[ENG]Sweet 18 ep.4 1/7

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My legs! They hurt so much!
Why do they have\nso many relatives?
I don't know how many times I had to bow!
They're elders that you must\ntreat properly.
Don't forget to behave properly,
so as not to embarrass\nyour late grandfather.
Okay, okay.
I don't know if I'm doing\nthe right thing.
You're too young to be married.
There may be many difficulties\nahead of you.
You can't blame me\nwhen you have regrets
because you insisted\non getting married.
I shouldn't say such things\non a happy day.
I'm sorry I'm getting married\nand leaving you alone.
But I'll live happily.
I'll even make up for the happiness
that Father and Grandfather\nnever enjoyed.
You don't have to worry about her.
You don't have just one daughter!
You have us!
I bowed to so many elders today,\nbut I forgot to bow to you!
Tradition doesn't require you\nto bow to your mother.
That's not fair!
Mother, let her bow to you!
You don't have to come out.
You don't have to see me out.
- But... - It's okay.
Hey, we'll take good care of her,\nso don't worry about your mom.
Are you prepared?
Prepared for what?
You know what.
Don't over do it. Good luck!
That's right!
It's my wedding night!
Tonight's not really\nyour wedding night, is it?
Tell me the truth.
Tonight's not your first night,\nis it?
You two spent the night together\nlast night.
Where did you sleep?
You couldn't have slept on\nthe street in this cold...
So was it at a hotel?
We did go to a hotel,\nbut nothing happened.
What? You went to a motel with Jung-sook?
He didn't say anything, sir!
I'm telling you, nothing happened!
So tonight's really\nyour first night?
Sure! How could I do it with a kid?
Drink up.
But don't drink too much.
I'm worried that too much alcohol\ncould get in the way of
your accomplishing the big task.
What are you doing?
Hey, why are you sitting on my tie?
I have to go to Seoul.
- Are you sure he's the boss? - Yes, he's the one.
Mister! What about me?
Don't I have to go with you?
You should just wait for me here. I'll be back tomorrow.
What about our honeymoon\non Jeju Island?
I'm really sorry. We'll go on our honeymoon later.
I'll call you.
Let's go.
Then what about our wedding night?
Mom, just 10 more minutes.
Aren't you going to get up now?
Aren't you going to say
your morning greeting\nto Grandfather?
It must've been very tiring\nfor you yesterday.
We were able to have
an incident-free ceremony\nbecause of you.
I only did what I was supposed to do.
Did you sleep well, Granddaughter-in-law?
What are you thinking about?
I was just worried about
whether my husband got\nto Seoul safely last night.
You sure do care a lot\nabout your husband.
That's good to see.
It shows that you're a true daughter\nof the Papyoung Yoon family,
who are known for devoted wives.
You're being too kind.
That's not all they're known for.
The women of the Papyoung Yoon family
are known for their cooking as well.
Yes, there was no other family\nwho had better tasting food
than your family's.
I'm sure she's a very good cook,
since her grandfather was\na picky eater.
So why don't you make breakfast?
The kimchi and sauces are outside,
and the rice is over there.
You'd better hurry,\nbecause Grandfather is hungry.
She doesn't seem to know\nhow to cook.
We shouldn't leave it up to her.
Let her do it. She'll be fine.
- But I should help her. - Aunt!
All right, I'm only glad I don't have to cook!
Don't worry.
She needs to know that\nbeing married to this family
isn't so easy.
It's true that the sister-in-law\nis a new bride's worst enemy!
She's out to get me!
This is crazy!
He's heartless!
How could he not even call me?
Let's be honest here.
Yov've taken over the organization\nsince your boss went to prison.
You had your guys commit\nthe recent crime!
Are you going to deny it?
I'm asking you for the last time.
You're behind the assault\ncase in Yong-san, aren't you?
Do you have proof?
If you have proof,\nshow it to me,
and if you have a witness,\nbring that person to me.
Why, you!
Your ancestors are from Chun-won.
That makes you a Dong-joo Choi.
And that means the great General Choi is your ancestor.
Aren't you ashamed to be\ninvolved in murders
when you come from such an\nhonorable family?
Mr. Prosecutor, I know nothing\nabout my family tree.
All right, don't confess.
I have nothing to confess.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You may leave.
- What are you doing? - You have to get him to confess!
No, I don't believe in confessions.
I don't want him to rot\nin prison for 20 years,
when he should actually\ngo to prison for life.
He needs to pay for taking\nan innocent life.
Don't ever confess.
I'll make sure you're back\nafter I gather enough evidence.
Let's go.
