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VEERANA! This movie is a work of fiction.
This is a produce of an imaginative artist and is influenced by ancient...
...folklores and mythological stories.
In this film there is a mention of Ghosts, Witches and Black Magic.
All this have no existence in the real life.
Viewers are requested to watch it purely for entertainment... the story has no connection to reality.
This is Mahakaal!
He is a god for those who have strayed from the virtuous path...
...towards the vortex of sin and darkness...
...those who abandon the path to salvation and divinity...
...and take the shelter of the Devil.
This is Nakeeta...
...An unholy embodiment of black powers...
which, to fulfill her infernal wishes...
...keeps wandering the abyss of darkness and death... resurrect herself... for centuries.
And this is a worshipper of the Devil...
...a wicked sorcerer specilizing in black magic...
...who, with the power of their black magic,...
...suck out the life of an innocent and make them...
Hail Mahakaal!
Let me go.
Free me!
Release me!
Who are you?
Who are you?
Why have you brought me here?
What do you want?
Today, Nakeeda will quench her thirst with your hot blood.
Hail Mahakaal!
Dad, People have brought a dead body outside.
A dead body?!
Who is he?
He appears to be from outside this region.
This is the fourth dead body we've found...
Far from this village, we encounter these dead bodies... the bushes and sometimes floating in the lake.
We have been hearing about such deaths from the times of our ancestors.
But who kills them?
A young woman who meets the travelers... the forlorn and deserted areas afar this village.
Yes, she seduces them into a trap...
...and coaxes them into going somewhere...
She sucks the blood out of their live bodies...
...and leaves the bodies around.
Brother, I believe all these stories are figments of imagination.
In these modern days,
I don't believe in the stories of genie, witches and ghosts.
Believe us, sir!
Witches do exist!
Has anybody seen them with their own eyes?
I have.
A few years before,
I was returning from the city...
...I lost my way and...
...strayed into a deserted place.
There, behind the bushes...
...I saw a young woman draped in black cloths...
...In no time...
...before my very eyes...
...that woman turned into a bat and jumped onto my face.
...wounding me hard.
I have seen death with my eyes, sir.
If what you are saying is true...
...If there really is a witch who wanders the deserted areas...
...then I will surely search for that beautiful beast...
You'll search for her?!
Are you alright?!
If not me, at least think of your daughter.
God forbid! if something happens to you...
Nothing will harm me, Preeti.
You're worrying for no reason.
But why expose yourself to dangers?
Our forefathers always risked their lives to save others',... dear Sister-in-law.
My brother, Sameer, will surely return a victor.
Only then will the villagers shed their superstitious beliefs.
God will protect you.
This means the villagers were right.
Where do you wanna go?
Where this road ends.
...this place is uninhabited, flea-bitten and deserted all round!?
There is a palace in this wasteland.
Do you live all by yourself in this huge palace?
If you desire... can spend the night here with me.
This room is beautifully decorated.
This is my...
Your bedroom is truly very beautiful.
This pleasure we shall have not in a drunken state... but in water.
Whoa! you've prepared fully to make love with me.
You’re a flame, I am your fuel...
Now, don't waste the time.
Strip your body free from this trapping of cloths.
I want to experience the burning fire of your sexual passions.
You're are slinking around me like a snake does around sandalwood tree.
Your skin resembles...
...the skin of a cobra.
,a venomous cobra.
Be careful...
...lest this snake might as well bite you.
You wicked witch!
Poisonous serpent!
I knew that you were a witch in the form of a woman.
Finish her off!
Hail Mahakaal!
Your body has died...
...but your evil soul is in my possession.
I will give you a new body.
The body of Mahindra Pratap Singh's daughter.
I am being nagged at by an unknown fear...
You don't set out on your journey today.
This is your affectionate concern for me, my brother...
...that you're worrying so much about me.
Dad, It's been four days since the vacation got over.
If I don't go to my hostel now, my friends will begin to worry.
Well! So our daughter is not concerned about her studies but her friends.
Brother, your daughter has become very naughty.
I will take Jasmine to the hostel and return by next morning.
And by the way hostel is not that far.
What happened, Uncle? Why did the car stop?
I'll check, honey!
Engine has become too hot...
I am going to fetch water.
You sit in the car.
