronica: . . . for effort !
Miles: Oh, my God. Effort ! That could be . . . Veronica: Yes.
Miles: 10 out of 10 for effort. My God. Yes.
He's very excited at the work we're doing and . . . in the message on Sunday, he's obviously very excited with your work.
Well, this is our target. Our target is to bring this whole subject right up into the top thing.
To get it really exposed, because I've been in the UFO research business since I've been at school. So that wasn't last week.
It's polite for you to greeb. [humorously]
Anyway . . . but the important thing about it is that this whole subject has been very carefully mismanaged,
especially in this country and I'm sure in other countries as well.
And I won't mention the particular organisations which have been mismanaging this, but . . .
I started the Irish UFO Research Centre in the 1970s with a team, and we ran a little, small team in Northern Ireland,
and then there was another team started in the . . . early 70s, researching it in Ireland.
So we had . . . we were affiliated with the British UFO Research Association and we fed our reports to them.
And we were highlighting things, we had . . . I won't go through the whole history of it but that was our . . . early work.
And essentially, it was when I went . . . we were researching a large wave of UFOs in mainly the Republic of Ireland,
during the mid 1970s, that this connected me with what was some fledgling pirate radio stations in Dublin.
And, this was to connect me with some of the finest and most wonderfully creative people.
People were being switched on to a much higher level of awareness. Veronica: Yes.
And we later that Intelligence Transfer Sequence, and that was called the ITS,
and what that was, or what that is, because it's still running, was essentially waking people up to a higher level of consciousness.
Now, it wasn't Mind Control. It wasn't something, or some device specifically giving people an idea . . .
Look ! Do this or do that! It was switching on a whole lot more lights in one's head, so to speak.
So that you had a whole lot of extra capacity to think, feel, and be inspired and do all sorts of things.
It was up to the individuals . . . the basic rule goes . . . that once a population is exposed to the higher consciousness,
or the wake-up, or the ITS, if they respond positively, they get one heck of a leg-up.
If, however, that population, so exposed, does not respond, then —— invariably, it's time to go.
And such populations, then, rapidly decline.
And, for that reason, the radio stations over that fifteen year period, which really ended officially in December 1988,
this completely changed the whole . . . attitude, and thought-ology or consciousness of people in Ireland.
And that was the first time that the youth, the spring and the talent of Irish culture stayed at home.
So rather than Ireland . . . Ireland biggest export was always its talent,
which meant that everybody who was left behind was basically a bunch of stick-in-the-mud . . . useless . . . do-nothings. Right !
Which is why Ireland basically festered in a backward state which was maintained by the relevant authorities of the day.
Oh, my dear. That was well engineered. [with irony]
But . . . every time anybody tried taking these radio stations off the air, they were gone.
Any government that took those stations off the air, time and time and time again, something would happen which would mean that would not be effective . . .
which is why those stations and that whole evolution of Irish . . . the whole generation of Irish people
were able to wake up in a completely higher level of consciousness and basically, we now have a situation where we have today, where things are really changing . . .
continuing to change. And I was very, very, very privileged to be part of that.
And ultimately, at the end of that era, I filmed . . . I was very honoured to film it.
I was in there, video-taping it with my VHS camera, getting the only pictures of it that were ever shot,
and that's available as the Irish Era of Pirate Radio.
And we then, we finally . . . we couldn't do this in the north of Ireland because the law from England, the UK,
was an established law which went back to the 1960s with Radio Caroline. And remember, Radio Caroline came from Ireland.
I didn't know that !
Yeah. Radio Caroline was an Irish station, and Radio Caroline was built in a very, very . . .
which we now know to be an extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional area, called Carlingford Lough, where the Mourne mountains go down to the sea.
And, further research is linking that with the Cumbrian area of the Lake District [in England],
where we are getting fairly strong indications that there's something very dodgy going on, there. But that's another subject.
But the point is, Caroline . . . anybody that every touched Caroline . . . kaput ! If anybody ever remembers Edward Heath?
Veronica: Oh, my God. Yes! Miles: or, John Stonehouse . . . what happened to him. Veronica: Yes. Oh, yes.
What they did was . . . and Harold Wilson. What they did, was . . . they jammed Radio Caroline in the 1970s . . . Big mistake !
Stonehouse went 'off his trolley' [mad], and ended up running off to Australia.
Wilson was taken out. He just suddenly . . . he just disappeared.
I'm not sure if he went out before that, actually. Wilson, he suddenly . . . anyway . . .
and then Heath, and that whole thing, the Miners' Strike and everything else.
In other words, once these wake-up call stations are active in our reality, it's a big mistake anybody standing in the way.
I know.
So, in essence, we finished with this massive station called Kiss FM,
which was named in honour of a radio station [which] my dear, besotted friend – I won't go into the details
but certain established broadcasters jammed that off-the-air in Dublin. So, I says, "Right. We're gonna call it that, when we come back on."
So that happened to be the most powerful station ever built . . . and it had to be, because we were transmitting a signal fifty miles from the Irish border into the centre of Belfast.
And that's where we . . . There's a guy called Andrew Power, who's written a great book called, Ireland: Land of the Pharoahs.
Oh, God. If only I could get that book !
Well, I've talked to Andrew, and he self-published it, and . . . well, you've had enough of it and I'm not making any more.
But, in essence, he's talking about how The Battle of the Boyne, was actually a magical ceremony.
Veronica: That's right ! Miles: and the point about the symbology of The Battle of the Boyne, is
that the River Boyne symbolises the galaxy, and the zone and the area, essentially symbolise, or maybe actually mirror, the universe.
So the symbol of . . . was . . . that you had a king, which is a lower rank, I understand, than the Prince of Orange was . . .
so the Prince of Orange . . . crossed the galaxy . . . Veronica: Yes.
. . . to defeat the king. And essentially, that was . . . it wasn't really a battle. It was . . . it really just was a ceremony.
Now, I would submit that any deaths involved with that, were actually used as the energy to . . .
the soul energy to actually activate what . . . well, you could call it a curse . . .
or a bi-polar conflict situation. And that was designed, in my humble opinion,
as a mechanism for maintaining Ireland in a constant bi-polar conflict. Thus the problem with north and south.
Oh, I know.
And the secrets to this, are actually in the regalia that the Orange Order parades around, and they all go ga-ga, and they're mind-controlled.
Totally mind-controlled. I know !
So this was an early mechanism . . . well, not an early . . . but this was a mechanism of making sure that the Irish were in constant conflict,
so they then wouldn't find out the secrets that Ireland has yet to reveal. Veronica: Yes.
And we won't go much further than that, on that, at this moment.
But, by keeping . . . and that brings us back to Atlantis. It brings us back to the previous time.
The essence of . . . the essence of Ireland: Land of the Pharoahs, is that . . . it was after the last, great catastrophe . . .
Earth was re-civilised . . . from the islands off the coast of Europe, in the west, which we now call Great Britain, or greater britannia.
Ireland was called Airlan – that is of the Aryan level of spirituality which has nothing to do with the Nazi blonde, blue-eyed thing.
It's to do with a level of consciousness and spiritual awakening and knowledge, based on who would . . . be at that level.
So Ireland, or the island we now call Ireland, was then called Scotia, before that, in that era, and that connects us with the pharoahs, with the daughter.