Mr. Prosecutor!
What a strange man!
It was our chance to get to\nthe bottom of the organization.
We couldn't keep him in\ncustody for too long anyway.
We don't have enough\nevidence right now.
That's true.
Is she going to be all right?
You know, Jung-sook's by herself.
I know.
I hope she doesn't get herself\ninto any trouble.
Oh, no!
It's all burnt!
What is this smell?
What smell?
I don't smell anything.
How are the breakfast\npreparations going?
You'd better set the table now. The elders are hungry.
What am I going to do?
What is this?
It's burnt rice.
How could you serve\nburnt rice for breakfast?
What's the meaning of this?
I guess not all the women from\nthe Papyoung Yoon family
are good cooks.
Perhaps you've never cooked?
How could the wife of the firstborn\nbe such a bad cook?
I'm already worried about\nthe memorial services.
This is not good.
It's not just any old burnt rice.
My late grandfather used to favor this.
He did?
He often talked about feeling\nbadly about eating
hot, white rice at every meal.
He spoke of the less fortunate\nwho often went without food.
He wanted to share the pain\nof the less fortunate
by purposely eating burnt rice...
Burnt rice...
So your late grandfather\nused to eat this?
You're his granddaughter, after all.
I'm impressed that you've kept\nyour grandfather's thoughts alive
by following in his honorable footsteps.
We should all begin eating now.
We should all reflect on\nour selfish ways.
It's nutty...
It's actually good.
Your grandfather favored it?
You sure are good at\nmaking things up.
You didn't like my cooking?
I guess it's an acquired taste.
No, I liked it.
I think you can cook\nall the meals from now on,
since you're a good cook.
You should be in charge of\nthe kitchen until you leave.
There are still dishes\nto be washed from yesterday.
Why don't you start on those?
I can't!
What happened?
I asked you what happened!
Can't you see? I just left.
You left without\ntelling the elders?
How could you come here\nwithout telling them?
I don't know!
I left because they were\nmaking me into a servant!
From Andong?
Yes, she's with me right now.
Grandfather, it's...
Grandfather, it's Jung-sook.
I was worried sick about\nmy husband skipping meals,
so I couldn't stay there\nany longer!
Please understand!
Is that why you left?
All right.
Why did you hang up the phone?
You should've scolded her!
What could be more important than
her taking care of the firstborn?
I don't want to hear it.
I'm impressed at how thoughtful\nthat young girl is.
You shall go out of my room.
Father, I don't think Sun-ah's all wrong.
Not only did she leave\nwithout telling anyone,
but she also burnt the rice\nthis morning and...
I'm worried about\nthe bride's attitude.
Let's wait and see.
She's just a young girl.
How did she ever come up with\nthat excuse for the burnt rice?
What? Do I have anything on my face?
What? "Have mercy on me?"
Are you shooting a historical drama?
Please don't do that.
Husband, why are you raising\nyour voice at me?
Just be your usual self.
But Grandfather will like me\nbetter if I do that.
That's the bus to my house. Bye, Mister.
What are you doing?
Mom will kill me if I go home after ten.
Where is your house?
Are you kidding me? You don't know where I live?
I'm tired. Let's go to sleep.
You want to wash up first? You want me to wash first?
What did you say?
You don't want me to? You wash up first then.
Are you done?
No, not yet.
He hasn't forgotten about\nour wedding night either.
You can do it.
Good luck, Yoon Jung-sook.
I'm done.
I'm going to tie your tie\nevery day from now on.
I'm going to wake you up every day.
And I'll make your favorite\nbean paste stew every day.
Mister... I love you.
Wake-up time is 6:00.
I'll forgive you this once.
We're all out of rice. Buy some rice.
So just eat this for breakfast today.
I have something to ask you.
- What is it? - Well...
Last night...
I don't have much time. Hurry up.
Did you sleep with her?
Did you sleep with Jung-sook or not?
- What are you talking about? - Hurry up and say it!
How could I sleep with her?
Give me $50 each!
I'm really disappointed in you!
Are you really a man?
I told you he couldn't\nsleep with her.
You should buy us a drink!
Are you mad at me?
- Are you? - Yes, I am!
How could you make a bet\non my private life?
It's all because we're all\ninterested in your well-being.
I don't want your interest\nin my life!
It's all right!
Don't be hurt by what happened.
You're still young.
You'll succeed tonight.
You can't be husband and wife\nuntil the marriage is consummated!
I'll tell you\nhow to get her to do it.
Prosecutor Suh, you're aware\nthat unsolicited talk about
sex is considered sexual harassment,\naren't you?