Don't go anywhere, ok?
Hail Mahakaal!
You can never kill me!
Who are you all?
Who ARE you?
What do you want?
Who can come at this hour?
How did this happen?
Where is your Uncle?
Who are you?
My Lord, there came a violent storm...
...a big accident occurred...
I found this girl in the wilderness.
I saved her from the jaws of death.
Where is Sameer?
I am to sorry to inform you, sir...
...He's no more.
His dead body floated away with the rushing currants in the river
No... no... no...
Look after Jasmine. - I will, sir.
Now, allow me to leave, my lord...
You've given a new life to Jasmine!
Now, you'll look after her!
Well! I won't let you go.
If you so want then I am ready to stay here with you.
I will look after the child every moment.
This is your delusion, bahu!.
No delusion! This is the truth, brother
Ever since Jasmine returned from that wilderness...
...she has completely changed.
I saw all this with my own eyes.
She keeps saying something when alone as if she were talking to somebody.
Children of her age play with dolls and toys...
...But Jasmine...
...gets pleasure by burying the dolls in the ground.
What is wrong with you?
You're educated. How can you believe in utter superstitions!
You'll have to believe me, brother!
Have Jasmine get some spiritual treatment.
Have her meet a witch doctor, a saintly mendicant.
She is surely possessed by some evil spirit...
...some evil spirit...!?
Jasmine, let's go to bed.
You'll be killed, today!
Get the door open, brother!
Get the door open, brother!
Get the door open, brother. She's gonna kill me.
Open the door, brother! Get it open.
Open the door. - What happened, sis?
What happened to her? - Open the door, sister-in-law!
Open the door, brother!
Open the door, sis!
She's gonna kill me. She'll kill me.
Who is gonna kill you?
Open the door, brother! - What are saying!
Open the... Open the door, sis-in-law!
What happened, bahu?
My child!
I won't let Saila live in this haunted palace, baba!
I will send her off to Mumbai today itself! her maternal grandma!
You seem very happy, today!
I have reasons to be.
Saila has topped at her college in Intermediate Exams.
That's truly good news!
I am gonna wire her today only...
...that she should spend the vacation here with us.
Uncle has sent a letter.
He has called me there. I'll be off to Chandan Nagar.
Baby, I am not your granny. I am her nephew.
Granny is cooking Potato fritters for me.
But why have you wrapped around a sari?
I'll tell you. I'll tell you.
you see...!
I am writing a horror story... which the male protagonist becomes a woman at midnight.
You imbecile!
You do not work at all...just laze around and eat plenty of food.
Just keep telling horror stories throughout the day.
What are saying, granny! -Shut up!
Granny, I am going to Chandan Nagar to meet Uncle.
You ought to go, my child, but please, take this fool along too.
He'll drive me crazy with his horror stories.
Ok, ok. Alright! I'll go to Chandan Nagar!
But on one condition. -What condition?
You...will have to do...break dance in my upcoming movie.
Dance! You will now make dance! You rascal!
Bandit Queen!
Go away! -Beautiful Dacoit!
Go off, go away! Black Ganga!
Help me!
Help! -Go to hell!
"O dim-witted!"
"Recognize me!"
"As to who I am..."
Have you saved any milk for me...
...or fed it all to this ugly cat?
I have brought vegetables.
I am gonna put them inside.
Whoa! you seem to be in a hurry, my darling.
Make me a cup of tea, will you?
I am Jasmine's nurse. I am not a servant here.
Well, well! Why are you getting so angry!
Is the landlord inside?
He hasn't returned from the factory yet.
Is there no one in the house?
Jasmine is home and she is taking a bath.
Taking a bath...!
My love!
I searched for you everywhere!
My love!
I searched for you everywhere!
My Love!
Where are you?
I see you in my dreams!
I have brought for you the soothing shade of my tresses.
I see you in my dreams!
I have brought for you the soothing shade of my tresses.
My love!
Where are you?
What are you doing here?
Vegetables and.......fruits I have brought.
Keep them in the kitchen...
Does this room appear a kitchen to you?...
Dad has pampered him a lot.
Landlord Mahindra Pratap's daughter Saila...
...has left for Chandan Nagar.
But...she will not reach the palace.
Abduct her on the way.
What happened?
Where am I?
