Summer Workout JOLT! - Insane 8 Minute Workout

Uploaded by JDCav24 on 28.07.2012

as we turn the corner of july to august we're heading into the dog days of
are you dogging on your workouts
Well it might be time for a July Jolt, and I'm going to give it to you as only ATHLEANX can.
What's up everybody? Jeff Cavaliere from
I mentioned earlier how the dog days of Summer are here,
but you know what happens is
people start dogging on their workouts in the months of july and august
and the reason being is that they think well geez everybody has already seen me with my shirt off
don't like the way i look but there is nothing I can do about it now
I'm here to show you today that there absolutely is something you can do and it starts with
today's workout, since I'm going to give you something
called the July Jolt, and it's a workout you can start doing israel's over
and you start seeing what happened next rings like if you have already signed up
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the weather
is hot
you know villas project is needed
this summer started
that doesn't mean you know when i worked last august
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set the stage
we decided
to commit again working on the ball
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to hit the gym
his attorney letter goes on well
he waited this july-august
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when he said i happily
you get results faster than any other capturing
across the net
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first of all
dunbar china's workout and after that
hatthor dot com
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see i thank you sir