So this is an illustration that civilisation . . . the grasslands of Europe were re-civilised and re-populated from the [west]
and NOT from the centre of Europe . . . and not from the [east] to the [west].
So this is . . . this is one of the most important factors which is being hidden to keep the ancient knowledge . . . suppressed.
I know. It . . . Shortly after Monty died, he opened up that subject for me, and, I could never understand, why Queen Scotia was buried in Kerry.
Veronica: It didn't make sense. Miles: It's what's off the coast of Kerry you've got to look out for !
And . . . Monty then started giving me the information, the connection with Egypt and Ireland
and I couldn't believe what I was reading . . . and, I grew up in Ireland and I never knew any of it !
Miles: Well, that's the point. It's all been kept secret. Veronica: Totally secret.
And you've got to remember, when Pope Adrian gave Ireland and the people, as slaves, to the British Crown,
he did so, on condition that the Irish would never find out who they are.
So they closed the schools. They destroyed so much in Ireland. But, as you say, Ireland is giving up its secrets now . . .
and, I feel sorry for the people with degrees in history, because it's . . . you know . . . they've studied [a] history that's totally . . . wrong.
Totally wrong. The real history is only beginning to come out now . . . and . . . there are people, now, all over the world,
researching ancient Ireland . . . and they're finding it fascinating.
Well, something which I found out when I . . . coming from The Black North, as they say. The Black North . . . agh !
getting down to Cork is quite a drive, quite honestly. You can get fairly south to Wicklow and Clonegal,
where actually, one of the first things which switched me on to a lot of this in 1977 was,
we were doing a lot of UFO research . . . there . . . was to visit . . . Olivier Robertson, in Clonegal Castle.
She's a High Priestess of Isis . . . and, God bless her, she looked a thousand years old in 1977,
and to see her in a crop circle, only about three years ago, when she was at the Goddesses Conference in Glastonbury.
And she's a wonderful woman and a tremendous talent. But to see . . . that was . . .
that was just before a lot of the things really started to take off . . . in Ireland.
But another thing which happened to a lot of people who responded was that they started going much higher. Some of them became healers . . .
and, their whole consciousness was really being switch on, because they WANTED it !
They were going for it. They grabbed it and got it . . . and that was a tremendously positive thing about that.
Miles: When I went to Cork for the first time . . . Veronica: Yes.
just by sheer coincidence, or whatever it was, I happened to see some graffiti.
And that graffiti . . . wasn't the normal sort of stuff of someone loves so-and-so, whatever it is. It was – The Secret to UFOs lies in Cork Harbour.
Really !
Now, whatever's in Cork harbour . . . that, I mean . . . and to be given that information on the 11-hour trip to Cork was . . .
because I've got a dear colleague down there who's on the radio stations, down there.
So, then I looked up . . . that Ireland . . . Cork's . . . the British ports . . . forts . . . were maintained there until, I think, until Ireland became . . .
went from the Free State [1922-1937] to the Republic, which, I think, was that 1952? I'm not sure . . . but it was the Irish Free State . . .
until after World War II, and those British ports were still there. In other words, strategically,
the Royal Navy could drop off for supplies and it wouldn't affect the Republic's neutrality, so to speak, because it was still in there.
But . . . in fact, it wasn't the Republic then. It then became the Republic after that . . . which is a different . . . which is an important thing.
But the important thing about this is . . . this bi-polar conflict situation festered very, very strongly in the north,
where there were multiple religious splits and divisions to keep, for some reason, whatever secrets must be up there,
were being especially kept secret, which is why, when we ran Kiss FM, we did a thing called, CRACK. We cracked matrix. We broke matrix.
Now, this is where Andrew Power's book talks about how there is a false reality construct – a matrix reality – being imposed.
And this brings us right to the present day . . . where the next heir to the throne is the Prince of Orange.
And that is why I thought it was very important that the Queen had visited Dublin before the marriage of . . .
Veronica: William. Miles: William. King 'Billy', that's the whole point, King 'Billy', Prince of Orange
being brought on-line, at this time. I think it's a very important thing to watch for . . . to see what's really going on there.
Well, I was told the reason the Queen HAD to go to Ireland, was to retake Ireland because the time had run out, from when it was given to [England] by the Pope.
I wouldn't be surprised.
Why is Ireland so important to them? Why has the Vatican done everything to control the Irish people?
Get them drunk and keep them stupid.
Yeah. It makes you wonder, why has the British Crown wasted so much time and effort in keeping the Irish the way they are?
Well, this is something that we experienced in Northern Ireland, that when we ran pirate radio: what was the threat involved here?
There was so much of a reaction to a bunch of people playing a bit of pop music on the radio . . .
what, really, was such a threat, and why was [Radio] Caroline such a threat that they didn't touch Caroline.
It's a medium wave rusty hulk in the middle of the North Sea. It couldn't possibly have any ratings. I mean . . .
what on Earth is the threat [from] this station. I mean, just leave it alone, ignore it, it's just a rusting hulk that's gonna fall apart and sink, whenever, again, in some period of time.
And the clue to this, was, when Laser 558, which was another radio station, went and sat beside . . . it was anchored beside Radio Caroline in the mid-1980s,
and it was backed, again, by Irish connections. That was taken off the air.
That was starved out, taken in, and ended up being a, the ship, I think
the ship, I think has been . . . it's now on the air as a land . . . as a station . . . in Holland, with the licensing.
But the point is that . . . that . . . again, if they can get rid of that ship, which only came along in the mid-1980s
(Caroline has been there since 1964) yet, it's kept on. It has kept going. Some there's some kind of, something that [they're] afraid of.
And that is why we . . . we did some further work and that . . . which we call the Intelligence Transfer Sequence.
And that transfers directly to Sky Television . . . and only the people who've been in there from the very beginning would understand that,
because Murdoch . . . there were two people going to be used for Sky Television. The first one was [Robert] Maxwell,
because we needed a big 'bucks' media tycoon to do the job.
Maxwell wasn't going to do it. The idea was to do the whole thing from the Isle of Man . . .
that wasn't gonna happen. So Murdoch was the only choice that was gonna make Sky TV work.
Now, the point about things was, there's an awful lot of Radio Caroline people in the early stages with connections there, to start . . .
which is very significant . . . for . . . there was an abnormally high percentage of individuals who had the Caroline connection in some way or other,
who were actually at the very start of Sky. Sky was then compromised shortly after it went on [air],
and we believe that, now, could be the agencies and elements, shall we say, which were involved with that, were British Satellite Broadcasting . . .
and that is when, essentially, Murdoch's fate was sealed,
because he was to be used to get the thing going, and when the thing was going they were going 'to shaft him'.
And that is when we come right up to the present day, when some of the research which I've been engaged with . . . there, where we discovered very dark forces were involved !
And . . . that's why, when I interviewed Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and her work on the Djinn,
that an awful lot of the anomalies and items which were being seen by people . . . at Sky.
I mean, there was some artwork . . . one of these lunchtime little things that they put on for the staff.