Well! Singing Stones!(a movie's name)
The road is blocked ahead!
To clear the blockage is my specialty.
Hail Lord Hanuman!
There is much strength still left in my arms.
It seems as if there has been a rain of stones...
Never mind!
Do I have to lift this, huh!?
No problem!
Hurry up!
Ok. Ok!
Did my pants ripped apart?
What was this sound?
In forest, you'll keep hearing such horrible sounds.
Baby! Baby!
What have I done to you, uncle?
Excuse me, brother!
O gorgeous!
O Tarzen!
O brother...
What are you doing on the tree?
That bull threw me up on this tree and left.
Help me!
I am here In the old graveyard.
Whose voice was that?
That was the voice of my heroine.
That wild bull is behind her. Help her or he'll.....
Who are you?
I am a damsel in distress. I want help. Help me!
I have come only to help you.
A huge, ugly-looking, broad-shouldered monster is after me.
He's gonna kill me.
You seem to be a brave man. Please, help me.
But, my lady, there's nothing here except old graves.
That monster might have left.
Well, let's go. I'll walk you to your car.
You wild boar!
My God! What do I do now?
What do I do?
What do I do?
Get up, you bastard!
Get up!
I'll see you now!
Let's go!
Who was this man?
Don't know. He was after me for a while.
...panning upward...whoa!
Mr Bournvitta!
What do you do?
...actually, I am in search of a job.
Looking for a job?! Then come with us to Chandan Nagar!
What nonsense, baby! -You shut up!
It will take two days to reach there...
...but I'll surely get a job there.
My uncle there... -Yeah, her uncle...
...has a big carpentry shop there.
Send all these logs to Jawwar Saw Mill.
Yes, sir. I will.
Sir, Jasmine is once again under violent seizure ...
Get lost from here!
Open the door!
Go away!!!
I will kill everyone!
Ma'am! Ma'am!
Break open the door!
Jasmine ma'am! -Jasmine! -Jasmine!
Jasmine! -What happened to her?
Jasmine, my child!
Raghu, call the doctor! -Yes sir!
Blood pressure is normal...
Doctor uncle!
Who did all this?
Who broke them?
You don't remember anything?
What are you talking about, uncle?
Nothing, my child!
She doesn't remember anything!
How long has she been in this condition?
For ten years!
I got her treating by many doctors and hakeems but...
...she never recovered.
Jasmine needs mental treatment.
I am a psychiatrist,
I have cured many patients of such illnesses...
Send her to my clinic. I'll treat her successfully.
Thank you, doctor!
What a location for my film's shoot!
Thakela Guest House!
This a guest house or a haunted bungalow?!
I don't care. I just wish we'd get a room here... spend the night.
All the rooms are unoccupied...
...In fact we have had no customers for quite a while.
But you'll have to face three problems here...
What are they?
Wild dogs and cats will often barge into your rooms through toilets.
What a plot for my story!
Second problem:
Every bathroom's door has its latches broken.
Wow! Now there's sex appeal in my plot. Lovely! And the third...
And the third problem:
In every room there are huge fans...
...but they work only once a year...
...and that too on a moonless night.
Wow! my movie will be a suspense thriller.
We'll stay here. We will stay here.
Ok, I'll arrange.
Boss is coming...
He doesn't tolerate any kind of noise.
He is a man with strict disciplines.
What a mixing!
He is my beloved elder brother!
Elder brother!?
Don't you think his height is a bit short for your older brother.
Actual, that is so because when my elder brother was being born...
...there was an earthquake happening...
...and afraid he remained where he was.
Ok, OK! That's it. Show them the rooms!
Justice Choudhury. (His unmade movie's name)
...of 8mm Height.
Please, come in!
Do come in!
Come on in!
This is my brother's room.
And this is my sister's room. -Pardon?
...I mean my sister-in-law's.
And there is a door between these two rooms through which you can
...can solicit each other. No sense of problem. Wow!
What are you staring at? Go away!
Go away!!!
"What does the heartbeat say?"
"Ask your own heart."
"My heart tells me to embrace you"
"What does the heartbeat say?"
"Ask your own heart."
"My heart tells me to embrace you"
"Your caressing strokes tinkles my passion"
"It's good that you felt so, my love!"