Stop it while I'm asking nicely.
What is that?
It's eel and other side dishes.
We'll have a table full\nof food tonight.
I'll tell him I made it all!
Your grandfather-in-law\nwill rest easy
only if you get pregnant.
Any news yet?
That family hasn't been very\ngood at producing children.
Although Hyuk-joon doesn't say so,
I'm sure he wants to start\na family right away.
So you must try.
How can you say that, Mom?
- I'm leaving. - Hey, Jung-sook!
It's only been a few days\nsince she got married.
I guess I expected\ntoo much too fast.
You have to do it tonight!
You can't be considered\nhusband and wife
until the marriage\nis consummated!
- How did you know I was home? - You should've rung the bell!
I'm just used to living alone.
I have dinner ready. Come on in.
It's eel!
- You should enjoy it. - You should have some too.
Actually, my mom made it for you.
She said we need to\nstart a family soon.
Are you all right?
Are you okay?
How scary!
Could you sit away from me?
Mister, catch those robbers.
They're frightening.
I'm more scared of you.
Why do you keep sitting next to me?
What's wrong with that?
Is it wrong for me to sit\nnext to my husband?
Never mind!
Where are you going?
I'm going to sleep, okay?
Hey, what are you doing?
Can't you see?
I'm going to sleep here\nif you're sleeping here.
Shouldn't a married couple\nsleep together?
Didn't you say we wouldn't interfere\nin each other's private lives?
You're breaking the contract.
I don't care. You can sue me if you want.
Lie down, dear.
Hi, Jung-sook.
Hi, Mister.
What brings you here?
Well, what brings us here is...
I got accepted to a college!
I thought I'd be the only one\nto not pass the exam,
but I passed!
I was so happy I passed that I bought them drinks!
Didn't I do the right thing, Mister?
Yes, congratulations.
But you shouldn't come here drunk.
You sure are stuffy!
You're too cute to be stuffy!
You're crazy!
You should go home and sleep\nif you're drunk,
instead of barging in here!
I'm sorry.
- Let us sleep here tonight. - Let us sleep here!
No, I'll give you cab fare,\nso go home.
No, you can spend the night here!
But there's no room!
I can leave.
I was on my way out to go\nsomewhere anyway.
Make yourselves at home and\nspend the night here.
I love you!
I can sleep in the office,\nso be good to your friends.
You idiots!
You call yourselves friends?
Are you going home now?
What are you doing here\nat this hour?
- I just came back to work. - What?
You're no friends of mine! Don't ever come back!
Come on, we're hungry.
Let us in!
Let's never come see Jung-sook!
Bad girl!
Is he the only prosecutor\nin the country?
Shouldn't he do his part\nfor his family,
and then work for the country?
This is so frustrating!
He sure underlined a lot of pages.
I used to be good at\nunderlining my books too.
It's not like him\nto have a doll like this.
It's cute just like him.
What? You can't come home tonight again?
When is he ever going to come home?
I can't stand this anymore!
It's me.
No, I...
Something urgent came up.
I can't come home tonight either.
I'm telling you,\nsomething urgent came up!
Something urgent?
It's just something...
- You should go home. - All right...
Do you want to go\nwith us for a drink?
No, I'm not interested.
Are you going to work\nall night again?
Hey, I know you have a lot\non your mind, but let's go.
Did you think I'd be worried about you?
I know how to have fun!
He won't even come home!
He's an idiot!
Hi, friends! Sit down.
What would bring you here\nwhen you must be busy
having a passionate married life? Really...
Don't be like that.
Sit down.
Tell us everything\nand we'll forgive you.
You know what! About your wedding night!
It was very hot!
How hot was it?
It was as hot as\ninstant noodles boiling!
Instant noodles?
I feel like eating instant noodles.
You're such a pig.
So it was out of this world!
Is that all?
You know nothing about\nbecoming a woman.
It can't be put into words.
I'm sure it can't\nbe put into words.
Are you implying that I'm lying?
I'm just saying...
By the way,\nwe haven't seen Magnet lately.
Is he really on a hunger strike?
He said he'd go on a hunger strike\nif Jung-sook got married.
As another man's wife,
I don't feel comfortable\nworrying about him.
Bye, friends. It was fun.
Are you going to just go home\nlike this?
Then what?
Shouldn't we go\nand shake it up a bit?
I can't go.
As the wife of a prosecutor, I need to behave properly.
- Let's go. - I can't go!
Couldn't we go somewhere else?
You said you'd pay for the next round.
Don't you want to pay?
As prosecutors, we shouldn't\ncome to places like this.
We're not wearing our badges!