Little things, you know . . . they'd got these white tiles, and the idea was . . . paint something on a white tile and we'll put it up and . . .
just . . . whatever . . . and the number of people who were coming up with the eye . . . blinking . . .
and then point source little things with tendrils coming from it. These were all point source intrusions which people were witnessing at Sky . . .
and some of this artwork would . . . I mean, sometimes there'd be a building, there'd be doing some building work and they'd put up a temporary wall,
you know, to keep the dust out, and some of the graphic art that was on that, was again, these intrusions,
these little point sources with lots of tentacles coming from them. And those are djinn intrusions
from what I understand now. And this is . . . the much larger versions which have got big tentacles . . .
and that's one of the things which Rosemary . . . mentioned . . . the one thing you get . . .
one of the signatures of djinn are things with legs, and I quote, "lots of legs!"
Now, what they actually are, is another thing, and this is one of the things which we were . . .
encountering attacking our transmitters when we went back on the air with my pirate station Energy 106
again, broadcasting into Belfast. I'm running a half million watt pirate station, in the 1990s
ten years after they've, so-called, brought out the legislation to, so-called, legalise the thing,
which was all . . . again . . . all the Irish Prime Ministers and people of responsibility who took action, hostile action, against those pirates, without exception, all of them went.
That's what happened to Charles Haughey. It happened to his Minister of Communications, without exception. There were no exceptions.
So this system, the Intelligence Transfer Sequencer, was actively protecting itself.
And hostile action against it resulted in ——
Anyway, the point about this is that . . . these dimensional intrusions were attacking the Energy 106 transmitters,
and the main disc jockey involved with that was abducted four times, and met little 'greys' and little aliens . . . at St Patrick's Chair and Well.
Veronica: Oh, dear. Yes. Miles: So that brings the Church, the Catholic Church, the Church of Rome, more specifically,
who'd imposed this destruction of Irish free thinking and wisdom.
This little area . . . could not be destroyed by the Church, and it had guardians and it had beings of some description . . .
and my colleague – this was very close to where we had the transmitter, where we had lots of little flashes of orbs of brilliant light and stuff. But we . . .
we were running a half megawatt, a million . . . a whack of a signal on FM into Belfast . . .
ten years after the legislation to shut done all the stations had come out, yet we were let on the air.
Miles: Nobody came around. Veronica: They couldn't stop you.
But when we actually discovered these tentacled black creatures, about the size of my hand, actually inside the transmitters
and there's only a very few people who are the actual transmitter engineers, the actual people in there, and you are, you have to be . . .
we had dimensional intrusions and instabilities, all happening there. So we knew that there were definite . . . we knew that there was no way that we'd be let on [air], unless,
somebody, somewhere else says, "keep it on" (because they want to use it for something).
And we surmised that they were using it for inverse ITS programming, in other words,
to repair the matrix damage that we did with the previous station, because we came on with Kiss FM and completely surprised everybody.
The BBC . . . I worked for the BBC at the time, and I think the BBC sort of felt, you can't really work for us if you're gonna run a one million watt pirate station
but it's in a different country . . . sort of . . . you know . . . incompatible with your . . . you know.
So, I was let go . . . I was fired ! Fired ! Sacked ! Fired ! Get Out !
So that, then, gave me all the . . . opportunity to keep that going and . . . that's very current in our memories, now,
because my dear friend and colleague who helped run that station, passed away this week and we had a lot of the team together, this week, so it was a . . .
Anyway, but the point is with Energy, these devices, these . . . black spider shadow things, we've done more research on, we're getting more information about that
and they seem to be some kind of artificial . . . construct . . . which is infesting computer and all information-based systems.
They can jump on your back, go inside, go in by the back left, people get a bit deaf in the left ear, lose their balance . . .
and this is, again, something we've been doing the research with the bases in Wiltshire . . .
which we are fairly certain, in conjunction with the shadow beings, whatever they are,
or possibly djinn, are being used as honey traps – the crop circles are being used as honey traps
to attrack psychically-aware people. So they go down there and say, "Hey, isn't this wonderful", and then, –– Bingo! They've got a little crab on their backs.
But . . . that . . . that's something that's . . . at the fairly dark side of things, so . . . but that's what's going on there.
Miles: So, to find that happening at Sky was a major alarm bell. Veronica: Yes.
and . . . that's now . . . shall we say, that game is currently playing out in the . . . thing, and we'll leave that alone . . . we'll leave that.
Gosh. Certainly. Now you're involved in investigating Underground Bases, as well, aren't you ?
Yeah . . . as . . . when I did the pirate radio, I basically stopped my UFO research, because we were too busy building transmitters and . . .
there had been a book written about a great Irish, Belfast man called Terri Hooley, who did an awful lot of work on the punk music scene and stuff,
and there's a quote in there . . . "Miles Johnston of the BBC was busy, setting up pirate radio stations all across the land."
That, you know . . . to get the BBC, pirate radio, and my name, in one frame, one sentence . . . that's . . . anyway . . .
So what I did, was I was video-taping or archiving the history of those radio stations. So . . . when Barry King came along . . .
Barry King was an investigator for London UFO Studies, and he came along with this . . . story about . . .
Programmable Generated Lifeforms being manufactured in a base in Berkshire called Peasmore, or AL499.
And there were, basically, three entrances to that base: one is the Greenham Common Base in Newbury, in the south;
the other one was RAF Welford, which is in Berkshire, to the west; and then the northern entrance is the Rutherford-Appleton Laboraties in Harwell.
Ah . . .
And then there was another connection there, with Wantage, which is a base near Swindon.
So, all in all, we're dealing with the creation of Programmable Generated Lifeforms for the purposes of Mind Control and Military Abductions.
And the purpose of these 'greys' [was] that they had round eyes, whereas the more natural, or real, 'greys' had the almond eyes . . .
and the purpose of these, was that they'd been run off . . . a very strong connection here with the Dulce Base,
in America, where there's a very strong Reptilian connection . . . and, we've just had some further information on that.
So the purpose of this . . . this, then connects the British Underground Military Bases with the Nazis, World War II
and the creation of some kind of new, or different human-derived, controllable lifeform.
And, in recent days, we've found out, now, that . . . that was 1993, 94 . . . in 2012, we're now talking Barry King's father
being involved with the British military and going into the concentration camps in Germany at the end of the war
and discovering Extraterrestial Biological Entities . . . where the German authorities were trying to use tissue from their entirely different (alien) bodies,
to see how human bodies could be upgraded or altered, so that the human bio-field and the human being
could actually interface and work, and deal with, these aliens.
The problem being, that our . . . bio-genetic field or aura can be shut down or very badly interrupted by the equivalent bio-genetic
higher-dimensional field from the so-called ETs . . . or, as you so rightfully say, "our friends from abroad".
But, it means . . . on an interview I did with Bill Uhouse which is part of the Bases series, Bill Uhouse was . . . the late Bill Uhouse . . .
I got his only in-vision interview, in 1994 . . . and he was part of the underground bases . . .
he worked in the undergound bases, in Area 51 and the other test sites . . . where he . . . designed the avionics,
so that human beings could operate the flying discs . . . because the flying discs were, by and large, operated with sort of telepathic, empathic technology,
where the . . . aliens or the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities or EBEs would be able to fly them,
empathically, with their own . . . it became part of their . . . an extension of their being . . .
which, directly, would not work with a human. So, Bill Uhouse was involved with some of the early crash retrievals
and he was the guy selected to make these guys work . . . get the flight simulations [to] work. But he also worked with a 'grey' called J-Rod . . .
and the point was, that . . . he told me, then, that you would get a team of a hundred people,
all specialised in all sorts of things: top people in the top field and everything else, trained up, and the only time . . .
you'd be told you were going to meet an alien; they'd say, this is what the aliens do, you'd be given all the information about it, until you actually met one . . .
and at that point, the bio- . . . we understand that it was the bio-field, would actually interfere with your DNA and your electrical . . .
existence of your living body, and then you'd go . . . you just wouldn't work.