"On the front, on the back! You caress me everywhere!"
"Let there be no hesitation as both of us are young and in love"
"What does the heartbeat say?"
"Ask your own heart."
"My heart tells me to embrace you"
"Your body resembles a blooming flower"
"You've a luscious body"
"Why do you take me in your embrace?"
"Why are you after me?"
"You wish what I wish!"
"You don't confess your love but I see it in your eyes"
"I know you very well! I am not gonna confess anything!"
"What does the heartbeat say?"
"Ask your own heart."
"My heart tells me to embrace you"
Mr Director!
Your hero and heroine have gone to Chandan Nagar...
...When will you leave?
I will stay here 15 days more.
Every person, big or small, would exploit Kishen!
Here is your half pants!
Take it!
Come inside!
But why?
My soap slipped out of my hand...
Come in!
Make a simple Paan with raw betel nut and coconut in excess!
And, listen, O Dried Up Pumpkin, mix some cannabis as well.
Yes, ma'am?
How much petrol should I put in?
Fill it to the brim. -Sure!
I mean yours is a brand new car, ma'am!
Keys, ma'am!
Keep the change!
Thank you!
Just check what's wrong with the accelerator?
Accelerator's cable had gone loose.
You are one fine mechanic!
I have worked upon big big vehicles, ma'am!
Then we shall meet tonight near the lake behind the old palace.
I want you to repair this car!
He wooed and won her!
You've come to Chandan Nagar to fulfill your lusty desires, huh!
Raghu! Who was this girl?
She's the only daughter of Landlord Mahindra Pratap Singh.
She keeps wandering the wilderness around in the forest... search of a suitor.
Tonight is your best night!
Near the lake!
Where have you brought me?
It's strange!
So old wine!
The older the wine, the more the pleasure.
Do you drink?
I will not disappoint my guest.
Make two glasses... tonight's carousal.
I had never thought that...
...I'll ever get to spend such a beautiful night.
To this beautiful night!
The night has just begun...
...let it darken further.
The flame of your youthful passion has tone up the temperature... such a degree that you needn't stoke it any further.
The contact of gunpowder with fire results in uncontrollable explosion.
The heady intoxication of youthful salacity is more dangerous.
Hail Mahakaal!
Come in, Hemant!
Feel home!
Wow, what a beautiful house it is!
Why, whose house is this anyway?!
My Uncle's!! But...
...where is Uncle?
Uncle! -Ummm?
What is this Uncle? Aren't you happy that I’ve come?!
No! no, my child!
There is nothing as such. I am very happy.
Who is this?
Oh my! I forgot to introduce him to you.
This is Hemant.
If he hadn't met me yesterday then I wouldn't have been here today.
Why? What happened?
On her way, she was waylaid by a goon...
...She was screaming for help...
...I helped her a bit.
You have obliged us!
Why are you standing here? Come in.
How are you, dear?
I am well. How are you?
I am fine too! -Baba!
Bring them some tea. -Right away!
Come, son!
What do you do, son?
I have brought him here to get some job.
Well done!
See! I own huge forest areas!
And I need someone close to look after such a large business.
Sir, you may consider me your own son.
Ok, then. You won't address me as 'sir' but as 'dad'.
Where is Jasmine? her room upstairs... -I'll be right back.
Oh my God!
You just scared the hell out of me!
How have you been, sister?
I am well!
How are you, dear?
I am doing great.
But you didn't change a bit.
Same closed rooms. Same privacy.
Let's go!
You bastard's bitch!
Baba's darling!!!
You've wasted all the milk...
If I see you again I'll cut you in pieces and feed them to dogs.
O Mosquito, who are you and where have you come from?
I'll tell you everything but first you put that knife down...
...I just passed off in the pants!
The king of horror and suspense, Hitchcock’s name you might have heard.
Yes, I have.
I am his distant relative.
Hitcock. You know, Hitcock. Hitcock!
Move forward!
Move forward!
What are you looking at in the front and the back of hers?
I am examining her from every angle.
I see "sparks" in her.
She can become the top heroine in the Indian film industry.
Top heroine! -Ayeeeee!
Oh, sorry!
Which films have you made till now?
Many. Very many.
Bur none of them could be exhibited in India. You know...
...All of them were released only in foreign countries.
