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Kobe what you working on? Getting rid of homelessness
getting rid of it
that's the challenge
get everybody back on they feet
get everybody to live the life they should be living
you grow up in a family whether it's your mother your father or both
they are hugging you they are telling you what you can accomplish you can accomplish anything that you want this that and the other
and you don't realize how damaging it is for a kid to not have that
and not only to not have that but to get that from the wrong crowd you know
it's uh...
very damaging
when i was like you
you couldn't tell me a thing
no father
plus half a mother
how can you feel my pain
sixteen I'm on my own now I'm grown so now I do things my way
death before dishonor
make sure you stay in your lane . There was disfunctionality in my family from my
and then I see how she abused my uncle my mom my auntie
and it effected them when they became adults
so when my mom got with this guy and
he held my hands in hot water
third-degree burns this happened the day before I turned two my mom didn't divorce that dude until I was eleven
had me calling him daddy and everything
when I got my weight up I was like no
man will ever put his hands on me again
after I seen how he beat my mom
like no man will ever put his hands on me no man will ever
put his hands on anyone in my family you know? I
caught a case and went to prison for four years
and everyone was like you the last person we'd think would end up there
everybody makes mistakes and I think for them
they've made
a couple of poor choices in life
which then led them
down this path of self destruction and we can
easily just sit back and say well
they made their bed now they have to lie in it
but what type of people are we to do that ?
we all make mistakes
we homeless
yes sir I understand sir
the mind is strong
i remember when i was in prison
and I would read every book I could get I was not there I was on that ship with these pirates
in this story you know
and the same thing now here when I'm writing my pieces
I can zone out and not even mentally be here on skidrow
just be where my thoughts where they would take me. We want you to look at breathing space
as a tool that does what? that accelerates your life right?
so tony ? Tony's gonna read his words lets give him some love
first of all I'd like to say thank you to all of you I'm gonna do
Society has forgotten me
we have a reminder of what happened to us and we go back to all nature
as the mean rise to turn a light to nyc for and the
rats come up from hiding
to in larry
what a shame the cd means
live this way
what a pity
to see who wins
troops this state
as a start taking these classes relies
this is the best of their rights
stinson wasn't
i wish i could have earlier
the school they got me and let me know might look like a reasoning
continues tensions in your account to delete one of the a psychology
lightning asl class and you know
after that i can get a job go back to work for
does anything ducati
which redhead
designer style
artsy online
that was always more
muscle work goes into whatever filter for the time
these answers
he's reinvent himself was fun and something else and personable
that this was something that he was passionate about
maybe as a difficult
was to tell the story so that you can get inspired by it
that's phenomenal
he studied
most of the stairs psychology maybe that's cool
but he has the addition he has a job to do
despite everything that has been too
just opportunity that i didn't have
forced him to that
the crisis
never had
also sixty
so bad that says