So . . . that's what we believe the Germans were trying to get around in the Concentration Camps with the EBEs and the . . .
whatever slaves they could get hold of . . . which is why they wanted Gypsies, which is why they wanted Jews, which is why they wanted certain population types.
Within that gene pool, they were trying to find a way of being able to deal with this problem . . .
and, of course, they were completely expendable . . . with whatever they were doing.
Now, we believe, that they're actually generating biological . . . programmable generated lifeforms
and they're actually experimenting with taking the life-force from animals and sticking them into these humanoid beings,
so they'd then have a humanoid being which is controllable, just like a cow, or . . . We're dealing with awkward stuff here.
The technology that our governments have . . . is way beyond anything we could possibly envisage . . . and . . .
I mean, I've talked with people . . . somebody, in England – you know him too – and he tells me that . . . he's 74 now
when he was 18 he was trained by extraterrestrials, to work for the British government.
People in America are beginning to speak out now. They were trained also by 'greys'
so, why have governments insisted [on] keeping this secret? Why do they keep us in such ignorance? I don't understand.
Miles: Well. I think the reason for that is, they've got very, very dirty fingers. Veronica: I know.
And they have created and done so much. There's two clues here, right.
They keep saying extraterrestrials – that's wrong – that keeps you looking up there, when, you've got to look down here. Veronica: Exactly.
And the other one is . . . (I've just forgotten what the other one was) but . . . the point is, these are distraction terms.
So if they've . . . they have been involved . . . are involved with the most dispicable . . . I mean, this is involving children, in vast numbers . . .
some of the other work I've been dealing with is the Super Soldier programme.
Oh. The MK Ultra thing ?
MK Ultra; Project Monarch; Super Soldiers, the manufacture of these super strong beings, and that's what, again, goes back to the German . . .
the super human . . . Now, why they're creating these Super Soldiers . . . and there's a wonderful programme on the BBC called
Madness in the Fast Lane, where two Swedish sisters meet in Cork [Republic of Ireland]. Veronica: Really !
They met in Cork. One came in from America and the other one, I think, she came in from Sweden. They met in Cork
– remember that bit of graffiti – and way back in the early . . . in the early 1990s
there were HUGE motherships coming out of Bantry Bay, south west Ireland, out of the Atlantic Ocean.
That's right. I know there are bases under the sea. I know that.
And another base is near where [Radio] Caroline was built . . . in Carlingford Lough. Again, that connects both Ireland, the underground tunnels
and alien facilities – not necessarily in this reality – these are shifted slightly.
South west Ireland, Bantry Bay . . . an Area 51-type base, off the south west coast of Ireland. Now the thing that I just forgot there was . . .
some of my work . . . Bases 3, which is not . . . still hasn't been completed – I'm up to Bases 16 now
but I've never been able to complete Bases 3 because every time I went down there [Rendlesham, Suffolk] with Brenda Butler . . .
the aliens that she kept seeing, and all the types of octopoidal lifeforms with tentacles and shadow beings and all sorts of stuff, and portals opening up,
being abducted, and all that sort of stuff – as soon as you brought a camera there, the aliens . . . they just wouldn't take a cue.
You'd say, okay, "Cue the alien. Okay. Cue the alien." They wouldn't turn up.
They had image intensifiers, infra-red . . . still no aliens. But as soon as you go away, "Oh, yeah, we had aliens last night."
But the point about that is, that whole complex is, there's a whole . . . again, bio-warfare, psychotronic warfare against their own soldiers,
nuclear weapons. There's a vast story about the Rendlesham Forest / Bentwaters area, and even Colonel John B Alexander says,
says, that's got a history, that place, going back a long time. That's a different thing.
But the point about the Rendlesham Forest / Bentwaters Bases – Bentwaters / Woodbridge twin base complex was
they had an emergency Apollo . . . shuttle rescue team . . . was based there, because the Woodbridge runway was one of the longest that the shuttle could land on.
It's extreme north of its potential orbit, but it's there.
The point is, they had a rescue team, an emergency space recovery team
Veronica: Yes. Miles: there, from the start of the Space Program. Okay.
They only had one actual active mission in its entire time there, and the only time that they were ever used,
was going from the extreme east coast of England, in Rendlesham, to south west Ireland, off the coast of Cork . . .
Veronica: My God.
when a ship . . . was in trouble. Now, I'm sure there've been lots of ships in trouble, down on the south west coast of Ireland,
but why that particular team had to go and figure out or help that particular ship . . . and where it was . . .
Veronica: They were getting too near something, weren't they ! Miles: They were getting too near something.
So I think there's an awful lot of big pointers to major, off-world, inter-dimensional, undersea bases with huge motherships . . .
and things, involved in that area. And one of the researchers involved with that was a guy called Eamonn Ansbro,
who's an astronomer . . . and he actually moved from there and he set up a small observatory in Kingsland, in Boyle, County Roscommon,
and he has been going through various programmes involved with other researchers with special cameras to actually telepathically bring these ETs down . . .
and actually engage with them. And he does his research to this day, but he never writes in any of his papers that he would publish for astronomy, it's near-Earth objects – never a UFO.
But that . . . indicates that there's a very high level connections with whatever's going on in that south west coast of Ireland.
But what I was talking about was . . . these two Swedish twins. Now this was, to my mind . . . again, that's on BBC
Madness in the Fast Lane, on the M6 Motorway, about, I think, six or seven years ago, now . . .
maybe only five years ago. But this is when, cutting a long story short, you have a BBC camera crew in a police car,
getting stories up and down a motorway for the purposes of a 'cop-show' on . . . what's going on, on a highway.
Okay. These two twins have got taken by the police. They're in the middle of a motorway, and they're taken safely to one side . . .
and they're standing there and they're absolutely fine. They're just talking . . . no problem . . . and the BBC camera comes up.
Now, this is very important ! What they do, is . . . they actually see the camera . . . and they can see it running,
because they've got the red light on the front of the camera . . . it's taping. At that point, the first sister . . .
runs straight into three lanes of ongoing traffic, 60-70 miles an hour.
The first sister gets hit by a 40-ton truck. Bang! She goes right under the truck and she's run over.
The policeman then says, "Fatality. Fatality. Emergency Services. We've got a fatality here."
Now, while he's doing that, the second sister . . . runs straight into the cars, and she's hit . . . Bang! Straight . . . run over !
Now, that car, maybe it was doing 60[mph], maybe it was doing 50[mph], but she's run over . . . and then he just freaks out. "Bloody hell !"
This is all being caught on a BBC camera and this is important !
Now, subsequently, the second girl gets up . . . and then they say, "Are you okay?", you know.
No, she's not hurt in any way, and she gets up and then runs; again, gets hit. The traffic is still moving but is slowing down by this time.
But this is all happening so quickly, and she gets hit by a second car ! And, oh, Jesus, you know.
So they eventually get to her, "Are you alright?" Six people – all the other drivers are getting out.
