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Hello viewers~ Welcome to 9ENTERTAIN TALK.
Today our studio is specially lively
because there are fanclubs waiting to welcome
the 6 hottest guys. Let's meet them.
Make some noise to 2PM!!!
Hello, we are 2PM.
Hello, I'm Khun-Nichkhun.
Hello, I'm Wooyoung.
Hello, I'm Taecyeon.
Hello, I'm Junsu.
Hello, I'm Junho.
Hello, I'm Chansung.
And K.Bee, our translator,
who will help us communicating.
2PM actually did many activities before coming here.
There are fans waiting for them at the studio since morning!
Who came earliest?
Oh ho! Many are raising their hands!
Thank you.
They've just finished the interview from Seed FM, haven't they?
And donating things for flood victims.
VCR is showing the interview at Seed FM
and donation making for flood victims in Thailand.
They were greeting the staffs at MCOT station.
Please tell them that the girl staffs at MCOT station
woke up so early today to be here.
Thank you.
From VCR, you'll see donation they did for flood victims.
How do you feel, Khun?
I feel worried.
I had a chat with P'Jay-Jetrin (Thai singer/rapper)
and heard that he went to HADYAI to help people in flood.
I wanted to come back to help too but had no time
so I come with my friends here at Channel 9 to donate.
I brought clothes for donation as well as Hanami snacks.
Thank you all.
Let's talk about their coming for tomorrow's concert,
MNET Ultimate Live in Thailand.
How many times do they remember to be here in Thailand?
Taecyeon said he doesn't remember becoz they come here often.
He used to come here personally,
and sometimes with the group, many times.
He said more than 10 times.
Oh ho! That many?! Has Khun ever brought them to his house?
All 5 of them have never been to Khun's house.
I want to but I haven't gone back home myself.
Oh! Khun has not gone back to his own house!
K: My house is far,
so whenever I come back I stay in the hotel.
Ek: You always come back for work. // K: Yes.
Let's talk about their latest single, I'll Be Back.
The choreography is running.
I heard they ran till their legs got ache, didn't they?
The running choreography in "I'll Be Back"
is about 70% of the whole choreograhy.
If they have to sing "I'll Be Back" twice in a roll,
their strength runs out since they got to run for the whole number.
Can they run out of strength here for once?
Just a bit.
Hahaha~ He broke stuff.
Very cool. Give him a big hand!
Talking about their look,
it's getting more intense.
What is it?
Black eyes...and face band.
Is it eye band?
Eye socket.
What is it about with this look?
It's a fashion trend in Korea or something?
Before launching the new album,
they keep coming up with new concept.
Before this single, I'll Be Back, coming out
it was the time of spring changing to winter
so they put more make up
and wear leather clothes for mature look.
As for 2PM themselves, they don't follow fashion trend
but they have their own trend.
Why don't they do eye-socket-paint today?
Khun is laughing at "eye-socket-paint".
Heavy makeup is only for stage performance,
they don't usually do it.
We act cool and intense only on stage,
but once off-screen, we are easy-going.
They already told us they come to Thailand very often.
How often? They already have their own favourite menu! Thai food.
We have it prepared for them over there.
Let's check out their favourite menu.
Welcome to favourite food program~!
Here is Kang Som.(=Sour soup made of tamarind paste)
They've never tasted it.
That is Tom Yum Goong(=Sour Prawn Soup)
And Pad Thai.
Which one is their favourite dish?
They all take the same thing.
Ek: Do they know what it's called? // Khun: Please excuse us.
Tang Mo Pun! (=Water melon smoothie drink)
What about Thai dessert? Have they ever tasted any?
Roti Saimai. (=Roti with candyfloss)
K: Their favourite, they love it.
Ek: Let them taste it.
Junho asked why there isn't Pork Fried Rice here.
Pork Fried Rice?
Not finished cooking yet.
Pork is still a pig.
Can they have a taste?
Which one loves Roti Saimai?
I heard there's one person rolls roti at home everyday,
which one? // K: This one.
Ek: Why? What's so good about it?
Wooyoung said he can roll it by himself so it's fun.
The taste is sweet as well as salty which makes him happy.
K: Salty from his hand! (Note: roti saimai is sweet, not supposed to be salty.)
Let's move to that side, K.Bee, please.
Ek: This is Tom Yum Goong.
Ek: How is it?
K: It's salty.
K: Salty, indeed.
Taecyeon said everytime he comes to Thailand,
he always eat Tom Yum Goong
and the taste is getting better and better.
Oh, that's a big bite.
How is Pad Thai?
It's good.
Viewers, he can't say anything right now
his mouth is full.
Very good. // Very good.
Let's take a break from food for a moment
becoz we should inform about the Meet & Greet this afternoon
as well as CD for an auction!
Let them talk about it.
Ok! Let them eat! Nichkhun, let's talk!
K: I already eat it many times, let me do the talk.
After receiving the news of flooding in Thailand,
we thought of what we can help,
so we brought our cds to put them for the auction.
Whoever bought it will get our autographs and taking a picture with us.
Where and how? // At Paragon.
We all can help the flood victims as well.
We'll meet them there at Paragon.
The press conference will be held there this afternoon too.
Oh, wait.
Khun, don't you want to eat some?
I better eat with my mom.
Pardon? // I'll eat with my mom.
He'll eat with his mom.
Thank you very much, 2PM, for entertaining us
and show good appetite for us.
They said thank you for having them.
Ok, we'll meet them tomorrow at the concert
and this afternoon for Meet&Greet at Paragon.
Yes, see you there.
Make some noise for 2PM!
Thank you.
We're gonna let them enjoy the food.
Ok, Go for it!
Back to the news studio, bye bye!
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