My films never get hit. They always get super hit.
...They don't run. They gallop, you know.
That means all of them are horror movies.
What are you talking, man?
Do you know?...
...Outside every theater showing my film, an ambulance is parked.
Because viewers often get heart attacks.
And at least 100 people leave the movie in between because...
...they have to change their wet pants.
But today you got me wet my pants.
Where is the toilet?
Thank you.
Did you find out the identity of this man?
Nobody from among the villagers recognized him.
He has been killed so brutally that...
Anyway, send the body for autopsy. -Ok, sir.
I am telling the truth, sir.
A body was found near the lake.
Police is investigating...
But nobody from the village knows him...
However, I know him.
You won't believe this, sir...
Jasmine had told him to meet her near the lake.
I'd heard all that with these ears and saw them with these ears, sir!
Where is she right now?
"O Love!"
"My Love!"
I searched for you everywhere!
"O Love!"
Where are you?
"Where is the moth even as the flame is burning in his love?!..."
"Here is love, where's the love-seeker?"
"Where is the moth even as the flame is burning in his love?!..."
"Here is love, where's the love-seeker?"
"O Love!"
"Where are you?"
O baby!
Do you want a lift?
I said do you want a lift?
Where are you headed?
Wherever you are going!!
I mean to say I'll drop you wherever you want me to.
My clothes are drenched!
Whoo! That's like icing on the cake!
My car would be perfumed with the drippings from your wet clothes!
Come on! Hop in.
Have no worry!
Come on in!
Smart baby!
Sir, today one more dead body of a stranger was found in the wilderness.
It was lying in a motor car!
There were deep wound marks on the body...
...his eyes were wide open with fear and horror.
Somebody has killed him with inhuman brutality.
Was there any clue found or guessed about the murderer?
That's what everyone is lost at!
...near the body a handkerchief soaked with blood was found.
...On which is emblazoned your ancestral family sign.
My Lord, your daughter is surely somehow connected to these murders.
Had you again gone in the wilderness yesterday?
Just like that!
You met a stranger there?
A stranger!?
You asked him for a lift.
And today his dead body was found outside the village drenched in blood.
Dead body!
Whose dead body, dad?
The man who you had gone with yesterday.
Nobody was with me.
You are lying!
I am not lying, dad! I am speaking the truth.
I was not with anybody.
If you really were not with that man then how did this...
...hanky was found near the dead body.
I don't know!
I did not meet any man!
I did not sit in his car!
I don't know how he was murdered.
I do as well not know how my hanky reached the crime scene.
Believe me, dad!
Believe me!
My child!
I know you're completely innocent and I believe you.
...People will, sooner or later, start circulating the rumours...
Why the hell do you always stay in closed rooms?
Why do you like to wander in the wild darkness of the wasteland.
What do you get by frequenting these desolate places?
What is there in those dreary woods? Tell me my child.
I love wilderness. Understood?
Come on Mr Producer...
...Why don't you try to understand my compulsion!
Those dates are not available.
And I give only one hour to one producer in a day.
You want to make a Bhojpuri horror film!
Yes, but...
Mr Director!
Mr Producer!
I am sorry!
Raghu, I have told you so many times to keep this cat away...
...from the dining table.
She's Baba's darling!
...Or I'd have long back, in her milk...
...mixed some poison.
Uncle! Today, I'll sleep with Jasmine.
No, my child! You'll sleep in your own room.
Let her sleep in my room, dad.
She's come after such a long time.
Wake up, Nakeeta!
Who is there?
What's the matter, Saila. Why are you so afraid?
My sister!......Jasmine....
What happened to Jasmine?
She's not in her bed.
In the balcony, outside...
...her face...
...hideously ugly....
She is not Jasmine but someone else.
Let's see. Come. -No! -Come on!
She is burning with fever!
You slut! Vixen! Bastard!
You've come again!
You have made my life a hell!
What happened?
What happened? What happened, blackie?
What happened? -What happened?
Why are you screaming?
How did you get this cut on your face? - oh, yes!
That Baba's darling cat did this to me.
I was sleeping here...
She pounced upon me...
She wants to kill me.
Before that happens, you should kill her.
That black cat is never gonna be tamed by him.
How is she not to be tamed!
Come here!
Listen to me!