By this time all the traffic has actually stopped on this lane, and they actually get hold of her,
and she gets up and she's got a long cardigan, and she's able to swing and swing
(which means she's got no broken bones or any damage there) and they just pull
she just takes here arms out and she just runs, and she swings her legs over the motorway barrier.
Again, she's just been hit by a car twice! There's no pelvic problems there when she's been hit full hard by a car.
Jumps over the first barrier, then on to the second barrier and then she runs across the other lanes
which are, of course, still running. Bang! Hit again! Three times.
Then, all the traffic is stopping and they run over and they get hold of her and she . . . it takes three or four, six people to calm this woman down.
Meanwhile, they get the first woman. Now, she's actually been hurt. She's got a couple of sore ankles – she's only been run over by a six . . . eight axle thing.
I've seen someone who's been run over by one of those things: there's just bits ! Right.
So the long and short of it is, again, when the camera is on her, and running, that's when she screams at the camera,
"They're gonna take us for body parts. They're gonna take us for body parts."
Now, the point about this is . . . this completely, instantly connects with Barry King's stuff on the underground base at Peasmore [Berkshire] . . .
where they have the clones. The coma-hospitals on the film Coma, where perfectly healthy people are . . . go into hospitals and . . .
and are basically kept alive for their body parts.
Now, spinning on till only about two years ago, a colleague of mine was pushed over on the ice in London
and she put her hand out and she hurt her wrist. She was hauled into a particular hospital in central London
where she was forbidden to talk to any of the other patients. They started pumping drugs into her, basically to 'bump her off'.
The rest of the patients realised something really dodgy was going on . . . and then,
she was one of these rare people, who you can actually pump drugs into – reach a certain level – it doesn't do anything !
And then the nurses were realising . . . well, you know. And cutting a very long story short there . . . in her ward in one night,
five people died and were just wheeled out. They were all in there with relatively moderate injuries
and this is where the spare parts is active in British hospitals . . . and it was funny that the place that I, actually, was seeing her
to actually record this little bit of interview, which I've put in the 2010 version of Bases 1, which is, sort of, re-edited and jigged around,
was . . . it wasn't on the A-Z [Road Map]. The street that she was in, wasn't on the A-Z . . . and I thought that was a bit funny.
But the other person in that interview with Barry . . . is a girl called Lisa, and this is, right now, she's connecting with . . . the head of the Nazis,
and I keep thinking of Kammler [Hans Kammler, SS Officer] . . . it's not Kammler, it's his predecessor,
who was involved with the high . . . with the UFO stuff, with the flying disk stuff in southern Germany
and what they were doing, they were doing some kind of forward-projected soul splicing, so they would continue to live into subsequent lifetimes
and this connects, again and again, the Germans operating esoteric technology, Non-Einsteinian Physics, they prefer to call it.
So this all connects with the Super Soldiers, the manufacture of Controllable Programmable Lifeforms, Mind Control . . .
and, as I term it, if you've got Mind Control, you've got reality management. Veronica: Of course.
and, of course, the various religious factions. Because this involves the djinn (these black shadow entitites) the one thing that the Christian Church based,
since Christ (the so-called Christ of 2000 years ago) the one thing they don't tell you about – well, apart from a whole pile of other things they don't tell you about)
(a) about the djinn (the black shadow entities) who want rid of us from this reality. Gone!
And the djinn's agenda is the removal of humanity from our reality. Their primary reason for attacking Ireland was the removal of all the wisdom . . .
That's right.
. . . in Ireland . . . and then the women, the witch hunts, anybody with empathic knowledge, the soothsayers, the wise men of the village
this was completely destroyed right through to Russia, because I've been reading the Anastasia books . . . and that's crucial.
Anything which deals with the true, human, multi-dimensional talents . . . because WE are the aliens in this world.
WE are the people who've got to wake up and switch back on . . . if we're ever going to get home, so to speak.
So it's that mind-virus of religion which is so virulent in Ireland, which is, because of that
it's because they are trying to cover something up . . . trying to stop us from waking up.
You know, when Monty first died, he said, "All religions have got it wrong. The only people who have got it remotely right are the Buddhists, but they're wrong too."
Religion is just a control mechanism, there is no truth in it. The Church of Rome . . . if people knew what it was, and who it serves, they would be horrified . . . absolutely horrified.
I believe . . . that we will soon see that just dissolving. It is totally evil . . . and it has managed, throughout the world, to destroy so many lives.
When the Prime Minister in Ireland, Enda Kenny, made that speech . . . last year, demanding that the . . . Vatican . . . ceases to abuse, rape, and bugger the children,
that opened a door that can never again be closed. Now, nothing could go forward until that happened.
Now, people are waking up everywhere, but that door had to be opened. That man has no idea [of] the importance of what he did that day,
making that speech. He has released the whole world. Now we can go forward and find the truth. But until then, we were still controlled.
Well, this is one of the things which is crucial to some of the research I've done on Bases, is that the children are taken, and the most horrendous abuse
and it's the connection with these black shadow entities, the djinn, and one of the . . . on the AMMACH Project,
which Joanne Summerscales and myself have been running now for about 18 months, one of the first people we interviewed was a guy called Simon Parkes.
Oh. An interesting man !
And what said in his opening little statement, because he got the ball rolling because we had an awful lot of witnesses there . . . who, you know, you need somebody to break the ice.
One of the phrases he said, was, humanity, you just move on, you know, it's time you went, and, so I conclude that, whatever the djinn are
and maybe they have quite a legitimate cause for . . . you know, excuse me, we were here first.
Because it seems that humanity seems to have crash landed here a very long time ago
and there could be reasons for that, and, again, all this information is [in] eastern philosophies – none of it comes from the so-called Christian philosophies,
which means those philosophies are toxic, and have been designed to suppress anything to do with true humanity.
That's right.
Which some people might take issue on, but, if you're under that kind of influence, you're not going to . . . I mean, humanity, other beings, should respect other beings;
be of good, decent . . . things, and follow a decent, moral code. And I think that's important to stress,
but the kind of control that these so-called . . . almost on every level, are being exposed for the most appalling debauchery
and, we have, in Northern Ireland, we have some very, very dark secrets still to reveal, and that involves a lot of people in certain positions of power,
and, of course, there's a very controversial situation going on in Scotland, which is
it's blatant that these people are involved with some of the most darkest, debauched things involving children. Veronica: Are you talking about Hollie Greig ?
We're talking about that, and also, one of my interviewees, a guy called Dave Marrow.
He was taken to the Orkney Islands, and his case involved ritual abuse involving some kind of satanic rites
and . . . again, the Orkney Island child abuse scandal. So there's a really, really, dark, mucky, nasty . . . part, here.
And these are enemies of humanity. Total enemies of humanity, all of them, and humanity, IF humanity is going to be viable and it's going to survive
it has to wake up to this and take action very quickly. Veronica: Exactly !
Exactly! I do not understand people who live in their little cocoons, and, "Oh. It doesn't affect me, so I don't want to know."
Well, you know, very soon, it IS going to affect them . . . and they're the ones that are going to come running for help.
It is time to wake up. We've got to wake up. It's, it's . . . we've got a window of opportunity, now, and we've got to take our opportunity
to ensure that people are aware of what's going on and what's being done to them. It's crazy to allow things to go on as they are.
We cannot . . . you listen to the News, and you read a newspaper – you cannot trust one word you're told.