Let's go inside.
Good evening! Let me introduce myself!
I'll be your waiter tonight,\nand I'll be in charge of
making it a great night for you!
Here you are.
Have a good time!
What are you doing? Get your hands off me.
He's being shy!
You look naive! You're just my type!
Give me a drink.
I'm a married man.
And everyone else is\nmarried except for him.
You should leave. We'll drink without you.
What a jerk! Let's go.
Don't go! Where are you going?
You should just go home or\nwork in the office
if you're going to be\na party-pooper!
We can't have fun with you here!
Be honest.
You're not going home because\nyou're scared of Jung-sook,
aren't you?
What are you talking about?
Why should I be scared of her?
You're not scared of her,
but scared of your\nfirst night with her.
- Jong-chan! - I know everything.
But you can't keep running away\nfrom your responsibility.
You have to face the problem!
You might regret not\ngoing home every night.
What if she finds a new man?
She's just a kid!
You may not have noticed,\nbut Jung-sook's a woman.
She's an attractive woman.
Let's drink up!
They sure are having fun.
I would've broken their legs\nif they were my daughters!
What's the meaning of this?
I told you not to go to clubs!
You're a married woman now!
I might ask you the same thing!
Didn't you say you were\nswamped with work?
- Are you working right now? - What?
I thought you weren't coming home\nbecause you really were working!
Every day I ate and\nwatched TV alone,
and was scared last night\nbecause the power was out!
Never mind!
I don't want to talk to a liar!
Believe me. I've never been here before.
- Don't lie! - It's the truth!
You sure are shameless.
You make me laugh!
You really shouldn't act this way!
No, you shouldn't act this way!
- Never mind! - That's right, never mind!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You should sit next to\nyour husband!
Come on! Sit next to her!
Hey! It's slow dance time!
Jung-sook! Mister, dance with her!
- No! - Come on!
Miss, would you like to\ndance with me?
- Don't do this! - She's with me!
She's dancing with me!
The song's about to end.
- Where did everyone go? - Really...
- Hello? - You two looked good!
Where are you?
- We left for you. - For me?
For your first night together.
I know everything.
The prosecutor told me everything.
You'll succeed tonight, won't you?
- Are you going to keep this up? - Do your very best!
We expect a lot from you! Good luck!
I guess they had to go back to work.
The girls had to go home.
Everyone's busy.
Do you want something to drink?
- I'll get it. - No.
Where's the cup?
Are you okay?
What was that sound?
I didn't hear anything.
Did you fart?
No, I didn't fart!
You did fart!
It sure smells bad!
What did you eat for dinner?
Haven't you ever farted?
Why are you laughing at something\nthat's only natural for humans?
You should sleep in the\nother room from now on,
because I'm going to\nsleep in this room!
Why did you do that?
I was so nervous.
I was so nervous about\nmy heart pounding
that I didn't realize I farted.
Why did I have to fart then?
Why did you have to suggest\nsleeping in separate bedrooms?
I don't know!
What am I going to do now?
You should tell him that you\nshould sleep in the same room.
How could I say that?
Why can't you?
You can't say it? I'll say it.
I have my pride! I can't say it.
Where there's a will,\nthere's a way.
As long as there's a will,\nwe can find a way.
Do you know what this means?
That's not it!
Shouldn't I wink now?
No, if you were him,
would you think you were\npretty in this situation?
You have to create a romantic mood.
What next?
Bath is what comes next!
Next comes music.
You have to choose\nthe right music.
It's cute.
Does it look like him?
It looks like it's part of a set.
Isn't there a female doll?
I think it'll look cuter\nwith a female doll.
Well, I didn't see a female doll.
How's this?
A woman should have a nice scent.
- Thanks, friend! - / Good luck, friend!
We'll be arriving in Inchon Airport soon.
Please fasten your seatbelt.
Yes, this is Moon Ga-young.
I was about to call you.
Yes, I arrived safely.
Dinner tonight?
I don't think I can.
I have to meet someone.
I'll call you later.
- To the prosecutor's office, please. - Sure.
Have you gotten information\nabout his whereabouts?
I think that will take some time.
Excuse me.
Yes, this is Kwon Hyuk-joon.
You want me to come home\nright now?
I'm busy.
And I'm having dinner with the\npeople from the office tonight.
You're not feeling well?
I have a fever and...
I'm coughing and I feel nauseous.
I think I have the flu.
I'm all right.
I'm sorry I bothered you at work.
Don't worry about me and just work.
Work is important to a man.
No, I'll be home right away.
Just lie down and rest.
I'm sorry, but I have to go home.
All right.