Put a bamboo in a cloth sac vertically...
A bamboo! -Yes!
Keep the sac open...
...and stick some fishes to the top of the bamboo stick.
As soon as the cat smells the fish, she'll come barging in.
The moment she does that, pull the stick back in a swing
The cat will fall inside, and the bag will get closed.
...And then with the same stick, beat, strike, beat...
Bludgeon her to death!
Correct! A happy ending.
You look like a fatty confectioner but you, indeed, are a director.
I won't even give you Mr Bean's role.
Come in, my child! Come, come!
Dad has needlessly sent me to you...
He is worrying himself for no reason...
I am not suffering from any disease, uncle!
I know, my child. You're perfectly well.
But, for your dad's consolation, I'll have to check you once. Sit!
I will ask you some questions...
And you'll answer them. -Ok, Doctor!
Relax yourself! Totally, relax yourself!
Loosen your hands and feet absolutely.
Don't keep any worry in your head.
And keep your focus completely towards me...
Look at it intently...
And concentrate all your attention on this.
Keep looking!
Keep focusing!
Now, your eyelids are feeling heavy...
You're feeling sleepy...
Feeling sleepy!
Now you are falling into sleep.
Falling asleep!
You've slept, now!
Jasmine, think about the past.
A few years ago...
Save me!
Take me out from here.
Uncle, save me!
Where are you?
In the wilderness!
I am not Jasmine.
I am not Jasmine.
I will kill. I will kill everyone.
I will kill Mahindra Pratap Singh and his entire family.
I will kill everyone.
This is impossible!
What are you saying?
I have recorded her entire speech.
But the strangest thing is that that voice is not Jasmine's
...but someone else's.
It feels... if somebody else is speaking through her.
I am not Jasmine. I am not Jasmine.
I will kill. I will kill everyone.
I will kill Mahindra Pratap Singh and his entire family.
I will kill everyone.
Has she been through any such incident or accident...
...which left her mind profoundly disturbed.
Jasmine was ten years old...
...When my younger brother Sameer was taking her... her hostel in Mussourie.
Don't know what happened that night...
Sameer could not be found...
But when Jasmine returned from that wilderness, she...
...was not herself.
Don't lose hope, sir.
I will treat your daughter.
And I am sure she'll be cured.
...If you could stay here for a few days...
...I'll be greatly consoled. -Don't worry!
Until Jasmine is treated to her normal herself...
...I shall stay here.
What happened, Raghu?
Why are you shouting?
Just now, I.... this mirror...
...saw an ugly-faced witch.
And when I turned around...
...there was nobody.
You don't have any illness. Just give up taking drugs.
I very much want to give it up...
...But this fool doesn't want to give up on me.
Heroines father is turned into a dog...
Lovely idea!
Pour it into this skull! -In the skull!?
When I drink the milk from this brain cage...
...from this brain, new ideas flush out.
Just now I was thinking about you only.
About me? -Yes!
I will give you a very big role...
Look! I don't know how to act in a movie...
...and I don't even feel comfortable.
If you do it once, you will shed your inhibitions.
And you'll soon start liking it.
The talent hidden in you can only be explored by directors like me.
What are you doing?
That cat. I killed her.
Oh Lord!...
You killed the cat.
You will be born a dog in your next birth.
Shut up! You evil tongue!
Now what will you do with it?
What he'll do?
We'll bury her behind the house.
And the burial location shall be selected by the Hitcock.
Where shall we bury her... Where...
Hey! Come here, this way. We're gonna bury her.
At last I killed her!
My God! Killed a cat!
"O Love!"
"My Love!"
I searched for you everywhere!
"My Love!"
"Where are you?"
"For a long time now, I have had the thirst for true love."
"Quench my thirst a bit, today!"
"For a long time now, I have had the thirst for true love."
"Quench my thirst a bit, today!"
"O Love!"
"Where are you?"
"O Love!"
"My Love!"
I searched for you everywhere!
"My Love!"
"Where are you?"
Hemant, Hemant!
What are you thinking?
I was thinking about Jasmine!
Whenever I look into her eyes...
...I feel something happening to me.
Something intense!
This voice is of the cat that died!
Dead cat came to life!?!?!
No, this can't be that cat. It's her apparition, her ghost.