Well. The thing is, one of the ways of getting people to wake up is, why should they not trust the News? Isn't the BBC a . . . I mean, this is something which is pointed out on Radio 4
that there's a tremendous thing about the Murdoch thing, and I'm not going to say Murdoch is whiter than white, in any shape or form.
But the point about this is, that is was pointed out by one of the major media advisers and consultants and broadcast and print and radio media
was that, actually, if you look at where, 70-75% of all News in the UK comes from one source: that is the BBC.
Then that BBC's a wonderful organisation in many, many regards and there are a lot of really, really fine people in there, but the point is that the whole hate campaign against Sky
– and having worked at Sky for 21 years, we had a lot of wonderful people working there, working really hard.
It was a fantastic organisation, doing fantastic things, breaking [in] new technologies and striving with an awful lot of very dedicated, very good people
But a very dark force is manipulating in there, and it's the same dark force that's been accessing at the BBC
and by getting rid of Sky, and getting rid of Sky News, for instance – 'the terrible Murdoch monopoly' – well, the Murdoch monopoly, I think, total reach, is about 11%.
But, the BBC, with all its local radio stations and all . . . radio, television and everything else, is something like, up to 75%.
So, once you knock out that . . . ITV is virtually irrelevant in terms of News. Now, I'm not saying we should cut back at the BBC.
I'm saying, we should have more . . . one of the big things from my broadcast point of view, because I've been a pirate for years, putting all these radio stations on,
and working with some of the finest, creative people . . . which is something that they don't want to have at Sky Television anymore.
They want controllable . . . they want total control [of] anybody independent thinking . . . and, I'd like to say repeatedly that . . . any sources that I have . . .
I have maybe two, three or four sources on one particular item. Some will only go public . . . and one will public, that source, but other sources, again,
this thing about Reality Management, Mind Control, all these issues, which I've been covering in the Bases series . . . and the Bases Series, really, is a
long form research tool. In other words, it's the only opportunity, often, where an individual has spoken. So, as much as what they've said is included.
Sometimes it might run on for two hours, three hours, one hour, or maybe 45 minutes. But, invariably, that's all that persion has ever recorded and that's it.
So then, somebody, later on, can have the opportunity to take . . . well, that little bit's interesting and that little bit's interesting, and maybe make a programme with it later on.
The point about this is, that this is symptomatic of a complete control of all News that we've got, and now, they want to regulate the internet. They want to shut all independent sources down
and, in many respects, for instance, we've got three channels on the Sky satellite, around about the . . . that's Edge Television; Showcase TV; and I think, Showcase+1;
and maybe there's another version of that . . . and, in some respects everybody says, "Well. How can these be allowed to broadcast? Well. Some of the most terrible things are said ! "
Well. What they do is, it's a honey trap. You get all these people who think they're gonna get free access or whatever it is, to the air waves
and you get them to speak whatever they're gonna speak and then you know what they're saying, you know what's going on, and you give them a TV channel which is
Oh! Free! No encryption! But it's got no money. It's very . . . it's just hanging on there by its . . . on the edge, and
we then end up knowing all the people that we need to 'bump off' or get rid of, or, do whatever to, you know.
And that's what they're currently in . . . so we have to widen that, greatly, and get the message out through as many other sources as possible . . . Veronica [humorously]
No pressure ! No pressure at all !
So, I think we've got to fight fire with fire, and come up with . . . if people are going to get things going, we've got to be up there with the big boys
and not be on the conspiracy theory anorak side of things.
Oh, God. Yes. The little labels they put on you. "Oh, yes. That's all conspiracies [patronisingly]. You see !
We've got to appeal to the mainstream . . . a fine, civilised person such as yourself would do well to do that ! No pressure ! No hints there ! [humorously]
Oh! I wish Monty was still here. He was wonderful for gently nudging and moving . . . and, yeah. I don't know how he had the patience to do what he did
but he was an expert at it. But, we haven't got the time for that now. We need . . . to somehow get to the people.
Well. That needs viral programming of . . . Use the system ! Use the . . . use the facilities that are there. But that needs deep pockets and big money and
Sky was originally going to be that. Sky was given an Intelligence Transfer Sequence protocol protection. So that, that's why it survived
and there's good people in there, but, if it's . . . . now in such a stage where that's not . . . we'll see what happens in the future.
But I don't want to say anything which would later on prove to be not helpful. But the point is that people have got to be told . . . ordinary, mainstream, ordinary people
and this is what I mentioned with the great 'saint' Nick Pope. We'd would have a discussion, sometimes. The point about the [British] Government releasing its files on UFOs,
the so-called Government X-Files, is that 99% of people 'poo-poo' them, or, well, there's nothing really much in there, or whatever [skeptically]
but the point is that, I call it the overflowing bathtub. Veronica: Yes.
There's a big, fat bathtub there, and it's filling up. Still hasn't overflowed yet . . . and the ceiling [above] is still dry. But that bathtub is eventually going to overflow
and, at that point, you're going have a real mess, because the ceiling is gonna come down, and you're gonna have a lot of trouble.
Now, the point is about that . . . the point about
[humorous aside] The point about this . . . about that . . . and I'll tell you about that, and we'll have nothing about this or that. But this is what I'm gonna say about that. [end of humorous aside]
is . . . that they've got to have . . . a really effective information management programme . . . and this is the whole . . . the oxymoron about the Disclosure Project, is . . .
Okay, we've had these people who've been lying to us for years. They've been involved with the most dastardly, evil crimes against humanity
all the crimes in the book and a whole lot more you haven't even thought of Veronica: Oh, yes !
[humorous aside] . . . and we're going to trust them . . . when they tell us, what we know that they know . . . because we know they know . . . that we don't know . . .
which is why we need them to disclose what we don't know, but we know they know . . . because we know they know what they've got . . .
but we need them to tell us what they've got, because we don't really know what they've got. But we know what they've got, which is why we're asking them to disclose. [end of humorous aside]
Miles: Well. That's a load of rubbish ! Veronica: I know that.
We require exposure, and that means that the beings, the multi-dimensional beings and the other beings that are around [and] good people who know this information have gotta break cover
and, we've got to expose this information, and it's got to be done in a very effective manner which appeals to the ordinary, everyday person
and doesn't scare them.
This is the thing, you see. People have become scared of the idea of . . . they call them aliens. Well, the Andromedans don't like being called 'aliens'.
They're beings, the same as we are, they just look slightly different, that's all, and they're far more advanced than we are, and they want to help us.
Now, if you look in our world today, we've got white people, black people, yellow people – you know, we're not all the same, are we ?
They're just . . . they're very friendly. They explained that if America persists in going ahead with Project Bluebeam, then they will come, and they will expose what the Americans are doing.
And . . . they're around. They're in the sky all the time. They are showing the Americans and everybody else, " We're here, and we're ready to land ! "
Well. This is something which I've discussed with Dr Carol Rosin, and she's very anxious to have the Space Defense Treaty signed in the United Nations,
so that we get a quorum of nine nations; so that they ban these space-based weapons platforms.
Now . . . it seems that an awful lot of these platforms up there . . . and some people argue that when the shuttle was launched, it would drop off a few on the way over,
and then it would take three days to get to the Space Station, and three days back. You'd only ever see them with half a payload bay-full
and all that kind of stuff, so there's an awful lot of that. So Dr Carol Rosin's work was with Wernher von Braun.
