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Hey guys.
I'm David with DanceOn, bringing you your weekly recap
of "So You Think You Can Dance," Season Nine.
Pardon my voice.
I'm a little bit under the whether, so I might be
sounding a little bit like Lindsay Lohan this episode.
Just deal with it.
I have to say, I think this is a bit of an off week for "So
You Think You Can Dance." I had trouble even picking my
top three routines-- really my top dance with two other ones
that were OK.
My voice.
The Chehon and Witney "I Will Always Love
You" routine was good.
Witney's back is so strong and her core is so flexible.
She did so many back bends in this routine.
I didn't love it as much as the judges did.
It sort of lost me when the lights changed, and I just got
a little bit lost.
It seemed kind of all over the place.
But I did think that the catch lift was very impressive.
The next on my list was the Cyrus and
Eliana "Toxic" routine.
That cover of "Toxic" is so awesome.
I thought this routine was really solid.
I mean, Eliana, when she popped her leg up at the
beginning, I screamed.
I thought it was awesome.
And for the most part, Eliana really sold it.
She was giving major performance in her face, and
everything was very good.
There were times where she was a bit too smooth, where
dancing next to Cyrus, it was very obvious that she-- it
wasn't her genre.
But most of the time, she really sold it, and I thought
it was a very well-choreographed routine.
The only routine that I was completely in love with was
Brandon and Amber's jazz routine.
Just from the opening few poses, Amber was amazing, and
then she popped into the splits and she did the chaines
turns and the pirouettes, and I was like, oh my god.
She was fantastic in this routine.
And Brandon made such a good partner for her.
I was so happy that she wasn't with Nick, and that she was
with-- you know, she needs a man.
She's a lot of woman, and Brandon, he was a very good
partner for her.
So I was thrilled with this routine.
It was the only one in this episode that
I completely loved.
Tiffany and George's babysitter routine was OK.
I thought Tiffany completely outdanced George.
George seemed a little bit awkward and Tiffany was
getting more gritty with it.
But it was fine.
It was entertaining.
Janelle and Dareian's cha-cha was, eeeh.
Janelle really needed to straighten her legs.
I don't know why the judges--
the judges comment on them pointing their feet inwards,
but they never commented on Janelle's legs.
She wasn't straightening them.
They were bent the whole time.
I thought Dareian outdanced her.
He did well in comparison.
My eye always went to him.
Cole and Lindsay's Mandy Moore piece was OK.
But I didn't connect with Cole at all and I don't know what
the judges were talking about.
I completely disagreed with them.
He was very precise and it was very clean, but I just felt
like he was so distant.
There was a complete disconnect.
And especially with contemporary, it's very
difficult for me to watch someone just be precise and
not really convey any emotion.
Even Lindsay, with all of the hair in her face-- which I was
not a fan of.
I wanted to see her face.
But even with all of that hair in her face, she emoted so
much more clearly than Cole did.
I just--
he was a little bit robotic for me.
When Amelia and Will's piece started, I just couldn't help
from laughing.
They have become the quirkiest couple.
Every piece they do, it's just the lights up and it's like,
these two looneybags.
I enjoyed their piece.
I actually, for a change, was watching
Will most of the time.
He surprised me a lot.
He did this kick where his leg this went, whoop!
And there was a lot of good, sharp movement from him.
And I don't know, I feel like Amelia was a little
distant this week.
And so my eye completely went to Will.
By far, the worst piece of the week was Matt
and Audrey's salsa.
The choreography looked very dumbed down, very simplified,
just very slow.
I feel like there were a lot of more complicated moves that
they couldn't really master and so the choreography had to
be slowed down and simplified.
Matt looked very awkward and very uptight.
I think that Audrey sold it a little bit more, and I would
have liked for her to have a better male partner.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
Audrey was great, and I will never get over her legs.
I mean, even in this, they were just--
Yeah, it just--
I wasn't buying it.
So then they got down to the bottom threes, and then they
did solos, thank god.
Because I was so mad when they didn't do solos for the last
time they eliminated.
Eliana's solo was just, like--
it was like the Olympics.
I honestly was just blown away.
I did think that it was a big mistake for
them to save Lindsay.
I think that Amber was a much better dancer with more
potential, especially after this week.
Which leads me to believe that they made this decision last
week before they'd even seen this week's routine.
I definitely saw the Brandon elimination coming.
I'm glad that he took it well and he
was smiling and whatnot.
Amber seemed very pissed off and I was just ready for her
to flip out and walk offstage.
So I'm glad that she didn't do that.
My picks to go home next week-- or two, three weeks
from now, whenever the show's back on--
I think that Janelle will probably be the girl to go
home and George will be the boy to go home.
Let me know which you think will go home or which are your
favorites or your opinions on the dances.
Maybe you disagree with me.
I will discuss it in the comments with you guys.
And until then, I will see you in like three weeks
when it's back on.
All right.
Thanks for watching and dealing with
my gross sick voice.
I hope you're all doing well.
And I will see you guys soon.
OK, bye.