What's the matter, man?
It's only 11 O'clock.
That cat...
Yes, I heard that cat's voice just a while ago.
What nonsense are you talking, man?
That cat passed away long back.
Cat. -Cat!
If that is dead then who is meowing now!?
I say the cat is not dead!
How can it be so?!
Before my very eyes, you buried the cat into the ground!
Let us go and dig out the grave and check!
I won't go. You go and check.
Oh, come on, man!
You're afraid of a cat! Ok, I'll do digging!
Please, follow me!
You look like a butcher but fear a cat like a mouse does.
You just watch!
I'll exhume white bones of the black cat!
Come on!
This way!
This is the tire near which we had buried it.
Something is pulling me inside!
Somebody is pulling me!
Somebody save me!
Forgive me!
I am done, now!
Help! Somebody help me!
Pull me up!
You go! Go in!
Aye! What happened to him? -What is happening?
Was trying to dig out the cat, Got himself sucked in!
What the hell happened to you? -Look at his chubby face.
Now, I will never ever even try to make a horror movie.
What nonsense! Are you in your senses, doctor?
Yes, I am fully into my senses.
Do believe me!
She is possessed!
This is your illusion, doctor!
No illusion. This is the truth.
I have seen it with my own eyes.
Her face had completely transformed...
...She didn't have the face of a woman but that of a devil.
Your eyes have deceived you!
You're blinded by deception!
I am just warning you against the looming dangers.
Your daughter is a horrific monster...
...and she's gonna kill every member of the family one by one.
Even you!
You've gone mad, doctor!
You've had a mental disorder!
Do you want me to kill my own daughter?
Which daughter?!
Your daughter died in her childhood...
...think hard...
...Behind that innocent face is lurking a witch...
...who killed your daughter and possessed her body!
What's the matter, doctor? Where are you going at...
...such a later hour.
I cannot stay in this house even a second longer...
This house is haunted by an evil spirit.
Death is shadowing this house. And if you care, even you...
...should leave this house at once.
O Doctor! Where to run from death! It can come anywhere any moment.
Ok, then die!
Sit here and prepare to die.
Doctor had come to treat! Huh!
(I will kill. I will kill everyone)
Speak, Raghu!
What bad news have you brought today?
...leaving the palace...
He wanted to escape death.
But he didn't know that the death was awaiting him in the wilderness
I will never go to the palace!
I...I will sleep here.
I....I won't go to the mansion.
Who can it be at this time of night!?
Who is it?
Who is there?
I am saved!
I am spared!
I am spared!
I am spared!
I am spared!!
I am spared!
Jesus Christ!
Now murders are happening in droves!
First, the doctor who had come to treat, himself went mad...
...slipped beneath a running truck.
After him...
That blackie butcher, Raghu... himself butchered at the workshop.
Why did he insert his hand in the electronic saw?...
I suspect Baba's hand in in all these murders...
What are you talking about?
Baby, let him speak!
I have often seen Baba...
...leaving the palace at midnight.
When I first saw that lunatic, I recognized him to be the...
...main villain in this story.
Tonight, I will keep an eye on Baba...
I want to find out...
...where does he go to at midnight.
Saila! Chase him!
Where did he disappear?
He must have gone towards these ruins.
Hail Mahakaal!!!
Stop right there!...
...or I'll cut her into pieces.
No! Leave him! I say leave him! For God's sake, let him go!
I plead let him go!
Leave him!
For God's sake, let him go!
Hail Mahakaal!
Now, rub salt into his wounds!
Ingrate bastard!
I have seen your true face today...
You are not at all a human being. You're a satan.
I'm not Satan myself. I am his worshipper.
You trickster! You impersonated as a servant...
...and deceived everyone.
I performed all this drama...
so that I could take revenge on Thakur Mahindra Pratap and his family.
What revenge!?
Dad, you.......
Yes! She is your daughter!
Saila!'re still alive!
My daughter!
You are alive, dad!
My child!
You bastard! You depraved!
You have shut me in this cellar for years...
...and now you want to kill these innocents...
What the hell do you want?
Why have you kept me alive till now? Why!? Answer me.
Tonight is a special moonless night for which...
...I have waited for years.
Remember, chieftain!...
Exactly 15 years ago... had killed the creation of my black magic power "Nakeeta."