Ah . . . gosh. Yes.
She was his personal assistant and he told her that we'll have all these crises of false-flag terrorism, home-grown terrorism, and then
(there were three or four designer, world disaster control things) and the last one would be bad guys from outer space.
So this is when the Andromedans, or whoever, who are gonna come and help us, possibly, they end up being painted as the bad guys. So then, these space-based weapons
which we've all paid for 15,000 times over through these backdoor taxes and things – are going to be firing out to space
because, oh, if we're not going to be hit by them, we're going be hit by the next asteriod threat, or possibly, whatever. Earth could be, you know !
Well. In the late [19]90s, Monty was involved in the Scole Experiments
and the last time the Scole mediums sat, they aimed the camera at a mirror, which the spirit world had asked them to do
and, it filmed faces. I've seen the film, because they brought it to the farm and Monty and David Fontana and I were there and, yes, you saw spirit faces
but, you also saw beings from outer space, and they freaked out ! They would never sit again.
Now, the Andromedans . . . they were telling us, at a seance, that that . . . they were trying to show, "We're friendly. We want to come and help you."
But that was it. They would not sit again. Monty did everything possible to persuade them to go ahead with that. If they had, just think how different our lives would be now.
The Andromedans would have come, shared their technology with us. Our lives would be completely different now. But, now they're making an attempt to come again
and they want to come and help us out of this prison situation we find ourselves in . . . and, they're highly intelligent
they come with information, and it's very, very interesting. I'm looking forward very much.
Well. I think we've gotta . . . the thing about aliens, or 'friends from abroad' coming . . . we've got to be careful that their intent isn't manipulated against them.
For instance, I'd be very cautious of being told to go to the big spaceship which is gonna take us off the planet and save us.
Excuse me, but the planet's been here a long time and it's quite a nice planet, please. We don't need to leave.
It's a beautiful planet. We don't need to leave it at all.
I mean, by all means visit other places, but I'd be . . . I think Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I have to say, did have a good point.
We get all the middle management, gob so-and-so's, I have to say, hairdressers, middle . . . all the sort of, you know, and tell 'em, right. This is it !
Big spaceship ! Earth is gonna be blown up by a terrible thing. You guys are the most important people. Go on the spaceship and then, you know
then they can fly off to wherever, and they can have their Risk Assessment Meetings on a Monday and a Tuesday afternoon meeting about a meeting
[that's] going to happen on a Wednesday and so forth . . . and they can always hold meetings. Lots of meetings ! Meanwhile, the rest of us get on. That was the
Wouldn't our friends in government would love that, if a few million of us disappeared off the face of the Earth. After all, their using vaccinations to try and cull the population.
Light bulbs are being used.
Well. This is something which is quite interesting about the high frequency light bulbs. If you look at the high frequency . . . the newer ones, the spiral.
Now, if you have a look at that, that's actually a dipole, that's a transmitting device.
Really !
Yes. Now, at the end you've got a dipole, because I've looked at that and compared it with a microwave . . . a thing called a yagi – a microwave yagi antenna.
Well, a yagi is an antenna with lots of elements on it, and it's a long thing. But what that is . . . that's actually a . . . what's called a Tesla Bi-filer Spiral.
In other words, you don't have . . . if you look at those, you don't have ONE spiral, you have TWO, and their exactly positive and negative . . . coherent, back to the bulb.
Now, whatever that's transmitting, that is a highly focussed beam of something in roughly the microwave range, and I would suspect it's a
that's then a polarised plasma. It's a polarised, electric field of energy.
Veronica: Yes.
Now, I would suggest those devices are microwave, high frequency, directional antennas transmitting something.
Now. On the bad side, that's gonna do us in. But on the good side, one of the things the djinn don't like are high frequency plasma devices.
So, possibly . . . they may be doing us good, after all. Don't know ! But they're definitely designed as a transmit device of some kind.
Now, I had a communication with Anthony Hughes in Dublin. He's a brilliant scientist, and some of his patients are becoming ill, because of these light bulbs.
That would be very interesting, but . . . which type? Because there are different shapes to these.
I've got his . . . communication here, I'll give you a copy . . . and, he's doing research into all this . . . and, it seems, the elastine that's used in clothes,
the material that's used in the insoles of our shoes – they are using so many different things now, to make us ill.
Yeah. Well. The thing is, if you're not wearing natural fibres, it's affecting, it will affect your body's aura, auric field, and so certain types of . . . all types of artificial fibre clothing,
and in particular, if they're going down certain parts of the clothing, it's going to affect the sort of meridians of the body, because they actually 'short out',
they block. Artificial fibres are very, very toxic for any kind of . . . I mean, if you want to do any kind of high spiritual, auric remote viewing work
and you wear artificial stuff, it's gonna be a lot worse for you than if you'd worn pure cotton.
Veronica: Good Heavens ! Miles: Yeah.
Veronica: I know Anthony's doing a lot of research into all that. It's really interesting.
A little . . . for instance, we . . . there are some computer programmes where you can sort of see the Kirlian photography. I don't think it actually is Kirlian photography but
you can see, sort of an energy field around people . . . and we goes, "Wow. What are these spikes. There's two or three big spikes on this part of the head.
And then we switched off the fluorescent light. Gone !
So, they're definitely transmit devices and I think, maybe the original fluorescent lights . . . long tube . . . people didn't realise . . . just another way of . . . they're very efficient lights.
You know, they're good at what they're doing, you know. But, it's all the relevant frequencies you choose, and how they're employed and things
and, there's so much toxins being introduced into things that this is all designed to really shut us down,
and not have our eighteen senses fruition grow. So
Well. You know, going back two thousand years ago, when we had full consciousness, travel was just a thought away. We were able to do so much.
You know, you look at Stonehenge and you look at the pyramids, you look at any of these places – look at Newgrange in Ireland. People used their minds
and they . . . Monty always says, "They knew so much more, then, than we do, now. We know nothing, now.
Those standing stones all around the world means that they had off-planet consciousness.
Exactly !
And other planets . . . they used to visit us, we used to visit them. We were part of the universe. Now, all that has been blocked from us and we're in a prison cell.
Well, if you've got the kind of people who've been suppressing and destroying humanity . . . if you've got them in charge, you do not want them getting out !
So, until we, as humans, expose and deal with this, ourselves . . . until humanity . . . and I don't mean, I mean, when people talk about humanity,
"Oh. We are doing this and we are doing that. We're driving these cars." – We're given no choice but to drive the cars. The ordinary man on the street can't say,
"Oh. I just can't stop driving the car or using the petrol." It's the people in charge of the scientists, the scientific institutes, who are suppressing zero-point energy,
suppressing the proper use of the . . . of the sciences . . . for . . . if only for their own personal gain through various companies.
There's the modern . . . there's the . . . there's another rumour about the Titanic mystery.
Well. They say the real Titanic never sank.
Well. There's now talk that they packed all the competitors to J P Morgan in a ship and, basically, sailed them off and sank them
and so, therefore, the industries which required the use of chemical fuels and chemical industries, the petro-chemical industries and the invention of the motor car and all that kind of stuff
polluting the planet and toxins everywhere, so they'll make loads of money out of it.
Rather than have the zero-point energy material which was in the science over 150 years ago
I know.
We could have been using all that stuff. Local zero-point energy devices without this network of wires which, I've had strong suspicions
is being used as some kind of global net, a global intelligence. It's an early form of a global net. And also, there are some radio amateurs beginning to wake up to . . .
really, what's going on in broadcasting, and why Marconi was . . . changed things . . . and Tesla's work was suppressed.
I know.
And, remember, Marconi was involved with the early crash retrievals in Germany, and he also did certain transmissions from Ireland.
The Marconi transmissions from Ireland. So, really, what was he doing and what was involved there? And, the normally very established and very conservative
radio amateur faction are beginning to have a look at really, what happened in the early days of broadcasting and the way
and what's going on in that level of transmission, and what's affected humanity since transmissions of broadcasting started.
And that's why, when you see these artifacts crawling inside a pirate radio transmitter which has been allowed to broadcast,
you wonder what's really going on. So there's a lot more to be researched into that. But, it certainly isn't good news, but
I think, I'm a believer that it's not a good idea to keep something under the carpet if it's going to go . . . bad. It may be a bad
you don't want to hear about it, but I think if we understand, and confront, and can deal with those problems, that's what we need to do.
Of course . . . and think about the illness. I mean . . . cancer. When I was young, I never heard of anyone having cancer.
I was talking to my friend, Bronwen Astor, and I said, "Bronwen. When you were young, did you . . . " and she said, "No. You're right. I never heard of it."
Now. They say every third person gets cancer. Why ?
Well. I'm sure it's nothing to do with all the chemicals and the toxins which they're introducing into our [food] through Codex Alimentarius.
and, again, people have got to get informed. And again, we've got . . . people . . . most people are just trying to earn a living in this very difficult environment.
They're being boxed in with this terrible economic news but the people who have woken up, I think, have got to
simply have to get together in some way or other, to get this message out to ordinary people Veronica: Yes.
in a way that doesn't scare them, but informs them. And it ain't gonna happen from the BBC, and it ain't gonna happen from Sky TV,
so, it's gonna happen some other way.
I know. It's . . .
and all this money for cancer research. All you need to cure cancer is bicarbonate of soda.
Or hydrogen peroxide . . . directly in.
Veronica: Really. Miles: Yeah. Hydrogen peroxide.
I mean, natural. Go back to Nature.
From what we understand is, our bodies are originally a light body. That's the template. That's the plan. And what the cancer chemicals do is
they actually emit more light. So when they collect in various parts of the body, because they're emitting more light than the very subtle light template of our bodies,
the physical cells then don't know what image to grow into . . . so they get all confused and they grow wrong.
We need to remove those toxins or whatever those chemicals are, and do it in such a way that the original light body
can then reverse and then reproduce the cell structure.
And our bodies are becoming crystalline now, which is great, and when the energy in the world started changing and people were beginning to feel a bit unsteady
and what-have-you. Monty explained that everything had speeded up and our bodies were beginning to alter . . . and we're becoming crystalline.
It couldn't happen faster because we wouldn't be able to cope with it, so that the changes are happening within us
as well as, you know, we see changes all the time. You feel the energy changes, don't you ?
Well, that was actually a phrase in one of my pirate stations. Veronica: Really !
Feel the energy! And we called it "Energy" because of the energy that was experienced at St Patrick's Chair and Well. This wonderful pulsing energy.
I know. Monty had the most beautiful energy. John Mack had it. You know . . . you sort of . . . you could feel it. You could almost touch it, couldn't you?
David Icke has it . . . and everytime, you see . . . you come across people like that and you think, oh, my God.
This energy is so beautiful. It's . . . oh, God.
Well. It's interesting how David Icke is now becoming, sort of more mainstream.
I thought it was very interesting how the Daily Mail, you know . . . "This dreadful man, David Icke. This dreadful man, David Icke, all these followers."
"Did you see what his wife did, and what his wife thinks about him."
Now, that, on the surface, might be, you know, a detriment to David Icke, but it means that the ordinary people
this is what I mean by communicating in ordinary terms that ordinary, everyday people can understand.
They know that David Icke's some famous guy who does something and he's probably a bit of a nutter, or whatever it is,
"But did you see what his wife said about him ! " And . . .
And so that gets him into the acceptable level of consciousness for ordinary people, which means those ordinary people will then possibly then say,
"Well, did you hear what he said. I didn't know that !" Previously they wouldn't have listened to him at all.
That's right.
So, that's the kind of subtle way, explaining things in everyday, down-to-earth terms, in a way which people can understand and
take on board, and feel, oh yeah, that's okay. Oh, did you hear, whatever, you know, this kind of everyday gossip
is, I think, a very important way of establishing this in the future.
But, my God, they did vilify him when he first started. Miles: Absolutely. Veronica: They did everything to destroy him.
Well, to Terry Wogan's . . . to Terry Wogan's credit, when he did a rerun of things, I think, two or three years ago, and he had David Icke on, and
he was able to say, "You know this . . . he's not a . . .[I'm a] bit sorry about that", I think he said, or whatever.
Yeah. So much has been done to suppress everything. As for the banks. Isn't it going to be wonderful when we don't need money are more.
Well. That'll certainly help. But until then, we need something to get things going.
Before money was created people managed very well, didn't they.
Well. I've been reading all these books about Anastasia. One of the things about Soviet Russia or the Russian economy was
"Oh, the Russian economy is so terrible. It's . . . so many people are only earning so much a month. How can they possibly survive? "
Well. What they did was, they basically bartered, and it was work-in-kind which made the communities work together
and, of course, this is what's constantly under attack in the so-called Western societies, where the family unit and the essence of ordinary,
local culture and ordinary, local . . . I mean, the simple fact that all the pubs are being shut and all these toxic supermarkets put in there, instead
wiping out all the community shops and all sorts of things everywhere. It's a corporatisation, a globalisation of our food supply.
One of the first things that I noticed in Northern Ireland when we had the so-called Peace Process, and everything was
terrorism was over and all that, and everything was all signed. The first thing that started happening was that all the local, small businesses,
supermarkets and shops and grocery stores which had been there for years, for families, for decades – all basically wiped out !
And then they were bringing in all these new foods, all these generic foods. A lot of the foods that came from the local communities is all taken out.
Now a lot of that, sort of moved around and you can get certain butchers and shops which do that.
But, again, it was a way of getting certain toxic foods into our diet.
I know.
And in the days before a lot of the . . . just on beer, for instance. It's one of the food types which doesn't need to have its ingredients
printed on the side of it. So, the first thing that started happening in the Republic of Ireland was they started putting a lot of fluoride in the water,
and they're trying to now do that in the North. Veronnica: Oh, God. Yes.
And to his credit, Peter Robinson did actually stop that when it was first tried out, a while ago. But, we used to get all this beer, cheap.
It was illegally imported by our local shop, and you got great Eastern European beer. But once they joined the EU,
and the beer that was being brought into the UK was the proper beer, that stuff had a different taste to it, and gave people hangovers.
So that meant that they were introducing certain chemicals that it previously didn't have, until the EU regulations came into force
which is proof that they are poisoning us with various forms of things. And, again, it's up to people to do their own research, but that's
The evidence is there !
Yeah. The evidence is there, and when people say there's no evidence for flying saucers or there's no evidence for these conspiracies, it's just ––– �