And tonight I am gonna sacrifice your daughter Jasmine's life... that Nakeeta would have a rebirth.
You had killed Nakeeta...
Today, Nakeeta will kill you!
Nakeeta will be eternally resurrected!
And will conquer death forever.
You are right now under my spell...
You'll exactly do what you're told!
Tonight, I'll sacrifice your life!
And Nakeeta will be resurrected!
How did you come here?
I am a director of horror movies. I can reach anywhere.
You were chasing the horse-cart, weren't you?...
And I was chasing you...
...on a bicycle...
Wow! what a sequence!
Horse-cart galloping; Jeep following the cart; and...
...and cycle chasing the Jeep; I riding the cycle...
Chase! What a chase!
Shhh! Keep your voice low. Someone might hear us!
Hitcok's every performance is hit and fit...
Just turn around...
Those who race ahead, never turn back....
Ok. Understood?
My neck just twisted! How did my neck sprained?
Oh, severe pain!
I am getting electric shocks.
You're a man...
You're a man or a lamp post?
you beat me!
Beat me!?!
You fu**...
No! I will be hanged under section 302!
Lone Ranger! John Wayne!
Help me!
Let me in!
That bull is again after me. He might do anything with me.
Stop Ramsay! Or there'll be consequences!
Keys! I found the keys! Shhhhhhh!
Today, once again, light has returned into your life.
My brother!
You're alive, my brother!
Where had you gone?
Where did you go, leaving me alone and dead.
Perhaps, God destined me such a life...
Where were you all these years?
Baba had told me that...
That very bastard had imprisoned him.
He was no sage but a snake in the grass.
He ruined our whole family.
He is the one who turned Jasmine from a cherub into a beast.
In fact, he's a worshipper of the devil and a black magician.
He has bound Jasmine under his spell...
...and that's why she wanders the wasteland.
Yes, brother!
This sorcerer made a doll from the cuttings of Jasmine's hair and frock...
And chanting his black magic incantations he buried the doll... Nakeeta's coffin-cum-grave.
Until and unless that doll is taken out of that coffin...
...Jasmine cannot be exorcised of Nakeeta's evil spirit.
But where is Jasmine?
...must be in her room.
Jasmine is not in the room!
Sister is not in that room even!
Where is that trickster Baba?
He's taken Jasmine again in those wilderness...
Tonight is that special bloody moonless night...
Today, he is gonna slaughter Jasmine as an offering... his Satanic deity.
And then...
...Nakeeta shall be resurrected.
Save my child, Sameer!
Save my daughter!
You don't worry, uncle!...
I will save Jasmine!
Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta!.....
Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta! Nakeeta!.....
Hola! Shakola! Bhaka! Chaka! Shakha!...
Your death is Nakeeta's life.
You shall have to enter that burning cave...
You'll be burned to ashes...
...and Nakeeta's soul will transmigrate into her dead body enlivening it.
Don't step ahead!
Stop, my child!
Oye Thakur Mahindra Pratap Singh!
At last, you came to this Satanic abode.
You snake in the grass!
You ruined my home!
The only consequence of daring the power of Mahakaal is ruination.
The black evil powers through which you cursed darkness upon us...
There is a superior power to the power of your Mahakaal...
...and that is the power of God!
Stop that maniacal laugh!
Now is the time of your end!
I will burn to smithereens this Satanic abode of yours!
Stop him!
Make sure he doesn't escape.
Stop, man! Don't make this mistake!
As soon as this spell-bound glass case is broken...
...Nakeeta will leave your daughter's body but... won't be saved...
...You will die too!
I died the day you cast your evil eye on my daughter...
If have to die to save my child...
...then so be it!
Dad! what's happened to you?
My child! You are safe!
Speak, dad!
What happened to you, Dad?
Saila, don't look at her!
Don't look into her eyes!
You all will get killed!
All of you!
The Om image must be here beneath the statue.
Hemant, shut her!
After every spell of dark gloom...
...there shines a beacon of hope...
After every destruction, there rises a new vision to construct.
Autumn ends; Spring begins!
There is certainly a great power behind the creation of this...
...this mysterious universe.
...and whom we call Ishwar(God)
He is the One who bestows salvation and purge out the sins.